[Must-Watch] Awramba Times Presents Minister Redwan Hussein


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74 Responses

  1. Negasi says:

    Redwan gives an amazingly articulate and insightful interview. Thanks both the interviewer and the the interviewee.

    • Samrawit A. says:

      Meles has sacrificed his life for the good of the oppressed Ethiopian people. He will live in our hearts forever. The good thing is, we do have courageous people like Redwan who can manage and move his dream and legacy forward.

      • Shewa yigezal says:

        @Samrawit, shame on you! These people are courageously moving the nation to the wrong direction where all of us can’t live. This guy is preaching about the equality of nations and nationalities, but the fact on the ground is obviously even for Redwan as who has a dominant role among the party’s inner circle.

        • Weredekal says:

          Shewa Yigezal,
          Really shewa yigezal? May be in your dreams the nefetegna will come back!!!
          You are one of those who don’t even accept our troubled past. Any way you are the cyber cadre who can’t do nothing on the ground. I now even say why I am replying to you…..?
          Good luck on your day dream!

      • dafa says:

        Is that you? I respect your opinion, though I may not support murderers who speak with soft tone, or their accomplices.
        Samri, where are you now? Send me email.

      • Mekdes says:

        Samri, well said Redwan is well groomed politician. For the opposition groups he is nightmare. To realize that tell to those people the debate he made in 2010. Thee bad thing is those oppositions are admiring people like Andualem Arage.

        • dafa says:

          Mekdes, the current officials too would leave office, in shame or in grace. I really wish the latter would be true (because Ethiopians benefit whenever there is peaceful transition), yet they seem to be heading for the former.
          History doesn’t have excuses.

    • Ermi says:

      Redwan is clearly an effective communicator. However, the substance in his talk can be categorized as an important lecture to the woyane goons only if they have the brain to comprehend it. Unfortunately, a smooth talker like Redwan is kept under the incompetent dedebit hooligans who don’t know anything economic, politics or communications. It is really mind-boggling how one educated and talented individual dedicate his entire qualities for the benefit of himself and remain enslaved by the ignorant and arrogant frog and dedebit shiftas.

      It is very sad a frog ruled the country for 22 years till his demise in the hand of Abebe Gelaw and now his hand-picked hod-ader copy-cat sellout is made to keep the seat warm till a new dedebit product is found while the talented Redwan is wasting his time and knowledge for a meager tire siga and probably chat.

      Shame on you Redwan.

      Peace to all but Woyanes!


      • Alula says:

        ሬድዋን ሑሴን ሲጀምርና ሲጨርስ ኣረ ጎራው ማለት ነበረበት? ዘመኑ 21 ክፍለ ዘመን ነውና ከበባዶ ተቃዋሚ ኢህኣዴጎች ለዚህ ዘመን ይመጥናሉ። ምክንያቱም ተቃዋሚ ከጥላቻና የስልጣን ስስት በስተቀር ለኢትዮጵህዝብ ኣማራጭ ብለው ምንም ነገር የላቸውም! ኣየህ ከንግዲህ የኢትዮጵያ ህዝቦች ራሳቸውን ያስተዳድራሉ።
        የድሮ መሪዎቻችን ግብፅ የማስፈራሪያ ፕሮፓጋንዳ ስትነዛ ቅዘን ቅዘን ይላቸው ነበር። ታላቁ መርያችን እንዳለው ግብፅ መጀመርያ ልታስፈራራ ትሞክራለች ሆኖም የማስፈራራት መልሱ ኣለመፍራት ነውና ሌሎች ጥልቅ ትምህርቶችን ኣስተምሮን ሄዷል! ትምህርቱም ለሚቀጥሉት 50 ዓመታት ኢትዮጵያን ይገነባል!
        ፖለቲካዊ ከሆንክ የግድ ፖለቲካህን ከምትታወቅበት መጀመር! እደድሮ በዘመድ ኣዝማድ ኣዲስ ኣበባ ኩጢጥ ማለት የለም!
        ኢርሚ ከወያነ ጋር ያልገጠመ በኢትዮጵያ የለም ሆኖም ግን ሁሉንም ኣይቀጡ ቅጣት ቀጥቶ እግራቸው ጀሯቸው እስኪነካ ድረስ ኣሯሩጦ ኣባርሯቸዋል! ምናልባት ኣንተ ከነሱ ኣንዱ ትሆናለህ የሚል ግምት ኣለኝ። ወያነ ሰላሙን ራሱ ያመጣል! እንዳንተ ዓይነቱ ምንም ቢጠላ ምንም ኣታመጡም!
        ፈጣሪ ኢትዮጵያን ይባርክ!
        በጥላቻ የሰከሩትም ፈጣሪ በጎውን ያስተምራቸው!

