Exiled Awramba Times Editor going back to Ethiopia (+Video)


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104 Responses

  1. Geb says:

    Good luck!! I think it is a right decision.

    • bendo says:

      Is this means awramba online will be off?

      Do you think the gov. will allow you to post the balance news as you doing now from ethiopia?

      I hope things are changing and the new gov. will be a bit fair and give the ethiopian back home the same chance what we go to read a two way balanced news.

      • Selfu says:

        Dear Bendo,

        Has he ever posted a balanced news in first place?

        Any way he has already softened his critic of the regime to build some kind of love. Now he can very smoothly fit into their pocket without any problem and decorate their collections of cadre-journalists unless his old behavior comes back.

        • bendo says:


          I don’t know what balance news means for you but for me he was showing us both side of story for every news.
          I know for you free media means just become like G7/ESAT who are working on salary from shabia and who never report any bad about shabia and never report good about ethiopia.
          or just like tigray online or aiga forum who are reporting every thing in ethiopia is rosy and heaven.
          So the only online web i found who just report every news of both side is Awramba times.

          and my hat is off for his honer for his hard and innocent work.

          • Higu says:

            Dear Bendo,

            Yes, Selfu is right he was never balanced. I have sent him some articles myself on some political developments in Ethio-Eritrean relations criticizing Shabiya, G7 but he never posted. He was a kind of opportunist journalist who was trying to walk on a very fine line not to hit any side. He was making every effort to avoid any clash with big-mouth guys like G7. Yes, he was the only one who dared to publish Abraham Yayeh’s biased essays but that was only after he already finished his preparation to leave. Lately, he developed love with the junta that rules Ethiopia and finally he completely surrendered.

        • Mekdes says:

          Of course, he was posting balanced news. Did you want him to be likr Elias of Ethiopian rebiew?

          • Tewodros says:

            Dawit Kebede is the only free Journalist Ethiopia had till this day. He was posting a balanced news, he was not a property of any group. We will be forced to remember him as he is the first free Journalist.
            Can anyone tell me a balanced Journalist other than Dawit? I do not think so. Believe it or not…hate him or not…truth always wins, so he is a winner.

        • berihu says:

          What is balanced news for you? Do you mean the news of ESAT or ETV? Don’t you believe that there is no alternatives if you don’t support either EPRDF or opposition groups? Why you categorize people into two only two options? Why don’t you accept individuals own choice?እረ እባካችሁ እንለወጥ

    • geleta says:

      ዳዊት: እኔ: የወያኔ: ደጋፊ:እንኳ: ባልሆንም: የአላማህ: ብርቱ: ደጋፊ: ነኝ:: ከዘረኞች: በላይ: ዘረኛ: ከሆኑት: የውሸት: ኢትዮጵያዊነት: ካባን: በሚያሳስት: መልኩ: ከተከናነቡትና: ከሌሎች: ምሁራዊ: ገለጻና: ትንታኔ: ይልቅ: የነሱን: ባዶ: ተራ: ተረት: ከሚያስቀድሙ: ድኩማን: በተረት: ኖረው: በተረት: አድገው: በተረት: ለመሞት: ከሚያጣጥሩት: ዝባዝንኬዎች: ጎራ: እንኳን: በሰላም: ወጣህ:: ከሰሞኑ: እነኚህኑ: ጉዶች: የዳኛ: ማንትስ: የተባለ: ወልገድጋዳ: መጫጭር: ሲያዳንቁና: ሲያራግቡ: ሳይ: ወየው: ለነዶክተር: ብርሃኑ: ነጋ፣ ነጋሶ: ጊዳዳ፣ እና : እንዲሁም: ለአንዳንድ: በተራ: ተረታቸው: ለተወናበዱ: የዋሆች: ብያለሁ:: ሰዎቹ: በስም: እንጂ: በምግባር: ኢትዮጵያውያን: ሳይሆኑ: ልብ: ያለው: ልብ: ይበል: ከሞረሽም: እኛ: በግላችን: እንመርሽ: ወድያ: ወገኔዎች: ናቸው!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

      • ወንድነት says:

        አጻጻፍህ ግሩም፣ ትረካንና እውነትን መሠረት ያደረገ፣ የአንደበተ ርቱዓንን ውስጣዊ ስሜት ያንጸባረቀ የጨዋ ኢትዮጲያዊ ጽሁፍ ነው። አመስግናለሁ።

  2. Ubong says:

    Welcome to your mother land!

  3. Jamal says:

    Good Job Dawit, You have given bettor lessons for both the government and Toxic Diaspora.

  4. Adane says:

    Wow! Thanks Dawit, Good luck bro

  5. Sintayehu says:

    Well done. Dawit let us know that, have you deal with the government. As we are well aware you fled that time the gov’t was looking for you to arrest. That is why i am asking you about new deal.

  6. Gebez says:

    Dawit, I have a big respect to you. I wish you all the best back in your home country and I hope you will come up with a new newspaper. Thank you dave for everything.

  7. Abraham Adehenoum says:

    It is good that you are coming back. However, I think you need a confession in that what ever you had to say during your departure was baseless and unfounded. You have to publicly testify that you was not subjected for any ill treatment as you had claimed. You was confused and brainwashed by a known culprits to go to exile and make a falsified allegation against the government of Ethiopia. You also need to provide with all the information of your activity while in exile. For one thing we can not be so sure that you are coming back for good. Who knows? May be you are assigned for unknown project or you lost ground from “toxic diaspora”. What ever the case might be it is advisable for the government of Ethiopia to scrutinize his reasons. Once again it is good that you are coming back but you need to apologize for your wrong doing.

