Woubshet Taye: The Courageous Newsman (Elias Gebru)


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2 Responses

  1. teshome says:

    Elias Gebru
    You said ” wobeshet Taye catches frequent short of breath because he had a chronic oxygen deficiency from tiny the cell room he been confined to”
    You seem to be a good match for lie. Who in his right mind ever think such illogical scenario. Asking is one thing and to be reserved from suggesting what you don’t know is another thing.
    That is completely crazy and doesn’t give sense to any body.
    Anyway, you made me laugh and at same time I happy for you this article is written in Amharic because it simply saves you from being a laughing stock by foreigner readers.
    I really appreciate your sympathetic concern for your friend, but rather than giving unscientific explanation for the short of breath your friend suffering from, As a lay man it would have been imperative if you advised wobeshet weight reduction and due attention on his dietary habit.
    In the past we took massive dose of misinformation and dis-information and this time around please give us a break. Similarity the other narratives of your article, the analogy again doesn’t give sense. I really regret for spending my time, energy and stress in reading this mambo-jumbo writings. Please next time try to try something that match to the intellect of this forum readers.

  2. meron says:

    —in Zeway when wubshet was told not to hug his missed and loved son, he didnot say why, but he respected the order of the gate keeper—-(Elias)

    what a painful, what an abuse—what a cruel decisions!!

    —-i knew wubeshet since 11 years and i knew him always carrying pen and note book, not bomb, but his words (writings) were more than a bomb for tyrannies who abuse human right (Dawit)

    I am sure woyane fear words than bombs. woyane leader are highly protected, Bobm may kill random Ethiopians and woyane never care about that. If they want, they themselves put some bombs in the taxi and kill people. Like the face darama they tried to make this past two weeks. by the way did they showed us the dead body in that game—it was hidden like the body of the passed man-man neber semu?.
    The long cables they stretched on the floor and shown to us by etv by no standard look like a serious plan to attack, rather a lab where students are learning electricity. what all these cabals do for a person who is hiding from security and public. Is that how a terrorist go on the street, carry a visible cables? what a face—at least they could have done the derama seriously.

    For woyane, the most basic threat is word-hence journalism. Period.

    Let us walk the walk while the world award all the journalists in woyane’s kality as a most peaceful and descent journalists when woyane call them terrorist and torture them.

    is there a journalist called by woyane a terrorist and not awarded by the world??

    Fetari ye serachehun yestachehu.

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