Interview: Yared Tibebu on the 40th anniversary of the 1974 revolution


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4 Responses

  1. Tesfa Michael says:

    Great story! Revolutions rarely accomplish all their targeted goals. So it was no surprise that the Yekatit abyot did not fulfill all the dreams & hopes of those young Ethiopians, including yourself. I was too young when the revolution took place (I was a class mate of one of your younger sister (Senait)) in Ras Abebe Aregai school & in Uni after that) but I am one of those who have high respect for that generation, may be not so much about all their ideals but for their determination & willingness to pay this ultimate price. I can not hide my admiration when you said that although the country may not afford to host two revolutions in a person’s life time that you would have still willingly joined if it were to come again. I too would have felt the same way. What is lacking now is that same level of passion.the respected Ato Tibebu if I may ask - a person of your caliber who took all those steps and was willing to give his life is now begging those in power to visit his mother land? Why don’t you just go & pat the required price, if that would mean going to jail. If you were willing to joint a replay of the revolution why are you not pay the price to visit Arada - your and my home village. Any way - rest assured that we respect you sacrifice!!!

  2. Lemma Amare says:

    Tesfa Michael
    With all due respect, I do not share opinion regarding Yared Tibebu(Jebessa). First of all, he is opportunist and secondly he is a traitor who deserted the cause principles to struggle for his country and his people. He was a member of the top rank and file of the EPDM later ANDM. As an opportunist and traitor he tragically miscalculated and lost somewhere. What is the use of begging to go back to Ethiopia? None sense.

  3. Danay says:

    Yes, I remember him very well. I knew him while he was with the EPRP and later with the splinter group of the EPDM. He was one of the founders and a cc member of this splinter group(ANDM) which is now one of the four big ruling organizations in the EPRDF. Yared was assigned to work as head of the foreign affairs committee of EPDM/ANDM head quartered in the USA. I met him in Khartoum and then in the USA before he left for the USA. He was brilliant and conversant indeed. It was him who injected the spirit of struggle in me for the first time. I joined the EPRDF and participated in promoting the ideals of the organization. But later on I heard he deserted his organization. I could not believe this but it happened. It was a great miscalculation on the part of him to leave his organization. Had he continued in his organization, I am 99% sure, he would have been the PM of the country. From what I have heard and understood about him, he got despaired because the protracted war took so long. Not only that, he joined his old comrades who deserted the EPRP before him - they were those who said it was easy to move Mt Dashen aside than the Derg. I am sorry, though I respect him as a person, it was a tragic decision he made to betray his beloved comrades and walk around with the useless menaces called opposition.

  4. Aabebech says:

    The 1974 revolution in Ethiopia has brought land mark changes to Ethiopia. Feudal relations ended, nationalities came on the history stage, workers right enacted, etc,
    For all these achievement the leading entity was the organized soldiers under the Derg. But EPRP was the the opposite of those achievements. Ato Yared ca not claim those achievements. He did not struggle for them, his party was anti Eth. Revolution.

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