    • Ash says:

      @abraham Adehenoum!

      R u sure u have no hidden agenda, r u sure u r not mad he is going back to Ethiopia, r we sure we trust u…therefore we also investigate u just to make sure…

  8. hg says:

    good decision and hope you will contribute positively without targeting specific political or media group. We are eager to hear your balanced neews

  9. efrem says:

    Big respect Dawit!!!!! I hope you play a constructive role and contribute towards the media ethics of our ‘dirty’ journalism business back in Ethiopia!! I have so far been positive about your website and hope you will repeat it in the paper!!

  10. Axumawit says:

    Good and quick dissection you made. If it was a bit late you would have been a man lost in action like most drag addicted diaspora.

  11. Assie says:

    I think Dawit is a bit emotional while dealing with people/ideas. He needs time to mature. The problem I guess because he is yebet lignet (he is a bit shy as you see it) with less exposure to the real world. That is why he is sensitive to critics. Try to learn accommodating opinions different from yours. Then clearly define your position as far as the current Ethiopian situation is concerned.

    Good luck and hope you will contribute positively for your country at the same time enjoying a personal life back home.

  12. AleQa Biru says:

    Good luck brother…

    Hopefully, they don’t send you directly to prison.

  13. Tesfayhun says:

    Mr. Dawit,
    I think to come home is not a bad decision. You might have learned too much from your life experience. One thing I have noticed is that you were preparing yourself for not a short period of time for this. Actually the regime in Ethiopia would not do any harm given that you continue your work as you used to do for the last several months staying abroad.
    Your targets were mostly the groups who claim to be opposition.
    Do not forget that there are millions who watch you.
    Good Luck. Tesfahun

  14. Solomon says:

    What is the bid deal here? No big deal!

  15. lemma says:

    It is not really a very surprising decision for me. I did not remember exactly the day and the year but some three years a ago you said your self “fleeing the country is not ultimate decision” when you interviewed in ethiopia aprops media. The time and the challenges are infront of you and be strong and good luck

  16. Habtamu S says:

    Heroic decision. One should live the life that she\he write about. Good job and don’t give up. Thank you

  17. ethiopia says:

    oh finally!!!! but i don’t believe your reason to go back to Ethiopia is what you mentioned. you should have to know that before you leave your country two years ago or may be before you name yourself a journalist. if not , in my opinion you just fall in love with your profession (journalism) now. sorry and good luck!!

  18. Ashu says:

    Great decision, Dawit

  19. Seifu says:

    What a drama?

  20. ET says:

    Hat off for you Dave, Great lesson for the denkoro toxic diaspora politician. At list now we know who is after money and who is after the good of Ethiopia and Ethiopian.
    Good luck brother!

  21. Bethihu says:

    Good decision, Dawit.
    We all know that the diaspora groundles politics probably misled so maney Ethiopian professional, and it takes to be a smart man/woman to examine the setuation and reverse the mistakes before too late. So, Dawit, I congratulate you for making a smart decision that you have librated your life from the hate based diaspora politics…
    So, I wish the best!! And looking forward to hear from you reporting from the beautiful Ethiopia…

    God bless the world!

  22. S says:

    Good disition,sorry le hodam le ertirea satellite television azegajoch(Esat )

  23. hena says:

    we expect you to expose the activities of pretentious diaspora politicians big time .

  24. Gezaee says:

    Dear Dawit:

    Hmmmm! you have tasted what USA is now. You have seen diaspora too. If I were you I would have pursued further education; however, if that is your decision or choice, it is equally important you do what you love.

    Definitely,to be diaspora politicians is the worst thing you could be. You can be real opposition from home if you can survive ? if they do not kill you? That is the problem only. if you speak the truth, you may not able to live in Africa. But nothing is impossible. If they allow you to do your job properly, it will help them to discipline themselves or do the write things. Anyway, the problem is not the people whether at home or diaspora. the problem is the mindset of the people. You have to teach or educate people to do the right thing and you have to be not only a journalist? but also a good teacher. I hope they will not throw u into jail. However, even if they arrest you, you have to accept it as a blessing since you decided to go back.

    All the best Dawit.

  25. berhane says:

    Good job dawit! I am very happy to see you Separate yourself from this toxic ethiopian diaspora. It is Only stupid people who don’t change their minds. You are big assets for mother ethiopia, and am sure she is more than happy to take you back.

  26. john says:

    good job dawit we proud of u !!!

  27. gud semon says:

    Wow Dawit
    yared is the one who can guaranty your return to Ethiopia, or you forgot something
    that you need to bring back to offshore

  28. Dave. Let me say something to you .Stay out of ethnic politics. you are young and energetic, I personally admire you.
    Good luck. Don’t forget . MLK . Speech.
    I have a dream that my four little children will one day live in a nation where they will not be judged by the color of their skin, (Ethnic ) but by the content of their character.Martin Luther King, Jr

  29. Lej. Mesfinachew Akassa says:

    I respect his decision. When the environment you work or for that matter the city is poisonous staying is worthless. the fact that we are in the west as Diaspora has given us the freedom to poke in politics that we are not read well, informed not well, participate to agree to disagree well they all have gone down the drain. Smear, gossip,destruct some one who has a different opinion from us.you have to run away from a burning environment that ruins your health,identity,career and your overall well being. I believe Dawit has lived and learned a lot from this.Living and seeing it is the best university in life. Let us disagree on things we do not agree but the long term goal is see a better Ethiopia.
    God Bless us all.
    Lej. Mesfinachew AKassa

  30. Benyam Boston says:

    Wow !, Dawite Awramba times Edit… Very Great Decision , by now you understood the toxic opposition . I hope while you working in Ethiopia , you will have positive rule,for your mind as well for better Ethiopia . Think about for 90 million Ethiopian people what is good or bad , do only the TRUTH. Keep up the good job .God bless you !

