Official: Ethiopia to begin generating electricity next year from the Grand Renaissance Dam


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  1. Hermi says:

    It shall be done! We will keep the promise alive! please enjoy the song.

  2. john says:

    what a good news nice job our government long live to Ethiopia !!gnbot 7 & esat go to hill !!”

  3. Mekdes says:

    Elil Elil bey Ethiopia, God is great Ethiopia will be power hub of Africa. Please Diaspora Elites stop associating with Enemies of Ethiopia. I am so happy of EPRDF delivering it’s promise for Ethiopians.

  4. Ermi says:

    Is it from Tekeze dam?

  5. solomon says:

    Banda Esat rodio dosnt like to see any good news from ethiopia .because they loose many from their master shibia banda essayass..
    Banda esat rodio spend all night with banda shibia and egypt in the morning they roll them self with ehiopian flag and they fake cray.
    GimatM gunbet 7 is shooe liker of shibia and egypt .
    Hodam Brhanu nega
    Essayass secund wife wozero edalkachew tsge.
    Ember wozero tsge a bich.

  6. getaneh says:

    what a victory ……telek nebern telek enhonalen

  7. seyoum777 says:

    A sad story to the Opposition and the so called “free press”, who jointly are bent on discrediting all the government efforts to rid of poverty and backwardness from Ethiopia.

    When Melese declared his determination to build a dam on river Abay….They object. When unused arable land is given to foreign investors…..They object.

    The Addis light train project is under way now and the opposition and the so called “free Press” lamented regarding the temporary traffic jam created as a result of this project.

    As for myself I am tired of your excessive and irrational objection. You are indeed a pitiful creature.

    I congratulate the Ethiopian people on the Third Anniversary of the commencement of the Renaissance Dam. Ethiopia is indeed rising.

  8. Dee says:

    What about the other dams? Isn’t Uganda building one? And other countries? Aren’t there going to be several dams on the Nile?

    • Solomon says:

      Yes Africa is rising brother .Those Banda este Rodio and Banda Hodam Brehanu nega and Banda wozora tsige (edarkachew)banda essayass chwawas like it or not .
      Go Ethiopian don’t look back.
      When I say this . I am not naive that i knows there a let of prabelem in ethiopia.some of the prabelems are so sever we need to takel them now.
      Like poverty,youth unemployment.water .
      God bless Ethiopian with its all people!!!

  9. Sam says:

    Ethiopia should not have an obligation to respect “the 1959 agreement.” But Zadig’s optimism “two turbines at the plant will start producing 750 megawatts of power during the Ethiopian calendar years that begin September 11, depending on the rainfall patterns” is far-fetched. Filling the dam requires considerable time. If Ethiopia opts to fill the dam very soon the water flow to Egypt will significantly decrease, and that automatically be an impetus to rally Egyptians behind their government. And doubtless that the Egyptian government will leave no stone unturned to sabotage the building of the dam. Does Zadig make the statement as an election eve propaganda while fully aware the impossibility of his belief being materialized by the time he mentioned? That is a plausible assumption. But is that wise to try to make the dam issue political while it is necessary to have Ethiopians of every political persuasions behind the construction of the dam to counteract that of Egyptians’ interest of undermining it? I do not think it is wise. However the statement of Zadig’s has a qualifier. He said “depending” of the water pattern producing 750 megawatt will be possible with the aforementioned time . That tells me he knows it will not happen with the time frame he gave. It is an a political strategy tailored to buy political support before the coming election. But I say making the building of the dam issue partisan might serve for the short term political interest of EPDRF, but undermines the goal of building the dam successfully. EPDRF should have tried and will try to make the dam issue an Ethiopian issue. I do not see that is happening. The time will come when the EPDRF politicos regret this short-sightedness.

  10. Yakob says:


    -(The Western based Diaspora oppositions and the calling of Semayawi party leader to US)

    Violence and Terror: The Ukrainian and Colombian Road to Empire Building

    Coups for export: US has history of supporting anti-govt upheavals

    -Violence and Terror: The Ukrainian and Colombian Road to Empire Building -Next Ethiopia is on the agenda.

