Did Alemnew Mekonen vituperate Amharas? (Dilwenberu Nega)


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55 Responses

  1. Slick says:

    what is these garbage? Defending Arrogance and dictatorship through journalism doesn’t work. A clear insult on the Amhara people sounds like harmony to few die hard individuals. I wasted my precious 5 min trying to get justice… it was empty message. Let me hope a courageous man will search Justice to millions.

    • syd says:

      ለመሆኑ ብአዴን ማለት እኮ የትግርኛ ቃል ነው ይህ ምን ያመለክታል የወያኔ ወኪል መሆኑን

      • syd says:

        ብአዴን ለምን አብዴን የ አማራ ብሄር ዴሞክራሲያዊ ንቅናቄ አይባልም አለምነው የወያኔ ወኪል ስለሆነ የ አማራን ህዝብ ያልወከለ ነው

    • Dilwenberu Nega says:

      If there are people who stand for arrogance and dictatorship on the Ethiopian blogosphere, they must be acolytes of the Derg and the left-overs of Kinijit. As far as I am concerned, however, I and the EPRDF which I am a proud supporter of, are allergic to the two traits.
      If you think calling for fairness and transparency as a means to solve “Alemewgate” is “garbage,” it then follows that you are advocating for lynch law to be applied, the type 120 former Derg members applied when deciding to exterminate 60 former officials of the Haile Selassie regime. Can you make an attempt to think with your head, and not with your heart?

    • Geleta says:

      Thank You For Your Advice Mr. Alemnew!

  2. solomon says:

    What do you expect from banda essayas este rodio
    They are banda minlke hand biters .
    Let me be clear i dont want any policain to disrespet any people ln Ethiopia.
    But the soures of the news is coming from banda shabia Este rodio.
    That alon makes the news anbelivel.
    Thank you
    God bless Ethiopia with her all people

  3. Ali says:

    G7 they lie too much
    I don’t blive theme
    I blive EPRDF.

  4. Mekdes says:

    I have heard his speach which was tailored by SHABIYA FUNDE TV STATION ESAT. As I heard it there is nothing he said degrading AMARA people, but don’t blame ESAT because they are not AMHARAS. THEY ARE CONFUSED OF THE TTANSLATION WHICH WAS GIVEN TO THEM BY THEIR ERITREAN FUND PROVIDERS. What the guy said wa”TO LIVE IN UNITED ETHIOPIA CHAUVINISTIC OUTLOOK MUST BE DESMANTLED.” So what is wrong with this? He is not from other trine. He is Amhara, the people like METO ALEKA SISAY AGENA who is not Amara can not be his criticizer. ZEMENU HONENAb YETEGELABITOSH AHYA WEDEBET WUSH A WEDEGITOSH. This guy must have been their nightmare by intensifyimg the Agriculture sector. The oppositions were waiting for his speach to blackmail him. EPRDFis tough Govt. if it was DERG this guy would have been dead by now. This is the difference between DERG/ THE OPPOSITION GROUPS/ AND EPRDF. THE OPPOSITIONS WANT HIM TO BE VICTIMIZED BY EPRDF. THEIR DREAM WILL NOT BE TRUE.

    • mekdes says:

      Mekdes! why do you use my name to post on this site! Two persons are posting by the name mekdes!!it is confusing please don’t use my name !! it is confusing and misleading!!

      • Mekdes says:

        I am using because I am Mekdes not ECADF OR GINBOT 7 AMEMESH ENDE YENE ASTEYAYET. GET LOST.

        • mekdes says:

          mekdes in most of the cases i agree with your position , however your approach is very weak some times even below standard. bislet yegolewal!! I hope through time you will improve but that requires hard work!! from this time onward I use the name Mekdes1 inorder to dissociate from your comments. Berchi and I wish you the best

  5. ADHARI says:

    The guy talked about the desperate situation the Amhara ethnic group people are in. It is a fact that Amharas are living in chronical poverty with no hope in sight. Many “adharis” are mad because they heard the truth. In Amhara culture even in one family you see some Adharis living large while many of their siblings live in poverty.There is no sense sharing or helping each other so because some Adhari Amharas are doing well if they don’t share their wealth to their family ethnicity the Amhara can be cxalled a “bare feet walking ethnicity” but the Adharis want to cover the fact they don’t share wealth and they accuse this guy for saying the fact. Nomatter how much they try to cover it Amhara is worst when it comes to sharing wealth. Amhara MOJA helps FERENJI before he helps his own

  6. sam says:

    Poor writing? What was he accused of saying? We have to watch the video to find out what he said?

