Ethiopia: A Visit to the Land of Enchantment (Anthony T. Browder)


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5 Responses

  1. kebrom says:

    AWTs, thank you for posting, thank for helping me to rest bite—

    AWTs this is a wonderful post. In fact that was what i knew from former AWTs. You posted a less communicated side of our rich but at the same time poor country. By the way who made Ethiopia poor? is it God?., No, He gave us lot of resources among other our ancient wisdom that able to innovate these world class heritages such as the Axum as mentioned in the article.

    But who made us poor? it is obvious, our leaders, the past and the present. The past is already past-dead. what we can do is to learn the lesson, carry on anything positive and leave all the negatives.

    But why the present leaders of us make our country and us poor of the poor???? while they teach their children in China and Europe, we can’t buy a bread for our children at home and working for (their) institutions, while they buy and use a dozen of new brand cars (luxury), we the majority can’t afford a daily payment for taxi!! while some of our leaders, (mainly these who sleep with their children from junior schools) just pay 100s of 100s for a drink and food and a single night at spot, we are unable to pay our debt for basic food on extended schedule. While they and their few loyal build a multi-million complex over few years, we have no a traditional poor house to stay, when they have 10,000 m2 land in various cities, we have even no place to live. How much is the wife of our let PM stolen? how much Abadula? hahaha i heard that he was told by meles to return part of his asset and gave to opdo as he collected tooooo much…..OMG how much do the other have, mainly these in the military—Only God knows.

    We know which is whose—-we remember the least of those people whose bank account was blocked last time, most of them were a family—a family from few areas—that means they were given the opportunity to accumulate that big, that billion by one of the leader behind them—we can speculate these leaders—some of them could be in the army—-

    Yet, Ethiopia is rich, she is rich not only in its resources, but also its culture.

    Though most of our current leaders down her, she is magnified by others such as this visitor—when the late PM meles call Ethiopian flag is a simple—-millions of Africans said this is our identity, the one that pave our route to winsome. When he called Ethiopia never had port, several scientist and world leaders believe, not Eritrea along, but part of Somali, Yemen, and Sudan was Ethiopia. But he died, he died after he killed our country, our dignity and us. But Ethiopia and its people live for ever. Leader come and go, but people live.

    I hope most of you heard about the guy (i will never call his name) who insulted one nation—saying ligagam—and so—OMG. Are we really deserve these type of leaders? Weys teregimenal? i read on Bible when Israelis people disappoint God He used to assign worst leaders to them. I think ours is like that, or even worse than that.

    Imagine, the current leaders started killing, jailing and laying us and to us some 40 years, they still kill us, they still jail us in mass, they still lay to us— Yefetari yaleh. Did God did this extended punishment to Israelis then? i really donot sure!!

  2. Abenet says:

    There is this saying in Amharic “Bediro bere yarese yelem.”

    Meaning “Noone is ploughing with the ox from the past.”

    Yesterday is history, tommorow is mystery, today is a gift that is why it is called the present.
    Rather than talking about the glory of the past we need to talk about what is being done today to destroy the historical destinations and traditions.

    The oldest monastery Waldeba was torn down in 2013.

    Many other sites are being torn down as we speak. Many projects are bringing enviromental disasters all over Ethiopia. The writer should point those facts as well rather than writing about the past glory.

  3. Yonas says:

    Here u go. A very good piece about our glorious history but still haters. Read the first two comments here …. BS!!!

  4. Yakob says:

    first my apologies to all the readers, because the following comment has nothing to with the article, but I am kind of furious if it is true, and I hope it is wrong and it is published on “Ethiomedia” . please some body tell me it is a negative campaign by Ethiopian enemies.

    Ethiopian Government said on Tuesday that it was collaborating with the Republic of Sudan to dialogue with Egypt on the ongoing $4.7 billion Great Ethiopian Renaissance Dam project.
    The project currently at about 34 per cent, was halted due to objection raised by Egypt, who is a member of the Nile’s downstream countries.

    Egypt had expressed fear that the Nile Dam project would affect the Egyptians, whose 80 per cent source of domestic water supply comes from the river.
    please tell me it is wrong.

    God bless Ethiopia and hell for its enemies

  5. Saba says:

    A true article from its core. Anthony T. Browder you stated it well, Ethiopia is truly the land of enchantment.

    For Yakob - I don’t know why you find it difficult to understand that Ethiopia is always negotiating not only with sudan and Egypt but also with many countries to promote its interest.
    However the article on Ethiomedia about the construction of the dam is halted because of Egypt pressure is not true, it is just a misinformation by Ethiopian enemies. My Felow county man Yakob, Rest assure that the dam construction will never stop and will be completed on schedule to brighten our home land Ethiopia.
    Ethiopia will rise above its arch and paid enemies .

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