    -(The Western based Diaspora oppositions and the calling of Semayawi party leader to US)

    Semayawi Party chairman barred from boarding flight to the United States (Article from Ethiomedia and Ethiopian Review)

    by OBANG » 21 Mar 2014, 21:55

    March 21, 2014 - Semayawi Party Chaiman Yilkal Getnet was barred from boarding his flight to the United States on Friday, March 21 at Addis Ababa airport. He was scheduled to fly to the US to attend a fellowship program of the Young African Leaders Initiative of the United States State Department. Ato Yilkal was told to see a TPLF supervisor by airport crew right before boarding time where he was told he would not be flying. His luggage was unloaded from the plane and he stayed at the airport for more than 3 hours thereafter questioned by TPLF agents. He has returned back to his home after 2:00am local time Saturday. 

    ( The slaw encroachment of the not US dependent Ethiopian defence force in the name game of military cooperation against US created terrorism)

    -(The Western based Diaspora oppositions and the calling of Semaiawy party leader to US.

    -By rendering democratic processes impossible and by overthrowing independent, democratically elected governments, Washington is making wars and violent upheavals inevitable.

    The two paths to 21st century empire-building-via-proxies are illustrated through the violent seizure of power in the Ukraine by a US-backed junta and the electoral gains of the US-backed Colombian war lord, Alvaro Uribe.  We will  describe the ‘mechanics’ of US intervention in the domestic politics of these two countries and their profound external effects – that is how they enhance imperial power on a continent-wide basis.
    Political Intervention and Proxy Regimes:  Ukraine
                The conversion of the Ukraine into a US-EU vassal state has been a prolonged process which involved large scale, long term financing, indoctrination and recruitment of cadres, organization and training of politicos and street fighters and, above all, a capacity to combine direct action with electoral politics.
                Seizing power is a high stakes game for empire:  (1) Ukraine, in the hands of clients, provides a NATO with a military springboard into the heart of the Russian Federation; (2) Ukraine’s industrial and agricultural resources provide a source of enormous wealth for Western investors and (3) Ukraine is a strategic region for penetrating the Caucuses and beyond.
                Washington invested over $5 billion dollars in client-building, mostly in ‘Western Ukraine’, especially in and around Kiev, focusing on ‘civil society groups’ and malleable political parties and leaders.  By 2004, the initial US political ‘investment’ in regime change culminated in the so-called ‘Orange Revolution’ which installed a short-lived pro-US-EU regime.  This, however, quickly degenerated amidst major corruption scandals, mismanagement and oligarchical pillage of the national treasury and public resources leading to the conviction of the former-Vice President and the demise of the regime.  New elections produced a new regime, which attempted to secure ties with both the EU and Russia via economic agreements, while retaining many of the odious features (gross endemic corruption) of the previous regime.  The US and EU, having lost thru democratic elections, relaunched their ‘direct action organizations’ with a new radical agenda.  Neo-fascists seized power and established a dictatorial junta through violent demonstrations, vandalism, armed assaults and mob action.  The composition of the new post-coup junta reflected two sides of the US-backed political organizations: (1) neo-liberal politicos for managing economic policy and forging closer ties with NATO, (2) and neo-fascists/violent nationalists to impose order by force and fist, and crush pro-Russian Crimean ‘autonomists’ and ethnic Russians and other minorities, especially in the industrialized south and east.
                Whatever else may ensue, the coup and the resultant junta is fully subordinated to and dependent on the will of Washington:  claims of Ukrainian ‘independence’ notwithstanding.  The junta proceeded to purge the elected and appointed government officials affiliated with the political parties of the previous democratic regime and to persecute its supporters.  Their purpose is to ensure that subsequent managed elections will provide a pretense of legitimacy, and elections will be limited to two sets of imperial clients:  the neo-liberals, (self-styled “moderates”) and the neo-fascists dubbed as “nationalists”.
                Ukraine’s road to imperialist power via a collaborator regime illustrates the various instruments of empire building: (1) the use of imperial state funds, channeled through NGOs, to political front groups and the build-up of a ‘mass base’ in civil society;  (2) the financing of mass direct action leading to a coup (‘regime change’); (3) the imposition of neo-liberal policies by the client regime; (4) imperial financing of the re-organization and regroupment of mass direct action groups after the demise of the first client regime; (5) the transition from protest to violent direct action as the major backdrop to the extremist sectors (neo-fascists) organizing the seizure of power and purge of the opposition; (6)  organizing an ‘international media campaign’ to prop up the new junta while demonizing domestic  and international opposition (Russia) and (7)  political power centralized in the hands of the junta, convoking “managed elections” limited to the victory of one or the other pro-imperial pro-junta candidates.
                In summary, empire-builders operate on several/levels: violent and electoral; social and political; and with selected incumbents and rivals committed to one strategic aim:  the seizure of state power and the conversion of the ruling elite into willing vassals of empire.
    Colombia’s Deathsquad Democracy: Centerpiece of the Imperial Advance in Latin America
                In the face of a continent-wide decline of US influence in Latin America, Colombia stands out as a constant bulwark of US imperial interests:  (1) Colombia signed a free trade agreement with the US; (2) provided seven military bases and invited thousands of US counter-insurgency operatives; and (3) collaborated in building large-scale paramilitary death squads prepared for cross border raids against Washington’s arch enemy Venezuela.
                Colombia’s ruling oligarchy and military have been able to resist the wave of massive democratic, national and popular social upheavals and electoral victories that gave rise to the post-neo-liberal states in Brazil, Argentina, Venezuela, Ecuador, Bolivia, Paraguay and Uruguay.