  7. Amara says:

    Is it relevant, for this topic, to mention who is funding ESAT? Just this one fact makes it obvious it is a one sided propagand that doesn’t worth my time.

  8. Mario says:

    Dilwenberu Nega,

    You are nothing but the Devil’s advocate and a witness of a dying Rat.

    You blame ESAT and the diaspora for fabricating lies. I wonder what you are doing?

    The people got it beyond reasonable doubt and they don’t need your witness against Alemnew Mekonen. Moreover, if Alemnew Mekonen were a real Deputy Administrator, I believe he could defend himself. Why need your intervention in the first place? Please do not try to defend something that is indefensible.

    If Alemnew Mekonen admits his bad-mouthing was slip of the tongue, people could pardon him and let the issue rest. Unfortunately, that can only happen under woyane/TPLF duress. Therefore, the action of UDJ and AEUP and the people of Bahir Dar is well placed and wake up call to all ethnic groups.

    Great job the people of Bahir Dar, AEUP and UDJ!!!

  9. ኤፍሬም says:

    ይሀ የመንግሥት ድክመት ነው። ተቃዋሚዎች ይህ በድምፅ ሰማነው ያሉትን ማረጋገጫ ሳያመጡ ከesat ሰማን ብለው ሰልፍ ማድረግ አግባብነት ያለው ነው ወይ? ይህን ጉዳይ መፍትሔ ካልተደረገ በት ሕዝቡን ከመንግሥት ለመነጠል ደጋግመው ይሰሩበታል።

  10. አጥለዉ says:

    አለምነዉ በላይነትን በማሳየት አብሮነት አይኖርም በማለቱ ትምክተኞቹ ዘንድ ኩነኔ ነዉ።እነሱ ከጩሀት ዉጪ ሰሚ አይኖራቸዉምና በእኩልነት የሚናምን ሰዎች በቂ ነን።አለምነዉ በርታ እንላለን።

  11. mihret says:

    I think now shabia is doing a nice work for Ethiopia really if it supports ESAT!

  12. Gazetegnaw Siwash says:

    Dawit why you didn’t report the antigovernment rally in Bahir Dar? Didn’t you say you are independent journalist?

  13. juhar ahmed says:

    its not right for any one to insult by he is race but I was so happy to see amhara opposite group they are real emotion about incident but most of time their use to play amhara superior behind one ethiopia propaganda machine

  14. kebrom says:

    Again thanks AWTs, i read your post, learn some from it and decided to surface few points. Us usual i am basing my comments on my mind and some facts. This is not to harm any one including the author, but to challenge the article as i see it!


    I may agree with some of your arguments, but please donot tell us to believe what our leaders say in public.

    As you said, i agree that we have to look things from various angles, and have to collect data from various side, not from one only. In fact this may also possible if there is free media, free mind—otherwise, what you said is just a say!

    I have a question for you, are you yourself trust our leaders? I mean if you yourself is not one of them?? I am saying this based on my below justifications.

    Let me bring to your attention a very recent big lay made by the other boss Ayalew Gobeze. Don’t you heard that he was saying in public (there was NO TALK AT ALL) when asked about the Ethio-Sudan boarder issue? Didn’t he said, there was nothing on the ground, but simply few people uses this as propaganda?

    Please gunge me once you listen to what Ato Ayalew said (start from 19:52 minutes). Here, he was saying—-endewem agendaw yetenesabet gizem yelem, meaning the issue was never come as an agenda even-

    Ok once we agreed on that (the issue of resolving the boarder was never been an agenda during his legitimate leadership), let you now go to the following link and tell me if i have to still trust this guy???!!! Common on sir!


    Is these big guys went to Atlanata without the knowledge of the government and ato Ayalew??? In fact, they may discussed on various issue—but as i listen to the attendants—everybody say i have a comment on what you said now —-and when allowed one of the attendant commented on the boarder issue.

    Are you going to say this is still Shabia funded drama? or are these people are not our leaders???

    I am not going to argue with you about the popular hidden deal our leaders are doing on us and our country, but i wanted to confront you one the issue that are our leaders trust worthy??? They are not only layers, but big layers! People live under them but never ever trusted them. They simply rule the country by force. Believe me!!

