Dagnachew Assefa speaks out in defense of peaceful struggle


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66 Responses

  1. me says:

    It is always frustrating for every oneto see his doctorial cerificate rotting .Therefore,better call un employed youth and preach about the past.
    “Tiz yilegnal diro dingay dabo neber alu. Enalachu…”

    However,no body listens because every one is busy working.

    • Ermi says:

      His message is clear. No peaceful and democratic evolution (i.e. free and fair election) can take place in Ethiopia unless the people go out en mass and drive out woyane from Arat killo first.

      Peace to all but woyane!


      • Alula says:


        Egypt has agreed to solve every dispute through dialog! ESAT & G7 are collapsing at this moment!

        Drive woyane from their country? You still thinking to drive woyane out? How about OPDO,SNNPS, how about the Afar, Somali…! Addis isn’t a source of power , but the kilils!

        Ermi,all these who wanted to drive out woyane from their country in the last 40 years was driven out of Ethiopia, do you know this history? What’s up Ermi?
        Peace to all peaceful Ethiopian , but haters!

      • me says:

        Mogn ! Do u think z power EPRDF is in arat killo?
        It is in country sides .With the mass,farmers.(80+%)

    • teshome says:

      This fake Doctor is salivating violence in our country but he wouldn’t for a second want to think he might be one of the victim…how would the little brain of this Doctor failed to learn a thing or two from Egypt and Syria political turmoil. I wish we went back and explore his educational background, who knows he might be the other side of ” dr zemichael “….anyways in the remote possibility if violence is the order of the day in Ethiopia, I wish Ethiopia has the fate of Syria

    • Ermi says:

      “.. in the remote possibility if violence is the order of the day in Ethiopia, I wish Ethiopia has the fate of Syria”

      The above is said by a woyane cadre named teshome in this forum.

      How can anyone expect to negotiate or resolve the current issues the country is facing peacefully with this terrorist hod-aders? All they want is destroying the land when they are done robbing it. They only care about hod (hodam cadres).

      How could anyone wish mother Ethiopia the fate of Syria? And they are telling us that they are fighting poverty and developing infrastructure only to be exposed of their true color when they are scared of loosing the tire siga they are filling their stomach with.

      Never trust a woyane that has killed his brother and sisters in Dedebit for having love affairs.

      Peace to all but woyanes!


      • Alula says:


        Ethiopian are doing fine in Ethiopia , period! You work hard to pay your bills there, follow the rule of law so you won’t get a ticket & you can keep your credit clean! Ethiopia is changed for good! All you can do is either change yourself to fit in to the changed Ethiopia or keep on the path of your hate!


        Get out of your hate politics so to see the reality! Just free yourself before it is too late! የዲያስፓራ ፖለቲካ ጠቅላላውን ከስሯል! ዝም ብለህ በጥላቻ ፖለቲካ ያምታባክነው ጊዜህ እንደማይመለስ ሁሉ! ከጥላቻ ፖለቲካ ውጣና ነገሮችን ለማየቶ ሞክር!

      • Alula says:


        Don’t you remember when you said ” Egypt will hit the Dam &then will kick out woyane from Ethiopia?”, Oromo, other Nations,Nationalities & peoples of Ethiopia will not accept the Amara elite & their Dogs! if you can’t get out of your hate politics & see the reality,you will never make a difference in anyway! Ethiopia is already changed,nevertheless, since you & your likes are blinded with hate against Tigrian, you can’t see the real changes in our country!
        the reason you avoid mentioning the EPRDF,is coz you want to Isolate Woyane! this is what has been happening in the last 40 years! Tigrian was one of politically diverse people in Ethiopia ,but was pushed out of all parties & joined woyane!
        in the last 40 years, woyanes enemies tried to make it a lunch,but woyane made every adversary a breakefast! you can start with EDU,EPRP,shabiya,,,,,,Kinijit know what had happened just for your knowledge! your are just wasting your valuable time!

        don’t forget that power comes from kilils ,but not from Addis!
        God is blessing ethiopia!
        No more war in Ethiopia!
        Ethiopia had enough wars nonstop in the last 1000 years!
        Ethiopia tried to revive its former glory in the 12th century in the time of Ze’Agewe dinasty , but we know who stopped the Ethiopian renaissnce at that time!

  2. Aaaa says:

    Amhar elits nightmare to re re discover a lost crown.When they wake up they will find them selves in a wet bed.

  3. IMRU says:



  4. Gezaee says:

    Dear Dawit: I do not see any value on this interview. He is a violence monger. He has no plan to take power by vote. I wanted TPLF to removed from the face of Ethiopia but I do not want people him to grab power by protest. He saying he will take power by mass mob? In the developed world, opposition take vote by helping communities. They run projects, community, youth services then they win the heart and the mind of people and get the vote. This man is telling us he will take power by mass mob. People we need people who are liberated from violence. We have had enough violence and that is what destroyed Ethiopia. I hope he will not succeed. I wanted to see TPLF removed from Ethiopia, but I wanted new idea and new agenda. I hate violence, war, ethnic strife, discrimination, segregation like what is happening to the Amhara. But for sure TPLF will go soon or later. It has already created many enemies by its own hand. Down TPLF the anti Ethiopia. The rebel that landlocked my country and made pay billions of dollars each year. Down to TPLF. We need a completely brand new national movement that is all inclusive. We do not want amhara or tigrie or oromo. We wanted a movement that is mother to all Ethiopia like EPRP. Woyane is just a curse. It has even forgotten its own fighters. Did you watch the video at AIGA the man who wasted his entire life has no one to attend him now. TPLF evil organisation that consumed many lives in the name of liberating tigrai and but the Tigreans are hemmed and besieged in Mekele and they can not go anywhere and they can not use their sea port. Down the most cursed TPLF banda organisation. If TPLF was learning and developing, it would have improved any of its policies but it has become more ugly to Ethiopian interest. TPLF is only loved by outsiders but hated by Ethiopians. Targeting innocent Amhara for whatever reasons is suicidal and sowing more seeds of hatred among people. Anyway, you can not teach a new trick to and old dog. We can not repair woyane after now.It has to be thrown into a dust bin when the time comes. We tired of TPLF. TPLF wanted to treat Ethiopians as human heards. It does not mind urinating on every Ethiopian citizen. No respect for the feeling of any Ethiopian. Everyone has to adopt dedebit policy. The bible says arrogance and ignorance comes before falling. I surveyed all Ethiopians outside which I think the best representative of Ethiopians grievances against TPLF. Ethiopian are not fond of TPLF and if it stays it will stay by force, but that will come to an end when the time. Even to my surprise, I joined a group people from Tigrai on face book and all of them wanted TPLF to go. It is amazing people have developed deep hatred to TPLF. The reason is TPLF has become the corrupt and rotten entity. For me it hard to believe people who passed through allot of suffering end up the most corrupt in Ethiopian history. Shame

    • Ermi says:

      Gezaee, there is no doubt you justly hate woyane but you hate the opposition more. One thing you must understand is that woyane is a terrorist group that has terrorized Tigreans first and now the rest of Ethiopians. They know they have no where to hide so they will never allow passive peaceful struggle bring about democratic change. The people have to say no to them.

      Waiting for free election to remove woyane from power is naive if not foolishness. They will try to divide/sell and rule the country for the next 100 years. There will be nothing left of the Ethiopia we know after that.

      Peace to all but woyanes!


      • Gezaee says:

        Ermi,we are under TPLF for 25 years now because of the opposition. I know TPLF an Ethiopian enemy, not liberator. But the opposition are TPLF slaves. They divided people and have no any ideological agenda that bring people together. Are you telling me this man will liberate us ? no, you can see him he is pining and coveting for power using mass protest. He did not even mention about vote or democracy. All what he mentioned is only how topple the regime. Toppling regime does not bring change Ermi. What brings change is new idea. Otherwise, if toppling and removing could solve our problem? Mengistu toppled Haileslassie, TPLF toppled Mengistu? did we get anywhere because one toppled another ? no there is no change. As you can see woyane is even now worst than all of them. My argument is toppling or removing the despot only does not bring change or improve situation. There must a vision and paradigm change. This man does not have a clue except his desire to topple. I do not buy his argument either. Is He saying Mengistu Hailemariam had better idea than Haileslassie? that is crap. Haileslassie was much more better than him. Haileslassie failed because it was time because today’s king is tomorrow dead. There is birth, growth and death. That is what happened to Haileslassie. Ethiopian were better off during Haileslassie than during derg except the famine in Wollo and Tigrai the country was very stable. Anyway, Ermi, you are saying peaceful change is not possible ? the problem is people like you believe in negativity and block every possibility by building wall in front of people. Nothing is impossible Ermi. Actually peaceful way is the cheapest, easily and quickest way of bring lasting solution for our problem. Such change requires ideology. It has to be ideology driven. It is requires a national movement that is all inclusive, clean from tribalism, ethnicism, religion or … It has purely driven by reasons and ideology and that does not exist in Ethiopia yet. Whatever we have are driven by hate , revenge and anger. Imagine if war starts in Ethiopia, oh my God, it will over for our country. There are narrow people like this guy who covet Arab spring in Ethiopia. You can see what Arab spring has done to many Arabs and if Ethiopia follows what this man is saying, it will slide into bloodshed and every enemy will grap it as an opportunity. There is no doubt TPLF has to go because everyone is fed up now by being forced to be herded like animals by dedebit policy of self-infliction. But it is us who gave TPLF a lease of life by implementing tribalism politics. TPLF will or cannot survive if Ethiopians unite. TPLF survival kit is dividing Ethiopians into ethnic, amahrao or oromo or tigrie, this is their mean survival kit and they designed it long ago. They can not even modified it because it serves them very good. Do we have any political opposition that is all inclusive that accommodate all the tribes or religions or ethnics? My answer, none, that means TPLF will still rule for sometimes until the times comes. The only remedy for Ethiopia’s malad is to form a new civil movement that inclusive and mother party to all Ethiopians people. Anything short of that will not succeed and will not even benefit Ethiopia. And as you can see TPLF has to keep fueling that ethnic tension kit. you do not drive your car without fuel. TPFL or EPRDF is like a car that needs fuel to survive and that EPRDF fuel is ethnic tension. That is why they are segregating, discriminating Amhara in every part of the country. Why are they are targeting one ethnic group? It is by design, they wanted to weak and marginalized the amahra people and keep on walking on the people. It is cynical, but that is their way of ruling Ethiopia. We need to come up with new idea that embrace all Ethiopian and that is led by any Ethiopian who have the good intention and love for the people and country. TPLF is there to sell Ethiopia, not to liberate anyone. We know now they did not fight for freedom. They fought for power only. if they did not fight for power, they would not even become the most corrupt and rotten leaders in Ethiopian history. Look the people in Tigrai who are still covered by dust and there is no any change in people living condition, but TPLF shows pictures of some hotels as if having a hotel is considered development. Look the people how they look? Watch any live Utube where people gathered? They haven no even dresses. Definitely, TPLF has to go because we have had enough of it so far. We waited for them hoping they will grow and develop. Unfortunately, they have become more arrogant and corrupt. Anyway, peaceful struggle is cheap, quick, safe, but requires a national consorted civil and ideological political movement. That is my praye.