  2. Menilik Salsawi says:

    Dawit Kebede, you were saying that you didn’t negotiate with any official ahead of your decision to go back to Ethiopia. Can you genuinely give an answer for this simple question? Hiw did you get an access to talk ato Redwan. Your days are numbered we will hunt you soon

  3. slick says:

    I don’t understand when people come and preach us about the vision of the former evil leader of TPLF. What they are telling us is that no one should have his own vision to Ethiopia but must follow the vision of the frog leader. What a petetic idea.

    • Kibrom says:

      @Slick, you and your likes are bussy insulting others while people like Redwan and Meles are working day and night for the reserection of a nation that you exploited for hundreds of years. Keep barking, there is nothing else you can do.

  4. A. Birru says:

    Leave Redwan alone, for me he can be a best candidate for premiership.

    • aselefech says:

      kkkkkkkkkk opps sak ameletegn red wan good terrorist lihon yhonal enji premier ma siyalfm aynkakaw ezi bota lay megenetu rasu ygermal

  5. Shewarega from Dallas says:

    In this interview, Dawit’s questionairs are intentionally designed to attack the pro-democracy forces in the diaspora. Look the questions he raised to Redwan, most of them were leading questions to indirectly humiliate diaspora based opposition groups. Dawit, one day you may came back to your senses. What did the diaspora do against you? When you escape from the regime in 2011, you received a hero’s welcome from Atlanta to Dallas and from Seattle to Washington DC. That was the story. You are simply yebelahbet wechit sebari

    • G. Legesse says:

      Dear Shewarega,
      I think most of the questions (not questionnaires) are not related with diaspora. I bet you can’t mention more than one. Anyway as any man who follow Ethiopian politics, you should have admired this person who has no difficulty to illustrate his party’s policy without a single pause. Whether we admit it or not, he is one the people whose participation is being written in the history of Ethiopia. In my opinion most of his arguments are logical, though I believe that more practical questions should have been raised. I hope Dave will have a next (frequent) meet, so that he can reflect the points we mention on this ‘sidelly’ comments. Anyway I enjoyed the interview.

    • Shewarega A. says:

      I didn’t know there was another Shewarega in Dallas.I would like to meet you. I simply stopped visiting AT since I have known for sure where the Editor stands. Just came today because a friend called me about the comment written using my name.

  6. Gashaw B. says:

    I love and admire this guy next to Meles. He can possibly be the next prime minister of Ethiopia, if he continued with such energetic commitment.

  7. abebe G. says:

    @Gashaw, mignot aykelekelem but that remains to be seen if he is able to be a prime minister without the willing of of TPLFites

  8. Almaz says:

    Wow Dawit good questions. Very impressed with Redwan answers. Articulate and with come sense.just wonder if stupid al Mariam and messay kebede have to say about this interviewa and it’s new leaders

  9. Mercy says:

    Let’s face it, who among Ethiopians has run away from threat, returned back and can be able to have a dedicated interview with the mouth of the ruling party. Only a TPLF member.

  10. meles says:

    …Redwan hussein, manene new yetezega serat yemitelew, hulum ethiopiawi ante endemtassbew mehon yelebetim, yetegmamaw sireat beahunu gize yante sireat new, meretu yehulum new, degmo yalefew sireat hassaboch beahunu lemechawet edil yalachew ante slefekedklachewu aydelem, yetewuled mebtachew slehone new, ante ahun eko new yemetahew, enessu degmo betam bizu experience alachewu, yegize gugay new, tayaleh anten new kechewata wuchi yemiyaderguh!

  11. wedinakfa says:

    Who would want to watch a man lying day in day out!I would rather hear a toilet being flashed rather than hear a dead man lying mercilessley, welahi Alah akrib betu, humar!!!