    By the way, have you forgotten when the big boss HE Seyum mesfine (in fact i appreciate him for his various qualities) came and told us that Bodeme is ours!—we went out shouted, danced—-and latter on meles came and told us the theory of setito mekebel—??? are u thinking that we forget things very quickly?? is this not a big lay? Is it not such a bad deal by our leaders which end up to the current no peace and no war relationship b/n Eritrea and Ethiopia?—for that matter, can you convince me about the logic of that war which consumed over 70,000 youths in short (in less than 3 years)????

    should i list the number of times almost all of our leaders told us a fabricated lays?????

    I will back with it one day.

    My take:

    Please as i like how you address issues and read most of your articles (i.e., most of them in caution and some with agreement), please donot simply through things to us. If you like to use such a medias, you have to take on what you are posting. It is too hard to cheat here.

    This is not Addis Zemen.

  15. Tegen says:

    Shame, Shame, shame. Is he still there? He must be crazy, hateful or with something that is disgusting.

    They must expel this stupid not only from the position he is but also from the party if they want to get the people support and win the next election. The people know the truth that he did say what he said which is hateful, degrading and discusting. He must have some serious issues with the amhara behaving that way.

    He is worse than Tamrat Line, Dawit Yohannes and Andagrachew Tisge in combined. He must be mentally very sick to say the things he has said.

    It is him and his voice talking infornt of the people making them laugh about. The reason why the people laugh about was not because of he was making them laugh but making them wonder what kind officials are sitting in Bahir dar and his future is and must be gone forever no matter what. He need to be in mental institutions, not in the place he is to behave this way.

  16. Gozamen says:

    You are crying for nothing from abroad. But back home, the people know the truth.

    This is the way how things are working from Bahir dar which is laying about everything. Ayalew Gobeze is the champion of it. But at least he was not publicly insulting the people he is making the lavish living in the name of leading them.

    But this Alemnew Mekonnen(alamnew Tekonen) has no what so ever even a small standard expected from any official anywhere. He must be mentally unstable or totally mad have lots of personal problems.

    He was not talking with a friend or a journalist but to group of people he was responsible to give them some lecture. There are more than 100 individuals sitting in front of him listening when he told them about.

    So blaming ESAT or whatever is not taking the truth away. He has to face it and take the consequences.

    Not long ago a minister in England resigned because of three police men lied about that he insulted them. When the truth comes out, things are now making in court. It is the same all over the world, but not in Ethiopia. Officials including ministers are sitting there as long as they want despite they are delivering nothing including the Telecom.

    This stupid is part of this and that is why he is still there despite everyone knows he insulted the Entire Amhara using the language no normal human being would use let alone someone claims he is part of it and making a living out of it.

    If ANDP what to get the people trust back and win the next election, this stupid must be expelled from the party and face justice. If not he is going to be the best asset to the oppositions to win the next election.

    He must be a sick person deserve no any public office what so ever. He must stop insulting again by laying about as if he didn’t say while everyone knows the truth. Instead he must apologize to limit the damage, not to him but the party. But his case is closed and over forever.

    Gonder produces people like him on one side and Tamagn on the other both are trash and Garbage

  17. Tegen says:

    He is shumet beshumet.

    25 feb. 2014,

    “In his address, the University’s Administration Board Chairperson, Alemnew Mekonnen disclosed that Bahir Dar University had a vision and dream of transforming the city into a “University City” through the unreservedly support of land acquisition by the City Administration.”

    We know now also how the Bahir Dar University looks like from inside when this stupid hateful crazy is the University’s Administration Board Chairperson.

  18. yohannes says:

    keep going alamnaw u did a good job for ur country don’t leson those crazy tekawami party !!!””

  19. ethio says:

    What more evidence do you want? When Dr. Berhanu talked about aid money and AwrambaTimes posted it,every one believed the audio evidence that was presented and now when this idiot harassing Amahra you need more evidence? He needs to be removed from his position and face charges but he is still there. If he is NOT removed and face charges, then, woyane is behind it. Simple as that!!!

