Ethiopia Elects Dr. Mulatu Teshome as president (+Video)


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69 Responses

  1. AleQa Biru says:

    Finally a young president!!!

    • keyo says:

      This shows how secret full EPDRF is. No one was dreamed of this person as president.

      The Security service are giving false information to people like Temesgen desalegne, Abrha belay, Reporter and others to think that EPRDF is open and they know every secret.

      However i haven’t seen any of there gossip comes true.

      • bendo says:

        I think choosing some one with full of experience and talent is a good thing.

        People say the president can’t change any thing as it is powerless. however i disagree this is not the Meles era.

        On Meles time the parliament or the deputy PM or any Minister or position would be symbol as he has being doing all the job for them.

        But now you can see every one is started exercising there power,

        So finger cross this guy may use the position to help the country go forward.

        • Chala says:

          Wow Ethiopia have now NEW

          Deputy PM’s
          Foreign Minister
          Muslim leader
          First lady
          Mayor of Addis

          After this all change in one year still the peaceful country in Africa. The sit and talk and wish extremist diaspora still crying for bar miracle to happen .

          Wow if it was ESAT propaganda there is no tomorrow to ethiopia for in the last two years.

          talk talk talk talk and 5 star hotel meeting talk can’t change nothing.

      • teshome says:

        It is truly amazing experience and good example for Diasporas Ethiopians to know who EPRDF is a secretive and at the same time solid organ .
        It is hard to put in words how ESAT (lie institution) was telling us a fabricated stories about the nomination of the new president. Even we had seen How our Hero of all time Hailegebresselasie was victimized with sisay Agena bad mouth.
        ESAT looks to reach at the apex of all lies of the world…ESAT barely knows EPRDF and Ethiopian government.period
        Why stories like this to be told is a good question to ask and ESAT report of TPLF and EPRDF Armageddon political struggle was not different other than a sisay Agena fabricated stories…
        Dr. Mulatu’s election as a new president of Ethiopia shows how Ethiopia simply doing good

        • Lubak says:


          If you believe that ESAT lies, please find another word for your Woyannie propaganda machines (ETV, ERadio, Fara Radio, etc).

          Mulatu is not elected he is picked because this guy has no brain. Do you remember when he said Ethiopia is 174th of 178 countries in the UN HDR.

          “An appeaser is Teshome who feeds a crocodile - hoping it will eat him last”.

          • teshome says:

            Forget for the moment your old wives tale. Why are you guys contradicting yourself?? When UN and UNHCR or what have you, report some low indicators statistical index about Ethiopia, the hype goes around. But with the same token when IMF and world Bank are releasing reports that Ethiopia is doing good. Then there starts your bad mouthing to tell us the report is cooked or falsified or bal bal..
            What this preaching water and drink wine????
            Lubak, you have two options here. Accepting all statistical data coming from Ethiopia and international organization OR reject all of them. That is the only sensible measure an individual called human being the least can do. But you prefer to selectively accept and reject Ethiopian data, then we tell you that is a political cynical game and has no relevance. We seriously advice you to get out of the the dirty politics you are stacked in.

          • keyo says:


            Did you say ESAT is not a lie media?

            Well if you see ERI TV there log is WE SERVE THE TRUTH.

            So as it is a branch of ERI TV and funded by Shabia i trust you ESAT never lie.

    • B says:

      young? esti define young.

      • Lubak says:


        Your problem is you give answers to your own questions. That is what is called “Woyanie Syndrome”-trying to hear what you want to hear; trying to answer your own questions. There is no dirty and primordial than Woyannie.

  2. no name says:

    Well, I have no details about this man. But I hope he is not that much old and hence can try to do something (as far as physical capability is concerned). But the problem is what can he do since his job description tells him to do nothing. Well, it’s a good old age retirement period for him. But I hope he can write some books if he is interested.

  3. Teferi says:

    I wish all the Best to Dr. Mulatu Teshome. Please Say him CONGRATULATIONS!

  4. Dave says:

    Viva Ethiopia..Go forward!

