Sudan court convicts Ethiopian woman over ‘gang-rape’


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4 Responses

  1. derebew says:

    This is abhorrent and barbaric. First of all the victim needs support not punishment. What is she to do when three uncivilized, subhuman animals attack and overpower her. For heavens sake wouldn’t the crime have been considered more egregious when they rape a pregnant woman and shouldn’t they be sentenced to life in prison if there was any semblance of justice in that cursed land called the Sudan? Is this the kind of justice that their religion prescribes? Punish the victim, the powerless and if it is a woman it is always her fault even if the criminal is a man and she is the victim.
    It is up to us to help this woman and I would like to know if there is any way I could help her. If she gets sent back home she should know and be reassured that she is going to a safer place where her kindred will wait fro her and help her and I will be one that will do all my best to help her raise her unborn child. I hope others will join me in helping this unfortunate woman.

  2. kebraraw says:

    የእስልምና ፍትህ ይሉዋቹሃል እዲህ ነው ::

  3. Mersha. says:

    Anyone can do anything to Ethiopians and get away with it.Only when you a government of the peoole for the people by the people:can we expect our rights will be respected.Sudan acts like a super power ahainest Ethiopians thanks to woyane.

  4. mootii says:

    arabians are kills & rape many ethiopians’ in saud arabia as well as in sudan.please God rise your hand for ethiopians’.

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