I will retire in 2015 and probably teach at the leadership academy: Meles Zenawi


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10 Responses

  1. Tokechaw says:

    What can this person teach to others? It is a shame for a person of that stupid personality to think of teaching leadership. Is he really leading????? Poor guy, he doesn’t know himself. Stupid…

  2. solomon says:

    Death to Melese Zenawi the crime Minister.

    No direct relationship b/n democracy and development ????Ahaaaa KKKKKKK .You will not be teaching in any place on earth.Your place will be jail for the rest of your life.Stupid Son of a beach.

  3. Abraham Mebratu says:

    I bet you Meles will continue to dictate things after 2015…EPRDF has no body with brains except Meles…The Rest of them are just donkey’s from the jungle.

  4. qelemu says:

    Those who lack intelligence can only believe in hating or insulting others. You cant even spell correctly yet you think you are better than him.

  5. Eliyahu says:

    In the first place Meles is not the PM of Ethiopia, he is the leader of TPLF. He has got nothing to do with Ethiopia and Ethiopians. He is a servant of his masters. He is LAb rat. Meles objective is to destroy Ethiopian, keep Ethiopians poor all the time. War on terror game of America will keep him on power forever. What on terror business will not help anyone including USA. For How long war terror will be used as False Flag operation to colonize every country? One way talk of democracy and human right at same time keeping a total despot like Meles.

  6. gobena says:

    What he teaches is what he has experianced. Selling a country, corruption, frustrating people, divide and rule, compromise on your border and interest of the country for powerand money, lie, cheat, silent killing or assassination, enjoy poverty,feed false numbers, recruite loyal educated moraless intellectuals, getting richer at the cost of millions of people, how one race is better than other race…..

  7. T.Goshu says:

    Here we go folks! The very meaning of his interest after his “retirement” ,i.e. to be an instructor or teacher at “leadership academy” clearly shows that his tyrannical minority ruling circle -TPLF will contiune holding its evil-guided political power ,and he will continue his ruthless political drama behaind the curtain. Whose academy is that and what kind of leadership ? Is he telling us that he is going to teach how to keep his politics of cynically arrogant , hatred ,and divid and attack and rule?? There is no doubt he will do any thing he can to make sure that he will be the defacto head of goverment , comandor-in chief , and etc. unless the people of Ethiopia force his ruling circle either to negotiate with the opposition forces and make credible national reconciliation or to step aside without doing more damage to our country.

  8. KELKELO says:

    I support Crime Minister’s 100% & here is what
    1) On Oppoistion & Democracy : we have opposition parties most of which are still being led by old timers who are detached from reality & think Woyane will step dawn peacefully
    2) On the Army: Ethiopia has army that is led by selected few from the “Golden Race ” the rest us must be made of “Silver or Copper Race” according to Woyane ideology
    3) On Nomadic Pasturisation : Woyane is Nomadic hayna by its nature so it’s should be allowed
    4) On Eritrea : That is Meles Mother country so its non of my business
    5) On Gadaffi: Ende Gadaffi Aykerem Teffi !
    6) on Hos own Future : I believe he can teach at DEDEBIT UNIVERsiTY. But he should know that I he will face ICC for all the crimes against Haumaniity but there is no punishment comparable to Meles’s crime
    7) On Corruption in Africa: Wouane is the Garnd Fahther of all corruptions
    8) On Democracy: this is a scary word for Dectator Meles but Ethiooians will prevail & we will be free of Woyane suppression

    God Bless Brave Ethioiand such as :
    Eskinder Nega
    Woubshet Taye
    Reyot Alemu
    Temesgen Desalegn
    Abebe Gelaw


  9. Tefera says:

    Meles and his government are notorious liars; so what will we expect from such kind of rubbish interviews. Read and hear wht they said recently about the brave ETHIOPAN Abebe Gelaw; only pure lies.
    The history of the TPLF-Woyanes (Tigrayans) is a history of a lie and deceive. I am sure that the bastard wants to stay as a president for the whole of his life. But fortunately, the Ethiopian people are on the march towards victory and the beggars will be removed once and for all. And then Meles will teach corruption in the hell. Here on the earth, there is no place for such people.
    Meles and his wife (the mother of corruption) are one of the most corrupt people on the planet.
    How long will he live in hiding from the people. As we all know, he moves in a bullet proof cars and delivers speech in a bullet proof glass box.
    Ethiopians are saying in a unisome: “Mr.Beggar, we do not want you.”

    In this occasion, I would like to call for all Tigrayans to join hands in removing the bastards, unless they will soon face the tragedy of Rwanda. I am warning you, the time is very near.It can be tomorrow.
    Ethiopia must be ruled by the majority ethnic groups (Oromos amd Amaras).
    Where are you UNIVERSITY STUDENTS?????? Give them the last punch and free your people. Join the demonstration of our Moslem brothers in Addis Abeba. The time has never been suitable to send the beggars home.

  10. Teklle Selasie says:

    Guys how we liberate our country from woyane and get freedom? Woyane is anti-Ethiopia. We need action, without blood our country can not heal.We have to get rid of woyane/TPLF.

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