        • Menkem-Abyssinia says:

          @ Gezaee
          I’m very sorry to throw a bad word for first time in my life to a person but to Gezaee and his likes. His z most rubbish, trash and little man. Your motive is crystal clear that mere animosity implanted in your petty mind. I don’t want to waste my precious time to riposte to your smear packed fable spraying here and there about TPLF and I hope others will do so. You are only a showcase of mad-dog desperately needed a vaccine. TPLF will endure and TPLF is not cohort of individuals but it is a mind set embraced by every Tigean and other nations and nationalities. TPLF is a pioneer of “new Ethiopia” you like or hate it. Thus, at this point in time that mind set is producing year after year increment growth in economy, social and culture. All these developments are worldly recognized but invisible/blank to person like you and your likes injected with hatred medicine. Ethiopia after the fall of its ancient civilization, Aksumite dynasty, and after centuries old penury, war and ignorance, the nation is for its first time waked up by TPLF and it is registering all round developments benefiting its citizen. In a nutshell, one thing you need to know whether you like it or not Wayean was born from heat- tested principles to stand against all odds and thus showed perseverance, courage and heroism during the think and thin times. TPLF main aim is one and only one thing that to enter the nation into renaissance and hence the nation will list in the list of middle income countries. And this will happen during the envisioned period 2025. However, you and your likes will only suffer from estrange and loneness.

      • Gezaee says:

        A note: trust me, I hate no one. I just reject ideas which I believe are not good. I do not hate anyone including opposition, even TPLF.I just reject their system. Hate is not part of me, I am free man. No hate, no grudge, no bad or hard feeling anyone. Of course I get pissed off when TPLF go and sign agreement with Egypt not to use the Nile. My opposition to TPLF is not hatred, it is based on reasons because that organisation is a bloody organisation that has destroyed our lives, and made us refugees all our lives in the name of liberation and it ended up like this killing itself by stupidly working against the country and the people. TPLF used to take away my dinner and did they give up ? no, they are now corrupt and they do not even know where they came from? This is really pisses you off when you ask yourself what was all that war about ? 17 years depriving people normal life is one generation sacrifice and when you end up forgetting that ? It is really heart-breaking for me. I did not deserve to live that life of horror of war, bombing in the name of liberation. He did not liberate but made me a refugee all my life, not only me, but many people disappeared even. Now idiots, selfishs fully engaged in greed corruption, looting, bribing, zemed bezemed, Asafariwoch, hodamoch.

        • axumawe says:

          @gezaee,as I tolled you so many times in the past, by heating a political organization, which represents the people of Tegray, you are contradicting your self so many times again and again.
          just like the extreme diasporas out side. they heat tplf (woyane)but they tried symphtatce to the people of Tegray.
          I don’t ever blive the people of Tegray well ever need any support to be free specially from……you know who I mean ?
          if you and your likes can’t see the Ethiopia, TPLF have created ? then you have a major eye sight problem. even this doctor have realized it, he seems changing his gears.
          to challenge Eprdf you have to have better ideas from Eprdf. and you have to have canvased the Ethiopian people.
          when I say the Ethiopian, people I mean the 80% Ethiopian farmer and peasants not 4 million resident’s of Addis .
          this is the home work for any opposition who wants to challenge Eprdf. can they do this ? be my gest.
          (((feresum yehow….medawme yehow.)))
          for you as a person pleas ,pleas tray to calm down and see what is in the ground in Ethiopia today. not yesterday or last year or 10years a go.
          look the Ethiopia we have today and compere it, with the Ethiopia you left be for woyen came to power.
          long live Ethiopia!!!
          long live woyen!!
          long live Eprdf!!

        • Ermi says:

          “.. in the remote possibility if violence is the order of the day in Ethiopia, I wish Ethiopia has the fate of Syria”

          The above is said by a woyane cadre named teshome in this forum.

          How can anyone expect to negotiate or resolve the current issues the country is facing peacefully with this terrorist hod-aders? All they want is destroying the land when they are done robbing it. They only think care about hod (hodam cadres).

          My Brother Gezaee, you can’t give them the benefit of a doubt. They are morons. They have killed more Tigrean youths for having love affairs during the 17 years they hid in Dedebit than the Ethiopian army killed.

          Gezaee, to answer your question about why the woyane cadres insult anyone opposing their views, the only thing they have been trained on is insulting. They have no intellectual capacity to think and argue a point/idea. In fact they get paid for every insult they puke on every online forums. They used multiple names to disguise themselves, yet they are usually not more that 3 or 4 in number in this page alone. They try to make it look like woyane has many followers.

          Peace to all but woyanes!


          • Alula says:


            If you think woyane cadre will waste his time talking to your nonsense, you are totally wrong! We are just voluntary supporters because your hate politics! This is what you do: dream that you are talking to woyane,& hallucinate yourself to match with woyane ,when you try to act to grab power, you are nowhere near woyane! Don’t you remember your kinijit? They bragged kinijit is spirit & shit , but at the end of the day, no spirit to keep them together even for one day! You just keep barking woyane, but you don’t know who woyane is! This has been happening for the last 40 years!

  5. Gezaee says:

    Dear Dawit: you see here, African Union colonized by Arabs. Useless Africans. Please Dawit Hawey post this because this is Arab racism.


  6. Alula says:

    Mr Dr, the EPRDFites already finished the harsh struggle , so what struggle are you talking about? The struggle now is against poverty, therefore once we defeat poverty, we can choose whichever peaceful struggle! I believe the only way now is to defeat poverty together!

    From my experience, one Ethiopian farmer is much better than the so called professors, Docs, engineers….! No one can tell me this educated man has done this for Ethiopia & still visible serving the people! But a farmers in Ethiopia have carried Ethiopia through thin & thick for centuries! Nevertheless, educated Ethiopian have been exploiting the people in every opportunity! So what peaceful struggle? We don’t even have enough resources to take care of our plans! But we have dedicated leadership!

  7. Alula says:

    ወይ ጉድ! ኃ/ስላሴ በሃሳብ ስለተበለጡ ነው….! ታዲያ ኢህኣዴጎች እኮ ያኔ የኃ/ስላሴን ኣገዛዝ በሃሳብ በልጠው የወጡና ለዓመታት ታግለው ኢትዮጵያን ነፃ ያወጡ መሆናቸውና ፣ በ97 ደግሞ ከሁሉም ዶክተሮችና ኢንጂነሮች እንደገና በሃሳብ በልጠው የወጡ መሆናቸውን ተዘነጋ እንዴ? የትኛው ህዝብ ነው የሚነሳው? ማንን ለወጥቀም? የኢትዮጵያ ህዝብ’ኮ ኪሳቸውን የሞሉ ኣስወግደን ባዶ ኪሳቸውን ኣናስቀምጥም ብሏል! ህዝብ ይባላል ሆኖም ግን ህዝብ ያለውን የሚሰማ ጀሮ ያለው ተቃዋሚ የለም!

  8. Buzu says:

    kkkkkkkk Are you the police on each and every point of cyber view???? Pls don’t overestimate yourself. You may be good for-yourself only hmmm

  9. Kusa says:

    Ethiopian doctors are frustrated because even they can’t make a needle or have never done any good for the society they only hold papers

  10. messi says:

    Sorry folks,
    I did not understand most of the rhetoric. We really do not want to be told what our problem is; we are not that dumb and we know the problem. We also know the drawbacks of the current governance system. BTW, one does not even need to go to school to know the problem.

    What we want to hear is a better policy alternative that is doable, feasible and acceptable, including the rights of nations/nationalities, minorities, and indigenous populations in Ethiopia.

  11. Kusa says:

    The problem is we could’nt identify the proble even after goin to school lol

  12. Desta says:

    It seems EPRdF upset dagnachew, rather than analyzing socioeconomic and political situations in Ethiopia, he joined the empty rhetoric. I wish my good friend dagnachew stick to rational debate and Socrates argument. I hope genenew and Genet and my brother dawit sit down with him and talk to him. He seems angry at EPRDF. I think dagnachew missed the whole thing.
    Now, we are talking about lack of democracy in Ethiopia. however, once violence erupted we will not talk about democracy, our issue Will be peace and stability if the country staying together as a nation state. Just check, Somalia, Egypt, S.sudan, syria, Iraq, Afghanistan, and Ukrainian.

  13. Policy please says:

    They still do not have a single policy?
    Do they think people can overthrow a govt ? I say not always.
    Then what do they need?Bloodshed?

    The government should make sure that they are the first to die in
    Any violence.

    • axumawe says:

      @policy please
      I am 100% with you and all the people who are going to be motivated by this doctor they have to make shour he well lead the with his wife and children by Bing the leader kkkkkk
      learn from dr brhanu nega in 1997,he stayed at home sick, and later ran away to USA where he is enjoin life with his wife and his children kkk

  14. Prof mato says:

    Look at professor Mato !

  15. patriot says:

    He is expressing a wish to come up with a coherent, reasonable and acceptable idea which can be set in competition with the one espoused by EPRDF, namely, that of respect to and autonomy for the Nations, Nationalities and Peoples that make up Ethiopia. He mentions ‘citizen’ (Zegoch) to be somehow a short hand for such an idea but I have not heard it fleshed out and certainly not one that can be said coherent, reasonable or acceptable.

    The EPRDF model has it’s own flows and I, for one, will be most interested in hearing the details of what the good doctor has in mind, and I shall listen to it with open-mind. Until that happens he has no cause to wish to rock the boat, that he appears not to know how to steer. As he said ideas first. Of course if his idea is the same old Amhara supremacist views… I reserve the right to close my mind very quickly indeed.

    • kebrom says:

      at teshome

      well come back. I know you came again when there is a post that seriously ridicule your woyane, otherwise, you stopped show up again and again.

      For some of us, the appearance of top woyane loyal such as you and alula, will tell us which post is a worrisome to woyane. That is good and please come back so that you will make us read that post again.

      Otherwise, please allow me to raise to you few points. I am sure this will also include alula.

      1. You mentioned the known prof as face doctor? what do you mean by face?

      how are you going to call (dr) arkebe, or your bosses, if you call a recolonized university prof who also thought in many foreign universities such as dagnachew face?