  12. Daniel says:

    I heard the interview and I found out that Dawit intentionally avoid challenging questions.It was softball nor a hard ball.When he asked about human right and elections ,he should have mentioned many examples on the ground and he gave a free ride to Redwan to stay on theoretical analysis.Again ,after heading 20 years plus,he should have mentioned practical things how the federal system is in a problem.You can’t tell Dawit how he can really challenge the minister but he on purpose avoid it.This was also done with Shimeles and hope next time he will do better.:

    • Ermi says:

      I wouldn’t focus on the interviewer. I have seen many of his interviews and he doesn’t have the skills nor the freedom to perform such tasks. You just have to praise him for his efforts.

      Peace to all but Woyanes!


    • Alula says:

      How is the federal system a problem? What challenging question the Minister should have been asked? May be hate question? Dawit joined the diaspora , never the less, he found out that there is nothing for Ethiopia there & he became outage enough to abandon the these empty haters!

  13. axumawe says:

    WELL spoken intellectual man.
    very bright and visionary man.
    honest,realistic, practical and reasonable man.
    keep up the good work minster Redwan Hussen.
    Indid,pm Meles have don a superb job he left Ethiopia with millions of visionary Meleses.

  14. Gebre says:

    Dawit intentionally avoid tough questions and failed to substantiate his questions with evidence

  15. Guesh says:

    Redwan and all leaders of EPRDF thank you for your service

  16. Awramba Times Editor says:

    Dear all,
    We at Awramba Times actively encourage our forum members to comment on every posts. However we want to let some insult-addicted netters know that, we don’t tolerate comments that contain libelous, defamatory, abusive, harassing and threatening remarks.
    Without insulting each other, we need to be clear about the best way of getting what is best for Ethiopia.

    Thank you
    Editor, Awramba Times

  17. Demelash says:

    @Dawit Kebede, minew tesadabiwoch bezubeh meselegn. Ayzoh chalew kkkkkkkkkkkkkkk

  18. Balabat says:


    I disagree with both you and ato Redwan
    Dawit I also support you to exercise your freedom of speech but by the pretext of balanced information you can not incline to TPLF. Recently I saw many articles posted in you website, in which most of the look like ethiopian herald. A genuine change in Ethiopia will come if BANDA’s are kicked out for once and forever.

    I hated you specially when you said if EPRDF changes its position you will work with them; do you mean the EPRDF which imprisoned you and many brave Ethiopian’s, do you mean with the TPLF which slaughtered innocent citizen’s including children and mothers? Do you mean with the EPRDF who chased you out of Ethiopia? come on Dawit make sense of what you are saying. If you are playing undercover then it will be a forever mental death for you, because you are playing with public trust

  19. Sanjaw says:

    Dawit: you removed my coment because I responded to the barbaric actions of Woyane. Go and read my comments you will not find me attacking people like others. Shame on you

  20. Ephrem says:

    Dawit, what you do is just digging anything negative even if there isn’t any. Where are you going to get some holly water to help you remove the negative reaction you generate for anything related to Diaspora, G7 and ESAT

  21. ESAT is mine says:

    To woyane club members, cadres, ignorant woyane supporters, woyane ethinic associates et.al…
    Your coments are mostly of anger not rational arguments. The only thing sometimes you are missing is use of bad mouthing!
    The angrier u are the happier the oppotion diaspora u hate is! It shows something is working! hahaaa!!
    I am just imagining what will become of u if the freedom/democracy/justice fighters start inching to de-root you!
    “Derib.. derib.. eyalachihu be-kebero yasgenetelachut ertrea me-widekiyachuh mikniyat bihons?!”

    • axumawe says:

      speak for your self ,I am diaspora !
      I love my Ethiopia !
      I respect the constitution of Ethiopia !
      I respect and admire the EPRDF !
      I am so proud of my brothers and sisters
      those who gave there life for me to be free, as un Ethiopian, and those who are taking Ethiopia to where use to be… leader of the world. until some one came and chopped her like row meat, to Italy and to franc. to be came land locked.
      untie some one just gave away the identity of proud Ethiopia, to be humiliated by poverty and starvation !!!!
      but look know Ethiopia is the exemplary
      in every sectors.
      in growth, education, peace, mega projects and so on.
      Those people are called EPRDFS !
      DON’T JUDGE ME wrong there are few crooks, corrupts, thief’s, the party knows it, the public knows it to.
      it doesn’t matter what the extremist say,
      it doesn’t matter the,,,, know nothing opposition says!!
      not yours,,,, our Ethiopia well be middle income country in 2025.you and the people like you well be more angrier than ever. we don’t get angry, trust me. we are investing in our country !
      Do you know the Ethiopian government is giving as a diaspora day, to be celebrated in our home land yehaaaaaa!
      but not for you, I am just saying kkkkk
      opssss, I forgot Esaias afwrki well give you one Yahuuuuuuu
      clay head

    • Alula says:

      If ESAT is yours, then your a paid agent of Egypt, which is the chronic enemy of Ethiopia! Woyane isn’t something that you can underestimate, but a courageous fighters who freed Ethiopia while everyone abandoned it ! Woyane will be there for long time to come!

