Was it a Bad Day for Ambassador David Shinn, the U.S.A Career Diplomat?


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39 Responses

  1. teshome says:

    Ambassador David Shinn and Herman Cole, recently, as recently as two months, they were actively pursued a goal and initiatives to restore peace and stability between Ethiopia and Eritrean. This is something human and I guess, you guys are very welcomed by each and every Ethiopians and Eritreans. By any standard no body will say this attempt is something to square the circle because both nations, Ethiopians and Eritreans are fade up of watching each other backs.
    The problem is the way these two American diplomats perceived the Ethio-Eritrean conflict is so naive and the narratives even worse.
    Where and why is the caliber of Americans diplomatic skills thrown away in Ambassador David Shinn and Herman Cole, is a good question to ask. And their interference on this delicate issue was facing a central dilemma, let alone to bring a solution. We thus find it both troubling and unhelpful.
    Ambassador David Shinn, worked as a high level diplomat, it was so disgusting that your understanding about Ethiopian people and particularly Tigrians was based on a very sketchy observations. The statement made in your article didn’t make sense and was full of holes and was based on lies. Working as Ambassador of Ethiopia, for long years, you were not as sharp intellectually as an American diplomat used to be, you had some deficiencies in memory and political calculations. It is so embarrassing for the nation of Americans to be represented by an Ambassador like you.
    Ambassador David Shinn, you really didn’t know the Ethiopians as much as we thought you knew them. So we candidly requested you to withdraw from the foolish business you are into. It is up to you and the Obama Administration look for a diplomatic exist from the boiling issue.
    You are acting strangely, Ethiopians won’t entertain such stupidity

  2. Senait T. says:

    the problem with David Shin like all the Ferejis is that he thinks only euro-centric civilization matters…apparently he thinks that eritrea’s exposure to Italian education up to the 4th grade makes them more civilized than Ethiopia where indigenous education and knowledge flourished well before Europe started to read and write…but what do I know? I’m one backward ‘uneducated’ Ethiopian…:P 😛 😛


  3. Gezaee says:

    I think Mr. David thought we are just his pigs. He has no any respect for us. It is weird how can such man turn a fool of himself in public? I think the sinister Cohen misled him. Cohen the war agent against Ethiopia. He convinced him. Anyway, I hope they got the message now loud and clear and will not meddle again in our country. It is this type of bullshitting and ignorance that creates conflicts in different societies, religions, customs, … because some people think they are better other humans and meddle in the lives of others whom they never know. American politicians are good at it. Obama did last month in Russia too.

  4. Abegaz says:

    I do not have a problem that you have a view against the diplomat. Your commenting style however is disgusting. Learn how to be a civilized critique.

    • gezaee says:

      What about if u have problem? There is nothing you can do. I am very civilized, beyond your comprehension. But I am also notorious to barbarics. Is interfering in Ethiopian affaires from USA civilization? Is stealing, lying, insulting people civilization? You do not see me saying bad if people humble and know their limits. But if you behave like a fool, it is the law of physics.

  5. peter tekle says:

    Hello mr. Weyane

    I think you need to review history, geograph and peace agreement of eritrea and ethiopia. We , eritreans since 1993 a free independent country including aseb. Map of eritrea since a colonial period aseb is part of eritrea and we free our beautiful country paid a lot it is not a gift you especially weyane you know it than anybody.
    It is a time now a little staring true is coming a dirty poletics dimming for every. We eritreans never kneel down our .time now starting American politicians tell the true . So mr. You just tell us what you boss tell you wrong ways. You just repeat your grand fathers and your leaders made a mistake.ASEB PORT is your dream dream dream.

    • Issayas says:

      To peter tekle.
      Assab should be for all of us like addis abeba should be for all of us. By the way weyane is an ethiopien word. It is better to be a woyane like to say shaebia which is arabic.

    • Solomon says:

      Mr Peter even you name is Banda name so I understand where you coming from .
      1we are talking before colonial give you the Banda name Ertirea not only Asseb all the Red Sea was belong to Tigray .
      I know when your Banda grand fathers banding down selling their ass to white man Italian. my grand fathers mowing down Italian .your grand fathers to tell you Asseb is or the Red Sea is belong to Ertirea what’s do you accept from Banda grand fathers not only they lies they sell ass .
      2 we ethiopia will never accept colonial Italian treaty on the boarder to north ethiopia just like the Britsh treaty on abay(Nile )treaty.