      2. I also need you to comment on the popular point: who is working day and night to produce face doctors in Ethiopia? don’t you have idea about the popular saying (getting C by being woyane cadre is far better than getting A+ in science?!). I know you know it as you are part of the project—(the popular plan to produce cobblestone graduates or generation!). If you are not part of the planing (i.e. often few tplf devils do the planing, and my people like just serve as Trojan), at least you work day and night to make sure the plan will be implemented. can you comment on that please! I mean how do you expect a right doctor when the plan from the beginning to produce a face doctor?!

      At Alula,

      these days you often talk about eradicating poverty? which poverty are you talking about? in fact this is an old music of the them pm—and no one even woyane cadres are tired of this words.

      please be specific: i am sure you know that, in Ethiopia there are 2 types of poverty.
      1. induced
      2. natural

      Ohh did i say you know it? No no, how you know it?! Because, you are not poor and you are not in the list of the hungry. You are rich, becuase you are woyane supporter. You are not the victim of the induced poverty-s tplf plan to make sure the mass will remain poor and even get poor and poor, while few of its crony’s will enriched. hence, both will see tplf as their god! you are one of these few, you can drive the latest model, you can spend 10s of 1000s just in small cafe, you can sleep with teenagers, you can fly anywhere—-

      becuase, you are supported by such a policy, it is a policy induced to favor you and disfavor majority. You can simply go to any bank and drain any size of money, but we the majority can’t even use our own meager money. You just through to us your bad policy and collect that money from our pocket. It is not that difficult for you just to turn teff price from 600 to 2000, just in few days. It is a matter of opening few stores and damp all the teff that came to market, so that we can’t find it on the market. Then the artificial scarcity in addition to existing natural scarcity will make its price high. Then it will make me more poor, more substituent.

      so how do you know about poverty when you are not part of it, when it is not your life?

      The main point i wish to raise to you is, why you call poverty an enemy when it is your favorite friend-a tool you use to hammer me! you planed it and you implemented it!!! then how comes you call it enemy?!

      please donot kill us several time! one time my implementing planed poverty, another time by vomiting your jock on us who are the victims.

      thanks AWTs

      • Alula says:

        Aye kebrom
        First of all: if you think woyane will come here & talk to your likes , which means you don’t know who woyane is! The problem of Tigrian haters is: they simply hate, but don’t know what woyane is, From the beginning to this day! I thought shabiya know who woyane is, but at the end of the day, shabiya caught a fire & look at shabiya now! Look at kinijit? They said we are spirit , but finally, we found out that they don’t even have a spirit that could held them together! You simply hate woyane while you have nothing better than woyane!If I were woyane cadre, you could have not seen me here talking to your nonsense! Don’t you think so? Woyane cadres are well educated at this time & they are in every corner of Ethiopia teaching the majority on how to harvest more production from the same plot land, how to grow veritables & what to grow on certain climate & type of soil, how to secure our country from Egypt & it’s Ethiopian & Eritrean Dogs! Mr kebrom, all you have is jealousy, nothing else!

        Secondly: Farmers are the majority in Ethiopia,about 85% don’t you think so? Therefore, farmers are reaping triple or quadriple from the same plot of land at this moment, & so the majority Ethiopian are safe
        Since you read articles written by haters you have no means of knowing the truth in Ethiopia! Farmers used to be reaped off their hard earned productions but under the EPRDFites, not anymore! Our history shows us that there was a famine every 10 to 15 years since Atse Minilik , now no more famine!

        Thirdly: you said woyane can take out money they want from the bank! Not true! They can’t take money directly from the bank at all! We all know there is a corruption, but not that openly from the bank! Do you know how much money was corrupted during Bush in the USA? May be you don’t! This is just to say that humans are traditionally corrupted , read south Korea’s,Singapore’s corruption history in the 70s & Japan’s in the 60s & seventies so you understand for yourself if you can understand real things! To understand , first you need to get out of hate as Ethiopian are working hard to get out of poverty!

        Remember: The reason woyane won over EDU,ELF,EPRP,DERG,Shabiya…. Is because their struggle against woyane was based on hate!Now woyane with the nations, nationalities & peoples of Ethiopia will administer Ethiopia for decades to come, as long as there is no sound political party!If you play politics, then you must start from where you are known as a person & your integrity! Serve the people from the bottom up! But hate can’t produce anything! Woyanes are in their country, therefore, I can’t help your jealousy Mr Kebrom! In Ethiopia there won’t be any space for fighting! The only way is to play politics! Oromo,Somali, Afar,Amara,Tigrai…won’t allow you to scratch a fire anywhere! I can see the empty diaspora politician have already fooled Dr Dagnachew like they did to many! What Mr Dagnachew can do is, start his politics where he is known & expand from there! Dr Dagnachew will catch fire as he continue, I hope not so we can have a choice party!
        Mr Kebrom,all in all, your comment shows more of jealousy & hate, therefore it’s not educational!

      • lol says:

        Schezophernia in the making.
        You want change until u point yr finger at yr self.
        Yetesasate astesaseb!!!

  16. Tasew says:

    Belew! another moron Dr. No body is going to die for letting you get your Sabbatical leave. Whenever they have problems with the bureaucracy, they shout at EPRDFitties. You have to deal with it. You so called Drs are the ones that killed the AAU. You are not doing what you are supposed to do. But when that bureaucracy gets you, you just shout as if you are the big bureaucrat in the system. I am tired of the bad behavior of these moron so called intellectuals of the AAU.

  17. gebre says:

    ከዶክተር ዳኛቸው አባባል ወስጄ የምስማማባቸውና የማልስማማባቸው ኮሜንት ለምድረግ።

    1ኛ፣ የሚስማማኝ። አዝማሪው ስለ ጣልያን የዘፈነው አባባል ጥሩ አባባል ነው።

    በርከክ በርከክ አሉ አውሬ መስያቸው
    ከሰው መፈጠሬን ማን በነገራቸው

    2ኛ፣የማይስማማኝ ቦታ ደግሞ።
    የሀይለ ስላሴ ስርአት የወደቀው በሀሳብ ስለተበለጠ ነው የሚለውን ቦታ አልስማማበትም፣ የሀይለስላሴ መንግስት የወደቀው፣ በሀሳብ ስለተበለጠ ሳይሆን፣ በአለም ላይ ኮሚኒዝም በመስፋፋቱ ነው። ዩሪ ጋጋሪ በመንኮራኩር ስለወጣ ኮሚኒዝምን እነደ ሰለጠነ ስርአት አርገው የቆጠሩ በምእራባውያን ሀገሮች የነበሩ ተማሪዎች ሰላማዊ ሰልፍ መውጣት ጀምረው ነበር።የኮሚኒዝምን መስፋፋት ምክንያትና ተገን በማድረግ ኢትዮጵያ ውስጥም፣ተማሪው አስተማሪው አና ታክሲ ነጅው ተሰለፈ። እንጂ መሬት ላራሹን መደገፍ ማለት በሀሳብ መብለጥ ሳይሆን እንዲያውም አናርኪን (ስርአት አልበኝነትን) ማስፋፋትና ዘረፋን መደገፍ ነው። በዶክተር ዳኛቸው አባባል፣ ሳያስቡት የሚቃወሙትን tplf ን አይደነቁ ነው፣ ምክንያቱም በዛን ዘመን በሀሳብ የሀይለስላሴን ስርአት በለጡ ከሚባሉት የግራ አቀንቃኞች እንግዲህ አንደኛው tplf አለበት ማለት ው። ስለዚህ ሀሳቡ ራሱን በራሱ ይጣላል።
    ይህ ማለት እስከ ቅርብ ጊዜ ኤርትራውያኖች (የሻቢያ ተከታዮች) እንደሚያስቡት ኤርትራውያን ከኢትዮጵያውያን በሀሳብ ወይም በፖለቲካ ቀድመው እንደሄዱ አድርገው እንደሚያስቡ አይነት ነገር ጋር ይመሳሰልብኛል።
    እርግጥ በሀይለስላሴ ዘመን ብዙ በቲዎሪ ማነብነብ አልተለመደም ነበር። ሀይለ ስላሴ ሊወድቁ አካባቢ በቲዎሪ ማነብነብን እንደ አዋቂነት የተቆጠረበት ዘመን ነበር። ቦላሌ እየቀደዱ ተራማጅ መሆን፣ከራባት መልበስ እንደ ሁዋላ ቀርነት መታየት የተጀመረበት ዘመን ነበር።
    ይህን በሀሳብ እነደመብለጥ መቁጠር ሞኝነት ነው።
    በእኔ አይን፣በሀይለ ስላሴ ዘመን የነበረው system ለዲሞክራሲ መሸጋገሪያ መሰረቱ ነበር። የግል ንብረት፣ በፓርላማ ምርጫ ተወዳዳሪዎቹ በግል የነበራቸው ነፃነት፣ social value (ሀይማኖት)፣ የነበሩት ኢኒስቲዩቶች ዲሞክራሲን ከሚያራምዱ ሀገሮች ጋር የተዛመዱ ነበሩ። ስለዚህ ኢትዮጵያ ሁለት ጄነሬሽን ወደ ሁዋላ እንደሄደች ነው የምገምተው።
    አንድ ሀገር ሪፎርም ማድረግ አለባት፣ ምእራባውያኖችም ራሳቸው የተለያየ ሪፍርም ያደርጋሉ። በራሱ በፍቅረስላሴ አባባል ሀይለ ስላሴም ከደርግ አባላቶች ጋር ሪፎርም ለማድረግ ተስማምተው፣ ደርጎች በሁዋላ በር ገብተው ዜጎቻቸውን ፈጁባቸው። ደርግ ይህን ስራ እንዲሰራ በቀጥታም ሆነ በተዘዋዋሪ ሲመክሩ የነበሩ እኒሁ በሀሳብ ቀደሙ የሚባሉ ግራዎች ናቸው። ይህ ደግሞ አናርኪና ወንጀል እንጂ በሀሳብ ቀድሞ መሄድ አይደለም።
    እርግጥ tplf እነዚህን ግራዎችን በሀሳብ ደርሶባቸዋል። በሀሳብ የቀደሙት ግን ኢትዮጵያን ገናና አድረገው ያቆዩዋት ናቸው። የነገስታትን ስራ መሰረቱን ለማጥፋት ሌት ተቀን ይለፋል።
    እንጂ የ66ቱ ተዋንያኖች አይደሉም በሀሳብ ቀድመውት የሄዱት።የ66ቱንማ ቀድሞኣቸዋል ማለት ይቻላል፣ ይህ ማለት መኢኤሶን ወይም ኦነግን ኦፖዴኦ በማለት፣ሌላውን ብአዴን ብሎ ተመሳሳይ ስራ እየሰራላቸው ነው። ደርግን ደግሞ በወታደር።
    የግራዎችን አባባል ተከትሎ የመደብ ትግልን ቀየር አድርጎ ደግሞ የብሄር ብሄረሰቦች ትግል አድርጎታል።