  22. Shewit says:

    Ato Redwan is of the most competent young national leaders. This man understands the overall ideology and policies of the government. IN many ways he is reminiscent to that of the late Ethiopian Prime Minister Meles Zenawi. Ato Redwan is humble and has excellent communication skills. I have the feeling he has bright future in Ethiopian politics. In fact, I would love to see him as the first Ethiopian prime minister!

  23. Mesfin Mandefro says:

    The interview is relatively good. But I have some reservations on Editor Dawit. He has to tolerate some commenters no matter what. It is natural that some of us could react in a harsh manner. Everyone posts what he/she thinks to be relevant, not necessarily what everybody always agree with. Dawit, as an award winning journalist, you have to be tolerant otherwise better to handover your award back to CPJ

  24. Denden says:

    Morethan 10 websites have reposted this interview since yesterday.
    Good job awramba times

  25. Gezaee says:

    Unfortunately, I can not comment on Redwan now; I simply do not have to time to watch all the clips now. I tried to watch it, the first clip, but I cut of in the middle because of time constraints. My apology for that.

  26. Daniel says:

    Dawit asked or better to say worried how EPRDF elections reparation is as if there is a fertile ground for fair and free election in Eth.The question should have been how can Redwan you believe to conduct honest election since the army,police,security ,electorate board,ERT are all affiliated with the ruling party?How on earth Dawit missed to show the justice system serving as instrument to silence opposition?Redwan defaming the international organization working on human right but Dawit at this pint also ignored to mention the gross human right abuse in the country including torture and killings.AYE Wodaje Dawit ,I have been trusting you for years and even I have never questioned your motto:we value impartiality but it looks you are speeding up joining the other camp .With all due respect,I respect your right to be what ever you want but don’t play on public trust.

    • Kumsa says:

      @Daniel ante edlune bitagegn yemateteykewn tiyake new dawit yeteyekew. Criticism is the easiest thing any one can di in this planet

  27. Debresina says:

    Redwan said all executive committee members from EPRDF member parties have equal voice when it comes to decision making. This is deception and doesn’t make sense. We know TPLF’s veto power.

  28. Soliana says:

    Dawit should ask about the fate of Eskinder Nega and other jailed journalists. At least he should say something about the unfair denial of Woubshet Taye’s pardon case. Shame on you!

    • Weredekal says:


      Eskinder Nega’s fate is in the hands of the law. Eskinder was caught preaching the barbaric acts/works of Hitler on the Jewish people. He shamefully said “The Tigrigna speaking people should be wiped-out of Ethiopia” In which his masters already tried and failed measurably! He doesn’t even apologize for his inflammatory comments. Fortunately the young generation today is sophisticated and rational. They do not have time to listen to the garbage of Eskinder nega. The so called diaspora opposition flatly deny what Eskinder put it on his so called “free newspapers”. Any way we don’t have to discuss people the likes of Eskinder who are advocating the annihilation of innocent people.

  29. AleQa Biru says:

    Good interview; I enjoyed it. All of us should agree on the closing remarks of the minster.

    One love

  30. Meqdela says:

    Dawit used to say “must watch” on the title. Interestingly this interview is boring like any interviews aired on ETV.

  31. Semira says:

    Thank you awramba times. Keep up the excellent job.

  32. Waldiba gedam says:

    Dawit removed three of my comments. Kebalesiltanat ga mewal sijemer dawitem ambageneninet tegababet meselegn

  33. Sisay says:

    Yemiyasegachu tekawami ale wey sibal Redwan sake. Hmmm endih endekeledachuben atnorum

  34. Alula says:

    A great leader emerging! The likes of Ermi couldn’t get what one of the great politician of Ethiopia eloquent explanation! The likes of Ermi burning in a deep fire every time they see Ethiopia’s progress! It’s been 23 years since the likes of Ermi blabbed intoxicated in their hate politics!

