Portuguese Mariano Barreto appointed as head coach of Ethiopian team


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3 Responses

  1. Tn. says:

    Holand can’t even build a dry port! They screwed-up a contact given to them in erhiopia. My stance is that one who can’t build shouldn’t be able to determine culture. But here we go again totaly hypnotized, our perception so altered to try play a game others do where a bulk of the results, markets, revenue goes to Europe.
    Amnew stadium should consider a Saturday game but the court size reduced to half the total area. The game is played for 3 hrs. Each team can sub anytime, and has a store of 18 players 12 as sub. 6 on the field. Shegoye dancers, belly dancers and what have you will be cheering the teams on the sides. Raw meat, honey wine, and what have you will also be available at store stands. All in all the game should be a festive occasion overall designed to entertain win or loose any team of interest. The truth is, no body enjoys watching soccer as it is. Germans have conditioned us to learn to like a game designed to their advantage. A redesigned game will have a much bigger global appeal because: first, it is similar to the way we grow up playing and, second, is geared towards holistic entertainment rather than a stressful, germanic goal oriented type of event.

  2. Abe says:

    Ethiopian soccer has a long way to catch up even by African standard.
    The unexpected qualification for African cup was both out of sheer luck and a exceptional moral uplifting by coach Sewnet Bishaw.
    We need to work from bottom-up and focus on the children.There should be enough field and clubs for the children to play, as far as I know all the soccer field in the cities are sold to the highest bidder by the Kiray Sebsabi governments.

    The best coach,even Sir Alex Ferguson would not fetch a result.It is a wast of money.
    I think,
    1* The federation should be run by knowledgeable soccer enthusiast not Politicians/party reps. as is the case now.
    2* We should invest early and heavily on the youth and children not on national teams.

  3. DESTA says:

    anyway it is better to help the national team all of us shoulde be on the side of the new coach. GOD BLESS ETHIOPIA FOREVER!!

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