  31. QLH says:

    Dawit first let me congratulate you for making the right decision and for the good example you set forth for Ethiopians in the Diaspora to learn from. I always enjoyed the balanced news on Awramba times and I look forward to even much more profound news based on solid analysis once you settle back home. But I am also amazed by the number of ‘good luck’ notes you received in this comment section. I guess they meant to say ‘you are so lucky to return home’ instead of ‘good luck’ 🙁 wake up Diaspora our country Ethiopia is a Good luck that can happen to anyone. Cheers.

  32. andnet says:

    Ato Dawit, is that because missioned accomplished or mission impossible to be agent against the diaspora?
    I think you tried all your best to spy the diaspora and now you understand that well educated people are not easy to spy them.

    • Mahlet Asefa says:

      @andnet “well educated people” in the diaspora. Don’t kid yourself. its more like “well slaved people who have nothing to provide for Ethiopia”!!!
      So I guess Dawit was sick and tired of the useless fruitless gutless lies that he was also part of could actually bare nothing.
      And CONGRATES Dawit for learning from your mistakes. and actually admit it. that was very brave.

    • axumawe says:

      1st I will like to say, well done and good luck for you Dawit!!!
      2ND TO YOU TO ANDNET (chika)
      WHAT LIFE ? WHAT EDUCATION do you have that can be transferd to your people ?
      you see, he is going to serve his country and his people!!
      he had enough of you garbeges! in the stat, so called opposition,who are you opposing ? in the 1st place?
      your Owen people .
      do you know the braves are going back with what ever they have to rebelled Ethiopia,those who don’t have the education are going back to invest,but you and your likes, you have nothing to give to your country. but vase versal you and your likes are selling Ethiopia to shabia and Arabs.garbeges!!!!!
      long live ETHIOPIA!!!
      long live EPRDF !!!!
      long live WOYEN !!!!

  33. Kuliche Bakagn says:

    I think this could be good decision taking your stay as experience sharing be it bad or good. No land as sweet as mother land. That is why I said, good decision. I hope your balanced ways of posting news will continue and hope we will get more news from you soon.

  34. tola kebede says:

    BRAVO ! David thats right decision. You don’t get any thing from thus x-trim deyaspora.just talk nothig practical.(” ye internate AarBEGNOCH”).

  35. juhar ahmed says:

    Hi Dawit good luck life at home its right decision to go back home to show real journalism work for ethiopia people who miss lead by politically motivation such call their self their journalist but their are not

  36. yonas says:

    You did the right thing and You will be better off Tamang, Dr. Brahnu, Andargachew
    all ESAT TV and Genbot-7. I was following your interview and publication you are completely different from any diaspora media (Washington-dc nasty politics).

    I know You will be Ok there

    Good luck

  37. Gedif says:

    Dear Dawit,

    I do appreciate your great decision. This is not your place as a journalist. Go home and contribute something valuable over there. All the diaspora gutter presses look like they were still in the Derg era. Day and night they are repeating ‘ento fentos’. Here in US there is no demarcation line between a politician, a journalist and a priest. Everybody lies and sings the same song to fool the diaspora and steal his money. I am sure you taught them a good lesson, if they have the gut to understand it. So go Dawit and do your job back at home. Journalists at home do a far better job than these diaspora fools and idiots.
    Good luck

  38. Mizan says:

    Dawit hat off bro !!!!! Nice discussion sidet meftihe aydelem :: let me say one thing if u love ur country & ppl do z right thing . Don’t follow z loser diaspora like lemagn Beyene, Dr birr amtu/ dr chelema / & hode mela etc plzzzz don’t repeat ur mistake tnx

  39. Aster says:

    Good idea Dawit. I think you could do a lot from Ethiopia. Ethiopia is a country that could benefit from a journalist like you who provides a balance news. Its sad I didn’t get a chance to meet you, but I will definitely take time to meet with you when I go to Ethiopia. Good luck.

  40. Girma Kassa says:

    Dear Ato Dawit:

    Take good care of yourself.I hope you will continue serving the people of Ethiopia, from back home, as you used to do for years.

    Thanks for what you did so far.


  41. gebre says:

    Right decision Dave, welcome home safely than barking with the Idiots brother, God bless you.

  42. Lemma Regassa says:

    No surprise. I expted this along. I could not agree more with Selfu.I believe what expedited the event is the coming of the delusional Sibhat. I am sure Dawit contacted Sibhat when he was here. May be he gave him promised him some kind of amnesty. Whatever the case may be, nothing is going to stop Ethiopians from getting their God given freedom that had been snatched by series of rulers, the worst being Weyane.

    Long Live Ethiopian and Ethiopiansim.

  43. azeb says:

    This is the only Awramba times news without TESHOME’s comment. I am sure Teshome also going back to Ethiopia! The fact disclosed!

