Contrasting Abune Paulos and Abune Mathias (Must-Read Interview)


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9 Responses

  1. Aster says:

    I met both PATRIARCHS in person. They both are very humble and friendly. In terms of their administration and incarnation skills difference it shouldn’t be that much of different. Both are from the same generation and same backgrounds in terms of schooling. Although, they might have some different leadership’s skills, their differences will not have any negative effect on the religion. If there is any exceptional contrast between them, it would be about their looks and their clothes. For example, Abune Mathias wears black color and he is handsome; on the other hand, Abune Paulos liked to wear white.

  2. yohannes says:

    stop dn denial u just live his alon just do job men he was dead my God u what kind of Dencon first wach ur self ok u know About KING dawite just do like that be a good Dencon don’t geage people ok my brother !!!””

  3. Yohannes says:

    Please Dn danile u talk to much first discover ur self u have to learn so many thing before u judge someone let come back my point first when u compare two patriarch two of them has simlarity and deference
    First both are very humbel and education status abun pawols is highly educated person and he appointed the world religion president and he lead more than 300 millons cherstian in the world and he got a lot of prestigious medals from deference organization in the world his contributions and achievement he was not working for only his church he was working hard the rest of world and so maney prize. Second he mazied man during abunbaseliwos former patriarch call him to help his Chrch during the military junta he stop his education from doctorate program and came to help his Chrch as a result he paid a price for his Chrch and the military junta put him in jail for 8yrs I am not finsh his work on my article . Pls danile every body has relize on ur comment before say something u have to know ur self and ur level.

  4. Yelkal says:

    Daniel you are so stupid
    Do ur job.
    You are the one call Abouna paulus nece lebse,woyan,etc
    You are a cadre leba atalaye.
    You are not a diacon to me you are a cadre politicane.
    Leba atalaye….

  5. meron says:

    It is not good to talk about a dead person. Though Abune Paulos was my spiritual father my heart was bleading when ever i think of him. How a father of Christians tell go out and go away 100s of students who run to church (to him) and asked him food and shelter? I am sure even davil can’t do that, if some one submitted to him (tenish aganeniku meselegn). Above all my biggest problem with him that, it is only during his administration that Church fathers (papasatoch) were bitten by adegegna bozenes (many suspect they could be security personnel). This happened never in the history of our church, except the extremist Muslim leg regime of Yodit Gudit and Geragn Mohamed. Fashit Mosoloni tried to corrupt church fathers, but failed. though some bands such as the father of—-had over taken the job instead.

    Abune Pualos never cared about the mass killing of woyane in addis in 2005. he ordered church not hold any prayer that time. How a church father order church followers not hold prayer (Mihela) when something big happen in the country?
    When you come to corruption, racism—our church under his leadership has registered one of the darkest era.

    he simply copy and past what woyane did for its politics such as exchanging zonal and district leaders and policy from one place to another before they adaprt to the situation and get associated to the local people. Paulos also displace and move church leader frequently before they networked to local communities and church followers. Some times our church used to get more than 4 leaders in one year—confusing.

    I have no idea why Woyane cadre bark at D/n. I am sure they new history less than him. I knew he read lot and in most cases talk based on facts.

  6. yohannes says:

    @ Yohannes u right brother first we have to wach our self even this man is deacon Daniel first he have to learn many thing I so him many article every time he have judgemental any way God knows everything !!!God bless him!!

  7. abeba says:

    I know dn danile ur comment hijacked by maheberkidusan I can say confidently beucause I know a lot of thing ur comment per much the same deje selam blog all of u guys dismissed his achievement and also the magazine u comment on it is finance by maheberkudusan what ever u say u can not cover his success I read a lot thing regards to abunpwols that u comment about the cloth first the white close he wears it was allowed by the holly senod and he worn ghat white close GOD is not judge like u by close GOD see the purity of ur heart it is not going heaven what ever u wear black , white or yellow .

  8. fact says:


    long gone are the days that fugitives and killers hide in gedam and churches !

    the rule of law reaches everyone anywhere in Ethiopia.

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