Ben predicts light at the end of the tunnel (Video)


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24 Responses

  1. BiNiam says:

    Poor guy, he doesn’t know what he talks about.

    Even a propagandist might not be like this poor and stupid boy.

  2. Tn. says:

    Errrrrriiiiiiiiiiii Beluuuuuuu lol
    I was wondering how they came up with it. Now i know that it has a historical context. Albeit there are a myriad improvable ssues, I wonder though why demonstration is taken as a FIRST resort. Shouldn’t they have written/or put a collective petition to their respective CITY and PARLIAMENTARY representatives to get answers to their specific questions before jumping the gun and calling a demonstration? Unanswered petitions or letters can be a cause for demonstration and a baseline for defeating an EPRDF candidate in an election. It seems to me however that these special issue candidates don’t know or don’t want to acknowledge that there is a representative body to go to before calling a demonstration
    and/or as some are aspousing launching a revolution.
    Special issues such as traffic congestion and the more critical issue of urban inflation are valid, correctable points of public grivance that the opposition opt to challenge EPRDF to come-up with a solution. It however needs to go through the appropriate parliamentary/city channels before it is taken to a demonstration. It seems to me that the opposition is more interested in the political utility of the issue more than solving the issue that is causing public grievance, and as such if the designation of a 3rd or 4th party candidate might even be misplaced? After all special issues candidates are passionate and are dedicated for life around the issues they aspouse. Case in point is green peace & PITA that are now international.

  3. dude says:

    Ok Mr woyane barking dog. We heard u.we have seen your interview with meles also. U were a real kiss ass. R u building something in addis? Afraid woyane will take it from u? Be very afraid of ethiopian ppl. Not woyane. They will run back to their caves when ethiopians rise up. U will probably run back to the usa. Don’t worry we will be waiting for u there too.i wish you were man enough to go to woyane prison and expose what woyanes are doing to innocent ppl in prison. Can u do that u little female dog?

    • Weredekal says:

      Dude! you sound like one of the Derg cadres who were slaughtering young Ethiopians. Man! Grow-up and be civil! There is no need to trash Ben for his personal opinion about the current situation in our country.
      Finally pleas come to your sense that your time is up and you better align with the peaceful young generation otherwise you will be left in the dust.

      • Name (required) says:

        Weredekal, peaceful young generation?? which generation are you talking about? the one killed for peaceful demonstration or jailed for criticizing the gov’t, you make it sound like we are living in Scandinavian.

  4. Bihon says:

    The foul mouth opposition would like to keep every mouth that disagrees with them muzzeled

  5. fetle says:

    a stupid propagandist

  6. fetle says:

    The guy seems to lose sight of the important thing. He seems to be very much content on the new buildings and forget how prime land is being transferred to supporters of the ruling party in the name of development contravening the very Constitution they purportedly try to protect. The constitution make is very clear how land is appropriated from individuals for development which could mean road, school etc which are of beneficial to the whole society and how people are compensated. Now what they are doing is grabbing land from the poor so that their supporters become rich. This is not development. This is a real case of corruption, nepotism, favoritism.

  7. amsalu says:

    Thanks Ben, keep up the good job

  8. Ararso says:

    @biniyam, your insult shows how poor you are too. The saddest thing is that you call urself Benyam while we have genuine Benyams

  9. Mayinib says:

    Ben Hoyisha,

    Be Mote,afer sibelal - what are you doing in Ethiopia? Are you working? if so for who? How much you get paid? If you are self employed, what is your business? Just answer these then we will all know if their is light at the end of the tunnel or more darker tunnels to go through before the nations rids itself of parasites like …. need I say more?

