Ethiopia’s Genzebe Dibaba sets third record of the month


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6 Responses

  1. Kebede says:

    Go-go lovely Genzebie. Congratulations and proud of you!

  2. teshome says:

    This young lady is gonna surprise us. Her performance parallels the economic success of EPRDF. As EPRDF gave a depressed nation a smile, Dibabas’ family brought so many laughter and joy to Ethiopia, Africa and the world. Genezeb Dibaba thank you sooooooooooo much, you made us to be proud off you. If I get a chance, I will say a prayer for you to set a new record over a new record

  3. Alula says:

    Oromia is producing many heroes at this time!

    God bless you dibsba’s family!
    We are proud of you!

    • ilula lemma says:

      Narrow minded.You do not see the great picture of Ethioia or you rae like those Junk in junk out.

  4. Samwill says:


  5. Johnf514 says:

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