  5. Aster says:

    I would like to say congratulations to the Ethiopian for having a new president and the new president as well, but I never heard of this man. Who is he?

    • abe jal says:

      Aster, here is the short summary: Dr. Mulatu Teshome is a gentle person who was born in Arjo, small village in Wollega,and completed his elementary and high school education there. He has been serving as Ethiopia’s ambassador at Turkey until yesterday. After all I personally know him.

  6. Alex says:

    Tplfites together with some idiot EPRDFites keep on fooling the Oromo people as usual.

    • Brhan says:

      Alex remove ur dirty post from here

    • abrsh says:

      tew enji alex.endezih eko maninm ayastemrm.tesadabinet tanashnetn enji talaknetn yemiyamelakt bahry aydelem. endene endene gin yetekeberut adisu presidant kibur ato girma besiltan zemenachew death penality avoid endihon yaderegutn tiret yemesaselu le tiwld yemiterfu melkam negerochn lehzbachew yadergu zend geta libna moges yistachew elalehugn.

  7. Haftu says:

    The award is very interesting and on time and on place.

  8. k says:

    Congratulations to ambassador Dr Mulatu Teshome,new president

  9. Mulatu Arsi says:

    It is good to have such educated and above all healthy and fit person for the great post of the Head of State.

  10. Name (required) says:

    congratulation to ambassador Dr Muletu Teshome, the new president of E thiopia, the year 2013 /2006. I wish all the best for him.

  11. meron says:

    be digaf keminkesakesu president selegelagelkegn Fetarie amesegenihalehu.

    Now at least no one is going to ask me-don’t you have a healthy person in the country to be elected as president?

    ay OPDO! ehene echi position selaltewesedechibachew chobe eyeregetu nachew—-mechem enesu betinishu des yemilachew sebesiboch nachew—

  12. namichoo says:

    he must be fool. President has no power.

  13. obsa says:

    Ayib ayibun lerasachewu, aguat aguatun legna

  14. freselam says:

    I wish all the best for my country new president Dr. Muletu God bless you!!!congratulation!!!

  15. yigermal says:

    This sounds a good step. I hope this means that Ato Girma Seifu, the only opposition party member in Parliament, will become the next Prime Minister of Ethiopia in 2015 and Dr. Berhanu Nega, Chairman of the Ruling Party (Ginbot 7) in Ethiopia.

    If the above materialize, we in the Diaspora will come to Ethiopia to live, invest, and contribute our collective skills.

    • you have no money to invest; you have no skill, knowleg, and expriance to become a prime minster. just live based on welfare. of course you have the right to dream and dream for the rest of your life…….

  16. lemma says:

    Let’s hope positive with the help of God and he can help priminister Hailemariam to dare some basic Changes in the political process of the country. The then presidant gave a good speech about all political praties how they compromise in the national interest of ethiopia so i hope time shows every thing.

  17. Dany says:

    Congradulations Dr. Mulatu ,
    I believe in the history of TPLF/EPRDF, he is the first person to be elected to assume public office based on Knowledge and Merit .
    Hope he will carry out to work to make the country not only for the few but the whole compatriots ,though he has limited powers.

  18. beru says:

    what matter is not w/mariam or fatuma appointed as president of Ethiopia.But the way the people’s power has been acquired.Is it democratic ? Dose it show the will of all people of Ethiopia? we need not have a symbol that serves ill wish of corrupt elites It is time for all son and daughter of Ethiopia to grasp its power in whatever means.

  19. lemlem says:

    Long time no see.Thought he betrayed EPRDF.

  20. yohannes says:

    congra DR u did many thing for EPRDF & for your country !! to day is another day I wish a good time for u !!

  21. tola kebede says:

    Congragulation Dr. mulatu teshome .he is well expreiance gentel man he used to work mintsry of agriculture,and as an ambasoder of turkey . I feel sorry 4 alex unnessary word he wrote that means he is not ethiopoan and he has problem of mind.

  22. mango says:

    they take turns to rob us. in 6 months he will be fatter than Girma. leboch.