  44. haflom says:

    Mr. Dawit used to be loved and respected by most Ethiopians at home and diaspora when he was in Ethiopia. TPLF terrorized him and he ended up in US. Here, he yielded to his primal ethnic allegiance than to reason. In do process he lost what he craved for, respect and love by majority of Ethiopians. Now he is going back in the hope that he would be able to rescue what is left of his former fame, OR, to end up in the background of TPLF herds.

    If you can’t stand up for the weak, voiceless and powerless innocent citizens while you are living in the country with uninhibited freedom of speech, how come you are going to stand up for them in Ethiopia.

    Bon Voyage…..

  45. Ahadu says:

    Thank you Dave for all the hard work!!

    We will definitely follow you wherever you go. I will always remember you as the one who broke the so called Cairo-leak - Berhanu in his own words!

    Good luck in your new challenge!!

  46. Solomon says:

    I think you should come out off the race issue to be a real professional. You are too sensitive and end up defensive. Going back home, you should know better than I do, there will be an arm twisting and bribing. The people in power never compromise if you tell again and again the thing they don’t like to hear, either you end up in ‘kality’ or you will start the trip to Nairobi and here.
    wish you all the best!

  47. Selam says:

    You made the right decision. Be fair and consider future Ethiopia first. Best of luck!!

  48. illton says:

    Brave Man!
    It is refreshing. You have all the right to go back. It is your own country. You do not owe any apology or explanation to anyone.
    Good Luck!

  49. Kebe says:

    Amazing move Dawit and brave one. Hat off. For sure you are courageous and many will follow you. May God help us all to make the right decision.

  50. chane says:

    ዳዊት ወደ ኢትዮጲያ ለሚገባው ጉዳይ ዲያስፖራ ተጠያቂ ሊሆን ነው እነዴ፣ በመጀመሪያ የትም ይሁን ተትም ጥሩ ሰው አለ እንዲሁም ክፉ ሰው አለ።ዲያስፓራ ወይም የሀገር ውስጥ እያሉ መከፋፈል የወያኔ ወይም የደርግ ፓለቲካ ነው፣ በተመሳሳዩ ሀገር ቤት ነፍጠኛ ጭቁን እያሉ ወይም የተማረ ነው ሀገር ያጠፋው እንደማሉት ማለት ነው።ይህን አይነት የመከፋፈል ስራ ኮሚኒስታዊ ባህሪ ባላቸው በአንዳንድ ተቃዋሚ ሀይሎች ይንፀባረቃል።
    ዲያስፖራ በእርግጥ ለወያኔ አያመችም። ወያኔም ቢሆን የሰረውን የዘረፈውን ይደግፈኝ ብሎ ማሰብ አይን አውጣነት ነው።ድጋፍ በለመደው የውሸት ፕሮፖጋንዳ ሊገኝ አይቻልም።ደግፉኝ ብሎ እነደ ኢትዮጵያ ማስገደድ አይችልም።
    ዳዊት ሀገር ቤት ገብቶ በፕሮፌሽኑ ቢሰራ እንደሀቅሙ ከብዛት አድማጭ ሊኖረው ይችላል። ኢትዮጵያ በተማረበት አሜሪካ እሰራበታለሁ ብሎ መጠበቅ የለበትም። አሜሪካ ለተማሩትም አሜሪካ ቀላል አይደለም። ዳዊት ወደ ሀገሩ ቢገባ የግል ስሜቱና ፍላጉቱ እንጂ ከሌላው ጋር ስላልተሰማማ መሆን የለበትም፣

  51. welayta says:

    Good luck I wish you good health and happiness for you and your family

  52. በለው! says:

    >>አቶ ዳዊት ከበደ(ጋዜጠኛ)አምደኛ!ባለፈው ኢህአዴግ የሚያስረው መሰሎት የነበረው በሐሰተኛ ሰው ወሬ ተሰብኮ አሜሪካ መጣ አሁን አምባሳደር ተስፋዬ ብሩ ውሸት መሆኑን አረጋገጡለት።እንዲያውም ዶ/ር ቴዎድሮስ አድሃኖም ቃል ገቡለት እሱም ሃራይ አለ!ፅቡቅ ሆነ.. አስነካው በለው!እኔም ቀስ በቀስ ትግርኛ መዛረብ ተማርኩ ቆጥሎም የኤርትራው የቢሸፍቱ ሊቅ ንግግር ዛቻና ፉከራ…ተስፋ ነፋ
    “በውጭ ሀገር ሚሊዮን ጓደኞች አሉኝ በቅር ቀን እንደጎርፍ ሀገራችን እንገባለን ይህንን በእርግጠኝነት ነው የምነግራችሁ!” ተስፋዬ ገብረእባብ ከፎከረበት!ከሚሊየን አንድ አለ በለው!ግን አብረው ፓርቲ ሊመሠርቱ ነው? ወይንስ ሳይቀድመኝ ልቅደመው ብሎ ነው? ዘንድሮ አለ ነገር!