  6. Solomon says:

    We tigransEthiopian will not accept any Italian cration called Banda Eriteara .we wil not share ower language and caltaure with this self hating Banda confused idantitey coverd inferior Italin servant .
    Just like we didn’t accept Nile river Britsh colonial treaty .we will not accept any Italian and band sell out Minlke treaty.

    • Issayas says:

      To solomon
      I fully agree wich you. I will not accept me as an eritrean only because italiens made a line between me and my sister. Between me and my mother. Between me and my brother. We are ethiopians to. We have contributed to this country so much. We beated the egyptian army at gura. We are ethiopians. Issayas and his fellows point and blame for each misery others. Only to stay in power. Did you know that the EPLF was brought in to alive only to weaken ethiopia. During the war EPLF was supported by sudan, egypt and many other arab countries. Was it because they love us? No, only to made us their tool.

  7. kassa says:

    m.r ambassador and all historical presidents including the current president of thier nation know why they must visit ethiopia befor and after thier time of presidency,surelly speaking this is going to happen for unknown times of generation to come.The reason is every nation in the world has alesson to learn from our nation. If so m.r ambassader must be one ammong who knows the least about us or the one who is placed to fitt the garbage goverment to seem as garbage as but to act as smart as ethiopia,becouse I am sure no american diplomat is as rebish thinker as this guy.we are ethiopians ,ethiopians of this era with at least equal poletical but much more entelectuals of who americans are and immaterial to our desciton,they even don,t know why the name of GOD on thier currency why the behave evill,or why they face unconditional natural disaster,unlike to this land of GOD ,my nation. ask your self m.r ambassador!!

  8. Mahmoud says:

    አሜሪካ ያመነና ጉም የዘገነ አንድ ነው ። አሜሪካኖች ሁሉግዜ ከጥቅማቸው አንፃር ነው የሚሄዱት። ለመሆኑ ይህ ሰው ኢትዮጵያዊ ዜግነት አለው እንዴ? ከኢትዮጵያ ውጭ ጉዳይ ሚንስቴር በላይ ያወራል። ልዩነቱ ለአገራቸን አዝኖ ስይሆን በክፋት ነው። ምናልባት አሜሪካ በቻይና የተነጠቀቸው ጥቅም እያሰላሰለ ሊሆን ይችላል ወይም ሻብያ በተለመደ ስልቱ በጭንም በገረድም ይዞት ይሆናል።

    • NEGASI says:


      That is what our president said it
      long time ago. And fought courageously
      in defense of Ethiopia. I feel that most of the Ethiopian people is too slow to
      understand what our president says or
      may be one has to repeat it again and again for so many years until they get it
      after 8 or 10 years at the earliest.

  9. Solomon says:

    To Those so called tigreng speaking eritear if you don’t like to be pure tigerian .it is so easy no to bee pure tigrans all you have to do is stop speaking Tigringe .you can speak eritear language Blanigna, sahunga,Kunamagn you have plant Ertirea languages you should be proud of it.
    So you don’t have to deal with being pure tigrayan you can have a new idantitey .as usuale you love new idantitey every 50 years.

  10. Ibrahim says:

    Mr. Lucas,

    From the way you tailored your writing you seems to be one of the educated Ethiopians, which I felt woth it to read.
    Once I complete reading the whole article though, I was simply came to conclusion that I felt sorry I did not dump it to where it belong. Infact I felt sorry for wasting my time.
    Unfortunately, you are not thinking out of the box. You seems to think my way or no way.
    The good ambassador although I have no sympathy at all for his work, while being an ambassador of USA in Addis.. I felt compeled to say that, he is raised the core issue and evaluated them with the reality. I am sure Shane might have loved to see Ehiopia gained all what the TPLF minority leaders. But there is the rule of law and just a reminder there are the true owners of Sovereign Eritrean Land. So he just echoed the reality to bring peace in the region.
    If you think Eritrea will give up its right to Badme and is going to pass the sovereignity of Assab to Ethiopia, I might want to say that those who paid their lives will not allow to happen this through their continuing blood links of todays’ young Eritreans.

    • Eritrawi says:

      Well said. Eritrea will not sacumb to western pressure.
      All Eritrean lands must be returned to Eritrea before any diplomatic discussions. When it comes to Assab, it is a service and a price issue for Ethiopia like Djibouti Barbara and Mombasa. If Ethiopians come to use the service and is viable to them they will be welcome to use our service, if they feel there is more cheaper and probably more customer service friendly it is upto the Ethiopians to choose their vendor. Alas no more no less with Assab.