  23. Hamid says:

    I have to give credit for this selection/election though Ethiopians were supposed to know the candidates before the election. It looks like the era of giving high ranking positions for only yes-men and women is over. This guy is highly qualified and he deserves the position. What we have been saying all along was that the government should give responsibilities based on merits.

  24. Belew! says:

    congratulations to Jawar mohammed!and mencha revolution terrorist followers’ for the third time muslim president in Ethiopians parliament again Oromo!? WOW Anyhow Oromo had no religion except Ereecchaa culture praying near the river.Now jaware must appear in aljazeera CNN claim that OROMO is educated!. *only mr.Girma seifu Biru knows the EPRDF’s fool politics!evereybody is under TPLF and ERITREANS><<<<

    • kebe says:

      @belew people like you don’t help Ethiopia by any means if you really care about Ethiopia stop widening the difference. think before you say something on the mass media Oromo haters can say whatever they want to say, but they can’t stop the Oromo people from exercising their right to struggle for their freedom or what ever they believe in that is up to them the struggle for separation is coming from this kind of blind comments. I personally don’t wan’t separation I believe in United one Ethiopia !!! I love all my Ethiopian people, but I hate those who hates the Oromo people for no reason. Think that if there is no Oromiya region in Ethiopia there will be no more Ethiopia don’t be stupid stop this kinds of dividing comments God bless Ethiopia.

      • Belew! says:

        TPLF’s baggage carriers !I never said, preached Muslim Oromo to burn christian OROMO churches or to kill innocent AMHARA people with menecha. go kiss Jaware’s ass. go to hell with him!you are a terrorist supporter relay I do not care if you like Ethiopia or Ethiopians that is Hippocratic approach.there is no God bless Ethiopia with full of idiot like not bend to much to pray Jawwar is behind you always!!

  25. Simret says:

    Here we go, with new pm minister and new president. After all this, what will happen?,does they rule for (5&6)years or(5&12)years or (10&12)years or (15&12) years and so on respectively,what can they do for us ethiopian peoples?,in how can they apply the GTP?. All of those questions are,what we are going to see it on the next. O ya, let us think positive with the help of God. God bless them.

  26. በለው! says:

    >>>ፕሬዘደንት ዶክተር ሙላቱ ተሾመ ውርቱ ለህዝብ ተወካዮችና የፌደረሽን ምክር ቤት የጋራ ስብሰባ ላይ ባደረጉት ንግግር “መላው ሀገራችን ሕዝቦች!አሉ ይሻላል በለው!”**የግለሰቡን የትምህርት ደረጃ፣ የሥራ ልምድ፣ ጠቅላላ ለሀገርና ለህዝብ ያበረከቱትን አገልግሎት በማክበር ይህ ሁሉ ንባብ ምንድነው?ቓለ መሆላ?ቃለ ጉባኤ/ሱባኤ
    ሀ) መልስ ዜናዊን ለማስታወስ ?
    ለ) ሥልጣን የሰጡትን ሠዎች ለማወደስ፣
    ሐ)በሞቱት ታጋዮች ለማላገጥ..እንኳን ሞታችሁ ለሥልጣን አበቃችሁን ነው?
    መ)የኢህዴግን የኅብረት አመራር ለኦሮሞ ሕዝብ ለማስጎምጀት
    ሠ)ለ፰ኣመት ያላቋረጠው ዕድገታችን የመልስ ዜናዊ ፲፮ከመቶ የቱልቱላ እድገት! ወደ ኅያለማርአም የጥሩንባ ፱.፭ መፈጥፈጡን አብስረዋል፡፡
    * ለነገሩ በዚህም ባልተገኘ ድል ለመፎለል አሰፈላጊ ከነበረ ነባሩ ፕሬዘዳንት ማብራራት ነበረበት። ግለሰቡ በአምባሳደር ማዕረግ ቱርክ ኖረው የፌደራሉን የሥራ ክንውን አፈፃፃም ሪፖርት ማንበባቸው ‘የህብረት አመራርን’ ውጤት ለማሳየት ነው። ለመሆኑ ኢህዴግ ፳፻፮ዓመትን የሥራ ዕቅድ አስነበበ እንበል ወይንስ አበባ ቆራጭ ሾመ? ለዚች አውራጅና ጫኝነት ሥራ ይህን ያህል መጨነቅ !!

