32,000 illegal Ethiopians to be deported by November end


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13 Responses

  1. Gebez says:

    I do not get this. Are they deporting only Ethiopians? Are there no illegal immigrants of other nationalities in Saudi? Can any one explain it to me please? I want to know.

  2. Amen says:

    Shia Iraq is attacking Wahabi Saudi

    “An Iraqi Shiite group claimed Thursday it had fired six mortar rounds that hit a remote area of northeastern Saudi Arabia a day earlier as a warning to the Sunni-dominated kingdom.
    Wathiq al-Battat, head of the pro-Iranian Shiite group Jaish al-Mukhtar, told AFP by telephone from Baghdad that the attack was “a warning strike” to Saudi Arabia over its stance towards Shiites.
    “We did not mean for our missile to reach a residential area because we value people’s blood,” said Battat. “But next time, if Saudi Arabia continues the same course, we will go farther, little by little.”
    Battat also said his men had entered entered Hafr al-Batin, “an oil-rich area and vital to the Saudis” that was the target of the mortar fire.”

    Anyone who affects the innocent, justice and righteous Habesha people as the Wahabi Saudi are doing, soon or later will pay the highest Price of punishments. Their so called prophet also told them to be good and open their homes and hearts for the Habesha people while warned them something bad would happen them if they do bad things against the Habesha people which is they are doing for so long and is now on its worse stage.

    We think this is the Time the Wahabi Saudi Tribal nation with Flag pays the price in the middle of atrocity they are committing against the Habesha people in their home and country and causing troubles In Ethiopia too.

    If the Shias or any Muslim is really a true human being and believer in Islam, that person must start now treating openly the wahabi Saudi as the enemy of Islam and humanity in general and also start to fight and eliminate them. USA is no longer there to protect them knowing they are the one attacked USA on 9/11 and they are behind all terrorist acts and the spread of violent Sunni Islam all over the world. The world has enough with them. There is no any reason to have them in this world even for one more day. If possible, they should be gone long times ago and all the atrocities are happening on daily bases could not happen.

    Strong, respected and ancient Iran is now part of the international community. Iraq is now a Shia nation with the biggest oil reserve and Iran also has huge oil and gas reserve. Kuwait, Bahrain, Qatar and the emirates have historical ties with Iran than the past few years they have with Wahabi Saudi. Almost all Saudi Arabia oil and gas is in Shia provinces of eastern Saudi Arabia that became part of the country by force in 1932. These people have lots in common with Iran and Iraq than with Saudi and they are not consider themselves as Saud citizens but foreigners treated by the wahabi Saudis as criminals and last citizens have no right what so ever including being high officials.

    If Shias from Iraq, Saudi, Yemen or other Muslims including Sunnis or tribes in Saud started to attack the wahabi Saudi in the middle of atrocity they are committing against the Habesha people, believe me Muhammed will stand with them while Allah will price them hugely. They also will be supported by the international community for fighting the biggest evil that is affecting the whole world including own citizen for so long.

    One thing is certain going to happen,

    After Syria finished with wahabi Saudi sunni terrorists that are responsible what is going on in Syria for almost 3 years, then Syria, Iraq, Northern Yemen and Shia people in the gulf will start a war against the wahabi Saudi that are committing historical crimes against the Habesha people their so called prophet had love, respect and lots of promises in their name to his followers to respect when it comes with the Habesha people.

    Just wait months or may be few years. But the wahabi Kingdom of Saudi Arabia will be history the way it was with Ghadaffi. Who Imagined Gadafis end would be that way when he was In charge badly of course nothing is matching what the wahabi saudi is doing even Gadaffi not. But his end with all his families and those part of his rule tells how would end this kingdom that is not doing for its survival and quick disappearance in very bad ways.

    If the crimes against the habesha people is not answered. then Islam must not be seen a religion and Mohamed must not be a prophet if he is not doing something bad to punish those are against the innocent, poor and weak Habesha immigrants in Saudi Arabia where they are saying the birth place of Islam. But the people living there are not the examples with good, but all evils telling the place is not the place of believers but evils and monsters.