    3ኛ፣ የሚስማማኝ አባባል። ኢትዮጵያ ውስጥ አማራጭ የሆነ ሀሳብ መኖር እነዳለበት ነው። ኢህአድግ ስለ ትምህርትና፣ግብርና ፖሊሲ ሲናገር ተቃዋሚዎቹ ምን ይላሉ የሚለው ነው። ይህ አባባል ለሀገር እድገት ጥሩ ነው ። ግን ተቃዋሚዎቹ ሁሉ ግራ ከሆኑ ደግሞ እንደ መኢኤሶንና ኢህአፖ በወዛደርና በላብ አደር ቃል፣ በእናሸንፋለንና በእናቸንፋለን ቃል እንዳይታኮሱ እፈራለሁ።
    ምክንያቱም ዶር ዳኛቸው የፍቅረ ስላሴን አባባል ሲያጣጥል ፣መሬት ለአራሹን አወድሶ፣ የግራውን ክፍል አወድሶ ስላየሁት፣ ከተቃዋሚው ክፍል አማራጭ የሆነ ሀሳብ ይመጣ ይሆን ወይስ እዛችው በዛችው ሊሆን ነው የሚል ሀሳብ አለኝ?።

    4ኛ፣የሰላማዊ ተቃውሞ እንደማንኛውም ተቃውሞ ውጤት ያመጣል የሚለው የዶክተሩ አባባል ትክክል አባባል ነው።

    5ኛ፣ ዶክተር ዳኛቸው በአዲስ አድማስ april 19 2014 የድሮ ስርአት ናፋቂ በሚል የሰጠው ቃለ ምልልስ አስደስቶኛል።
    6ኛ፣ ዶክተር ዳኛቸው ሲናገሩ የፍልስፍና አስተማሪ መሆናቸውን ተናግረዋል። በደርግ ዘመን የነበሩ የፍልስፍና አስተማሪዎች እስቸጋሬዎች እነደነበሩ ይነገርላቸዋል።
    7ኛ፣ዶከተር ዳኛቸው ሲናገሩ፣ የተለያዮ ተቃዋሚሆች እነዲተባበሩ ጥረት ያደርጋሉ ይህም ጥሩ አባባል ነው።

  18. lemma says:

    A teacher or a lecturer should be a teacher on his or her subject matter. Dr Dagnachew says he love and like teaching that is very good a teacher to love his profession but Dr Dagnachew do not teach the audience about his subject matter philosophy instead preaching and dividing the ethiopian people between nation and citizens a new uncivilized polarization of nations and its citizen. it seems that The Dr have disappointed on private matter with the regime and its members at adis abeba university and this should not be mixed with the opposition parties agenda. I agree with Dr views about the alternative political programmes and policy to be drifted by the opposition parties to win the heart and the mind of the ethiopian people. the opposition should come up with better politics as the Dr argued what happened during atse haile selassie. The Dr is living in ethiopia and i hope he has experienced a lot about the the ethiopian politics and he has a good opportunity to teach the young ethiopia to renounce and reject the old guard politics.
    My question to the Dr is who is citizen and who is nations ? Is there any citizens in ethiopia who do not belong to any nations and nationalities ?
    Let’ thing 21 Century politics !!

  19. mamush says:

    @ Gezaee
    You said “Ethiopian was better off during Haileslassie than during derg except the famine in Wollo and Tigrai the country was very stable.”
    You don’t know what you are writing.
    አፄ ኃይለ ሥላሴ በ1936 ዓ.ም. በትግራይ ሕዝብ ላይ የአይሮፕላን ድብደባ ፈጽሟል፡፡ብዙ ሕይወት ያጠፉ ነፍሰ-ገዳይ ናቸዉ፡፡
    በ1951 ዓ.ም. የትግራይ ሕዝብ ረሃብ አጋጥሞት በነበረበት ወቅት ህዝቡ ስሰደድ ኃ/ስላሴ የትግራይ ህዝብ ግብር ካልከፈለ መሰደድ አይችልም በማለት የመሰደድና ህይወቱን የማዳን መብቱን የነፈጉ ጨካኝ አዉሬ ናቸዉ፡፡
    የወሎ ህዝብ በረሃብ እያለቀ ምንም ነገር ሳያደርጉ ተንደላቀዉ የምኖሩ ግለኛ ሰዉ ናቸዉ፡፡
    “…an outbreak of famine in Tigre in 1958 claimed the lives of about 100,000 peasants. In 1966, Wallo was the scene of famine affecting a number of districts. Government response to famine was characterized by bureaucratic inertia and deliberate effort to cover up the disaster. This became particularly evident in the course of the most devastating famine of the period, the Wallo famine of 1973. When the human catastrophe was finally unveiled by university staff and students and the foreign media, it exposed the bankruptcy and irresponsibility of the old regime, and became one of the immediate causes for its demise”.
    (Source: A History of Modern Ethiopia 1855 – 1991, Bahru Zewde, Professor of History, Addis Ababa University, Ohio University Press, Addis Ababa University Press; page 196).
    …mostly in Wollo, north-eastern Ethiopia, as well as in some parts of Tigray—is estimated to have killed 40,000 to 80,000 Ethiopians between 1972 and 1974. A BBC News report has cited a 1973 estimate that 200,000 deaths occurred, based on a contemporaneous estimate from the Ethiopian Nutrition Institute. While this figure is still repeated in some texts and media sources, it was an estimate that was later found to be “over-pessimistic”. Although the region is infamous for recurrent crop failures and continuous food shortage and starvation risk, this episode was remarkably severe. A 1973 production of the ITV programme The Unknown Famine by Jonathan Dimbleby, relied on the unverified estimate of 200,000 dead, stimulating a massive influx of aid while at the same time destabilizing Haile Selassie’s regime…
    During Emperor Hailesilaise …in 1969, the student movement imposed ten demands on the government, for which it campaigned in demonstrations, disseminating information about them to the general population by means of clandestine pamphlets. The imposition of extra fee, in the government schools, which in principle were free, was significant in generating widespread students’ agitation. Students gave a depressing account of the overall state of popular education and the regime was criticized for mismanaging its resources. Statistics on enrolment, failures, drop-outs, and the numbers who reached higher education were cited. Of 12000 who sat for college entrance examinations in 1969, only 2000 were said to receive a place in higher education. UNESCO statistics used to compare literacy in Ethiopia with other African countries. The 3000 (or nowadays more than 10000) years of history and independence, used by the government in its propaganda, was ridiculed. What were the achievements of those 3000 years? The most abhorred regimes in Africa; South Africa and Ian Smith’s Rhodesia, were said to “give more educational opportunities to Africans than Ethiopia.” In the outpouring of clandestine writings, the government was left with no honor; it was called “inefficient… corrupt… oppressive… reactionary… fascist…a bunch of bloodsuckers . . . hungry hyenas…a cripple, and a corpse which the people were called upon to bury.”
    (Source: The Quest for Expression: The State and the University in Ethiopia under three regimes, 1952 – 2005; Randi Ronnig Balsvik; Addis Ababa University press, 2007).

  20. mamush says:

    @ Gezaee, Ermi et al… the confused insects; ፖለቲካን ለህይወት ቁምጥና እና መዝቀጥ መጠቀምን ዋጋ የምትሰጡ ሁሉ፡
    በእርግጥ ማንኛዉም ሀገርና ሕዝብ የተሻለ ፖለቲካና አስተዳደር ይፈልጋል፡፡ የሚያስፈልገዉ ግን ለህይወትና ለተግባር እንጂ ግላዊ ለሆነ ኑሮ እና ከፍርሃት ለሚመነጭ ምግበረ ብልሹነት የተመቸ መሸፈኛ አድርገን ከህይወትና ከተግባር ለመሸሽ አይደለም፡፡ ፖለቲካን ለህይወት ቁምጥና እና መዝቀጥ መጠቀምን ዋጋ የሚሰጥ የተወሰነ አካሄድ መኖሩ ነዉ አደገኝነቱ…፡፡ ለተረኛ ኃላፊነትም፤ ለትዉልዳዊ ጥሩ አስተላላፊነትም የሚመጥን በእዉነተኛ ግንዛቤ ላይ የቆመ ተጨባጭ ሥራ መሥራት እንጂ፡፡ በዘመናዊት ኢትዮጵያ ታሪክ ይህ ዕድልና ፈተናም በየወቅቱ ተራዉ ለደረሳቸዉ ትዉልዶች ልሂቃን የቀረበ ነበር፡፡ ይህ ግን ከዘመን ዘመን በቀጠለ አዋራጅ ድህነት፤ አድልኦ፣ ተገላይነት እና ፍፁማዊ ወጥነት ባመዘነበት ህይወት የታጀበ ነበር፡፡ በአፄያዊዉ ማዕቀፍ “እያከሉ መለወጥን” የተቃቀፈዉ ፈር ቀዳጅ ልሂቅ በሥርዓቱ ዉስጥ እንደ አንድ ገንቢ አጋር ነፃ ቁርኝት ሊኖረዉ አልተፈቀደለትም፤ የተፈቀደለትም ከድህረ 1983 መሆኑ ነዉ፡፡
    ልማታዊ በሆኑ ጥረቶች የመገበርና የማስገበርን አናጊ ዉርስ ወደ ገንቢ ግብዓትነት በመለወጥ ከችግሩ ታርቆ የመሻገር ተግባር በጊዜዋ ኢትዮጵያ ሳይከናወን ቀርቶ የአፄዉ አማህልሎ እና ርዕዮተዓለም ከምክንያታዊነት ተጣጣሚ ከመሆን ይልቅ ተቃርኖ አመዝኖ ለዘመናዊ የማከል ለዉጥ የነበረዉ ማህበራዊ መቆሚያ ይበልጥ ቀጨጨ፡፡ ከአርበኝነት ታሪክና አማህልሎ ተዋዝቶ የተገነባዉ አፄያዊ የጋራ እና የተናጥል ማንነት ርዕዮተዓለም እምነት በተደጋጋሚ ይህን ክፍተት ተጋፍጦ ለግራ መጋባት ተጋለጠ፡፡ የለዉጡ ስርነቀልነት ከአፄዉ ዘመን ማህበረ ኢኮኖሚያዊ ሁኔታ በተጨማሪ ይህ ክፍተት ካጠቃዉ የወቅቱ ማንነት ጋር የተያያዘ ነዉ፡፡ ራሱን ማቆም ያልቻለ ነፃነትና በዋናነት በዚህ ብቻ የቆመ ሀገራዊነት ኩሩ ማንነት የተጋፈጠዉ ክፍተት እና የትርጉም ባዶነት ለዚህም በቀለለ መልኩ ምላሽ የሰጠ ርዕዮተዓለም ማርክሲዝም ሆነ፡፡ይህን መሰል ከባድ ለዉጥ ጥንቃቄ የሚጠይቅ መሆኑ እንደተጠበቀ ሆኖ፤ ከአዉዳምነትና አጥፍነት የሚያያዝበት ግን ምክንያታዊ የሆነ ተገቢ መሰረት የለዉም፡፡
    የኢትዮጵያ ተማሪዎች እንቅስቃሴ በዘመነ ምክንያታዊነት “አይነኬ” ተብሎ የተፈራዉን “የብሔር” መብት (on the Question of Nationalities in Ethiopia by Walleligne Mekonnen Arts IV, HSIU Nov. 17, 1969) አንስቶ ይህን የሀገራዊ ማንነት ክፍተት ባይነካካ የእምነትና የእዉነታችን ተጣጣሚነት የት ድረስ እንደሆነ መልሶ የማጤን ድፍረት የሰጠን እዉነታ በላገኘን ነበር፡፡ ከድፍን ስሜታዊነት ይልቅ በተጨባጭ ተሞክሮና ፍላጎት ላይ የተመሠረተ ምክንያታዊ ምርጫ በማድረግ ለቀጣይ ህልዉና የሚያስፈልገን ከራስ ተጋፍጦ መፍትሔ የማፈላለግ ጥረት የተጀመረዉ ሀገራዊ ዕድል የከፈተዉ የድህረ 1983 ዓ.ም. ሥር ነቀል ለዉጥም የተማሪ እንቀስቃሴ አንድ ዉጤት የሆነ ኃይል ግንባር ቀደም መሪ የሆነበት ነዉ፡፡ የዛሬዉ ግብግብም ይህን በሚቀበሉና በማይቀበሉ የህብረተሰብ ኃይሎች መካከል ነዉ፡፡ ከዚህ አኳያ አንድ ለግብግብ አቀጣጣይ የሆነ ምክንያት ሥርዓታዊ ገዢ ማዕቀፍ በመሆን ለረዥም ጊዜ ሳይነካ በመቀጠል ሊንከባለል የቻለ “ክብረ ነገሥት ተከል” የሀገራዊነትና የማንነት ግንዛቤ ነዉ፡፡
    የኢትዮጵያ ተቃዋም ፖለቲካ ኃይሎች ዙሪያ ጥናት ያደረጉ ገለልተኛ ምሁራን፤ ብዙ የኢትዮጵያ ተቃዋም ፖለቲካ ኃይሎች ገና ስወለዱ አርጅተዉ በጥድፊያ ለህልፈት ሲበቁ የታዩት ከራስ፣ እርስ በእርስ እና ከጊዜ ጋር የታረቀ አስተሳሰብ ቸግሯቸዉ በራሳቸዉ መፈክር ራሳቸዉን መስማት ተስኗቸዉ ከአባቶች ምክርም (በከርሞ በሬ ማረስ ያለመቻል) ሆነ ከምክንያታዊነት በራቀ የተቸከለ ግንዛቤ መተብተባቸዉ ነዉ፡፡ አፋናም ሆነ አቅም ሚስጥራዊነት እና ደብተራዊ መዘባዘብን ግድ በማይልበት የዲያስፖራ ህይወት የቀፈደዳቸዉ ፀረ ዴሞክራስ መስተጋብርና ዝግነት ከተጠቀሰዉ ክብረ ነገሥት ቸከል ፍፁማዊ ግንዛቤ ዉርስ ዉጭ ሊታይ አይችልም፡፡ከሚመሳሰሉተ ጋር የሚጋሩትን ደጋግመዉ በመነጋገር “ዉሃ ቢወቅጡት እምቦጭ” ዓይነት ዉጤት ማፍራት፤ በሀሳብ ከሚለዩት ተቀናቃኝ ጋር አለመነጋገር ደግሞ ተመራጭ የፖለቲካ ትግል ስልት ወረርሽኝም ከዚህ ዉጭ ሊብራራ አይችልም፡፡
    የኢትዮጵያ ተቃዋም ፖለቲካ ኃይሎች ርዕዮተዓለማቸዉ ምን የህል እንደምራራቅ የፖለቲካ ምሁራኖች ስገልፁ፤ የብሔር ጭቆናን እዉነታ (በተለይም ከኦሮሞ ብሔር አንፃር) ይቀበል በነበረዉ ሶሻሊስቱ መኢሶን ማንነታቸዉን የቀረፁት ዶክተር መረራ፤ ይህን ጨምሮ የኤርትራን ጥያቄ ከፀረ ቅኝ አገዛዝ ትግል እስከ የራስን ዕድል በራስ መወሰን እስከመገንጠል መብት ላይ የቆመ ሬፈረንደም በነፃነት እንዲስተናገድ በሚፈቅደዉ ኢህአፓ ማንነታቸዉን የቀረፁት ዶክተር ብርሃኑ፤ በተፈጠረዉ ዕድል በብሔረሰብ ድርጅቶች ትብብር በድህረ ደርግ ዘመን በተመሰረተዉ ደቡብ ህብረት ማንነታቸዉን የቀረፁት ፕ/ር በየነ ወዘተ…ፍፁማዊና አክራሪ በሆነዉ “የጥንታዊና ታላቋ ኢትዮጵያ ብሔረተኝነት” በአንዳንድ ምሁራኖች “የሳባ ልክፍተኞች” በአመዛኙ የታጀለ እምነትና በነበራቸዉ ስብስቦች ፖለቲካዊ ማንነታቸዉን ከቀረፁት ኢንጂነር ኃይሉ፤ ፕ/ር መስፍን፤ ዶ/ር ኃይሉ ወዘተ…ጋር የዕድሜና የዕይታ ርቀት ተሻግረዉ ሥርዓታዊ ለዉጥንና ሥልጣን ላለመ ከባድ ትግል አብረዉ ለመቆም የገፋቸዉ እና የስቻላቸዉ (ከግለሰባዊ ሂሳቦች ዉጭ) መሠረታዊ ምክንያት “ፀረ ኢትዮጵያ” የሆነዉን ወያኔ (አምባገነኑን ደርግ ለማስወገድ የአንበሳዉን ድርሻ ሞት የተጋፈጠዉ ድርጅት፤ ለሎች እንዲኖሩ ምትክ የለሽ የሆነዉን ሰማዕትነት የከፈሉ) ከማስወገድ ዉጭ ብዙ የመርህ ታጋሪነት አልነበረም፡፡ ይህ ሲሆን ግን በእያንዳንዳቸዉ ዉስጥ እዉን እንድትሆን የተሳለችዉ ኢትዮጵያ ምንነት፣ ገዢ መርህና ሥርዓታዊ ይዘት በጊዜዉ አስፈላጊ ሆኖ በሚጋሩት “የተመቸ መርሳት” ሥልት የታለፈ ጉዳይ ነበር፡፡
    ከማርክስስታዊ ርዕዮተዓለም ተያያዥ የሚባለዉ ግትርነት በኢትዮጵያ ሁኔታ ከተማሪዉ ንቅናቄ ዉጭ ፖለቲካዊ ማንነታቸዉን የገነቡ አንጋፋ ልሂቃን ጭምር ንብረት ነዉ፡፡ይህ ባይሆን ኖሮ የተማሪዉን እንቅስቃሴ ከጅምሩ ማርክስስታዊነቱን አምርረዉ በመዉቀስ የሚታወቁ የተለያዩ የአፄ ኃይለሥላሴ እና የደርግ ከፍተኛ ባለሥልጣናትን የዛሬዉ የኢትዮጵያ ተቃዋሚ አመራሮች፤ ከአክራሪ አካሄድ ተላቅቀዉ ለሠላም፣ ለድርድርና እርቅ ያጋደሉ እና የቀረቡ መሆን ነበረባቸዉ፡፡ግን አልሆኑም፡፡ ይልቁንም በባህላዊ ሽምግልና፤ በምክንያታዊ ማብራሪያም ሆነ በኃይማኖት አባቶች ግዝት አካሄዳቸዉን መቀየር “እምቢኝ” ብለዉ ተጉዘዋል፡፡በመሆኑም ምንጩ ከተጠቀሰዉ ርዕዮተዓለም ተቋዳሽነት ባለፈ መሆኑ አጠያያቅ አይደለም፤፤ በዚህ አስተሳሰብ ታንጸዉ ለሚንቀሳቀሱ የፖለቲካ መሪዎችና ልሂቃን የዴሞክራሲ ግንባታና የፍትሓዊ ልማት ጉዳዮች ቀዳሚ አጀንዳዎች፤ በጋራ ማዕቀፍ የሚከናወኑ ተግባሮች፣ በሰላማዊ ሰጥቶ መቀበል እና ዉድድር የጋራ ማዕቀፍነት የሚከናወኑ ተግባሮች ሆነዉ አይታዩም፡፡
    የኢትዮጵያን ፖለቲካ ልሂቅ ድርብ ተደናባር የደረገዉ ደግሞ ይህን ለማጤን የሚያስችለዉን ፍተሸ ራሱን መንፈጉ ብቻ ሳይሆን ፣ይህን የሞከሩ “የአካዳሚ ልሂቀን” ከተራ ዘለፋ አንስቶ የተለያዩ አጨማዳጅ ዉግዘቶችን በማዝነብ ራሳቸዉን በፍርሃት እንዲከረችሙ ማድረጉም ነዉ፡፡ ተቀባይነት ካለዉ ማዕቀፍ ዉጭ በመረጃና ምክንያታዊነት ላይ የቆመ የታሪክ፣ የፖለቲካ ትብብርና ትግል ትንታኔ በእነዚህ ክፍሎች ዘንድ ዛሬም የሚደፈር አይደለም፡፡ ዉጤቱም “እዉርነትን” በራስና በአከባቢ ላይ ጭኖ ግራ መጋባትና ተስፋ መቁረጥ፣ አነሰ ካለ ደግሞ የተደናበረ ጉዞ ዉስጥ ከመዘፈቅ ያለፈ አይደለም፡፡ አማራሪነት፣ አክራሪነትና ጠባብነት ከልማትም ሆነ ከዴሞክራሲ ጋር ተፃራሪ ናቸዉና የሀገራዊ ህልዉናችንም ሆነ ጥረታችን አደጋ አንድ ምርኩዝ ነዉ፡፡
    “Democracy sometimes seems to be an end, but it is in fact only a means”, “…a holistic definition of democracy must include the holding of regular, free and fair elections; the respect for human rights; and the institution of probity and accountability on the part of elected…”
    “…we must keep in mind that democracy was introduced to the third world in the last days of colonialism, either by the departing colonial power or as weapon in the anti-colonial struggles by the nationalist forces, the main objective of the former was to ensure the continuity of western values and economic interests, while the later project was to achieve national libration possibly including independent national development after libration from foreign rulers…”ቅንጅት ከየት ወዴት ከሚለዉ መጽሐፍ የተወሰደ፡፡
    ለማንኛዉም የ97ቱን ምርጫ በአዲስ አበባ በየአደራሹ የተደረገዉን “የፓርላማ እንግባ-አንግባ” ሕዝባዊ ስብሰባ እስከመጨረሻዉ የተቃወሙ የፖለቲካ አመራሮች እንደነበሩ “ቅንጅት ከየት ወዴት” የሚለዉ መጽሐፍ ይገልጻል፡፡ “ብዙዎቻችን ስብሰባዉን ከዴሞክራሲ መርህ ዉጭ እየተደረገ መሆኑን በማስገንዘብ እንዲቆም በወቅቱ ጠይቀናል” ይላሉ በወቅቱ የቅንጅት አባል የነበሩ የዚህ መጽሐፍ ፀሐፍ አባባለቸዉን እንደሚከተለዉ በምሳሌ በማስረዳት፤
     ኢ/ር ኃይሉ ሻዉል ለፓርላማ፣ ዶ/ር ብርሃኑ ነጋ ለአ/አበባ ከንቲባነት የበቁበትን ዉድድር ያደረጉት በወረዳ 23 (ሃያ ሦስት) ነበር፡፡ ኢ/ር ኃይሉ ሻዉል ያገኙት ድምፅ (የመረጣቸዉ ሕዝብ ብዛት) ከ50000 (ሃምሣ ሺ) በላይ ነዉ፡፡ እነርሱ “ፓርላማ እንግባ-አንግባ” ብለዉ የሰበሰቡት ሕዝብ ግን ከ2000-2500 (ከሁለት ሺ እስከ ሁለት ሺ አምስት መቶ) ሚሆን ሕዝብ ብቻ ነበር፡፡
     ኢ/ር ግዛቸዉ ሺፈራዉን የመረጠዉ የወረዳ 17 ሕዝብ ብዛት 52000 (ሃምሳ ሁለተ ሺ) አከባቢ ነበር፡፡ እርሳቸዉ በሻላ አደራሽ ሰብስበዉ “ፓርላማ እንግባ-አንግባ” ሲሉ ያማከሩት ሕዝብ ከ3000 (ሦስት ሺ) አይበልጥም፡፡
     ዶ/ር ኃይሉ አርአያን የመረጣቸዉ የወረዳ 10 ሕዝብ ከ42000 (አርባ ሁለት ሺ) በላይ ሲሆን በአደራሽ ተሰብስቦ “ፓርላማ እንግባ-አንግባ” አጀንዳ ለይ የተወያየዉ ከ2000 (ሁለት ሺ) የማይበልጥ ሕዝብ ነበር፡፡ እዚህ ላይ የሚነሳዉ አቢይ ነጥብ በምን ሚዛንና መለኪያ ነዉ ከመራጩ ሕዝብ አኳያ ሲነፃፀር ከቁጥር የማይገባ ሕዝብ በአደራሽ ተሰብስቦ ሊወስን የሚችለዉ? የ52000 (ሃምሣ ሁለት ሺ) ሕዝብን ድምፅ 3000 (ሦስት ሺ) እንዲሽረዉ ማድረግ እዉን ለዴሞክራሲ ከሚታገል አንድ አካል ይጠበቃልን? ፍርድና ዉሣኔዉን ለሕዝብ የተተወ ነዉ ይላሉ ጸሐፊዉ፡፡
    ተቃዋሚዉ የተሻለ የፖለቲካ ህብረትና እና ድል እርካብ ላይ ደርሶ እያለ ይህንኑ ተነጥቆ ወደ እርስ በርስ መቦጫጨቅ፣ አሊያም ከህግ አዉጭነት ወደ ህግ ታሳሪነት በፍጥነት ተሸጋግሮ የመዉደቁ ምስጢር መፍቻም ይኸዉ የፍፁማዊነት እና ሁሉንም ወይም ምንም የሚል ልክፍት ታሳሪነቱ ነዉ፡፡ በአርባ እና በሳባ ዓመት ዕድሜ ላይ የሆኑ መሪዎቹ በጋራ እያከሉ ማደግ እና መለወጥን እምቢ ብለዉ ዘመን እና እዉነታ በከዳዉ አናጊ የለዉጥ ፕሮጀክት የመዳከራቸዉ መንስኤም ይኸዉ ነዉ፡፡
    …የምርጫ 97ቱን ዉጤት ብናየዉ ተቀዋሚዎች በጋራ የ183 የፓርላማ ወንበሮች ባለቤት ሆኑ፡፡ ይህም ወደ 33.5% የሚጠጋ በመሆኑ ተቀዋሚ ፓርቲዎች ሲሦዉን የፓርላማ መቀመጫ ተቆጣጥረዉታል፡፡በመድብለ ፓርቲ ሥርዓት ጀማሪ ዴሞክራሲ የሆኑ ሀገራት ጋር ሲወዳደር ድሉ እጅግ አንፃባራቂ ነበር፡፡ኦስካር ዋይልድ እንዳለዉ “Success in most things depends on knowing how long it takes to succeed…”…(ምንጭ፡ “ቅንጅት ከየት ወዴት” ከሚለዉ መጽሐፍ የተወሰደ)፡፡
    ወያኔን በትጥቅ ትግል ደምስሶ ሥልጣን መያዝ የሚለዉን የዲያስፖራ ህይወት የቀፈደዳቸዉ ፀረ ዴሞክራስ መስተጋብርና ዝግነት ግን የጤነኝነትና የሰለጠነ የፖለቲካ አካሄድ ምልክት እንዳልሆነ የ23 ዓመት የሥራ ልምዳችሁ በቂ ምስክር ነዉ፡፡