    • Mekdes says:

      You better change your name to Eritro, why you guys don’ t live your life in leberated Eritrea. Meles showed to the world that you have nothing but empty GURA. Now live your life. Mr Alemnew Mekonen is courageous man to talk what we should do as Amharas not to understimate other tribes to be included in New Ethiopia. That chauvinistic approach is still there. The so called pure Amharas the Gonderes are naming the people who are living.KEABAY MADO. YESHEWA GALOCH . THIS IS THE FACT, THAT IS WHAT HE TALKING ABOUT. AS HE SAID THAT IS HUALA KERNET NEW TAWKUTALACHIHU. ANDNET AND AEUo they wantto usse Amara for their bid to come to power. At the same time they want to create division in ANDM, THE GUY IS CHEWA AND INTELLIGENT. MAY BE THEY HAVE TRIED TO USE HIM AND HE TOLD THEM THAT AMARA IS BETTER OF RIGHT NOW.

  20. Jano says:

    I think that it is too late for EPRDF to act on. I can sense that EPRDF lost its public confidence&PR. Most people even those who are pro EPRDF are not trusting any information coming out from EPRDF. I am not saying ESAT is a genuine media but the government can’t afford to lose public confidence. The reason for this outcome is that government has been lying many times in many counts…. so people even don’t trust their government any longer even if the government is telling the truth…

  21. grmaye says:

    who´s going to fund esat? I! I assure you, i´m not shabia. alemnew mekonen is dopey rather than donkey.

    • Solomon says:

      Esta is funded by Banda shabia .I personally would not believe any thing comes from Esat because when Esat talks like Banda Essayas and Banda Minlke are talking.
      Esat is the number one Ethiopian enemy how could get funded by Banda Essayass shabia who for the last 60 years work to destroy Ethiopian .
      Esat knows Banda Essayass get his many from Egypt the only county in world who worked for last 200 years to destroy Ethiopian .
      This makes Esat the worst Ethiopian enemy and the Biggest Banda in the world .i didn’t forgat hodam Berhnu naga and sta sat(fuget)wozora edargchew tsge Essayass wife.

  22. Hagos T/Mariam says:

    Ato Dilwenberu, as usual you come with your none sense bulshit. It is not unnormal for me to read you this way because you simply appreciate when the Amharas are insulted and treated that way. This is the only intalk I can only read from your artilce.
    This idiot, stupid guy said already the damage and this is noted for 2007 EC.

    I personally am not Amhara but this is still disgusting. I support EPRDF that they fought long and hard to bring peace and stability even if at the end of the day they make the country a living jail.
    Ato Dawit, you have been in the west for sometimes and I am sure you should be able to understand what an independent journalist is.
    So why you missed to report the demonstration at Bahidar? I htink I am coming across to say oyu are no more independent. I support you when you are in states believing you are more indepent than others and you do fair reportage.

    For other people who do some comments above, to the exception of few, most of the people are a zero sum game players, I have nothing to add for them, wasting of time.

  23. Haile says:

    Dear Editor,
    There are facts that shouldn’t be ignored.
    First of all, Ato Alemneh didn’t deny the accusation. All he said was his speech was cut and paste from his 4 hrs. long speech. That means he is admitting he said it and does not matter for the public which part of his speech was cut and pasted.
    the second most important fact is there is no cut and paste voice that can be done in todays technology available to the opposition or ESAT as we speek. the voice belongs to ato alemnew.

    Having said that, EPRDF or ANDM could have taken a quick and genuine action and apologize the public wronged by the speech and avoid this public relation nightmare. It seems EPRDF is more than sure that regardless of the anger created by ANDM official, the people will still vote for EPRDF forgetting their demise in 2005 election. The Amharas are upset to the core and I will not rule out further confrontation and demonstration against ANDM officials in all amhara regions and cities.
    There is no way you can give such flimsy excuses and blaming ESAT or Egypt for the current standoff. It seems the government has taken a paragraph or two from DERG era when shabia and TPLF were blamed for every mishaps in the country.Now, EPRDF and its supporters blame ESAT, shabia and Egypt for their own public relation blunder every time that seems to no longer working in the mind of the people.

    The danger forward is for EPRDF if ANDM loses control in the next election. judging By the current feeling of the people, ANDM may not get a single sit unless the government is taking a quick fix public relation work by sacking the official from his post.

    The Amhara region election result will decide who will govern the country in the coming election.