    While Latin America has moved toward ‘regional organizations’  excluding the US, Colombia strengthened its ties to the US through bilateral agreements.  While Latin America reduced its dependence on US markets, Colombia expanded its commercial ties.  While Latin America reduced their military ties to the Pentagon, Colombia tightened them.  While Latin America moved toward greater social inclusion by increasing taxes on foreign multinational corporations, Colombia lowered corporate taxes.  While Latin America expanded land settlements for its landless rural populations, Colombia displaced over 4 million peasants as part of the US-designed ‘scorched earth’ counter-insurgency policy.
    Colombia’s “exceptional” unwavering submission to US imperial interests is rooted in several large-scale, long-term programs developed in Washington.  In 2000, President ‘Bill’ Clinton committed the US to a $6 billion dollar counter-insurgency program (Plan Colombia) which greatly increased the brutal repressive capacity of the Colombian elite to confront the popular grass roots movements of peasants and workers.  Along with arms and training, US Special Forces and ideologues entered Colombia to develop military and paramilitary terror operations – aimed primarily at penetrating and decimating political opposition and civil society social movements and assassinating activists and leaders.  The US-backed Alvaro Uribe, notorious narco-trafficker and the very personification of a ruthless imperial vassal, became president over a ‘Death-Squad Democracy’.
                President Uribe further militarized Colombian society, savaged civil society movements and crushed any possibility of a popular democratic revival, such as were occurring throughout the rest of Latin America.  Thousands of activists, trade unionists, human rights workers and peasants were murdered, tortured and jailed.
                The ‘Colombian System’ combined the systematic use of para-militarism (death squads) to smash local and regional trade union and peasant opposition and the technification and massification of the military (over 300,000 soldiers) in fighting the popular insurgency and ‘emptying the countryside’ of rebel sympathizers.  Large-scale multi-billion dollar drug trafficking and money laundering formed the ‘financial glue’ to cement a tight relationship among oligarchs, politicos, bankers and US counter-insurgency advisers – creating a terrifying high-tech police state bordering Venezuela, Ecuador and Brazil – countries with substantial popular mass movements.
                The same state terror machinery, which decimated the pro-democracy social movements, has protected, promoted and participated in ‘stage-managed elections’, the hallmark of Colombia as a “death squad democracy”.
                Elections are held under a vast overlapping network of military bases, where death squads and drug traffickers occupied towns and villages intimidating, terrorizing and ‘corrupting’ the electorate.  The only ‘safe’ protest in this repressive atmosphere has been voter abstention. Electoral outcomes are pre-ordained: oligarchs never lose in deathsquad democracies, they are the empire’s most trusted vassals.
                The cumulative effects of the decade and a half-long bloody purge of Colombian civil society by Presidents Uribe and his successor, Santos, have been to eliminate any consequential electoral opposition.  Washington has achieved its ideal:  a stable vassal state; a large-scale and obedient military; an oligarchy tied to US corporate elites; and a tightly-controlled ‘electoral’ system that never permits the election of a genuine opponent.
                The March 2014 Colombian elections brilliantly illustrate the success of US strategic intervention in collaboration with the oligarchy:  The vast majority of the electorate, over two-thirds, abstained, demonstrating the absence of any real legitimacy among the eligible voters.  Among those who ‘voted’, ten percent submitted ‘spoiled’ or blank ballots.  Voter abstention and ballot-spoilage was especially high in the rural regions and working class areas which had been subject to state terror.
                Given the intense state repression, the mass of voters decided that no authentic pro-democracy party would have any chance and so refused to legitimize the process.  The 30% who actually voted were largely urban middle and upper class Colombians and residents in some rural areas completely controlled by narco-terrorists and the military  where ‘voting’ may have been ‘compulsory’.  Of a total of 32 million eligible voters in Colombia, 18 million abstained and another 2.3 million submitted spoiled ballots.  The two dominant oligarchical coalitions led by President Santos and ex-President Uribe received only 2.2 million and 2.05 million  votes respectively, a fraction of the number who abstained  (14 million).  In this widely scorned electoral farce, the center-left and left parties made a miserable showing.  Colombia’s electoral system puts a propaganda veneer on dangerous, highly-militarized vassal state primed to play a strategic role in US plans to “reconquer” Latin America.
                Two decades of systematic terror, financed by a six-billion dollar militarization program, has guaranteed that Washington will not encounter any substantial opposition in the legislature or presidential palace in Bogota.  This is the ‘acrid, gunpowder-tinged smell of success’ for US policymakers:  violence is the midwife of the vassal state.  Colombia has been turned into the springboard for developing an US-centered trade bloc and a military alliance to undermine Venezuela’s Bolivarian regional alliances, such as ALBA and Petro Caribe as well as Venezuela’s national security.  Bogota will try to influence neighboring right and center-left regimes pushing them to embrace of the US Empire against Venezuela.
                Large-scale, long-term subversion and organization in Ukraine and Colombia, as well as the funding of paramilitary and civil society organizations (NGO) has enabled Washington to: (1) construct strategic allies, (2) build ties to oligarchs, malleable politicians and paramilitary thugs and (3) apply political terrorism for their seizure of state power.  The imperial planners have thus created “model states” – devoid of consequential opponents and ‘open’ to sham elections among rival vassal politicians.
                Coups and juntas, orchestrated by longstanding political proxies, and highly militarized states run by ‘Death Squad Executives’ are all legitimized by electoral systems designed to expand and strengthen imperial power.
                By rendering democratic processes and peaceful popular reforms impossible and by overthrowing independent, democratically elected governments, Washington is making wars and violent upheavals inevitable.
    Do we need US and Obamas preaching to lead our home land Ethiopia?
    Any Ethiopian political party who is planning to take power by coup using USAID is an Enemy of Ethiopia.
    Zerea Ethiopia( Dagna)

