Opposition Leaders released after a brief detention in Ethiopia (updated)


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17 Responses

  1. dubale says:

    Actually, they were released after after a brief detention.

  2. Abegaz says:

    why does a government elected by 99.6% of the population fear peaceful protest by only 0.4%? kkkkkk

    EPRDF big time pretender!! No one wants EPRDF. They know it the the 99.6% support is fake and cheap talk.

  3. Biruk says:

    The police force is making all the final mistakes of a crumpling government!

    • konjit says:

      Biruk yibesbis, are you kidding? They are disripecting the security forces and the govt. This is what your esat group and idiot daiasporas did in election 2005. Sew aymarm ende kesihitetu.

  4. Gebez says:

    I wish this is true. These nut head oppositions are playing with fire.

  5. freedom says:

    Is it not late already for the woyane/TPLF mafia cadres to come and comment on this?
    Say amen as your wise leaders have taken another action to make you happy! Democracy china/TPLF/woyane style! Woyane/TPLF is a machine made to jail, harass and kill; not to cerebrate at all.
    Where are the “peaceful demonstaration” only oppositions who oppose all others who are trying to throw whatever they can at woyane to make it feel human?
    Look at what your incumbents are doing. That is it! There is no space for self expression in Ethiopia. Go figure! Our PhDs don’t post your literature for us on awramba time telling us … the only way! Just read the news and shut up. It has not been working only this way for the past long two decades.

  6. Akmel says:

    Good riddance. Just like Morsi and his Muslim brotherhood fanatics in Egypt, these extremists were asking for it. Lock them up and let them realize there is a government in Ethiopia.

  7. meron says:

    Ye Feri Dula!
    Woyane vrs Eyariko!

    Woyane has to jail every one from Andinet violently, otherwise, woyane will crash like eyariko.

    Andinet has already won the game! zero to 100! The loser woyane what left then? you have only one remaining chance to jail, humiliate—. This may help woyane to buy time, otherwise it wouldn’t be long-lasting. Rather such a panic is telling the general public that- sun-setting for woyane!

    When we were shipperd, and when we fought with some one we used to pick and carry either big stick (dula) that was too big to use it, and sometimes we add stone on top it. Also once we bite, we do it serious to make sure that the opponent can’t manage to stand. But when someone senior saw us, he/she say yeferi dula—what woyane is doing now is not anymore politics-it is yeferi dula.

    Woyane is gradually losing ground-and are already nervous. One can’t identify between right and wrong measures when it become nervous. They just jail every one-but they can’t jail 90,000,000?

    A mad dog can bite some, but not all! No single individual in the country and abroad will take this recent mafia measure as something that a healthy government do. Only ill government do! There is no clinical treatment when government is sick. As their man said it sometimes back—woyane has rotted! Yebesebese demo zinab ayferam tebale enji yedenal yemil ababal yelem.

    tnx for posting

    • konjit says:


      Don’t tell us this fairytale. You do crime u pay the time. If they disobey the law, they will join their friends in prison. Those opposition groups are the part of G7 so the government shouldn’t be distracted by these colaborators of Essayas. Girma Seifu was in washington in ex Kinigit restaurant planning these disturbance. As MEMBER OF PARLIAMENT he was supposed to protect the constitution. I am sure the govt knows about it. The Washington Mayor was detained for blocking the Congress entrance, because it is a law that if you block the entrance that i means u disobey the law. U will be cited and u will fight at the court. This incident can be treated as such so don’t try to convince people as the sky is falling. This doesn’t Show weakness, it is showing strength of the government. Girma should protect the constitution not demolish it. Being MP is abeying

  8. teshome says:

    The American saying goes, Andinte party officials are paying the piper of combining legal and legal actions.
    We knew ‘Adinete party leaders’ inside out, they are operating abroad as ‘Ginbote 7’ and the other time as ‘Arebegnoche Ginbare’. There is a convincing evidence that It had been long time since, ‘Anidente party’ put its leg in Asemara. No moment to spare, we don’t allow this party to operate violating the constitutional frame work.
    we say, today the measure taken by the Federal police is just too late.
    No ifs, ands or buts about it, simply well done Ethiopian government.

  9. Lemlem says:

    This is we have been all along saying. Put them in Kalti because they are not opposition. They are G7 branches in Ethiopia. They get fund from G7, Eritrea. They are not genuine opposition. Dissolve the UDJ, blue party and focus on hammering the system rooting out corruption and keep on doing the priorities like building the dam, housing, irrigation, education…. As long as there are not peaceful opposition, there is no need for rfrfoch. Ethiopians are enjoy peace now. Please do not allow elements who undermine our peace. Peace is important. If peace is disturbed once,, then it will be gone forever. You can see Syria, Egypt, Somalia, even now Kenya, … the government must stop playing with fire. There is no need for the rfraf G7s. Just dismantle the UDJ, blue party. We need peace and we must not squander the peace we have. Thank you

  10. slick says:

    Ayeeee T P L F,

    Will it be possible to stop opposition by intimidating and throwing people in to jail??? NO! The more you do it, the more we stand firm.

    Let the beginning of the end gripping our resistance.

    Days are numbered!!!

    Ethiopia and Ethiopians shall prevail.

  11. Abe says:

    PM Meles and Hailemariam,how about your slogan “For us, democracy is not a choice.” why do not you just stop this this useless speech, and say to the Ethiopian people, democracy is not necessary for ethiopia. That the best and truthful approach to you.

  12. ZeBihere Bulga says:

    Prof. Al-Mariam, The Legacy of Martin Luther King to Ethiopia to interpret his dreams said “Start peaceful protest and after make it happen Regime change. If you caught while doing wrong, try to secure your release by using Pardon, Award, Activist Protest,… there is no other way out”.

    Martin Luther King said via his dream interpreter that “Never depend on Shabia because they can’t free their occupied places even though the court awarded for them.”

    If not you will remain there combing propaganda.

  13. azeb says:

    Grivance grows day by day and TPLF looks too weak to handle even a street demonistration! Where is TERAROCHEN YANKETEKETEW TEWELED ? BEYESEFERU ERASU YENKETEKET GEMERE ..the solution is simple,accept the people voice & respect the people decition! If you are a freedom fighter,be what u preached !
    We are living in an open socity where we learn the value of other nations instantly and we can’t & should’t live a feudal system while seeing the power of democracy & the power of people’s enduring strugle for freedom.Change is inevitable and it is comming soon!

  14. kibir says:

    Is it not logical to treat the root cause than taking pain killers? Woyanes are obsessed with taking pain killers (repressions). The root cause will remain no matter what. Unless treated, one day the patient (woyane regime) will die despite taking tonnes of pain killers.
    Learn something from this analogy!

  15. Ash says:

    Can any of u tell me what revolution, what ousting government using demonstration got to do with democracy?

    In democracy u vote on election to change government u don’t change ur government by demonstrating or revolution…that is out law ..

    U do demonstration peaceful and u go home..but if u start burning the city down then u can’t hide behid democracy right..in revolution people died, women raped and murderd and looted…don’t ome out saying u surprising that people died or murderd or raped.. From both side total law break down will cased this if a any women cry for being raped I will say I told u so! There are many women supporting revolution..but what they ont know is they r the number on victim of revolution by become refugee with child..so don’t wish, u might get it

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