    *ተስፋዬ ገብረእባብና ጀዋር መሀመድ ፓርቲ ሊመሠርቱና መከላከያውንና ኢኮኖሚውን ሊረከቡ ነው።አምባሳደር ግርማ ብሩን የፓርቲ ፍቃድ እተማፀኑ ነው። አሁን ስንት ቱልቱላ ፖለቲከኛ መሳይ ይጋለጣል? ይቀለድባታል!እነ ሚሚ ይቀውጡታል!ሸገር ሥራ ተከፈተ አፍ ተከፈተ!ውጭማ ሰሞኑን ይነፋል! ይሰጣል! ይስጠጣል! ይንጣጣል!ተቃዋሚ መስለው ገንጣይ ተንታኝ መስለው በታኝ! ዘረኝነትን አማባገነንነትን በዘር መነገድን ሽብርን ብጠብጥን አመፅን የሚያራቡም አሁን ያላቸው ሚስጠር ይጋለጣል።
    *ዳዊት ከበደ “እየጠፋ ነው እየበራ ሲባል”ዳዊት እንደ ስሙ ይክበድ ከቀለለ ጉድ ነው ብዬ ነበር።አሁንም ከከበደ መልካሙን እመኝለታለሁ! …ይህንንም አስተያየቴን በራሱ ድረገጽ ስላስተናገደ ከሌሎች የተሻለ ነው አመስግኜዋለሁ። ምንም ቢሆን ሰው በሀገሩ፣ በወንዙ, በቋንቋው የተማሩት ጋዜጠኞች የት ደርሰዋል?ይሄው ከተስፋዬ ገብረአብና ጃዋር መሐመድ ጋር ያሽቃብጣሉ!እነሱን የነካ ሜንጫ ይላሉ ለአንገቱ ይላሉ! እስታር ባክስ ይውላሉ!ማታ ማታ ፖለቲካ ይቀውጣሉ!ቀን ቀን ህወአት ኤምባሲ ይቀላውጣሉ!እሁድ እሁድ በሃይማኖት ቦታዎች መፈክር ያሰማሉ!ይጮሃሉ!ይጨበጨብላቸዋል!ከሀገር ሀገር እየዞሩ ሽብር፣ እልቂት፣ ጦርነት፣ አፍረሰው! አቃጥለው!ብላው! በትነው! ይላሉ። በፓል ቶክ አባባ ይበተንላቸዋል ሁለት ወር አንድ ሆነው በሦስተኛው ይበታተናሉ!
    *በሬ ከአራጁ ይውላል…ውሻ ሲያባርሩ ጅብ እቤት ገብቶ ቁርበት ላይ ተኝቷል። አሪ በይ በከንቱ ፖለቲካ(ቡልጠቃ)?አሁን ዳዊት ይገለጣል! ይደገማል!አነድ ትግሬ ይቅርታ ብለህ ሁለት ሶስት ብሔር ብሔረሰብ ከእሥር መልቀቅ!!ለመሆኑ በስሕተት ፈራሁ ማለት አለ?
    **ባለፈው እስራኤል ለአንድ ወታደር ስንት ሺህ ፍልስጤም ነበር የለወጠችውና ምህረት ያደረገችላቸው!?

    • geleta says:

      እርግጠኛ: ነኝ: ይሄ: ሰው: ቀንደኛ: እብድ: ነው: ነፍጠኞች: አሁን: ደግሞ: ተገልብጠው: አብደው: አብደው: ነውጠኞች: ሆኑ: እንዴ? በቃ: እነበለው: ዳጨው: ምናምን: መቱን: ጠቅልለው: አበደው: አረፉት: እይደል:: እስቲ: የሚወራው: ስለ: ዳዊት: ወደ: ሀገር: ቤት: መመለስ: ሆኖ: እያለ: ጤነኛ: ሰው: ካላበደ: በቀር: ሳይትተኛ: በቀን: ስላለመው: ህልም: ማንም: ንገረኝ: ሳይለው: ይበጠረቃል:: አረ: እባካችሁ: በልክ: እበዱ: እነ: እንመርሽ: ወገኔዎች!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

      • ፈመ says:

        ወይ አቶ በለውkkkkk!!! አንተም ተቸግርክ የእናቴ ሀገር፣ የዱሮው አንድነት እያልክ ዕድሜህን ትጨርሳለ ፡፡ ካንተስ ዳዊት ይሻሻላል፡፡ የእምዬ ምንልክክን አንድነት ለማምጣት ሁሉን ነገር ከምትቦጭር የቀን ሥራሕን ብት ሠራ ውጤታማ ትሆናለ አለበለዚያ ከንቱ ልፋት ነው፡፡ የኔ አሳብ ካልሆነ ብሎ ድርቅ ከሚል ጋር አብሮ መሥራት ማለት በወቅጡት……….

        • በለው! says:

          ሌባና ድሃ አንድንት ገጠሙና ገለታ ሲቆላ፣ ሄለን ስተፈጭ፣ ፈመ ሲቁላላ፣ ቶላ ሲበላ፣ ከቤ ሲምስ፣…ሥም ስትቀያይሩ በሃይማኖት ስትነግዱ ልብ ለወያኔ ቂጥ ስታፈነድዱ ዕድሜአችሁ ጨረሳችሁ! ልብ ካላችሁ ለምን የሰው ሀሳብ ታጠፋለችሁ? ላሳያችሁ ስንት የደንቆሮ ማኅበርተኞች በውሸት ሥም በመቀያር አንዳምታጭበረብሩ…ፋንዲያ ተማር አትፍራ!ዳዊት ኮንደምኒየም አያሰጥህም ብዙ ጭራህን አትቁላ ግለሰቡን “አልጠላሁትም ክበድ ማለት ነውር ሆኖ ቅልል ያላችሁት” እናንተ ናችሁ ።ሰው ሁኑ ህወአት የፈጠረህ ብሄር አትሁን በራስህ ተማመን “አድርባይ” አሉ ታጋይ አዜብ የሙስና ሻንጣ ተሸካሚ ሁሉ!!በለው!