    Give the EPRDFites about 30 years & they with transform Ethiopia to a heavenly place to live! Mr Redwam Hussien’s interview is polite,to the point & the truth, nevertheless, these drunkard in hate politics can’t understand anything!

    God bless Ethiopia !
    God bless the EPRDFites!
    May God heel the haters!

  35. abot says:

    I think I have just seen the next prime minister. Dawit did a good job. If we consider this to be a contest though . . . . Mr Redwan won by a mile!!

  36. chala says:

    I think those in Diaspora community better to start looking out of box of G7, Esat and Artist politicians other wise they will end up confused with a hate abd unbalanced mentality. PLS try to read and listen more media and more idea of different groups and try to come back to your country and understand what is going on and comment and contribute to the gap.

  37. Muse Getachew says:

    Dawit, when you launch your website two years ago (may 2012), in Washington Dc, you were sponsored by ESAT and GG7 . According to this Video,Tamagne Beyene was master of the ceremony. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=6feJvD39Cy0
    However, this website is now serving Woyanes gangsters to insult genuine activists such as Tamagne Beyene.

  38. Next call says:

    I noticed Redwan during the 2002 debates and he is brilliant. But, there should have been more question posed to him given his importance in the ruling party….. say 1. whether the govt will allow a ‘ functioning stock market’ 2. reasons behind the Ambo disturbances 3.whether the govt will issue Euro bonds so as to lighten the burden of the locals who have to contribute their meagerly income for the Dam 4. How many farmers are being given certificate of holding and how many gallant ones are encouraged to invest in the outlying regions 5. how is ethiopia attempting to get alternative outlet to the sea besides Djibouti 6. When is Ethiopia to finally decide how much of its Nile water it will keep considering its need…… 7. When will the COMESA agreement to be implemented 8 what s the govt doing to stem illegal immigration etc

  39. hailu says:

    Redwan seems one of the most matured politicians among the ruling party’s inner circle.

  40. Adamu says:

    Redwan, stop beating around the bush, rather free Eskinder Nega and all political prisoners unconditionally.

    • Alemayehu Dabi says:

      I just watched both clips, but Dawit failed to ask on the saga of finfinnee-oromia integrated expansion master plan. I wanted to know Redwan’s take on the matter.

  41. enough is enough says:

    Kezih interviewvyeteredahut neger binor, Election 2015 yeyebela ekub new malet yichalal.

  42. Jah yasteseriyal says:

    When Dawit flee to the US two years ago, Temesgen Desalegn wrote an informative article titled “bring back my friend”. Dawit is now back for good and working without fear of represal because of his ethnic background. Tigren mamen kebro new.

  43. Gezaee Hailemichael says:

    Dear Dawit:

    Oh my God, very long interview.I have to admit Redwan is the best orator I have ever listened to. Ato Lidetu Ayalew is a great orator, but Redwan surpasses everyone. He does not take even a breathe. This is a job done very well.

    I do agree with most of what said except with some of them.