    *ለመሆኑ የዶ/ር አሸብር የብሄር ብሄረሰብና ሕዝቦች ይችን ወንበር እንደቋመጡላትና ያን ያህል ጠ/ሚኒስትሩንና ህወአት አንቆለጳጵሰው እዚያው ‘ቦንጋ’ ቀልጠው ቀሩ?

    * ኀይሌ ገብረስላሴ የሪዞርቱ ፕሬዘዳንት ሆነ። የኢፌዴሪ ፕሬዘዳንትነትን ቢያጣም በሙያው በአቅሙ ልክ በእሩጫ አሸነፈ። ግን ይህን ሁሉ ዝባዝንኬ አንብብ ቢባል መውደቁ አልነበር? ለመሆኑ ስንት ቋንቋ ይችላል?እንግሊዘኛውም በልጆቹ ነው። አይዞህ በለው!

    *ክቡር ዶክተር ሙላቱ ተሾመ ዉርቱ መልካም የሥራ ግዜ ይሁንልዎ !ለህዝብ ተወካዮችና የፌደረሽን ምክር ቤት የጋራ ስብሰባ ላይ ባደረጉት ንግግር “ምክር ቤቶቹ የጣሉባቸውን አደራና ሐላፊነት ባላቸው ሙሉ አቅም ሁሉም ነገር በዚያው ይቀጥላል ብለዋል።” *፻አለቃ ግርማ ወ/ጊዮርጊስ ቢቀመጡ ይሻላል እንበል!? የቀጠናው አተራማሽና አሸባሪ መልማይ ኤርትራ ሄደው በአሸባሪነት ወንጀል እስር ቤት እንዳወርዱ ።አለበለዚያ የኤርትራ መንግስት አተራማሽም የአሸባሪ አሰልጣኝም አደለም ኢህዴግ ሥም አጥፊና አጣፊ ነው ማለት ነው። ከሀገረ ከናዳ በቸር ይግጠመን!

  27. Lula says:

    I am so happy now Ethiopia has outstanding PM (HM ) & president Dr. Mulatu Teshome, They both educated ET need more educated leaders not people from jangle narrow minded un educated people they time is up!!!

  28. azeb says:

    “the Houses of Peoples Representatives (99.9% EPRDF)elected Dr. Mulatu Teshome, the current Ethiopian Ambassador to Turkey, as new President”
    WOW!! What a surprise! Unexpected new energy in comming! Don’t full yourself, this guy might be better than METO ALEKA GIRMA because for one main reasone,ofcourse,HE MAY WALK WELL IN THE PALACE!

  29. Kebe says:

    I don’t care who have to replace him, but it was absolutely necessary to replace that old man by someone; but this is still nothing since the power is on the hand of “TPLF” nobody can fix anything.

  30. Embasoleda says:

    Dr Mulatu Teshome, congratulations! you are one of the patriot Ethiopian who have served their country in several high governmental offices for years, and now as a President, there is no doubt that you will do your best to serve all, the good hearted, beautiful nations, and nationalities the Ethiopian people…

  31. Kebe says:

    @belew people like you don’t help Ethiopia by any means if you really care about Ethiopia stop widening the difference. think before you say something on the mass media Oromo haters can say whatever they want to say, but they can’t stop the Oromo people from exercising their right to struggle for their freedom or what ever they believe in that is up to them the struggle for separation is coming from this kind of blind comments. I personally don’t wan’t separation I believe in United one Ethiopia !!! I love all my Ethiopian people, but I hate those who hates the Oromo people for no reason. Think that if there is no Oromiya region in Ethiopia there will be no more Ethiopia don’t be stupid stop this kinds of dividing comments God bless Ethiopia.

  32. Kifle says:

    All opposition supporter like myself, stop listening to non-sence esat and talking nonsence. Insted, wake up and admire how Weyane is keep fooloishing people including yourself.