  10. ጦጵያ says:

    ጥያቄ ለቢንያም ከበደ:- usa canada germany french great britain ሌሎችም በጣም ያደጉ አገሮች ውስጥ መንገድ ድልድይ ፎቅ ባቡር: የማይቆራረጥ ውሃ ኤሌክትሪክ ስልክ አቅርቦት: በቂ የትምህርት የጤና ተቋም: ፍትህ የህግ በላይነት: የመጻፍ የመናገር የመደራጀት የመሰብሰብ ነጻነት ዲሞክራሲ ሰፍኗል:: ቢሆንም በነዚህ አገሮች ውስጥ በነጻና በግልጽ ህዝብን ለማስተዳደር ቢያንስ ለ አራት አመታት በህዝብ ድምጽ የሚመረጡ ፓርቲዎች አንዳንዴ የተመረጡበትን አራት ዓምት እንኳን ሳይጨርሱ በፍቃደኝነት ውይም በህዝብ ጥያቄ ተመልሰው ከስልጣን የሚወርዱት:: ለምን??? እስቲ: የፕሮፓጋንዳ ቱልቱላ ወይም ጡሩምባ ከመንፋትህ በፊት ለማን አና ለምን እንደምትናገር ሌላው ሰው መርዳት እንደሚችል መገንዘብ እንዳለብህባ አስብ

  11. Kifle says:

    OMG! Simply the most idiotic analysis I’ve ever heard! To make a point, he is comparing apple to orange! Okay, his family suffer by Dergue and we all have to become. Weyane?

    Non of the past governments represent the interested of Ethiopia’s people, but Weyane is the worst if all. Thanks Dawit for sharing. not!

  12. Dany says:

    Ben ,
    your being enthusiastic and optimistic is quite OK .
    True ,we are witnessing fast development of buildings ,roads ,other infrastructure in front of our eyes . No one can deny that .
    But likewise the danger of being disintegrated(see the statue in Arsi ,recent Oromo University students boycot,eviction of poor Amhara peasants from their land…) , bad governance ,gross corruption are also enhanced in parallel at the same rate.
    If you love your country more than the regime ,you should have addressed the divisive nature of Ethnic politics and the resulting corroding impact of chronic corruption.

  13. Anthony says:

    what is wrong with this guy? look at his video called “New Gonder” same propaganda. we are sick off you are disgusting and sick mind people as Mimi Sibhatu, birhanu Damte other tplf disciples.

  14. Selam says:

    Which light at the end of the tunnel? People like him are the once fighting to keep people in darkness forever. How dare you talk of light when prisons are crowded with journalists and opposition leaders? Development comes with freedom, not by staying in the TPLF tunnel and hoping to see light who knows when. All these nonsense you are producing is pure TPLF propaganda, needless to say more.
    What ever mask you wear including ‘Ethiopia First’ you will never succeed to fool Ethiopians.

  15. Shiromeda says:

    Well there is problem with ruling party and it is a known fact that no party is immune from making mistakes. But I do not understand how our people coming together for common understanding to develop and make prosperous our country. Most of us having Radicalism thought of total opposing of everything which comes from our opponents .Even most intellectuals make criticism blindly without touching the basic problem factors and citing any alternate solution. We need to come half way from both sides i.e. opposition and ruling parties to keep away the country from cloud of fragmentation . I think the biggest problem of our country is having a lot of bully and adventurist politician sand journalists in both camps. These kind of people are always thinking with the smallest radius of their surrounding without having a magnifying glass to see the whole country as one entity and start spitting their venom to expose the country into big danger of dividing and destruction.

  16. Sam says:

    Ben said in Ethiopia “there is a light in the end of the tunnel.” No one can love this tired slogan than those who are intoxicated with their own ideas. Ben is one of them. Because there will be a light Ben could not fathom the very idea of Andent’s party call for mass rally. If there was the need for such mass rally, according to Ben, it was during the Derg’s time. Now, the country seeing the light will be coming the coming demonstration might be considered treason. He did not use the word, but he implied. Ben’s argument fallacy starts when he tried to compare the Derg’s time with EPDRF’s. Such comparison is uncalled for. Time has changed. Communism is soundly defeated. It is time now for information technology. Every country benefits from the information revolution. We do not believe the EPDRFites reside in Mars so they also could be counted among the beneficiaries. Let me put it this way. If the Derg members had came to power twenty-three years ago, could they boast about Stalin’s “Beter?” I say no. When a government, or those who support it, like Ben, use a comparison without taking into account how far the world has travelled for the last twenty-three years their argument sound hollow. Ben’s selective memory is also a problem. He over stressed how the Derg killed the EPRP members. How free press is non-existent during the previous government. But he conveniently forgot about those who were killed by the EPDRF government. He shared his sorrow with the moms whose sons and daughters died under the Derg. For those who were gunned down during the EPDRF regime, sorry moms your sons and daughters do not count. As for the free press he boasted how millions the independent media makes. He selectively forgot about the journalists who languished in prison right now. Maybe he call them terrorists as the government does. If EPDRF believes Ben is the right person to convince some souls, the party chose the wrong guy. He sounds like one of their cadres. The difference is he does not reside in Ethiopia currently.