    1. Ethnic Federalism
    2. A country landlocked by force.
    3. Corruption
    1. Ethnic Federalism: I do not agree on the Federalism based on race or ethnic or tribe or colour or whatever human factor. People can use, develop their language without being parted by land. The problem is not people talking and using their language. The problem is the division of the country into ethnic enclaves that is the land is divided into ethnic or tribal land. The land must not be divided into major ethnics. Ethiopia is not made of only 9 ethnics or tribes. As you have stated, Ethiopia is multicultural and multilingual country. It has many tribes or ethnics. If I am not wrong, Ethiopia has about 95 languages with their tribes. If I have to agree with Redwan, then Ethiopia has to be divided into 95 tribes. The land has to be divided into 95 tribal lands. Actually that would be better than dividing the land into 9 major tribes. Moreover, I have no connection with derg or past emperors, but I believe the ethnic federalism is wrong.This is not based on hatred or my past history or my family background or past nostalgia. I can agree the past governments were not good as we wish them. But you do not throw the baby with the bath-water. The provincial administration like Kifle hager was a good thing to preserve. you can not throw away everything from the past. We have to drop the bad from the past, but not everything throw away. The ethnic Federalism is not for this century. What respects people’s right, culture, language is not the partition of land into ethnic land or tribal land. What protects tribal or ethnic assets is a strong law that ensure equality, fairness, impartiality, and egalitarianism. I live in Canada and we have federal system. Canada is the most diverse country in our world. Canada is a home to Europeans, Africans, Asians, Arabs. You can not use your language,culture, and ….I have lived in many countries. But this the only country I have felt home and at peace. The reasons, here you are respected and treated by law, not by your ethnics or nationality or race. Canada promotes diversity because they believe diversity is like a spicy food. A spicy food is tasty. Companies in Canada make sure their company is multiracial and multilingual and multicultural. But the thing here is no one cares what ethnic you belong or from where you came as long as you respect the law. What makes every happy in Canada is not money or anything. But equality, fairness, transparency and human dignity. Everyone is treated with dignity based on humanity. you do not need your ethnic badge to be respected. As I said, it is good for ethnics or tribes to use or develop their language, but it is not necessary to divide the land into ethnic enclaves. I disagree on that ideology. My reasons that you do not have to divide people by their language to protect them. Actually you are bringing more problem in the pretext of ethnic protection and you have seen it yourself recently the Oromo students rebellion. That is the beginning, not the end. I have friends who lived in Oromia, Addis and shared me their experiences. They have found it hard to live in today’s Oromia because of an open discrimination there in the name of Oromia. Let me tell you two cases:
    1. One is my own friend, very nice person from Somalia Ethiopia. He studied worn born addis ababa and he went to Alemaya University. But he said it was hell because the Oromo students are violent and discriminate other students openly in the University. One time he has to do community work for academic in the nearby Oromo community. He went to do his community services work and when he went to an Oromo family. They asked him if he speaks Oromignea. He told them he does not speak Oromignea.Then they chased him immediately. He is still traumatized by the incident and he said that happens to almost every none oromo in Oromia. The racism in Oromia is the ugliest of all. He said he was graduating and the university printed graduation bulletins in Amharic. But the Oromo students demanded and protested the Amharic bulletins to be burned. They university obeyed the order of the Oromo student and they burnt all that bulletin and with all that money spen to make them. This is just one case only. He then graduated and he went addis to addis ababa back. He said he wanted to work there but he told me life in addis is hard and he has to find a job and he got in Oromia. He has to pay bribe even when he enter into Oromia and everything he does in Oromia was tied up with bribe. He said bribing if you are not Oromo. Because they tell people to go to their country? Oromia is a country that you have to get permission to enter plus bribe. Entering Oromia requires more money than getting Visa to go overseas. This is the ethnic system you have created for Ethiopian. This is a true story of my own close friend who finally landed in Canada and praise God for coming here. He had an Amhara friend who got a job in Afar region. He became a dean of a certain college. The Afar students told him either to pass all the afar students with pass grade or pack and go to his country. They wanted to kill him because he is not an afar. He then run away to addis ababa. This is the tips of the iceberg. The other story is from an Oromo lady I got. She is an Oromo who live in Oromia. She wanted to business of selling salt. She wanted to import salt from Tigrai into Oromia. But she was denied entry into tigrai for such activities. This is from the lady mouth. She is a nice person who have no problem with anyone. She just wanted to buy salt from Tigrai because it is cheap there and she wanted to make profit by selling in Oromia. But she was denied. This is the ethnic Federalism you have created. I know you are comfortable with it. but it is an ugly system to be honest. I know you like it because you are used to it. Note: the South Africans were used to apartheid life and was accepted as away of life. You have to look it from outside. I have no problem with the right of nations and nationalities but I do not see the logic of dividing the land for major tribes while the land belongs to about 95 tribes.

    2. Landloked: you landlocked the country by force. You dismantled the national Navy. Why? is this also because EPRDF is progressive and better than other parties? I disagree EPRDF corrects any mistake. Actually EPRDF never correct mistakes but sleep on them. You may tell me that I am telling you objectively EPRD never ever correct mistakes. For example,Landlocking Ethiopia? The alger’s agreement? EEBC ? EPRDF repeats and recycles its mistakes. I can agree the opposition is very weak. That is the only strength of EPRDF. The weakness of opposition is the strength of EPRDF.
    3. Corruption: In Ethiopia you can hardly do anything without any bribe. Corruption or zemedbezemed is rampant.Jobs are not given by qualification or merit or experiences, but by zemed bezemed.

    If you do the following I can join you :
    1. Allow the poor country and poor people to use their natural ports than forcing them to be landlocked by force.
    2. Clean your corrupt system
    3. Revise the Ethnic Federalism into non-ethnic or provincial federalism. As I said we have Federalism here but I can live in of the provincial federal states and no one cares how I look, what language I speak and where I came from. I can live wherever I wanted and no one will constrain my life to live in ethnic micro clanic enclave.