    Since the death of Evil-Meles, Weyane is playing the real politics from behind the carton. However, the oppositions are still never woke-up and kept screaming alone! To stop thin kind of bulshit, avoid ur differences and have a true struggle. After all Weyane didn’t get this power from begging and screaming.

    If you don’t wake up, you will keep count the sheep (Hilemariym, demeke, tewedros and now Mulatu) and you will sleep. When you wake up, you still are in screaming position. If kno what I mean… As muh as I hate them, I greatly admire Weyanes! If I want to strugle them, they will be my mentor. Yes! I said it! They shall be my mentor! Not Berhanu or Andrgachew!

  33. mangesha says:

    i wish the coming feasical year to be nice to Dr mulatu, new presidant of Ethiopia.
    God bless Ethiopia!!!

  34. Sintayehu says:

    CONGRATULATION DR. Mulatu. I want to emphasise to Woyane, to let him to doing by himself based on the president position allowed to do. Don’t interfere …..

  35. John says:

    What a sad days for ESAT’s so called neftegna ‘Journalists’. The PM Hailemariam humiliated and mocked their political party (G7, Andenet, and Semayawi parties). Today, an Oromo elite is elected as The PRESIDENT OF ETHIOPIA. I understand how deep their pain is going to be. Unfortunately, they can do noting other than killing themselves. Oh….. I am sorry…. In fact, they can talk as if the two posts (i.e., the PM and The President) are worthless. They also try to lecture as the PM and The President are powerful only if they are from Amhara. I have an advice for Neftegna ‘Journalists’ in diaspora… KEEP BARKING as a mad dog.

  36. Habtu says:

    Dawit Kebede: Please don’t delete gebuine opinions. Here is the followings about Dr Mulatu.

    From MEISON to Ethiopian president: I know Dr Mulatu while he was MEISON cadre and later as WPE card carrier. He was first against EPRDF until he got employment at Ministry of Foreign Relations during the transition period. Anyway, he is more competent than most of the present EPRDF officials including the puppet H/Mariam Desalegne.

  37. Habtamu S says:

    Congratulation Mr. President and congratulations all and I wish my president will have a years of peace and prosperous. Go Ethiopian!!!!!!!!!!!! Thank you

  38. tola kebede says:

    I need say two thing to mr.BELW i think u gelious about ethiopia progress .we will say again and again eritirea has dam leader ,tererrist center amd the worst place ever.

  39. Tatek says:

    Just a few words here to both Awramba Times and some of the opinions. First and foremost this is NOT an election. It is rather an appointment by the EPRDF to a ceremonial office that doesn’t have any Constitutional Authority whatsoever and the President’s only job will, as has been, will be to warm up his chair and collect his paycheck. If or not the holder of this office or any other office is an Oromo or any other ethnic group is irrelevant to any one of us. But I give credit to the advisers of the EPRDF though I don’t agree with it as this, to me, is a smart political move because NO Govt can successfully rule the nation without Oromo AND Amhara support and by appointing another Oromo to this ceremonial office, the regime could surely calm some political wave here and rally some public blessing behind it. We need people with vision, courage, determination, leadership skills and capable of bringing the nation together and bury Corruption, tribalism, patronage, lies and greed forever and that’s what we couldn’t find within the ranks of our EPRDF brothers. It is high time that this guys left public office for the good of the nation and help the nation move forward. Here we go; we now have two ceremonial centers of power: Ceremonial President and ceremonial Prime Minister. The President’s office was already ceremonial, as stated under the Meles Written and EPRDF ratified Constitution. The Prime Minister’s office, under Colonel Zenawi, had Imperial Powers and dictates every policy decision in the country and whoever breaths in that nation does so at the whims and pleasures of the Late PM. Now that he is gone, those powers were taken away and distributed among the three deputy PMs, The powerful security establishment and unknown mafias running the nation from behind the scene. The nation had a chance to have someone outside the EPPRDF circle appointed to this office so that that person might foresee some chances of trying to bridge the gap between the opposition and the ruling party as a head of state but now this also has slipped through the fingers of the Ethiopian people.