    • Mekdes says:

      Haile you are 100% right EPRDF has delayed it’s response, but that is their party tradition as we now from their past. This speach was cut and paste definitely. But if they recorded the meeting by hidden taperecorder ESAT should priduce the whole speech. May be like they said, if they go to the court, which I doubt, the first evidence the judge will ask them to bring the whole speech in that 4 days Mr. Alemnew was lecturing. As he admited he talked about chauvinism about gendure, religion, nationality. He might have said all he said but the issue when it comes to the court there are witnesses who were at the meeting they will identify where that voice was changed. VOA was using the same thing when you coment on their radio. They will put the last one in the middle or in the bigginning and totally it will have different meaning. I am sure this guy will not degrade as they put it. Even if he said it is not a big deal. He didn’t insult Amhara. What he insult was YETIMKHITEGNINET LEHACHIN NEW. YIHE HULACHINIM YEMINISMAMABET GUDAY NEW. MELES ZENAWI YENESIYEN YETIMKIHITEGNINET LEHACH ARAGFUAL. SO AMARA/FEW CHAUVINISTS/ SHOULD CHANGE THEIR ATTITUDE. THE GUY IS CURAGEOUS TO SPEAK ABOUT THIS ISSUE. THIS WAS THE CORE ISSUE WHICH WILL PUT THE COUNTRY IN DANGER. TO LIVE IN UNITED ETHIOPIA WE HAVE TO HAVE SCIETIFIC AND PROGRESSIVE IDEA. THERE IS NO DOUBT THAT THE SPEECH WAS TAILORED BY SHABIYA FUNDED ESAT TV. HAVE YOU EVER HEARD ESAT TALKING NEGATIVE ABOUT ERITREA EXCEPT TALKING ABOUT THEIR ECONOMIC PROGRESS RECENTLY. IF ERITREA IS HEAVEN WHY DAILY 1000S OF ERITREANS CROSSING THE ETHIOPIAN BOARDER BY RISCUING THEIR LIFE. ALEMNEW IS AMARA METO ALEKA SISAY AGENA IS KEMABATA HOW HE CAN CRITICIZE HIM? ALEMNEW WILL NOT CRITICIZE METO ALEKA SISAY AGENA IF HE IS TALKKNG ABOUT KEMBATA BECAUSE METO ALEKA SISAY KNOWS MORE ABOUT KEMBATA THAN ALEMNEW.BUT AS YOU SAID WE WILL FIND OUT WHEN THEY COME TO THE COURT. I BET YOU ANDNET AND MEEAD THEY WILL NOT COME TO THE COURT. ALEMNEW WILL BE VINDICATED. I bet this liers will not cime to the court. Instead, what they will say is we got all the evidences but we dropped the case because we will not expect justice from the WEYANNE COURT. These are bunch of liers who want to corner innocent man. I can tell from his face the guy is more beluvavle than Abebaw Mehari. By the way Mehari is Tigre name. I was surprised when Tigre become leamara tekorkuary.

  24. Gedif says:

    Dear Editor,

    After the realease of an audio leak from Dr Birhanu and Abebe Gelaw, the opposition groups in diaspora have come up with a new strategy. Look at Zenebu Taddesse’s hacked Twitter message that tries to instigate civil uprisings through a case that is totally against our culture. Therefore, when all the various means to overthrow EPRDF failed, this could be an agenda for the oppositions that takes them anywhere as usual.

  25. Kulfo says:

    I haven’t heard what the leaked audio is. However, from the lengthy, repetitive, and boring talk, I come to the conclusion that this guy is trying to cover up.

    Besides, this guy claims as if his party is the underdog in the region- which is under heavy influence of opposition party. In reality, his party has all the means and the resources to send the message across.

    I think his party and EPRDF at large have a hard choice to make- … and it is time to cut him loose.

  26. mekdes says:

    Two persons are posting by the name mekdes!! please don’t use my name !! it is confusing and misleading!!