  53. Asmelash says:

    what kind of comedy u are doing Dave? we will see what will happen,but i expect he have hidden agenda with the ruling party. i fell sorry b/c i was very much impressed on your liberal view and positive criticism,but now i don not expect it………………

    • Mahlet Asefa says:

      @Asmelash how much do you hate your own country???
      Is the idea of someone returning home after sometime abroad so shocking to you. Seriously what is in the minds of the Diaspora these days? why are they Sooooo Fucked Up?!!!
      And to the rest of you indecisive Ethiopians living abroad. please please please don’t waste a lifetime by staying in a foreign country for a long time. we only get to live once its better to live a poor man having been surrounded by loved ones sharing memories and actually contributed something to his mother land than to waste ones life in a place surrounded by faces and characters you have nothing in common with. DON’T WATE A LIFE TIME PEOPLE COME HOME, COME HOME. It really isn’t that bad. may God be with all of you.

  54. Bety says:

    Welcome home Dawit. I cannot wait to see you in addis.

    By the way, your website has been very fair, and it can even be accessed here in Ethiopia.

    Again, welcome home!

  55. balo says:

    RESPECT DAWIT. Yu are one of the few brave journalist that we habesha have ever seen. Yu are more than a journalist, I belive you have great potential to make significant difference in our media and journalism.Yu are a visioner so go and unleash your potential.But I would like to advise you too that don’t be traped by hate and revenge and ended up like mimi sebehatu who lost her compass with true journalism.I know and feel the pain the dispora mad men caused on you but be like Mandela and forgive and forget them and focus on your objective and vision.Like Eskinder and other few you have special gift and potential to bring balance and insight in true journalism.Wether you believe it or not the last two years you have done great things and it was a great adventurous jorney and great discovery of the true nature of the diaspora and their way of thinking now you have both sides and try to use this opportunity t bring something of it.Good luck and God bless you

  56. Daniel - Toronto says:

    Dear Dawit,

    My diaspora instinct tells this is the right move. I believe you’ve taken a brave decision in heading back to Ethiopia provided that you’ll continue your matter of fact journalism.
    But for those of us who have been enjoying the fair reports of Awramba Times, it’s like a cross road. I wish you and your team all the best.
    Thank you, Thank You, and THANK YOU Awramba Times!!!

  57. Dagna says:

    Good luck my fellow county man, you are a true journalist with merit. May God keep you safe bro, and what ever will be it will be.


  58. Helen says:

    Good luck Dawit. There is nothing wrong with going back home! I think it is even better!

  59. dagnew says:

    dawit came to understand that the diaspora politics is domintated by x-derg cadres and shabia agents through ethiopia born eritreans a.k.a amichie. all bonded with the old means of ye telatie telat, wedajie new … Dawit is pragmatic journalist, and you have my sincer admiration for looking at the future. as you said, democracy in such a yet to grow society is a real bumpy road. and that you can do almost nothing from afar. You got it right when you decided to go back and be there as a first hand informed journalist. Than those hodam assasach journalists such as in the likes of editor of ethiopian(eritrean)review. Bravo dave, and good luck with your BOLD step to go home.

  60. wallelign says:

    ..I am sure Dawit is annoyed by ye zeregna poletica. when he fled ethiopia to US, he was with that genuine belief that the weyane is a zeregna organisation. but as soon as he arrived in US, he LEARNED that it was in fact the so called opposition (esp diaspora) that is in deep shi*&t of ethnic politics. I hope he will write a series of articles on the nature of the diaspora politics, and its role on the ethiopian society there and at home, as opposed to the domestic one.

    • D says:

      Yes! Opposition became more racist than the current regime. I’m sure Dawit learnt valuable lesson here in the u.s

    • Tutu says:

      There is no Tigre opposing Woyane. Tigrena Shinfla biatbutim ayteram!

      • Alegnta says:

        What a derogatory view. Please do not generalize to categorize a people in such a nasty manner - that is how racism and prejudice emerge ultimately to lead to genocide (Nazi Germany and Rwanda!). So, watch what you write! Gross stupidity and incitement to hatred has a price. Keep your ignorant thoughts to yourself. ordinary Tigre people have done nothing to you!

  61. meron says:

    some times ago some said, blood is thinker than water—hahahah dawit—

    though you scensor me several times, at least you will read it. I tell you you were sent out for tplf mission, you failed and now you get back home. You could have did what you want to do without being woyane spy.

    The one who used to write with the name teshome was also you yourself. Leba!

  62. meron says:

    I know these who write above are 2 people, changing their names—-after all weather you go out or back is nothing. Important is to know your hidden mission

  63. Dawit (Down Under) says:

    Dear Dawit,

    You don’t owe any explanation to anyone.You are your own man mate!Your best days are yet to come.You are one of the few who deserves the ultimate OZ compliment:-“Your blood is worth bottling.”

    Keep up the good job!

  64. meron says:

    i the true attendant of awts meron never wrote the above commendatory. Woyane cadres who always like to fool people do this.

    I personally appreciate dawits decision, as far as he will stand alone and serve journalism. I have no prob in any case to back home than appreciating his decision. I rather stand firm encouraging awts to give further clarity to her decision back home, what make her to jump to that decision and how she is going to contribute independently. such clarification must be important as many sees awts in one eyes. As far as awts do that, and back to her wisdom of 2 years ago, then she will collect almost all readers of opportunist newspapers such as reporter. Now reporter is pretending to serve public and this could be double job to them as they are also trying to do what the free press (independets) will do.

    Dawit, you knew the behavior of woyane better then me. I am sure. hence, take care and your only power is your pen. Writing truth! Independent truths. Once you do that, you may be harased, but truth always win—though it may take time. Peace always win.