  40. Woldai says:

    Addis isn’t a source of power in today’s Ethiopia, but kilils! One has to come through his/her kilil then to the political capital of Aftica then to the highest position according to ones resume, Even a blind can sense & deaf can feel the reality, but not haters! There is no short cut to power.

    As an ambassador , Dr Mulatu has brought a lot of business from Japan, china , Turky…during his service at the respected countries . Being well educated,For sure the Dr will send Ethiopia one big leap forward in his 6 years term.

    President Girma had accomplished so much for Ethiopia & I’m sure the respected Dr will accomplish the remaining GTP plan very well!

    Congratulation Mr president! I wish you all the best in your term! Good luck!

  41. meron says:

    at tatek
    that is what many told to and keep telling to the Earless woyane—that, it is not possible and above all not good to always look for woyane member and loyalty to give position. They think Ethiopia belong to them only, hence no one has that right to play part in the leadership of his/her country. When they think someone is growing and appreciated by the public, then they will bury him/her, including their own members, such as tamrat, such as Siye, such as Arkebe, such as Hayelom…..they will eat them.

    Such a wrong ideology, based on wrong theory like thing has pulled them to the corner and our country. As the criteria to be a leader in woyane era is to be woyane member, hence experience, education, skill and quality have no place. Even they hate a person with these qualities. And from small department to higher position, they have to assign some of the bad leader who no skill, experience, education. As these leaders have no such quality they are not confident and they think they will be fired the next day—hence they can’t give you decision, no idea about the progress of activities and plans—-Above-all, becuase they think they will be fired soon, hence they steel whatever they find, some fetch water from government office during the weekends, not to pay water bill from their own.

    As they fear their boss, they always tell and report false and fabricated data and cheat their bosses, some times awarded based on such data.

    Important! Because woyane leaders knew they are not capable to the position they are serving and not sure about their 2morrow, then invest toooooooo much time and money to spy, divide their staff as oromo, tigire, amhara—so that we have to fight than working our job. Then they are happy for sometimes, and until they find other homework for us.

    When stress is high, they give you so called BPR (Blood Pressure Raising), before we implement and see its impact, they just jumped to GTP (growth and transformation plan), but if you look inside, they all are same, in some case even the old documents may be fine.

    If public pressure is even more high and if they see some external move, then they jump to do mega dams like the one we are trying to do now. by the way, though woyane entered to this dam to shift public anger, i am more than happy and pro it. This is simply coz they can’t move the dam as they move muti-billion away from the country.

    Lehulum ye woyane meriwoch abzagnochu ye—-sebeseboch nachew. Enesum yemikidu aymeslegnim.

    I remember once up of a time, the info —meles bit junedin was popular in addis. ende chika yetefetefachew nachew.

    They can’t spick their mind—-

    May be now—i hope—

  42. Daniel Bekele says:

    Congratulation Doctor.I wish you all the best. I am confident of you that you can contribute a lot to the Ethiopians over all development effort.God bless you.

  43. kiyaa says:

    OK! thanks for all of you. for your comment.
    from where you wait a leader? let we call from Jupiter or mars?. DR. mulatu teshome is educated person. do you want to be lead by military? graduated from 4th grade?

  44. life says:

    I wish all the best for our new president

  45. Natoli says:

    Congratulations president Ambassador Dr. Mulatu Teshome. We expect a change good luck. God bless Ethiopia.

  46. Mustefa Negayo says:

    Presdent Doctor Mulatu Teshome,I Wish for you the primnister of Ethiopia if you do good in your life.

  47. Mustefa Negayo says:

    Doctor Mulaatuu Tashoomee,Waa sadi eeggadhu:

  48. Mustefa Negayo says:

    “The wish I Wish for you is that the wish you wish comes true”
    I love you Doctor Muletu Teshome for ever!!!!!!!!
    But what you say about the master plan of Addis Ababa(Finfinnee) boundaries in oromo regions???



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