    • Ermi says:

      I only read the first line of your comment above and realized you are hod ader paid agent. But since you mentioned my name I felt sorry for you and wanted to advice you a smart way of making a little more money.

      You see if you write short insults using your training, you could produce many more comments in this forum and as a result get paid more for each insult-feasted comment. Here number matters as the pay is flat per comment. Didn’t Bereket Simon tell you that?

      Peace to all but woyanes!


      • Alula says:


        Ethiopian are doing fine in Ethiopia , period! You work hard to pay your bills there, follow the rule of law so you won’t get a ticket & you can keep your credit clean! Ethiopia is changed for good! All you can do is either change yourself to fit in to the changed Ethiopia or keep on the path of your hate!


        Get out of your hate politics so to see the reality! Just free yourself before it is too late! የዲያስፓራ ፖለቲካ ጠቅላላውን ከስሯል! ዝም ብለህ በጥላቻ ፖለቲካ ያምታባክነው ጊዜህ እንደማይመለስ ሁሉ! ከጥላቻ ፖለቲካ ውጣና ነገሮችን ለማየቶ ሞክር!

  21. Gezaee says:

    Edit: Message to woyanes Cadres:

    First and foremost, why woyane cadres love insulting anyone who oppose them? Secondly why never write articles with their name on it?

    Why is opposing for good reasons a source of curse or insult? What did TPLF bring to Ethiopia?

    1. The nation and nationalities question or grievances were solved by derg long ago. During derg there was no ethnic or tribalism , of course Tigreans and Eritreans were targeted because of woyane and shabia. Of course there was the age old Amhara elite dominance still, but there was no systematic and legalized ethnic discrimination and segregation in Ethiopia.

    Let me list the sins of woyane:
    1. Woyane terrorized Tigreans for 17 years and deprived them any development, school, normal life
    2. Woyane sacrificed about 60 000 youths in the name of liberation? what is liberation itself after killing 60 000 youth only in one province ?
    3. What is liberation after killing about 1 million Ethiopians who were supporting derg? I mean those who died in Tigrai and Eritrea fighting woyane and Shabia were Ethiopian including Eritrean, Tigreans and the rest of Ethiopian? What is liberation about after killing all those souls?
    4. What is liberation after denying people any normal life for one generation?
    5. What is liberation after making almost the entire people refugees? The entire Tigreans were displaced and became refugees in the name of liberation? Women, children were uprooted and exposed to war for 17 years, women raped by all sides. 6. small boys even age of 9 were recruited by woyane? was it liberation really? To liberate who from whome?
    7. What about sacrificing Ethiopians to save Shabia? was it liberation also? Why would an Ethiopian liberator sacrifice Ethiopians to save an Ethiopian enemy?
    8. Is separating Eritrea from Ethiopia liberation too? how ?
    9. TPLF believed Eritreans were not Ethiopian but colonized by Ethiopia? is that also liberation? if so how?
    10. Is land-locking Ethiopia liberation too? TPLF landlocked Ethiopia by force in the face of opposition by Ethiopian, OAU, EU, …TPLF moved up and down with Botros Gali to make sure Ethiopia is landlocked? is this Ethiopian liberator really?
    11. Ethiopia now pays around 2 billion dollar each year to Djibouti, Sudan, Kenya, Somalia,… and its natural ports are sitting idle for the past 25 years? is this also liberation? Really liberation?
    12. TPLF said Ethiopia has to be landlocked for the sake of peace? what is that? Is this dedebit philosophy?
    12. Is dividing Ethiopia into 9 major ethnic enclaves liberation? liberation of what or who? In Ethiopia today, people are denied mobility within their country? They are besieged in ethnic land and they can not go anywhere. People are chased to their Killil ? is this liberation too? if so really? if so ? really?
    13. Is the extermination, marginalization, exclusion, persecution, displacement, harassment, … of Amhara from every part of the country also liberation? Really>?
    14. Is removing people from their land and giving their land for rent for 100 years to Arabs and making Ethiopians slave workers in their our land also liberation?
    15. Is selling national assets also liberation?
    16. Is shipping Ethiopians teens for sex to middle east liberation too?
    17. Is shipping kids in the name of adoption also liberation?
    18. is throwing away people from their houses and putting them on the streets liberation?
    19. Is controlling the economy, public institution by TPLF liberation?
    20. Is denying Ethiopians their right liberation?
    21. Is corruption or employment by party membership or by Zemedzemed liberation?

    22. Is betraying 100 000 souls in war field and signing EEBC, Alger’s agreement liberation? where is the liberation?

    What new thing did TPLF bring to Ethiopia except black ethnic apartheid? Ethiopia runs legalized racism like apartheid South Africa. We have to agree 33 universities have been built, but those universities could have been built long ago if TPLF did not hold Ethiopia hostage by civil war with Shabia. We did this and that as if Ethiopians could not do anything without TPLF. If TPLF did cost benefit analysis, it would have not chosen to immerse the country into a bloody civil war that denied people life and progress in the name of liberation. you can not liberate anyone by killing one generation. What TPLF does not know or did not know is liberation was /is possible without killing one generation of youth. This means TPLF is a bloody organisation from the beginning. Those of you who can think please do the cost benefit analysis of the whole TPLF business.Do auditing of the whole TPLF business and you find out the bloody war that consumed lives was not worthy of dying. Even now people are sensitized in Tigrai to emulate TPFL war day and night. Song are sung every day emulating the TPFL war. People are being educated they have enemies? who is their enemy? There was bad system in Ethiopia that affected every Ethiopian? but why is woyane still promoting war footing, and preaching Tigreans have enemies? who is their enemy?