    Everyone who oppose the ethnic federalism is not from the past regimes.

    • BeGuada says:

      I believe Redwan more that addressed your first point. Listen to it again. I have no better way to describe the problem with your solution than what Mr Redwan so brilliantly put.

    • gebre says:

      የሰውዬውን የአይዶሎጂ መሰረቱን አየመታኸው ነው፣ ስትጀምር ግን ንግግሩን ትንሽ አደነቅከው ነበር። ቢሆንም አገም ጠቀም እያደረግክ ነገርከው።
      የስርአቱን ዋና ዋና ድክመቶች አንተ ክብደት የምትሰጣቸውን ተናግረሀል። ሌሎችም የቀሩ ቢኖሩ፣ ቢሆንም ሁሉንም ትክክል ነህ።
      ንግግሩን ብቻ የምታደንቅለት ከሆነ ግን፣አንተ ወሬ ትወዳለህ ማለት ነው።
      የግል ባህሪህን ሳየው ጫት ቃሚ ትመስለኛለህ። ጫታ ቃሚዎች የሚያወራን ሰው ያደንቃሉ።
      ባለፈው ሳምንት አረቦችን በሚመለከት ኮሜንትህን አንብቤ የምትጠቀማቸው ቃላቶችም ይገርማል። palltalk ውስጥ “ethio love” የሚለውን ትሳተፋለህ እንዴ?።
      ባለፈው ሳምንት የሴቶችን እፍረተ ስጋ አይነቱን በእንግሊዘኛና በአማርኛ አየዘረዘርክ ሀሳብ ስትሰጥ አንብቤ ገርሞኛል።

      • Gezaee says:

        Dear Gebre:

        you can say whatever you wanted about me. It does make any dent on me. Whatever I say is whatever I think.It is my opinion Sir. you can like it or hate it. you can call me Chat kami or tela techy or sekaram or seit abarari or whatever you like, it is okay. Do not expect other people to talk what you expect them to talk. Everyone has his or her own brain. Yes, I will feel pain everyday I read an Ethiopian girl raped or thrown or killed in Saudi Arabia. You know why our girls go there? they go to sell their body what is wrong? Are you worrying about the taboo ? I am telling you because I know that is the raw material they go to sell there and end up killing themselves because of subhuman treatment. That’s taboo for you but the every day death of human life in the middle east is okay? Ethiopian has to stop selling their body in the middle east and they have to stop changing their dress at Ethiopian airport to go to the hell land of Arab. Ethiopian must stop migrating to Israel by claiming they are Israelis? It is very bad. I know many people who went to Israel by claiming they are Jews. But they were /are not. Ethiopians go to Saudi Arabia by changing their dress from the Ethiopian to the Arabic black gown? did you see the returnee Ethiopians in black gown? How come they ended up dressing an Desert dress? All that is to sell their body and make money. Anything that you get by degrading yourself is not worthy getting.

  44. Gulele says:

    Boy there is a lot to say here. I won’t belabour the obvious possitive because 50 others have said it. In a nutshell, to my understainding, the interview was about democracy and media as one of the institutions, about new developments in thoghts regarding the types of parties that oppose EPRDF and their ramification towards the development of democracy and institutions. Well articulated by Redwan! But is it really the parties and the institutions only that we have to look at? Is there really an individual that votes in Ethiopia? In America, the same family votes two or there ways. Does the democratic process start at home? What are the influences of religion in creating the individual or lack of it? How about language and culture? My experience is that Ethiopians are easily caught-up in group sink, extremely repressed and the worst thing is that we don’t know it nor do we have any way of knowing it. Exception may be the Protestant church where prayer takes a person deeper into him/herself to find things learking within and take them out. Other than that most of the cultures/religions of the world including the NICs that we are trying to benchmark in development come from meditating cultures with the same effect/ability to go within, split thoughts from emotions, understand the interactions and purge out energies of tendency. I think a look into the individual is very important…both from the standpoint of the voter as an individual, as well as from the the stance of work ethic (motivation, innovation, focus etc.) that can add to the advantage of a nation. How best to do so? I don’t know but even beginning the discussion will have some ramifications.