  11. Mekdes says:

    Yakob the Shabiya why you are taking our spce man? No one.will watch your Eritrean websistes please don’t do that. No one need to read the Eritrean Review except you the Shabiyas. We aare not talking about powerr monger Yilikal or Obang Meto, we arr talking aboutb our future Abay’s Hiddasse Gidib. We don’t realy care if yilikal meta almeta obang met hede alhede. So what is your say about Hiddse Dam?

  12. SomaliMan says:

    Dear All,
    The people opposing the good news from Ethiopia the enemy of poor people of our country. As far I am concerned , the leftover of Haile Sillasie, Derg and spending 40 and more in Diaspora are the number enemy of Ethiopia; the rest of Ethiopian nations and nationalities should fight back and help to put Ethiopia on the limelight.
    We have historical responsibilities to help our country. EPRDF should introduce a democratic system, but we would join them to develop the country and support to fight back Shabya and Egypt .
    Moreover, Ethiopia will backpedal with the stooges of ex regimes and its so-called Amnesty International and Human rights who were absent from Ethiopian in the days of red terror.

  13. Yakob says:

    MekdesMarch 24, 2014
    Yakob the Shabiya why you are taking our space man? No one.will watch your Eritrean websites please don’t do that. No one need to read the Eritrean Review except you the Shabiyas. We are not talking about power monger Yilikal or Obang Meto, we arr talking about our future Abay’s Hiddasse Gidib. We don’t realy care if yilikal meta almeta obang met hede alhede. So what is your say about Hiddse Dam?

    Mekdes ,
    First I am not shabia and do not taint my holy Ethiopian blood , I am a very conservative Ethiopian, you like it or not.
    I usually do not respond to any comment that is generating from my comment, however I will answer your question of what I am saying about Hiddase Dame (GERD)?

