Quick peace eludes S. Sudan leaders, despite Army victories


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5 Responses

  1. teshome says:

    The late Great Ethiopian leader, Meles Zenawi played Mid-wife role in the birth of South Sudan. Ambassador Seyoum Mesfin, we are grateful for you that you are committed to keep Meles Zenawi’s legacy.
    To moderate the negotiation of the two rivals is very tough and when the dis-invited Uganda is involved on the matter, things were going bad to worse
    But in the light of your rich diplomatic skill, Africans are definitely sure you will inspire the Sudanese people who are suffering through and through this deadly civil war.
    We knew very well the sooner is the better the two rivals group reach on cease fire. However, Ethiopians strongly believed that the cease fire by itself is only the thin slice of the huge south Sudanese people problem. I feel that the Sudanese people are more close to Ethiopians heart than the deluded Eritreans. Recently, I don’t think any segment of people in the world were touched more than Ethiopians by the deadly civil war in South Sudan. This is because no nation in the world again share abundance sadness and happiness than Ethiopians do with South Sudan.
    May God help South Sudanese people in all thin and thick problem they have been through

  2. Tatek says:

    It is so clear from the beginning that both sides would finally reach a deal, at least for now, as it was never easy for both sides to keep withstanding the squeezing pressure from the West and China. The worry remains how long would this cease-fire last in light of the fact that this conflict stems mainly from the fact that Mr Kiir wants to usurp more power and try to control the epicenter of State Machinery at the expense of his former deputy, Riek Machar. Uganda’s interference in the affairs of South Sudan remains to muddy the waters even further for months, if not years, to come. It is highly troubling, though not surprising, that IGAD ( the organization that has been overseeing the talks) has done nothing to discipline or suspend Uganda for this reckless behavior of trouble making in the region. Mr Kiir wants to control state Machinery in South Sudan just as has been the case in Rwanda, where almost all security forces are Tutsis, Uganda, where pro-Museveni elements control the security apparatus and our own Ethiopia, where of course Dedebit Manufactured gangs of TPLF control every security machine in the nation. This is clearly why both Rwanda and Ethiopia still remain under genocide Watch and it is so trouvling that Mr Kiir wants to go down the same aisle. EPRDF’s Ethiopia have their own issue in mind when doing all they can to broker a peace deal, and this of course, is to make sure that both Sudan and South Sudan remain peaceful. If one or both Sudans descend into chaos, EPRDF understand that the ensuing drama would see them out of office and could possibly throw them to a political oblivion from which they would never reappear. That’s why TPLF strongman, Seyoum Mesfin, is dancing in the bars of Addis Ababa at the expense of enjoying some Fried Rice in Beijing. Mr Kiir may need to learn from history that no problem could be corrected from the same perspectives that had caused it and make sure that the Comprehensive Peace Agreement he reached with his northern neighbor implemented for all South Sudanese, but if he fails to do that and was enjoying his dance with Kampala, I am sensing that El Bashir might also be enjoying his troubles and may soon dance with Machar.

  3. Jamal says:

    @Teshome some time ego some body comments up on you. You said middle wife or middle income? kkk. All your comments are similar though out the year like soap factory fabricating the same soup in ingredient weight and appearance. For you TPLF >>>>Ethiopia

    • bb says:

      Dear Jamal,
      What is wrong with some one commenting on the same topic if he/she belive is right. I do not see any wrong with that also I also agree with Teshoma’s comments what he said is true and you as a person have a right to agree or disagree. Under EORDF Ethiopia is better than any time the country is moving forward not backward the vountry is changing for the better, yes we ethiopian we use to sing a dong about Ethiopia with out doing nothing before, now we sing while we are doing a better job. But some lossers sick, welfare recipient, liers dispora love to talk something don’t exist that is why never go an inch, and they will keep stay in one place for ever until they die. Finally I am glad thay the majority Of Ethiopia knows the truth.

  4. MOSS says:

    your response was well , but what does Eritrean has to do with it? don’t be a hater.

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