Ethiopian Police Warns Blue Party over Anti-government Demos


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35 Responses

  1. Ash says:

    I also have worring to blue party and extremist Muslim… I know u r planing to disturbe the anti extremist protest called by peace loving Ethiopians ( okay government called demonstration) I believe if there no government we will become another somilia therefore supporting the government is smart thing to do and we should not be ashamed off showing our support.

    Now my point is if those extremist disturbed the government demonstration then when u guys hold demonstration be ready to be disturbed by pro government that time don’t cry faul.. If u r not part of this disturbance u should distance urself form this crazy people and even support Ethiopian police to identified this out law

    • Ermi says:

      Editor, Don’t you post my comment below? What is wrong with it?

      kkkkk, Moron Woyane, When will you learn that your debit constitution states that no demonstration requires permission. If it requires woyanes permission, then it is not demonstration against woyane.
      I wish I had more tolerance for ignorance.
      Peace and love to all but woyanes!

      • Ash says:

        When u demonstrat u have late the police know what time u going to demonstrat etc..u have to notifed to official about ur demonstration…is not permit but notified ..

        Once u notified if the official have the right to ask u to postpond ur demonstration to another day…postponing to another day doesn’t mean denying ur right it means postponing ur demonstration… In short u have to respect the official reasoning or u go to court and fight ur case but u can’t just disobey the official order and march on then why ask the official, why even have the official if they have no power to do anything.

  2. Aster says:

    I hope Blue Party take Ethiopian Police advice serious. I say this not to support the ruling party, but i just don’t want the Blue Party to be used or do the extreme Muslims’s dirty works. There is always another day to do the demonstration.

  3. teshome says:

    There goes the political game…
    ‘Semayawii party and ‘Demetschene yesema’ leaders are biting the bullet..
    They were telling us that they are completely prepared for such turn of events. I can’t wait to see the political dram…

    • Amel Ahmed says:

      I hope the EPRDF government and the Ethiopian people give a good lesson to the Semeyawi Bullshit Organization and the rest of the Ethiopian Terrorist groups.

  4. getu says:

    both groups are Ethiopians with different opionions & they are entitled to their viwes. Giving extended covarage & protection for one group while throwing all bad things on the other leaves genuin doubt as to the nutrality of the government in giving equal service for all citizens. It is clear the government has all the means to give due protections for both protests. Leave alone for our local issues, we are known to give protection for the stability so many african nations. When do we have a government confident on his people choice & be free from fear! As TPLF ages, it goes down from “TERAROCHEN YANKETEKETE TEWELED” WEDE “BE HULUM YETESHEBERE TEWELEDE”! SAYESHEBER KEMIASHEBER MENGIST YADENEN!AMEN!

  5. meron says:

    Then, why woyane fear demonstration like that?! Is this not a clear indication of that, woyane never ever believed in and respected the country’s Constitution? I thought they believe in it, but as many said, now i wish to believe woyane never ever believed in the Constitution! I myself, accepted it and live with and on it and why they failed?!

    Why the authorities didnot gave permission to blue, but the group they are behind? even if blue fail to make this demonstration, they are the winners, and woyane is the looser. Police went to their office, surrounded them on the eve! They were not allowed to announce on the street, but woyane cadres come to our home without any permission and interest from us and tell us sign a form to join the demonstration they are organizing. teshome this is what you call government yes? pls try to find something else?

    woyane cadres are happy when people are harassed like that by polices and killed while sitting in their office and home and trying to exercise their constitutional right.

    some of the know woyane on this forum are eager to see police harassing citizens. They wish to see drama? by the way who is know in making drama? i think you knew it more than us!

    Anyway, go and jail sebhat and azeb, not these peaceful people who never ever looted their country!

    • eshe says:

      Good point. They never respect the constitution. How do u expect people we came to power from jungle would respect constitution? Hege arawit -wild rule as said.

    • Helen says:

      Yes, the so called TPLF gang and its paid cadres did not believe and still do not believe in the freedoms the constitution speaks about. The simple reason is that this group seize power by killing not by election. They are not democrats. They are dictators. They claim to blieve in the constitution just to fool the west and get money to strengthen their dictatorial rule. And since the west has another interest (stability in the horn) willingly got fooled.

      People like Teshome are interested to see the blood of democrats and innocent people who stand against TPLF because their interst is not Ethiopia, it is their belly.

      On Sebhat and Azeb too, I am with you …

      • Mario says:

        I don’t know if you have any idea about constitution! Therefore you have better to know what you are talking about! The identity of semayawi party was exposed in their last demonstration! The video is still here on the archive of Awrambatimes! There is religious slogans …..!

        Shemsiyawi party don’t represent Ethiopia anyway! Not even the respected Amhara people! All the Semayawi party have is , hate against woyane & hence semayawi party will be dealt with the same as was in the last 38 years! Remember:woyane knows how deal with haters as it always do!