    Hope to see soon the Shia or other true Muslims war against the wahabi Saudi that is giving the worse possible image and picture of Islam with terrorism and crimes against humanity including the gruesome ones with no respect to human life and dignity. It is pure satanic behavior and activities are going on in the wahabi Kingdom of Saudi Arabia.

    Shia Iraqis are started to send missiles to the wahabi Saudi regime. This is their word and action on the making. It will not stop until the objective is achieved, as they said.

    • Mekaba says:

      Dear Amen,

      I respect your opinion however you have to differentiate the criminals with Islam. I agree with your comment what the beloved prophet has said about Habesha. you can’t say the so called Prophet. he is our beloved prophet.If you are propagating your hatred, this is not the time and place.

    • Wedi Aregay says:

      six mortars rounds-what type of stupid are you! Who gives a damn about shia or sunnis-they are all terrorist and disgrace to human beings! Hope they burn in hell!

  3. bendo says:

    This is a tragedy for every Ethiopian. Not the deportation as they are going to home country but for the way Saudi police and people treated them.
    But this tragedy a good news for people like Lemagne beyane. He might be say thank god as for him his luxury life is based on the suffer of Ethiopian.
    For some one who have never work the last 22 years and tour the world with first class flight and five star hotel money begging meeting as his job this is a big news for him to collect money.
    As you hear him on the video he just take the demonstration for money collection party.
    For this bad thing to stop we have to put poverty as our number one enemy and work hard to change the country for good.

    not by being against Abay dam or being a buchila of shabia.

    • Keyo says:

      you have to forget people like Lemagne beyane b/c for them this kind of news is like Lottery win as there life is depend on Ethiopian suffering and collecting money on there name.
      Imagine how much he turns the suffering of Ethiopian to money collection demonstration.

  4. Ash says:

    regdless of protest or no protest the Ethiopian going back home… my point is how can we halp them can we collect money so that we can open small business for them to earn a living or we keep on demonstrat and more demonstrat when this demonstration end…

  5. Gezaee Hailemichael says:

    In the first place, why do we go there. How can one goes there from Ethiopia? the best climate, weather,washed by rivers. Why we go there? a desert? I understand going to Europe, USA,… where you are treated with dignity; but why we go to a country where people stoned to death for having sex and for hugging someone? Man can not live by bread alone. If there is no humanity in the house? even if the house is full of breads, there is no meaning living in it.

    Anyway, we cried about the policy of sending Ethiopians and opening the country to human trafficking. I hope now every body understand us what we have been saying is now proved by time and deed. I hope the Ethiopians leaders learn that they do not know everything and blindly making policies based on ignorance can be suicidal. They are paying the price now anyway. Prevention is better than cure. We must calculate the cost and benefit of everything we do; we must stop doing things arbitrarily because we are leaders. Anyway, now the people need support to resettle themselves in Ethiopia. Let us raise money now. I Propose every diaspora contribute 100 or more towards helping them. If there are 1 million Ethiopians across the globe, 100 dollar each will give 100 000 000 dollars. That Hundred million dollar can be used for seed money for youth development programme that can engage in farming. The government must set up a new programme called Ethiopian youth development and entrepreneur programme that helps the youth to engage in productive and entrepreneurial projects. Hard work is the answer for misery. Migrating, or begging will not solve our national problem. Time to be smart innovators.

  6. Semay says:

    The Biggest Joke and drama ever happened in human history is what is going on between Israel and Saudi. They are now openly declared they are best friends and allies despite the whole world knows Saudi text books at school begin with hates against Israel and the Muslims war against the rest will finished when all Jews are killed.

    It is written in the text book and children have to learn it and they always have to mention the Jewish with countless bad words and deep hate after so many brainwashed they are facing on daily basis.

    Yet, since few weeks, they seem are sleeping together and feeling in love and living with honeymoon atmosphere. But deep inside they know it is fake has no what so ever foundation and common ground will end soon back to the old era between the two.

    Saudi Spy Chief (Bandar Bush) had last week a high level security meeting in Tel Aviv with Israeli PM and French president. Can anyone believe that? A Saud prince and spy chief in Israel for secret meeting?

    What about other Muslims those have been told by the first class Muslims that are Saudis to hate Jewish people and don’t recognize Israel as a state? Would they be told by the first class Muslims to do the same towards the Jews and they will follow the order?