  17. Yordanos says:

    finally woke up after his masters built as much personal high rises internationally as they wanted.he said it is “morning” kikiki
    I guess some mornings last all day .

    Ethiopians need to be respected as human beings. Ethiopians are not cattle. In the developed world even cattle live in fancy buildings and get light. So Light, train and fancy buildings do not make up for the loss of justice.Note that this so called developmets that finally attracted some attention are being built by donor nations instructions not TPLf’S desire.. in Lideta,Addis Ababa fancy Buildings are eventually made for people like Ben to sleep in while the farmers of Ethiopia are left to eating the feaces of Ben.. They tell us it is only morning because they were asleep leaving like hayenas while the rest of us been awake living in agony.

    Derg kills in front of people and throws the bodies outside while the current government kills and says they commited suicide. In Ethiopia currently the suicide rate is higher than ever. subjecting ownself to HIV to end life is never heard of during Derg time. The suicide rate had not been this high even during foreign invasion times.The peaceful citizens were not disrespected by Saudi Arabians while their diplomats watched the other way during derg time. Actually they were allowed to work and prosper building a strong communiy until the TPLF robbed the Ethiiopian community money from Saudi Arabia.. Foreign debt didnot reach this high in Ethiopia. Ethiopia will never be able to pay off the debt it is incurring now unless they find better deal in selling domestic workers quick. Meaning the international financial institutions are the beneficiaries of this constructions not the ordinary Ethiopians. All over Africa and middle east the anti-Ethiopians sentiment is rising due to the high level poverty and disease they bring when they migrate.. Being an Ethiopian had a value that got reduced to a level even animals are not subjected to,all this due to the Sibat Nekash type of people exporting us as if exporting all our foods and other products were not enough. The land is getting sold in a record level ever. As if selling Eritrea was not enough they continued in selling farm lands to Sudan , giving away indigenous people lands to foreigners and now giving Oromia farm lands to diaspora returneee cadres like Ben and other foreign NGO/spies still like Ben all around Addis Ababa. That is Why this guy do not report how much money the elites spend on their high maintainance lifestyle worldwide. He don’t report how many high rise buildings they own in North America and Europe eventhough he can if he tried. . Trains , freeways are made to steal and loot the ordinary Ethiopians livelihood. Without the remittance we send the number Ethipoians dieing while trying to runaway would have made the country look like an empty football stadium. So please donot waste the diasporas time with your nonsense we got lives to save that your masters are trying to kill. This Ben is disgusting me. .

  18. Behailu Norre says:

    Ben just ignore those dull ill thinkers & keep up telling the truth on the ground. A donkey can not sense the switness of honey. ” let the caravan pass & the dogs bark.

  19. Tedela says:

    Mr Ben,are you ok? The light you see it’s not at the end of tunnel,its the light you see when you friend I do not want to curse you but you lost your soul and that’s when you did saw the light.may god have mercy on your soul for the remaining of your body, I don’t see any hope.

    • Bongo says:

      Mr Ben just like you said about Engineer Gizachew during EHAPA, but now the same thing is happening to you, you are not listening!!! you mentioned about ppl being jailed for distributing flyers and for not agreeing with DERG, HOW ABOUT NOW? why members of Andenet and Semayawi got arrested for distributing flyers???? and FYI most of African countries are already enjoying city trains long before us and no wonder we are doing it now. So what? People shouldn’t exercise their constitutional rights? what you are saying doesn’t make sense

      • Mekdes says:

        Bongo, your dumb analysis doesn’t hold a water. When you see Temesgen’s paper, your retirement time will come and die. EPRDF has inherited 380 megawatts electric power, now this days Ethiopia has almost 4000 megawatts when the hidase gidib is done it will be 10000 megawatts electric power. Your ESEPA did nothing except putting the Ethiopia youth for war.

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