      • Wildai says:

        What are you talking about? assab belongs to the Afar & Assawa belongs to Saho! Therefore, you will find out as you go! You the Tigrigna speaker Eritrean are land locked! Don’t brag too much, you have no resources to give at all!

    • wedinakfa says:

      @Lukas, thanks, however there are people who hide their head in the sand liek an ostrich, equally it is hard to swallow the truth pill, as a result generations are massacared, where poverty is fostering , destitution is a norm; this country has had enough time to wake up and mend itself, but successive leaders blined by myth of, Ethiopia free nation and 3000 years mind born histroy and our learned writer/commentator Amare Lucas, while trying to articulate his failed response he measerably failed to uphold and respect one’s view and this tells you all about the elite Ethiopians, educated ethiopians and some die hard ethincicty bashers etc are leading Ethiopia from bad to worset and to abys.

    • ambes says:

      I like this guy and his honest, real and ground braking comment. that is all I can say in reply of this garbage article. poor writer u should not even dream Assab any more.

    • Sa says:

      Of course marytrs blood links of today (young Eritrea), will not let Assap go as they didn’t let it go 1998.

  11. Sol says:

    it just will not bother us Mr. David, we are living in the 21st century not on the 18th century, you comment was not helpful for both countries you mention, the problem is coming from a carrier diplomat and professor . Shame on you, you think that way. Long live Ethiopia!! The world has done you wrong, but God is with you.

  12. Orion says:

    “Tigrigna speaking Orthodox Christian Eritreans”…..out of the five million Isayas’s slaves, their number is a little bit more than a million….these are the trouble makers. The rest of Eritrea’s ethnic groups have nothing to do with all the mess created by these elite ungrateful dogs. Look at them now; they are shamelessly crawling back as refugees.


    TPLF/EPRDF gave away the non-Tigrigna speakers (The Afars for example) on silver platter for Issayas Afeworki…how can you handover a land and people for a neighbourhood bully (Isayas Afworki) for free. If he was a democratic and visionary leader - well and good, but, it is sick and stupid to give away a land with five million slaves for “Tera Ye Sefer Duryie”.

    How to reclaim the land and reward it to the right owners?
    1):Invade Eritrea & remove Isayas Afeworki by any means….this will take Ethiopian Army 48Hrs. Stay in Eritrea for maximum six months while doing the following:
    2)Split Eritrea into Four Regions
    a.Region 1: Afar
    b.Region 2: Kunama
    c.Region 3: Western Eritrea – exclusively for Muslims: Give it to The Sudan
    d.Region 4: Exclusively for elites Tigrigna speaking Eritreans (Asmara, Mitswa, Adi Qye etc.
    3)Re-run the referendum exclusively for the people of Afar with three choices for them to choose:
    a.Stay with Eritrea
    b.Join Ethiopia
    c.Or, create their own State of Afar (Afars from Eritrea, Ethiopia and Djibouti combined)

  13. welde Aman says:

    Some Ethiopians are not still free from
    chronic ignorance that bedeviled the nation for over 5 decades before it made
    it end up in fragments and shattered pieces.
    First of all we should not forget that
    Eritreans might ask and are entitled to
    hold state power exclusively for a period of 15 or 20 years like the Tigray
    ans and the Amharans did to correct the
    injustices done so far.So I appreciate
    them for being pragmatic and moderate.
    (Now the ball is in our court).

  14. kebraraw says:

    Mr. Ambassador don’t you know that your government is the cause of the war and the one who keeps it no peace no war state till now and now as if you got nothing to do with it you are saying we need reconcile you just you stupid Americans and British leave Africa alone we can solve our problems by our selves, aren’t you giving billions of dollars to egypt to invade Ethiopia and yet you think you are educated and we Ethiopians are not ? do you still believe that the maximum education an African should get is 4th grade or 7th grade? and those who go that are the most educated while those who have masters and doctorate and so on are illiterate according to your stupid greedy understanding? just shame on you and your government. Mr. Ambasador just one final question if you have heart to be human and have open mind to understand don’t destroy the world as you and me know you americans and the british are destroying it our world come to the us and fix the problems you created instead of trying to creat another problem in other part of the world..

    Death to the american and UK government success to the peoples of UK and US

  15. abe says:


    Please pass this article to Metoaleka Girma(XPresident) and current PM of Ethiopia before they make pilgrimage to Asmara and commit grave mistake/treason.