    I can tell you that like many true Ethiopians I am overwhelmed by joy when it was officially announced at the site, and also like many Ethiopians I shade tears of joy when the Abay river was diverted since God ever created it to make way for the completion of the Great Dame, with it announcing the rise of our home land Ethiopia to greatness.

    I am not taking your space, this is an open forum to all Ethiopians including the opposition. It absolutely you choice what website you read, I personally read all news that is concerned Ethiopia directly or indirectly, I follow international current events and I use every opportunity to weed any negative comments or intentions toward Ethiopia and post it in any available media means. I am not close minded and I am not a follower of any party/Party leader or political doctrine. I can not say Ethiopian review is an Eritrean stooge but I can tell you that, it is my belief that Ethiopian review like ESAT is serving Ethiopian enemies beyond Eritrea. (read the article I copied and posted) Ethiopian enemies are more determined to destabilize Ethiopia more than ever and that is why the Semayawi party leader was heading to washington to get his $$$$ for swearing to sell his country by importing ciaos, same like the current nazi leaders of Ukraine and Colombia. If you want to know your enemy we have to understand their game and plot, to do that you have to follow every step of their movement other wise you will be caught by doom surprise. Open your mind and simply see through every event as it unfolds.
    For some reason I like the Editor of Awrambatime, I am glad he made it back home where all things mater most, and also for giving a chance for you and me to say our thoughts. I suggest we support him in any way we can to continue his good work so far, (Now pleas don’t accuse me I am woyane either)
    God bless you my dear compatriot Mekdes, by triggering a chance to say my thoughts.
    Zera Ethiopia.

  14. Beza says:

    South Sudanese delegation led by defence minister Kuol Manyang Juuk visted the Egyptian capital, Cairo.

    Juuk was accompanied by his national security counterpart, Gen. Mabuto Mamur Mate, the deputy director for military intelligence and South Sudan’s ambassador to Egypt.

    The defence minister is said to have held a meeting with the Egyptian president, Adil Mansour during which he delivered to the latter a “special message” from his South Sudanese counterpart, Salva Kiir.

    He also extended his appreciation to Egypt for the cooperation and investments, which have contributed towards strengthening the existing ties between the two countries.

    During the meeting, Juuk reportedly assured the Egyptians of his country’s commitment to remain its significant partner in the development of mutual interests for the benefit of citizens from both countries.

  15. Seyoum says:

    The safety and development in general the future of Ethiopia depends on how well the Ethiopian diplomats are doing their jobs right now. Despite the claim of TPLF that the federal system has equally protected the rights of ‘nations and nationalities’, the political and economic power is fundamentally controlled by Tigayans who use the cultural differences in the country to their divide and rule strategy. In the past, Ghinbot 7 and Esat Television were exposing the Tigrean monopoly of almost all positions in the Ministry of Defence, security apparatus and foreign diplomatic missions. Exposing the people who are in control of real power in the country helps to increase the awareness of the public about the nature of the apartheid like regime in Ethiopia. Ghnbot 7 and Esat as well as other democratic organizations need to continue working on this important issue. One of the federal institutions that are entirely controlled by the Tigay elites is the Ministry of Foreign Affairs. Among the top fifteen departments of the ministry, Tigreans control at least eight of them. Does it mean that there are no Ethiopians from other ethnic groups who can carry out such responsibilities? Where is the diversity that TPLF cries day and night?

    New appointments in Ethiopian Cabinet

    1. Tewodros Adhanom, Minister of Foreign Afaairs- Tigre

    2. Berhane Gebre-Christo, State Minister of Foreign Afffairs-Tigre

    3. Ambassador Negash Kibret,Director General for International Organizations-Tigre

    4. Ambassador Grum Abay,Director General For European Affairs- Tigre

    5. Ato Mihreteab Mulugeta ,Chief of Protocol-Tigre

    6. Ato Zewdu Gebreweld,Head of the ICT Center- Tigre

    7. Gebremichale Gebre Tsadik ,Director General for Plan and Budge-Tigre

    8. Dr. Desta Woldeyohannes, Head of the Office of Women’s Affairs-Tigre

    In conclusion only TPLF got the power to sink Ethiopia or to save Ethiopia. No diasporas dollar will mean anything unless TPLF diplomats handle the case in hand in a civilized manner.

  16. ዲነግዴ says:

    የምርጫ ቅስቀሳው በይፋ ተጀመረ kkikiikikkikikkikikiki

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