  6. Degefa says:

    dear friends and enemies!
    it is not good to always fight among each other, though the fight is peaceful (at least without modern weapons—, gene demo kekifu negeger tor yeshalal yebala, hence allow me to share this link which was also under discussion since the past 3 or 4 months!
    We were great! Aren’t we?, but what happened to us now?

    sorry for cross posting!

    • Tegeramiw says:

      Thank you for such invaluable information. It mystifys any rational mind what happened to our great nation and people now despite every new information about our ancestors indicates our people were very thoughtful and intelligent. The mathematical ingenuity that our computer utilizes currently rooted in our ancesstors mathematical undertakings. Wow!!!

  7. Ali says:

    To semayawi party
    Listen the government and police
    Respect the low
    If the government say no cancelled and do it nest time
    This smart way other wise you Gus you are not above the low
    This is my advise to the party
    We don’t want loose any life in this time look Egypt

    • Ash says:

      Very good point if the police say no demonstration that mean no demonstration…u can’t arguing with the police if u don’t like what the police told u go to court and argue in court… The police represent the law. No means No it doesn’t matter if the police wrong or right u do what the police told u to do …even if he arrest u u can’t resist arrest… U get arrested and then u go to court and argue in court what the police did to u…

      Blue party worried about their ego… They didn’t learn from cud and they lesson extremist diaspora who are sitting in safe distance.

      Even the government break the constitution that doesn’t give u the right to break constitution. Ethiopian constitution doesn’t say if the police told u no demonstration u disobey the police… Mind u the police didn’t take away ur right to demonstrate …what the police did was to demonstrate on Sunday sept 1, 2013 that all.

    • What is low? Learn to spell before you comment. By the way some ‘laws’ are not to be respected! You want to know why? Lern spelling and you will find out!

  8. Mario says:

    Semayawi party is a messenger of Ethiopia’s enemies indirectly paid by Egypt! Remember: semayawi party was established as soon as Egypt’s Mursi announced “a blood for every drop of water”! Therefore , semayawi party must be dealt with a severe punishment!

    • Soni says:

      Semayawi part is is full of both christian and moslems, no? Then, unless 1 + 1 is 100 Mursi and his brotherhood can not be paying semayawi party, mario! if you are the console game creature yes anything is possible ….

    • Helen says:

      Your premises is wrong and your recommendation was diabolic.

    • Menen says:

      Your information is inaccurate. Semayawi party is organized and registered when Andinet joined Medrek and that is, I think, way even before Mubarek was overthrown.

      Your recommendation sounds TPLF - killing, blood, destruction, to stay on power.


      • Mario says:

        Hey guys, I might be mistaken the time semayawi party was established, but they are still messengers of Ethiopia’s enemies! Don’t get me wrong though,I believe in the semayawi party, there are many innocent Ethiopian who joined the party in hopes of getting a choice party! But remember What kinijit was saying & where they are not!

        Why are you guys freaking out though? I heard you crying free speech here! hhhhhhh don’t be hypocrite! Free speech means to speak whatever is in your mind , no matter whether right or wrong! I finally,Think preaching against the anti terrorists law shows their real inside!

  9. yo says:

    ato girma just wait …a matter of time u will be paid back what ur doing right know ..
    the price too high

  10. Mekdes says:

    Meron you are sympathising with the extrimists, I see that in your coment. These Semayawi party is, as to my opinion they arr desperate to get public support and they are planning to get it from their extrimist supporters. First of all, they are anarchists who doesn’t have respect about the law. Thanks god those people they didn’t come to this political arena by winning the most oppressing govt like derg if that was the case they would have jail every body. You can tell from the rhethoric tjey are using on esat. By the way, they are using esat which is fundedi by G7 which was categorized as a terrorist organization, by Ethiopian govt.

    Why you want Azeb to be sent to jail, she was not prostitutingsoend like many of you in Arab countries. She spend her young life to liberate her country. The same with Sebhat

    • me says:

      @Mekdes .. I respect your opionion though i totally disagree with it . However,I am appaled by your comment: ” …she was not prostitutings like many of you in Arab countries …”!
      My sister,you are very heartless to so many of our sisters dying in the arab country to feed their families at home. Those young Ethiopians who left their home at their very young age, leaving aside their life, to shoulder the burdon of their families.So many young & strong Ethiopian who still have a strong love to their country though nothing was given to them! NOOP! That is too low,too bad,to ignorant to call them with such bad words …polititians life is open for critics,it is their choice,but giving bad name to the alread harased sisters is too much to bear!RESPECT!!

  11. Ermi says:

    kkkkk, Moron Woyane, When will you learn that your debit constitution states that no demonstration requires permission. If it requires woyanes permission, then it is not demonstration against woyane.
    I wish I had more tolerance for ignorance.
    Peace and love to all but woyanes!

    • Mario says:


      First of all, I was brought up with a manner therefore take your Moron back into your mouth!

      Demonstrator has to have a permission anywhere in the world! When one wants to protest, first & foremost one must ask permission & why & where? Because , if anything happens , the government is responsible! The best way for you is to say I don’t know!