    Egypt is living and functioning with the Saud and other Sunni Gulf nations hand out. Meaning “what my masters says and asks I will agree and do” going to be the relationship between Egypt and Israel because of Saudi are Egypt’s masters and caretakers including for basic needs.

    -Turkey colonized the Entire Arabs including Egypt for more than 500 years. The Al Saud family and tribe was with English side when England and Ottoman Turkey were fighting In today’s Saudi and so many ottoman Turkey have died and did lost the colony. That is why Turkey never had and never will have any relation with Al Saud private property that is Saudi Arabia. Instead it is the number one enemy especially Turkey people towards the al Saudi Kingdom.

    -Egypt is expelled Turkey Embassy.
    -Egyptian and international lawyers are preparing a case to take in to ICC the Egypt’s Military coup massacre
    -Syria is winning.
    -Iran is becoming part of the great nations and the centre of the region

    All in all things are getting hotter and complicated in the desert where the wahabi Saudi Arabia is going to lose which is eminent.

    The international community did the best having relation with Iran. As a result many nations and millions of people all over the world will be saved from the Saudi and other Gulf nation’s lead atrocities including exporting terrorism and creating divisions among the peaceful society in the name of wahabis Islam which is from the 19 century and is belongs to the al Saud family and tribes.

    Israel having close relation and being the best ally with Saud Arabia is something no human being could dream to see as long as he/she lives. Because it was sounding never ever in a million year. But it is happening and we will see where is it heading and what for reasons and against whom and who losses or benefits from

    The Middle East is the place of evilness, misery, lies, war, killing, dishonesty, crimes against humanity and heel on earth. The reason why Saudi and Israel became bonds is that because of Saudi hates nothing the most but Iran. They are now making peace with Israel because of they hate Iran having in peace with the rest of the world. That means they love Israel while they hate Iran as worse as they could make friendship and ally with Israel they preached lots and for so long about Jewish people being the worse Enemies and they don’t recognize Israel as a nation but Enemy. That is why the Saudis are not calling the name Israel but Enemy and the whole nation know what does it mean “Enemy” and it is Israel.

    Yet, the deepest hate motivated with fear they have is not against Israel but Iran. However, Iran is a great and responsible nation doesn’t care about the 7th century mentality with self appointed kingdom created by the English not long ago and the country is named after a single person family name.

    The Ethiopian government and people must have good relation with Iran. Iran is a great and ancient nation with respectful, honest, hardworking and wise people.
    Don’t trust the western media about Iran. The western media is the one lying about Ethiopia and selecting only bad and negative things intentionally to damage the Ethiopian Image and undermined its people. It is doing the something with Iran despite the truth is different and Iranians are wise, friendly and responsible people unlike the Arabs that have no value to human life and seem are enjoying from the human suffering including what is going on against Ethiopian in Saudi Arabia by the Saudis.

    Thanks to USA, China, Russia, Germany, France, EU, Iran and others for reaching the agreements that would mean a lot to the world peace and better life for millions. Iran must keep its promises and do more to be fully integrated in to the great nations club that would benefit Iran greatly in many ways started from the region.

    • Meaza says:

      Saudi Arabia is kissing the behind of everybody because their worst nightmare is going to become a reality in 2016. They are finally going to have to work to survive. Their period of living of oil is coming to an end because experts say US to surpass Saudi as top oil producer by 2016.It is time for all Ethiopians to get our USA citizenships and rip off the benefit of USA oil oil proiduction.


  7. Mahlet Asefa says:

    ‘Saudi Arabia please KILL Tamagne.’

  8. Name (required) says:

    Dear Gebez, I am an Ethiopian living in Saudi Arabia. No Saudis are deporting all illegal immigrants. For your information India also declared that they have more than 75,000 illegal immigrants in Saudi Arabia and the government of India is issuing free ticket for those unable to purchase the one way ticket to go home.The reason why our illegal immigrants news is in the head lines is due to a heavy handed against Ethiopian immigrants by the Saudi forces.

  9. wey good says:

    we have a disease called Messeded. it doesn’t matter how comfortable life one’s live in Ethiopia, If they get chance they will leave. To me it’s a disease. you have to change the mentality of the people also you have to do population control.

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