  16. Issayas says:

    To the Autor.
    First i want to highlight that all tigrinja speaking people are tigray. Wether the issayas crew or some artefecial eritrean nationalists believe or not. They want to devide us by saying we are tingrinja and those behind the italien made border are tigray.
    Second, people in eritrea are led by emotions. Inteligent and educated people woldnt be this. I am from hamazien and i know what i am talking about. I know my people. It was the biggest mistake to vote for independence. We all are one people. Unity in love should be our goal. Issayas and his crew build there power on hate to stay in power. People would choose to travel from massawa to addis abeba or from dire to asmara or from assab to harar FREE. It seems impossible but the world is getting smaller. And we should look who is next to us. Look what happens to habeshas in the midle east. Look what happens in saudi arabia, in lebanon, in israel. We are the loosers who are beaten and treated worse than animals. We should unity and work together. PEACE AND LOVE FROM ASMARA ETHIOPIA.

    • kidan says:

      i priciate you mr isayas,you have very smart mind,it is better to think big than small,eu they divided us and for themself they united that whey we remain poor allways.we fight with kalashinkob we call our selvices hero.even the enventer of kalashinkob he repente to GOD daed last month.peace for ethiopian and eritrea brothers. let us open our mind.

    • Solomon says:

      We will unite the hole east Africa because the Italian and minlke made this fake boarder to divide tigerian so minlk to become king of kings of Ethiopia.
      The Banda Essayas used and explode this crake to divide the people even gat them hate each anther so much killing .
      Essayas Brian wash this people even though they speak Tigray language he gat them believe they are different .
      Know the past is past for the future we will not accept any Italian and Minlke made fake boarder between this great people just like British treaty in Abay(Nile)dame deal.

  17. Abdul says:

    WaaaaaaaaaaaaW,Many thanks to Amare. Well said.What article..You are Typical Tigraway. I support you all the way. I Don’t want to destroy the taste of this article but I would like to add my point of views.First of all, Why America is trying to reconcile Ethiopia and Ertrea now? The answer is very simple, American understood that Esias Afwerki is almost gone it is numbers of days.What the American democracy value is? The answer is very simple : National Interest and National Security. Why Esais survived upto now? The answer is very simple, because his religion.It is wake up call to Ethiopian government. you fool me once but you can NOT fool me twice.we are the upper hand and Ertrea governement must accept what our terms are. Assab port is ours and will be ours. I dont want to know any country what kind armada entered to Ethiopia.Period.

  18. D says:

    “Assab is an Ethiopian port and it belongs to its true owner. The bloodshed will stop only and only when Ethiopia gets unfettered access to its port of Asab. Of course, I like to underline that my preference would be getting Asab through understanding, compromise, negotiation, and applying an international maritime law.”

    Ato Amare, I could not agree more

  19. Abegaz says:


    I have a big respect for you. I like your genuine opinions. In fact you are the first in this regard.

    My comments are to the article writer and not for you, Here in the blog we can talk hard including undiplomatic words. It is odd to do that when one writes articles. The language the article writer used is very raw and lacks civility and hence my comments.

    • dawit says:

      i liked the critiqe but i think it lack professionalism since it get to personal; we all need to work on that.
      But Isayas; i respected your opinion, i hope the new generation start to think that way.

  20. Gezaee says:

    My apology, I thought you were levelling at me; I see now what you were referring. But trust me, American politicians do not like respect. No only insult, you have to bleed their nose so that they can love you. They love Arabs because they bleed their noses. If you are nice to Americans politicians, they will not respect you. You can see Issayas gives and call them many names, but they are talking on his behave. Do not respect American politicians. You know what Obama said to Putin? do you? Obama said to Putin dick head? how would you respect such uncultured leader ? I am with Lucas, you really have to degrade Americans officials to get respect. Otherwise, they will like you if you do not degrade them. It is weird, but that is the fact Americans officials neither respect others nor do they like respect.

  21. Haile says:

    Isn’t this the same Ambassador that was saying Meles Zenawi told him he will not give land to Ethiopians because he fears Amaras will be wanting to be land owners?

    That was a saying that could cause huge unrest,genocide ND hatred between Tigrayans and amaras now he came up with more ethnic talk.

  22. suhul says:

    can any body justify me the ambassador claim Eritrean are more educated than Tigrean ? I guess not, at least in the last 22 yrs Eritrean education system is Null while Ethiopian are trying to get some . that means the third and fourth generation of Eritreans are not educated at least in their home land,which may constitute about 80% Eritrean populations. how come Eritrean are more educated be true? Mr. ambassador is fabricating facts to lure American policy makes to choose Eritreans over Ethiopians .

  23. tyty says:

    Dawit i guess you don’t get the point. Didn’t go school when you were USA? I advice you to do something valuable instead of writing trash like this.

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