    Good luck to you and these who use my name, could be teshome stop such foolish things.


  65. Woldai says:

    Good decision Dawit!

    Now you know these so called opposition in the diaspora have nothing for Ethiopia,nothing whatsoever , therefore, it is your duty to expose the ill ,zero sum politics that they promote! The Ethiopian people must know that they are just making money from Ethiopia’s adversaries, but nothing else.

    You are really the journalist of our time!
    God bless you bro!

  66. ሊሊ says:

    ዳዊት በፖለቲካ ሰበብ መታሰሩ መካድ የለበትም። በጋዜጣውም ሰበብ የወያኔ ጥርስ ውስጥ መግባቱንም መካድ አይቻልም። በጥሩ የህዝብ ወገንተኝነቱም ተሸልሟል፤ ተወድሷል። ይሁን እንጂ የዳያስፖራው ገሚሱ ጭፍን ተቃዋሚ፤ ገሚሱ እበላ ባይ፤ ገሚሱ ደግሞ ጭፍን ደጋፊ በተለይም የሕወሀት አባላት ስደተኛው በሚያራግበው መልክና ቅርጽ የሌለው የፖሊቲካ ትኩሳት ተከትሎ ዳዊት አቋሙን አንዴ ወዲህ አንዴ ወዲያ ሲል መቆየቱን የተመለከቱ ሰዎች በአንድ በኩል ስውር ወያኔ ሲሉት፤ ወያኔዎች ደግሞ ልጃችን ለማለት ጊዜ አልፈጀባቸውም። ዳዊትም በፓልቶክና በጽሁፉ ሳይቀር የብስጭት ድምጽና ጽሁፍ ሲያስተጋባ የነገሩ ምክንያታዊ ውል የጠፋ መሰለ። የዳዊት ድረ ገጽም መልኩን ለውጦና የቀድሞ ትኩሳቱን ረገብ አድርጎ ነጻ ነኝ ለማለት የሚፈልግ መሰለ። አይጋ ፎረምም ወዳጅነቱን አሳየ። ዳዊት አሳዶኛል ያለው ወያኔ አሁን ካለሁበት ይሻለኛል በማለት ለመስራት በመቁረጥ አዲስ አበባን ምርጫው አደረገ። በእርግጥ ወያኔ ከልማታዊ ጋዜጠኝነት ውጪ ነጻ ሚዲያ እንደማፈቅድ 1000% ቢረጋገጥም የዳዊት መመለስ የሚያመጣው ፋይዳ አይኖርም። ምናልባት ያለው ምርጫ ሁለት ነው። አውራምባ አዲሲቱ ሪፖርተር ሆና ትመጣለች፤ አለያም እውነትንና እውነትን ብቻ በመዘገብ ሰማዕት ሆና እንደሻማ ትቀልጣለች። የትኛውን ሆኖ ዳዊት እንደሚሰራ ለጊዜው ባናውቅም ዳዊት ተመልሶ ከገባ በኋላ የሚሰራውን ለማየት ትንሽ መጠበቅ ሳይሻል አይቀርም።

  67. BB says:

    Good Luck!I first congratulate you for returning to our holly land Ethiopia. I believe it is the best decision b/c I do not believe anyone weather journalist or opposition politicians can bring a lasting peace to their home land country while he/she live abroad. Why? we seen them before and we will see them in the future that most of them not all are only talking not acting, only separating the country not uniting the country, only talking negative campaign towards one ethnic group rather than talking the issue of the country or to the people. Over all they do not have a plan thus why never been successful on any issue. Generally Mr. Dawit you did a very good decision b/c the more you stay in these kind of situation the more will affect your job. I hope you learn a lot from the so called opposition(toxic)politician and I hope you will do a better work back in Ethiopia.

  68. fikru says:

    what is the message of his (Dawit’s) picture with such a sad and shy look? Is it mean he is very sad to get back Ethiopia? Show your head fully and be courageous. Accept and take full responsibility for any decision you make, even it it appears to be bad decision. Keep forgiving people who do not agree with you and avoid resentment too long on specific people or group you do not agree with. Do your job as a professional journalist and reclaim the fame and respect you had a few years ago. Stay away any hate politics. Be neutral and do your job. If there is anything to say, do not spare the ruling regime to tell them what is wrong (of cours there are millions of wrongs to tell). The same thing, do not spare any opposition politicians if you have anything objective to tell them what is wrong with them. But, for God’s sake, stop your G7, Tamage, Sisay, Birhanu etc obsession. Tell and comment them any of them whenever it is appropriate, like anyone else. But do not do the way you have been doing in the past couple of months. I am not in anyway linked to any of this group or individual. I was just annoyed the way you behaved, i.e the way you keep resentment for too long. This attitude works against you. So, take this remark with open hand and grace. I still see great things in you. I do not care from which parents you belong to. There are some group who try to pull you into tribal politics for their advantage. Stay neutral journalist, a professional one! As such we will keep love you. I wish you a great success and happiness in your life.

  69. asfaw abreha says:

    Good for him

  70. imiya says:

    The comments above indicates your readership. I think your website is read by your fans only. Some years back back your posts would have hotted debates.