  45. Alula says:

    1) ethnic federalism: Ethiopian had enough of the name callings because of who they are! ( Chigaram),Gimatam, tifram,shiritam,shemane,baria, buda…., so people chose to use their language, the own administration, culture …. & hence , chose ethnic federalism!
    2) land locked: why the 30 years war? Because of the coastal lines was sold by Minilik to the fascist Italian & Money filth Arabs! So the best way was to stop the war! As you see it nobody is using the ports because the port belongs to Ethiopia! The ports are useless without Ethiopia , as they belonged to Ethiopia! Time will bring the port back to its owner!
    3) Corruption; the people in the cities are corrupted so we all need to fight it in anyway we can! These in power are doing everything they can! The country is being corrupted starting from Minilik! At least the government announced to the public for help! Ethiopian paid their lives to free us from 100 years of savage kind of administration, therefore , if we united ourselves & fight corruption we can make it! Nevertheless , you are just talking, but you or I could have been most corrupted had we had a chance to be there in some position! The fake Ethiopian feeling isn’t going to help Ethiopia!
    You can live anywhere in Ethiopia! Nobody is going to prohibit you from living anywhere in Ethiopia!
    Please shorten your comments or send them to Dawit to be posted as an article!

  46. Habtamu S says:

    What I like EPRDF, among all good things, is its welcome to individuals from every angle and every corner if they are good enough for the welfare of the people. Ato Redwan is an ex-opposition and really reached in short time on one of the highest position of Ethiopian government office. I am really like this guy for his uncommon orator based on figures and his ability to organize. Thank you

  47. bruk says:

    Well said!!!
    He said it all. for a person with balanced judgment, this is how we should judge the progress of our country. well said Redwan. you are very charismatic politician. and thanks for the interviewer.

  48. seifu says:

    At AWT
    i have another questions for you this time!
    Thank for your all efforts!

    I am asking u another questions coz i am tired of woyane fabricated lair and hence it is difficult for to listen to people like Rediwan. How can i believe a leader who cheated us for 20 years or so? How can i trust rediwan when he is leading one of the lay institution? weshet yemifeberekibet office—ETV?

    I mean, if his institution is based on fabricated things, how can i trust its leader??

    So it is pity that rediwan can’t convince the majority except few minority cadres who from the beginning were created to trust and exaggerate what is said by their bosses!

    My question to you now is
    1.why the fake dr eng. -zemichael became fake this particular time? would you please assess a bit? i know you can find info. I am sure no one is going to tell us that it wasn’t known from the beginning.

    2. can you shade a bit of light the educational status of the rest of our leaders?

    I heard from the former dupty minister of communication about the fake educational background of our generals and commanders in chief! But i wanted to know bit of the current active speakers such as the non-stop rediwan!

    tnx for doing that! I know AWTs can carry of assignment!

    seifu ke kara kore!

    • Alula says:

      1)Tell us if there is anything that an educated Ethiopian had done for Ethiopia from Haleselassie to the end of Derg?
      2)To question people what did you do for your country?
      3)Zemichael, had been cheating his people, but when he can’t produce anything, then they exposed him & turned him into a shame!
      4) instead of questioning the educational status of the EPRDFites , you have been used your common sense & see how much they transformed Ethiopia!
      It should have been proper to ask yourself than questioning other! Everyone knows that the EPRDFites fought 17 years freed Ethiopia & everyone knows where Ethiopia is now! Educated Ethiopian & trades had been exploiting Ethiopia for so long, but no more now!

      Now Ethiopian engineers building hydroelectric Dams , roads, light train,….all out agricultural developments… Open your eyes man!

  49. KGB says:

    Redone Hussien (a biology graduate) is indeed a perfect and comprehensive speaker. Thank you to him and to his types! But the problem is conflicts of interests at public offices from Top to Bottom is deteriorating the prosperity and dignity of this country. Because, the Top Political managements seems hunting their self interests and ignoring the masses’questions- whose fate has been being determined by individuals instead of merits and criteria. So, Our Teams Leaders and our Captain shall work harder to influence and direct for what is universally better, not for what is popular for rent seekers. I bet you, we Ethiopians even do not need to have elections and nonsense election as far as we do have a well functioning and merit based Chinese Typified Party systems with succession plans. In doing so, it requires the top management’s unshakable stand to fight for universal betterments- instead of for popularity mobs-moves and incapacitating constraints. Until this gets realized, the bottom line labourers does not deseve to pay sacrifices single handedly.

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