    There is no development Ethiopia. It is true woyane is selling everything and making temporary monetary gain.But that does not benefit any Ethiopians except cadres. This is not sustainable at all. There is no development based on exclusion and corruption. Before talking about development you need a clean system which u do not have and that means you do not have development. Development is not measured by how many people have money in the bank, how many people have built hotel buidlings. you even show pictures of hotel building as development. Hotels, flower farms, … can not be development.

    I do not believe woyane can accept any shorting coming and do reform. Woyane and their dedebit mentality will stay until Ethiopian remove them by force. You try to blind fold all Ethiopians? why? you tell me Ethiopian elected you and endorsed you? That is lie, you rule by the power of gun. If Ethiopians had the opportunity , you would not last long. please sell your crap theory that Ethiopian elected you and nation and nationalities chosen you? tell that to your mother. We are not goat herders here. We have travelled, learnt, and lived a great deal of life . You cannot teach me lies. Development built based on corruption is like a house build on a sand.

    People tell your lies to somebody else. I grew up in Ethiopia and I know the tricks in that country. The reasons we are poor is not for no reasons. We are the second poorest country because we are mentally poor. Our mentality poverty is evident that we entertain racism in the 21 century. It is very disgusting racism is legalized like the old South AFrican apartheid. Take note, the apartheid agents defended apartheid as a good thing. There is no wonder TPFL will defend its version of apartheid that segregating Ethiopians on the bass of ethnic or tribe. This is an ought right racism in the 21 century. TPLF cadres I understand for you it is okay because you are baptized by it. Even derg believed he had good policies. The problem is you can not evaluate yourself, you have to be evaluated from outside. I have no problem if Ethnic racism was a good thing. I lose nothing. But I see it from outside as the most ugly human design that segregate people by race. TPLF cadres you jump to insult people it is because you are ignorant and stupid. You will never understand people and learn. It is TPLF which argue that Ethiopia has to be landlocked because it is better to buy ports? This ugly and primitive mindset. Yet you jump on me to insult me and curse me because I pointed out your apartheid and corrupted system. I would wonder how I could live where I live if people were divided by race or colour? Imagine Canadians divided as Germany, Brtish, Irish, Indian, Chinese,Africans… would not be the ugliest thing ? Thanks God, it is a blessing to live in this beautiful and blessed country where human is treated as human, not by colour or by language, tribe or race or colour, I think God brought me to this country to teach me. Ethiopia is the second poorest for reasons. Every leba come with a gun and hold the country hostage for decades. Even derg believed he was doing well. Ethiopia was developing fast. Trust me guys, I never knew there was famine in Ethiopia. I swear. I learnt about Ethiopian famine after I left home. Someone asked me if I was aware of the famine in Ethiopia because I guess he realized I did not know from our communication. Then he gave me a book written about Ethiopian famine. A huge book written by Bob Geldof. That is how I learnt how Ethiopia was hit by famine. I did not have clue about Ethiopian famine. Do you know the Amharic saying? Lemote mekaber ymokewal. Yethiopia hizb bekumu yemete hizb new and that is why shiftas come by gun and rule the people for decades by force and only shiftas force themselves on the people. TPLF forced itself and forced Ethiopia to be landlocked and forced Ethiopians to be segregated by race in the 21 century. I know this is good stuff and cool stuff for TPLF. It is hell for the civilized people. I can not imagine any country divided by race and people denied mobility and living together? This is good for TPLF rulers as apartheid was good for Apartheid South AFrican leaders? No wonder there are TPLF supporters because even derg has supporters? Mengistu Hailemairam was nicked named as Mengie? No wonder there are TPLF who love their apartheid system and that deny people mobility and living across their country?

    No no no no, we need a better system now

    • seifu says:


      you made 22 key points! my government can’t answer even 1/4 of these. You killed us! Most points you raised are true! But we can’t talk about it as we will be blamed as lifisfis, kehadi, bitemitu—-

      but that is also what in mind and heart of several young cadres!

  22. Gezaee says:

    Real development in any country is human development. In Ethiopia there is no human development; There is only TPLF cadre development. That is why only cadres says there is development because cadres are harvesting the harvest but the people no where to be heard saying they are overwhelmed with wealth. If there is development why does a cadre has to preach about its existence? This greed, denying people who they are and talking on their behalf just to stay on power. This is greed

  23. Gezaee says:

    Woyane is to be blamed with Shabia for the suffering of Eritreans now across the world. All the Lambpusda tragedy is because of woyane and shabia. Your philosophy has brought too much suffering. If you were liberator, you would not tell Eritreans they are not Ethiopians and subject them to what they are facing today. Ordinary people can be cheated and duped. Shabia cheated them together with your support and today people suffering beyond human understanding. The suffering of Eritreans today is Woyane and Shabia made suffering. Suffering made by woyane and Shabia. If you were enlightened, based on pure reasons, you would not advocate colonialism and separation, segregation and separating family members. You even blame past leaders for your own sins. You still belive you are right? There is no problem on this planet. God created everything for everyone and there is no lack of anything. The human suffering on this planet is man made because of greed for this short life on earth.

  24. funny says:

    Oppositions consider the farmers as illitrates and they always look for a funny violence in towns and cities.But,the wise EPRDF conts by farmers(the mass)

    Like it or not ,who ever has the farmers Wins.Yekerew “yeshay sini maebel”new.
    Farmers(80+%)are deciders.not diasporas, not city youth,not educated People.got it dummies!

  25. Ermi says:

    “.. in the remote possibility if violence is the order of the day in Ethiopia, I wish Ethiopia has the fate of Syria”
    The above is said by a woyane cadre named teshome in this forum.

    Never trust a woyane that has killed his brothers and sisters in Dedebit for having love affairs.

    Peace to all but woyanes!


  26. menkem says:

    የተማረ ሰው ስጃጃል እኮ በጣም ይገርማል በዩኒቨርሲቲ ስለተበደሉ ታድያ በመንግስት ላይ አመፅ ማድረጉ ምን ይጠቅማል፤ ተቆዋሚ መሆን እማ የዓላማ ልዩነት ይዘህ ነው እንጅ !የሀሳብ ሃያልነት ነው የሚበልጠው ይላሉ በአንድ ጎን ደግሞ ህዝቡ ብነሳ ጥይት አይተኩሱ ምይላሉ እና እናምፅ! አቤት ዶክተር!ፋላስፋው!

    • kebrom says:

      at alula

      with all respect!Common! You said woyanes are not on AWTs!? Then what are you doing here? what do you means they are not hear? do you think we donot know how many people such as you and your likes will receive their penny to sit behind PC and fire woyane propaganda on us? do you think these siting in the embassy eating the money i pay for tax, and another time for dam to serve me? they/you are there to promote woyane propaganda using any media you get.

      woyane cadres are educated, did you said that?

      kikikikiki you said woyane cadres are educated now kikikikiki hahahahahahahaha kikikikik

      what can i say?! Hod yefijew!!!

      by the way, can you tell me where in this plant earth who plan and implement HATE if not woyane? ye abyen wede emye alu alula—yegnan sime tiru sew sem teshekimeh endih—-

      or you wanted to tell me the then historical woyane? go and read what Abreha Desta wrote about the comparison of the current brutal woyane and the historical woyane. They never ever been same and one. This one is just bad who kill its citizen, torture its citizen, sale the land of its people, implemented forced migration, so that the youth will die in the middle of nowhere.—while cadre children will enjoy in China.

      by the way even you donot know that shabia is the god father of woyane? now you said shabia hate woyane? it is shabia who give birth to you, have made you grown, and who made concur addis ababa? is it not your father?

      Another useless propaganda you always through is about hate to tigire people? where in my post have you read this? How did woyane cadres mind read things? in the first place, it is impossible, if not for woyane, to hate society. Indeed, it is possible for woyane. this is demonstrated via:

      1. woyane (you) hate tigire people, hence you purposely leaked information to the brutal dergu so that the jut came and killed 1000s of peaceful people in the market—again read Abreha Destia. In fact we knew this even before.

      2. woyane hate tigire people, so that, meles and Isayas agreed to launch war to create more rift between the two nations, so that your devil meles said no no no shabia will never invade us, and hence they came and killed several children at hider school. You did that coz you hate us.

      3. woyane (you) hate people and us, so that you go around and one time tell and support to guji to kill his borana brother, one time tell to borana to kill guji, and one time tell to Benishangul to kill amhara and one to oromo to displace and kill amhara,—-when you are not satisfied with all these you just call for agazi and tell to go to ambo and kill 70 in 15 minutes! that is all.

      -you said something about kinijit! you know kinijit, even today in its physical absence you can’t sleep! You can sleep and hence you dream it and always talk about it. We never talk about it but it is in us! Just in our heart! Day will come and we will wait for that!

      If you feel there no sprite of kinijit, why you denied us when we asked you to make peaceful demonstration at mekele, at awasa—even in small villages?! Feriwoch!

      you know more than us kinijit is sprite and it is always there.

      One point!

      By the way, why your cadres and mainly the army steel Ethiopian property like this? is becuase they love their country and their love us, the poor citizens??!

      Is there any big hate than this one?

      aye alula, endew yareje yafeje ye arogit weg eyetsafik batadenekuren tiru neber!

      • Alula says:


        Believe me! There is no single woyane here talking your nonsense propaganda! You are just repeating the lie propaganda to defame woyane , that’s all! Now we are free from these who abandon us for the last hundred years & no one will take our freedom!

        Finally I’m advising you not to worry about Tigrian! All you can do is worry about your hate against Tigrian!