  27. mekdes says:

    This is a good lesson for Amhara chauvinist elites .They will understand how painful when one’s identity is attacked. They have to sense the feelings of the other people when their nation’s identity is attached. These Amhara elites expressly (not under the cover of Ethiopianism as they were doing before for so many years) now started raising their voices fighting for injustice done against their ethnic group ,amhara people, and called all amharas including those working for the government to join this struggle for the right of Amhara people to be respected. This is their right .It is not racism or tribalism as they were labeling others for so many years for demanding for the respect of their identity and people’s right . Before these elites including the geography professor Mesfin welde mariam were saying there is no Amhara Ethnic group. This is really a good progress. They can demand the right of Amhara people to be protected and their identity right to be respected. This right of the people is recognized in international human right instruments and Ethiopian constitution. They can organize themselves on the basis of the their nation’s identity and express anger through different peaceful mechanism like calling demonstration as they did this week in Bahir Dar.
    Having said that they have the right to call the demonstration, that doesn’t mean that I agree with the of their specific requests and concerns in this demonstration .As I understood the opinion of the vice president of Amhara region was Amharas are not superior to any nations and nationalities. He underlined on the equality of the Ethiopian nations and nationalities. He recommended that the Amahars when living with other nations and nationalities, they should live in peace, harmony, love and respecting the identity and culture of other nations and nationalities. He also professed that there are some bad attitudes and chauvinistic tendencies among some very few chauvinists in the Amhara ethnic group undermining other nations and nationalities. He stressed these guys being they themselves very poor and leading extremely destitute life ,undermine other hard working people leading better standard of life .by the way I am not undermining the Amhara people .I am personally connected to the Amhara people in one way or another .I have a great respect for the Amhara people, but we can’t deny some facts and realities. A beggar from Amhara region which is a victim of these chauvinistic attitude, when begging, usually says “ yemekwanint lej dej komal”. Do we deny this fact? do we really deny the existence of these back ward tendencies and attitudes among some amhara people as expressed by the vice president of Amhara regional state. Of course I am not saying there are no backward cultures in other ethnic groups of Ethiopia. Denying these facts by itself constitutes as accepting these chauvinistic backward tendencies of the Amhara superiority as a governing principle .Guys take your time, cool down and think big !!please please be civilized and understand the century you are living in !!
    The other thing that surprised me in the demonstration held in BahirDar is the demonstrators were all walking on barefoot proudly to deliver the message that walking on bare foot is the tradition of Amhara people and it is something that they are proud of!! What a shame and an insult to the Amhara people. Walking on bare foot is not a sign of civilization .it is an indication of extreme poverty. The Amhara people are fighting and working day and night to come out of extreme poverty to lead better standard of life. By the way by reading this opinion some people may consider me as if I am the member of EPRDF. But whether you believe it or not I am not .I simply feel bad when I observe the level of the maturity of our elites especially Some Amhara diaspora elites.

  28. Sol says:

    I just read all your comment about the guy and read what he said as a teacher or trainer even if he said what the opposition are telling us he said from aboard is fake called chip politics for me it is not good for Ethiopia or it’s people , shame on you guys inside politicians listening to EASAT the massenger of hate they are so low to bring people to the street and make them dance like crazy. For aigaforum and awramba, keep us informed like you did the other side of the coin. It is good to see how our people are treated when ESAT is telling us there is no freedom in Ethiopia and you see the people expressing their anger eve though their emotion got them before they look back. The guy if you look actually is come, intelegent, reasonable, young and intellectual , look his interview on Aigaforum . You can tell G7 and opposition are scared of him, that is what I got from this saga, people of bahirdar inparticular and Ethiopian in General, do not be fool by those called mersineers of Eygpt and Eritrea, you came these far. Long live Ethiopia !!

  29. Haile says:

    why didn’t you post my response ?
    There was no vulgarity or any unethical language in my response. Are you screening and posting those of your likes? I thought you are for civilized debate and have no political agenda.

  30. Biniam Hirut says:

    I am from Addis Ababa, I went to Bahirdar few months back and I face some bad challenges by some governmental organizations. Normally doing business in bahirdar is UNTHINKABLE. Any ways after lots of challenges I manage to meet Ato Alemnew Mekonnen to ask him for his support in the challenges I faced.

    I have never met any high level official in Ethiopia as humble and as supportive as Alemnew. I was speachless by his great optimism and support. But above all I saw many farmers and poor people coming to his office to ask his assistance in various matters they really needed a support. His door was open for every one. I was surprised. He treated every one by respect.

    This experience of mine made me NOT to believe what ever ESAT has said. I am not a supporter of the ruling regime. I am just an ordinary business man, who was challenged by stupid bureaucracy of the region. He made me think there are some good guys in the administration. Trust me he is a nice guy.