      Ermi , your dream will never come true! You are just wasting your time!

      • Ermi says:

        Omg. When I see you here writing in English, I was doubting a little about you. Now you open your mouth and removed all the doubt form my mind.

        …You are just a Chanel for your master. For you information, no protest in the world requires permission other than notifying authorities to prepare for security. Even that should not require written notification an many countries. All you do is anounce on any media that you are demonstrating on discharge and such time/day.

        Min yadergal, moron like you can’t comprehend such basic law.

        Peace and love to all but Woyanes!


        • Mario says:


          Your foul words shows that you are here out of your hate to woyane , but not to chat! As I told before , woyane loves haters! You know why? Coz haters can’t accomplish anything! I know your hope is aimed at somehow wishing the Tahrir square like protest in hopes of satisfying your chronic hate! Look, When one informs authorities about demonstration , one must explain the reason, place … On a written papers! We remember how many protesters was arrested during protest in the USA & Europe in the last decade! You inform the authority means, you are asking a permission! Even authorities anywhere can say no to protester if they think it is not the right time to protest! You just don’t know what you are talking about!

          I’m afraid that you are getting cheaper & cheaper! Take it easy! So far, the Dogs are barking , but the Camel has kept well on its own way!

          I still believe Ethiopia needs a strong opposition so to balance the political economy of Ethiopia! Nevertheless , the trend on the ground indicates that the EPRDF will govern Ethiopia at least for the next 20 years!

          Let me tell you for the last time, I’m not a cadre,coz I don’t fulfill the criterion to be a cadre! If you think anybody like me can be a cadre, then you are totally wrong! Thats why I always say, woyane’s enemies don’t know who woyane really are!To be a cadre, one must be dedicated! Not like the empty diaspora politicians like G7 & other who run away when things get tougher! You have better to know what you are talking about broda!

  12. Alegnta says:

    The police have the responsibility to uphold the rule of law. No one is above the law and Semayawi Party has to respect the decision of the police on this occasion. However, Semayawi Party has the right to protest on another day should they wish to do so. Please Meron do not inflame a simple situation by your insulting comment and Mekdes there is no need for your insulting response either. If we stick to the facts and address these FAIRLY trying to see the other person’s view point, we will TRIVE - otherwise CHAOS awaits us! Lets face it - we Ethiopians - Oromos, Gurages, Afaris, Gambellas, Benshanguls, Amharas, Tigrians etc. if we follow the example of our supreme athletes and think about our country first and nothing else we can become GREAT again. Unity is a very powerful weapon! Divided we fall! Tolerance wins - intolerance leads to oblivion as we see in many parts of the world. Let’s exercise collective wisdom and win by convincing each other by powerful arguments and not insults!

  13. Benyam says:

    Wow semayawi party I mean Seyetanw party and the terrorist , some Muslim ,Mefethe Abetabche . when are you
    understand Ethiopian,EPRDF ,TPLF ? Wait and see we will show you how we are strong , there is no place for terrorist and illiteracy people like Esat,G7 and some radio station Netant,barenet Lethiopia and addis demte radio While the dogs are barking we will keep going for better ,best Ethiopia God Belss the father of Aferica and Ethiopial

  14. meron says:

    erebakachihu woyane rasu yetazebachual! Sew men yelenal belu! Woyane rasu semayawi paren terrorist alalem.

    lenegeru ywe wayane cadrewoch such as teshome, mario menamen ke papasu kesu nachehu! I hope you will get your 500SQ land in addis so that you will start soon your 3rd cobblestone. For the money no prob, as the bank is your hand! Dengay terabi hulu!

    yemetenageruten atakumen yeker yebelachehu!

    • Mario says:

      Meron , beyi engdih anchi bicha tenageri! Egna sewoch enji zinjerowoch aydelenm and aynet anasibm! Ene wede wubitwa agere mehede new! Minim neger yemaysera yewshet poletikashin yizesh Yisfalish bichashin tenageri!


  15. berhane says:

    For those Eritreans, pretending to be Ethiopians, such as Ermi and Meron, You fear Woyane so much that it has gotten into your bones.Fear…Fear…Fear…”yanqeteqtachu” jemer. thank you for making us, your Woyane Getoch, so popular all over the social media sites. You should always fear woyane. Anbesoch nachewna.

  16. Belachew says:

    @Ash, Teshome
    Dear benefited Oligarchies
    I would assure you that things will never continue in a way it’s going in today’s Ethiopia. It is getting saturated and the brutal state will be agitated sooner. That time is in front of your face and you are/will smelling and testing it very soon. Since then, I would recommend you that you better to see inwards; the hassle you brings for the innocent civilian, the racist attitude you bring for the whole nation; about the killed innocent civilian (children, mothers and fathers); the corruption you are tried to make the culture of this country…there are several bud things.

    • Mario says:


      Your empty wish has been the same way in the last 38 years! Everyone who wish a change out of hate has seen its demise!

      I’ll say yes for a change , but not your kind of change! The Ethiopian people knows better!

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