  71. Tersit says:

    Good luck dawit. You have limitless opportunities in Ethiopia in any field you want to prosper as long as you stay focused.Those that try to discourage your move must be one of those 15,000 confused EPRDF members that recently decided to join the opposition camp. Those 15,000 or more ex-cadres were sanctioned by EPRDF finally for being good for nothing lousy drunks. EPRDF used them and spit them out. EPRDF stopped supporting their addictions so they are terrorizing people all over the world just to get enough money to buy their alcohol and/or drugs. Some prefer to go to jail for no reason just so they can get sober and get over their addictions.

    • getu says:

      @Tersit ..please re-read your comment and I wonder if it gives you any sense for real …any way, Dawit has inalinable right to live in a place of his choice and no body can tell him where he should be and it is really surprising to make such two big discitions in just two years period. Any way,Good luck men!

  72. Alegnta says:

    Dear Dawit,
    I have been hoping that you would one day go back to your beloved country - listen to the voices of ordinary people, reflect what you see, challenge views/actions that you you think are improper and praise where there is merit. As you said it this is best done from home and with your people. Our current government will have its flaws but I believe there is room for improvement and this is best done peacefully and not by waging war as some good-for-nothing Diaspora idiots would have you believe. Please pursue your unbiased journalism without fear or favour! I am certain that your superb website as it stands will continue because it reflects diverse views - this inself has been educating us Ethiopians as we do not like criticism! We always take it as a personal insult rather than a challenge to our thinking and yet well grounded critique can help us transform our thoughts in fruitful direction. Awramba Times stands out as the best balanced website in my view as this is largely because of your capcity to embrace everybody! This is the beauty of your website and what we dearly need in Ethiopia - NOT A DRUM BEAT FOR THE GOVERNMENT OF THE DAY; NOT A MOUTH PIECE FOR THE VOICES OF DESTRUCTION AND LIES SUCH AS ESAT BUT AN INDEPENDENT BALANCED, FEARLESS AND YET RESPONSIBLE JOURNALISM THAT YOU OFFER!

    Very best wishes for the future!

  73. freedmo says:

    Interesting decison. Only three kind of people would do this sort of decision:
    1. Heros like Eskindir nega who will fight for the truth, nothing but the truth with prime goal of freedom and serving the public
    2. Some one who will have no political/socioeconomic impact whatsoever against woyane/TPLF
    3. Ofcourse the previlged Tigrai elite or dumb cadre with minor/major association with TPLF/woyane. This is because it is only them who have the right for home coming or immigrating at will as they wish because the time is theirs. “Abatu dagna, liju kemagna”!

    To which category, the editor of AWTS falls time will tell us!-Though tell-tell signs so far accused him to fall into category 3. Well, we have to thank him at least he was allowing free comment posts including this one.

  74. Tesfu Leggesse says:

    @ Terist, I believe you’re one of those few blind supporters of Woyanne. Those are the only people supporting this racist and corrupted junta gov’t. I was in Ethiopia just a month ago to witness the sky-rocketed living standard, desperation and ever growing unemployment. Believe it or not your days in power are counted.

  75. Aboy the great says:

    AWTs i have no idea what you will do when for the next time woyane jumped on you. Are you going to migrate again or? I also not sure how woyane is going to treat you when you back home. I mean you went out and told to the international media and community woyane is cheesing you. It is also true that, Reeyot and wubshet were your reporters when they were called terrorist.

    Then how woyane will leave you alone when your repoteres are called terrorist? or are you determined to join them in kality, or you have some info that no attract from woyane side???

    Anyhow, i wish you good luck and please also read carefully what Abreha Desita has written in connection to you.

    Good luck,

  76. Tamrat Zeleke says:

    Dawit, finally you have reached a decision to go back;I am not really certain on what have make you to decide this but it my prayer that you will be safe where ever you are. You need to be careful though, I don’t know about you but I personally don’t trust woyanes no matter what. Recently i have learned that the now infamous artist Selemon “kindebu” how he has been violated by woyane thugs while he was wondering around Addis assuming that he was untouchable. Selemon was not only violated by woyanes but the whole disgusting act was video taped to control his destiny. He ashamed broken and humiliated and yet he can not say or do anything about it. My personal advice to you is Dawit just to be careful of yourself; I hope what happened to Selemon will not happen to you and your family. Von Voyage.

  77. Wajjo says:

    Wish you all the best Dawit. I hope you will keep your ” balanced view ” for the rest your media coverage on mother land.
    By the way I wonder if my all time favorite Ethiopian commentator and the outstanding political analyst, Yared Tebebu has any interest in establishing his own media ( web site ).

    AND WHY NOT ?????????????????????????????

  78. Woldai says:

    In my opinion, Dawit going back shows us that these politician in Ethiopia are much better than these who live in the first world! It is so sad that Dawit came all the way here thinking to join the struggle for Ethiopia , but Dawit proved that there is nothing for Ethiopia in the western world & decided to go back to the country he loves!

    Dawit I wish you a success on everything that you do & I personally will support you in any way I can!

  79. Girma says:

    Dawit, It is a good discion.

    “go back to a free country where you can write and say whatever you want.”
    you have nothing to do here with dam diaspora.
    our country needs a real and honest person like you.
    Is your mission considered,
    A/ acomplished
    B/ failed

  80. workish says:

    it is very interesting and korrat wesane….i like someone with this kind of gut…hopefully u will bring changes…may god follow u all the way to our mother land

  81. By the way how was it so simple for this
    guy to fly to the US whenever he feels
    unease or uncomfortable or perceived threat from the authorities. If it is so
    easy for him to do so we have to suspect that he might have been one of the insiders of woyane.

  82. Dawit Kebede you are really a well trained tplf spy lol

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