  31. Melku Gira says:

    The violent political culture of the 60’s generation should not be inherited by Ethiopia’s young generation which accounts to 65% OF THE TOTAL polpulation . Violence (War) is not the answer for any problem that might arise internally or externally . Eventhough the current powerful government steals day and night adding to the misery of the people including the poor Amhara, the young Amhara generation should not oppose this because his ancestors not too long ago duuring Hailesselasie’s time were wearing shoes while Tigray people were dieing from drought AND SUFFERING FROM A LEPORSY EPIDEMIC. It was estimated all of Tigray and parts of Wollo would have perished if the 60’s generation didnot overthrow the genocidal Hailesselsie regime. The 60’s generation got to power by force that’s why they only understand force to be the only way they give up their power. This kind of attitude is heavily exhibited by Hailesselasie ,Mengistu Hailemariam , Meles and the “advisor” to the current Prime Minster (Mebratu Gebre Hiywot).

  32. Sam says:

    The writer of the article either by intention or misunderstanding characterized the opposition Alemnew faced was only from the diaspora. That is wrong. True, he started his writing by admitting the residents of Bahirdar “took [it] to the streets” to voice their anger. The writer, however, immediately started reminding us who brought the issue. But that should not be a concern. What should be the issue is whether it is right or wrong to characterize the whole ethnic group as one who behaves in certain way as Alemnew thought it is. Remember, he did not use qualifiers. Even though it is still wrong, had he said some “Amharas” the anger might have not been as severe as it was. The Amhara ethnic group supposed domination of Ethiopia’s politics, economics, and culture was the rallying cry for Alemnew and company for coming to power. How come then that same ethnic group have become people without shoes after twenty-two years of EPDRF’s rule? It is a question Alemnew should answer to. But I want to be helpful here. Alemnew needs it. The Amharas have been used by ethnic politics opportunists as a rallying cry because ethnic politics seemed an easy cop-out to side step the real issue why Ethiopia remained backward: the whole politics, economic and culture was a reflection of the feudal system. In that system the great majority of people of every ethnic groups in Ethiopia suffered. The great majority of the Amharas were not an exception.

  33. Alula says:

    These so called opposition & their medias have nothing to do with politics whatsoever , & their only purpose is; to blackmail Ethiopia with a propaganda created by Ethiopia’s enemies!

    Mr Alemnew, these so called opposition have been like that all along, therefore keep doing your good job for the people!

    The people love the EPRDF!
    God bless Ethiopia!

  34. teddy says:

    ayiii Dawit !

    Dilwenberu ? is that your pen name or field name ? you continued to be EPRDF mouth in the name of free independent media.

  35. Fedbab says:

    አቶ አለምነው መኮነን በተናገሩት ነገር ትልቅ ነገር ለመፍተር የሚፈልጉ ሰዎች እንዳሉ ግልጽ ነው፡፡ ግን እኮ አቶ አለምነው እኮ የጀመሩት › በውጪ የሚኖሩ ‹ ብለው ነው ለምንድነው ይህን መገንዘብ ያቃተን

  36. wedi nakfa says:

    Shaebia is a by word for all those weak people who do nothing but blame every thing on some one else.
    If you guys think Shaebia is every where, I beg you to serach your innards and look carefully shaebia might be making you to puke!!!lol

  37. Tolossa says:

    You are fully filled with hate against Amhara people.
    I htink Amhara never did bad to the other parts of ethiopia.

    Let me tell you one thing, I am sure you are a proud orthodox fellower and saying that have you ever a priest in your region? Thanks to Amhara they send us priest to serve us.

    I am from oromia region, at least my family and I know all the talks and walks.

    But the Amharas are the only people in Ethiopia that they don’t care for your tribes, even the only who can get married with others.

    But you are opening your big shit mouth, dirty….just have some kolo before opening it that much.

    Don’t use ladies nick instead be your own person.

    • mekdes says:

      Tolosa they send the priest to you so you are very grateful!surprising!wow!
      you are ridgt I am orthodox christian but i don’t expect for the priests to come only from Amhara region? why not you ? i like to see bishop with name Tolosa 🙂 🙂 For instance Abune Tolosa patriarch of the Ethiopian orthodox church 🙂 🙂 why not ? God loves us equally!!He loves all languages equally :)I love Bistuh wekidus Abune Tolosa 🙂 This will happen very soon.no doubt .God stands for Truth! because God himself is the Truth!

      I am sure you are not Tolosa and also please please don’t insult. are you ill matured duriye? be careful and disciplined . I understand you can’t be more than who you are!!Most probably you are kuli diaspora!!

      • mamush says:

        ሁሉ በሽታኛ ሁሉም ራሴን ባይ፤
        ከቤታችን ደህና መጥፈቱ ነዉ ወይ፡፡
        ከበጋና መዝሙር መሰለኝ የሰማሁት? ምነዉ እዚህ ድረ-ገጽ ላይ ደህና ሰዉ ጠፋ ወገን?
        Are you the former writer on this forum? If so, you have been giving better comments on this forum; but nowadays your comments are a little bit annoying? I don’t know how long it takes to practice civility in our interactions? I don’t think that you have failed in Civics and relative subjects at School. What happen to you my buddy?
        “You like to see bishop with name Tolosa For instance Abune Tolosa patriarch of the Ethiopian orthodox church” and then you want to see ቅዳሴ in oromo language in all orthodox churches? This is not surprising; during my field work, I have got the opportunity to visit most of Oromia region, I have heard this in the western zone of Wollega and somewhere else.
        I expect your civilized comment in the future hoping that you will not insult me.

  38. Ayshalem soy says:

    @ Dilwenberu
    Please man up! Stop the frivolous attempt to spin your way out of this debacle. In attempting to sugarcoat - defending the indefensible, You risk sounding preposterous and totally detached from reality in my humble opinion. Unless, it may be that you are seeing things, why not call a spade - just that, a spade.

    It’s high time to turn course. This boundless, blind pursuit to discredit those who disagree with your view may one day find you in a ditch from which you may find it hard to reverse course. Unless, it may be that you are seeing things.

    What’s to be gained by denigrating a major segment of the population that one’s considered part of and also called to defend? How can you lead like that, to what end? You, Mr. Dilwenberu, this’s what you stood for to defend by casting aspersion when the facts clearly speak for themselves. You may continue to preach to the faithful (hateful crowd lacking every semblance of sensibility) saying all is well for awhile. Soon, you will find out there have not been any new converts joining the camp of no ‘new ideas’. I find it exceptionally worrisome that the camp of ‘no new ideas’ may soon reach a dead end, after all the dice cast, o it’s now becoming more apparent that “the emperor has no cloth”.

    For the rational mind, what can be more dangerous than a leader abrogating his sacred constitutional oath acting irresponsibly against people whom he seeks to represent? Addressing the growing pain and plight of its people with ‘one size fits all’ approach in the face of national travesties as evidenced by the current trials and tribulations. Why continue to give a deaf ear and hasten not to uphold the time-tested democratic principle - government of the people by the people for the people.

  39. Hena says:

    They want EPRDF to dismiss him because he is
    True EPRFite . In fact it shows the oppositions lack of policy .
    Instead , they blindly try their luck when ever they see
    Opportunity , EPRDF sets their agenda !
    Mageris Hula !

  40. semanawi says:

    Ethnic slurs and stereotyipical slunders are not acceptable and anyone caught committing such ignboble acts should be held responsible for the crime. However, Ato Alemnew Mekonnen is innocent until proven guilty. It is not at all fair to use evidence propagated by such lynch mobs as ESAT and Ethiopian review to persecute Mr. Mekonnen. Due process of law should take its own course to indict or absolve Mr. Mekonnen in a court of law. As far as EPRDF is concerned it has exhibited admirable moderation and political discretion by refraining from cracking down on the Bahr Dar demonstrators. The people have exercised their right to a peacefull protest and their rally has come and gone without an incident of violence by law enforcement. The devil’s advocates in the diaspora have been very disappointed by this development because EPRDF has not provided ESAT and some perverted professors in the diaspora, the fodder they need to blow ther turmpets of gloom and doom and smear campaigns from a safe distance These devils advocates are not going to like that the protest has transpired without an incident just as they do not appreciate the construction of the Nile River Dam, the light train project in Addis and practically any development effort that the Ethiopian government is undertaking to improve the quality of life of Ethiopians. Under these circumstances it is very hard to say that the antagonists of the Ethiopian government stand for the well being of the Ethiopian people. Their main focus seems to be grabbing power from the EPRDF in order to run the country after the fashion of the feudal system role models that got a big hit first by the Derg and now remain burried 100 meters below ground level for good with no chance to cheer and resuciate anachronistic political values and norms.

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