  27. mamush says:

    @ Gezaee & Ermi, et al
    ዋሽንግተን ለመሸጉ፣ በጥላቻ የተበከሉ፣ የቀለም አብዮታቸዉን ያልተቀላቀለን ሁሉ፡ ሆድ አደር፣ ከሃድ፣ የወያኔ ተላላኪ፣ ዘዉገኛ፣ ጠባብ ..ወዘተ ለማለት የሚቀናቸዉ፣ ለሀገር ምንም ዓይነት የረባ የፖለቲካ ፈይዳ ማምጣት የማይችሉ፣ ለሀገርቷ ልማት ሳይሆን ለጥፋት የቆሙ፣ በኢትዮጵያ ላይ ማዕቀብ እንድጣል ቀን ከሌሊት ተግቶ የምሰሩ፣ አንዴ በኤርትሪያ አንዴ በግብፅ ያልሞከራችሁት የለም፡፡ የምትጽፉጽት ማንኛዉም አፍራሽ ተልዕኮ በአዉራምባ ታይምስ ይሁን፣ ኢሳትቲቪ፣ ኤሪቲቪ ተባባሪያችሁ የሀገሪቷን ዕድገት ማስቆም አልቻለም፡፡ ጥላቻ የትም አያደርሳችሁም፡፡ Ethiopia is rising despite the toxic diasporas persistent attempt to sabotage the development.
    Hatred (or hate) is a deep and emotional extreme dislike that can be directed against individuals, entities, objects, or ideas. Hatred is often associated with feelings of anger and a disposition towards hostility. Commonly held moral rules, such as the Golden Rule, oppose universal hatred towards another.
    In psychoanalysis, Sigmund Freud defined hate as an ego state that wishes to destroy the source of its unhappiness. More recently, the Penguin Dictionary of Psychology defines hate as a “deep, enduring, intense emotion expressing animosity, anger, and hostility towards a person, group, or object.” Because hatred is believed to be long-lasting, many psychologists consider it to be more of an attitude or disposition than a temporary emotional state.
    In the English language, a hate crime (also known as a “bias-motivated crime”) generally refers to criminal acts which are seen to have been motivated by hate. Those who commit hate crimes target victims because of their perceived membership in a certain social group, usually defined by race, gender, religion, sexual orientation, disability, class, ethnicity, nationality, age, gender identity, or political affiliation. Incidents may involve physical assault, destruction of property, bullying, harassment, verbal abuse or insults, or offensive graffiti or letters (hate mail).
    Regarding the development of Ethiopia, sorry if your blood pressure increases in mentioning the current development of Ethiopia in view of International Economic Analysis and Times Magazine as follows;
    ዓለም አቀፉ የሀገራት የኢኮኖሚ ደረጃ መዳብ ድርጅቶች (Fitch Rates Ethiopia ‘B’; Outlook Stable, Fri May 9, 2014 11:41am EDT Reuters, የኢትዮጵያን የኢኮኖሚ ዕድገት ይፋ ስያደርግና የታይም መጽሔት ስዘግብ ምን ያህል እንደተቃጠለችሁ እናዉቃለን፡፡የኢኮኖሚ ዕድገቱ የኢትዮጵያን ጠላቶች አንገት የስደፋ ነዉ፡፡
    እንደሚከተለዉ ቀንጭቤ አቅርቤዋለሁ፡፡ “….With an average real GDP growth of 10.9% over the past five years, Ethiopia has outperformed regional peers due to significant public investments in infrastructure as well as growth in the large agricultural and services sectors. Despite a track record of high and volatile inflation, it declined significantly in 2013, reflecting lower food prices and the authorities’ commitment to moderate central bank financing of the government. -Fitch expects real GDP growth of 9% in 2014 and 8% in 2015. Ethiopia’s growth over the medium-term can be sustained by large, untapped resources, including large hydro-electric potential…”
    የታይም መጽሔት ደግሞ ዕድገቱን እንደሚከተለዉ ዘግቦታል፡
    Time Magazine on 2014/3/13 edition, under the topic article “Forget the BRICs (Brazil, Russia, India and China.); Meet the PINEs (Philippines, Indonesia, Nigeria and Ethiopia)” has written the following comment:
    “… What the PINEs represent is something very important for the future of the global economy and quest to alleviate poverty. The PINEs are all performing very well right now, and that shows that the advance of emerging economies is far from over. In fact, the fantastic growth story in the developing world is widening and deepening, drawing in countries and regions that had previously been left out…”
    “The strong performances of Nigeria and Ethiopia are even more exciting. Africa generally stood on the sidelines while Asia and other parts of the developing world experienced giant gains in welfare over the past half-century, but now, finally, the continent seems to be joining the party. Nigeria is the largest country in sub-Saharan Africa and has long been seen as a potential economic heavyweight, and now that a more stable government is implementing some much needed reform, investors are flocking into the nation. Ethiopia may be even more exciting. Once synonymous with poverty, peace and strong economic management have turned the nation around. The International Monetary Fund sees growth in the 7% range in the coming years for both countries, and there’s even talk of a group of “lion economies” rising up in the same way the “tigers” of Asia did in the late 20th century….”
    It is amazing a country that was in the abyss before EPRDF came to power is rated this high! What an achievement! It can only get better once the first phase of GTP is done.
    Death to anti development elements of Ethiopia!

  28. idris says:

    Andargachew tsigie arrested by yemeni security.

  29. mamush says:

    @ Gezaee, Ermi et al ..
    Whether you said, “paid cadre” or ሆድ አደር… whatever, nothing is expected from sellout political gangsters of Washington based worms. You are Diaspora and most of you have no Ethiopian citizenship. Why you cry and bark as dog from about 10,000 Km? Your political anatomy is opposing everything under the sun since you are the color revolution activists. How can you oppose you country’s development? Had it been criticizing the party rather the country, it would have been another issue; and thus, would require another scenario of reaction; but you oppose your country’s development.
    የቀለም አብዮት አንዱና ትልቁ ችግር በምዕራባዉያን የሚደገፍ (according to The Guardian, the foreign donors included the U.S. State Department and USAID along with the National Democratic Institute for International Affairs, the International Republican Institute, the NGO Freedom House and George Soros’s Open Society Institute) ብቻ ሳይሆን ተሳታፍዎቹ (የቀለም አብዮተኞች) ሁሉንም መቃወምና እዉነታን ዋጋ ማሳጣት ነዉ፡፡ your deplorable vandalism attempted so far has been failed.
    Diaspora, I don’t like this word but the “Moron economic immigrants” are better fits them; they the national threat, the cursed community. I don’t mean that all are evil. There are very few Diaspora engaged in Ethiopian image building.
    According to Aaron Matteo Terrazas, “if the descendants of Ethiopian-born migrants (the second generation and up) are included, the estimates range upwards of 460,000 in the United States (of which approximately 350,000 are in Washington, DC; 96,000 in Los Angeles; and 10,000 in New York).” Unofficial estimates suggest that the Washington, DC area has an Ethiopian population of 150,000 to 250,000”. Out this number not more than 20,000 (about 4.35%) who contributes money to the Ethiopian Renaissance Dam; the rest 95.65% are nothing for this country or against the development and continue fundraising for ESATv. We don’t beg your money; rub your ass with your dollar; but we cannot tolerate anybody who stands on the way of our development. We have done everything to toxic Diaspora and anti development elements from doing any damage to our country. Ethiopia is rising.
    No need to go far for investigation of Diaspora’s stand, you can simply visit this Awramba forum; Diaspora: insulting, derogatory views, ethnic animosity, attempting to sabotage the country’s development …etc are obvious and most of the Diaspora are the opposition party members or supporters or color revolution activists for this matter any person visiting this forum can guess their political anatomy after reading a single line from what they are dumping; Let they be whatever they want; but why they oppose the Ethiopian development if their struggle and their manifesto is for better development and better policy and even they went a great length to lobby against the sanction of developmental aid to Ethiopia. One thing I recognized is that they are not Ethiopians.
    I have no hatred to any person or party as long as it maintains Ethiopian interest. I stand alongside of any development of my beloved country whatsoever party is; I don’t care about the tribe whoever uses Abbay to amalgamate Ethiopia, it doesn’t matter whether that person is: either from Mekelle or Moyale; from Wallaga or Jigjiga; from Adwa or Dire Dawa.
    I don’t grant canonization, but excommunication to those who gives their own lives for the destruction of the country and stand against the development. There haven’t been eternal governments ruled in the history of Ethiopia or anywhere else and there will not be in the future. You shall all pass away, but Ethiopia will remain forever.
    According to The Guardian, the color revolution: the foreign donors included the U.S. State Department and USAID along with the National Democratic Institute for International Affairs, the International Republican Institute, the NGO Freedom House and George Soros’s Open Society Institute…etc. look at the following comments what the westerns did to disturb the world countries either directly or indirectly through color revolution participating the sellout political gangsters like Gezaee, Ermi, et al…
    Every year the American historian William Blum publishes his “updated summary of the record of US foreign policy” which shows that, since 1945, the US has tried to overthrow more than 50 governments, many of them democratically elected; grossly interfered in elections in 30 countries; bombed the civilian populations of 30 countries; used chemical and biological weapons; and attempted to assassinate foreign leaders.
    In many cases Britain has been a collaborator. The degree of human suffering, let alone criminality, is little acknowledged in the west, despite the presence of the world’s most advanced communications and nominally most free journalism. That the most numerous victims of terrorism – “our” terrorism – are Muslims is unsayable. That extreme jihadism, which led to 9/11, was nurtured as a weapon of Anglo-American policy (Operation Cyclone in Afghanistan) is suppressed. In April the US state department noted that, following NATO’s campaign in 2011, “Libya has become a terrorist safe haven”.
    The name of “our” enemy has changed over the years, from communism to Islamism, but generally it is any society independent of western power and occupying strategically useful or resource-rich territory, or merely offering an alternative to US domination. The leaders of these obstructive nations are usually violently shoved aside, such as the democrats Muhammad Mossedeq in Iran, Arbenz in Guatemala and Salvador Allende in Chile, or they are murdered like Patrice Lumumba in the Democratic Republic of Congo. All are subjected to a western media campaign of vilification – think Fidel Castro, Hugo Chávez, now Vladimir Putin.
    Washington’s role in Ukraine is different only in its implications for the rest of us. For the first time since the Reagan years, the US is threatening to take the world to war. With Eastern Europe and the Balkans (Croatia, Bosnia and Herzegovina, the Former Yugoslav Republic of Macedonia, Serbia, Montenegro, Albania, Greece, and Bulgaria) now military outposts of NATO, the last “buffer state” bordering Russia – Ukraine – is being torn apart by fascist forces unleashed by the US and the EU. We in the west are now backing neo-Nazis in a country where Ukrainian Nazis backed Hitler”.
    Having masterminded the coup in February against the democratically elected government in Kiev, Washington’s planned seizure of Russia’s historic, legitimate warm-water naval base in Crimea failed. The Russians defended themselves, as they have done against every threat and invasion from the west for almost a century.
    You are in day dreaming in expecting to see the above situations in Ethiopia. I would like to strictly notify you to refrain from destabilizing your country if you are an Ethiopian whatever political differences you may have with the ruling party and bring the better political agenda as you are living in civilized democratized country rather than bringing Homosexuality and Gay marriage to Ethiopia. Ethiopia is more than the party and individual, we in homeland have no alternative country; but you have much citizenship. Bring the civilized politics which better fits to our country to this forum; let us discuss and agree or disagree on the average of opinion; even though, the forum is encouraging insulting and derogatory views of Diaspora.
    ኢትዮጵያ በቀለም አብዮት አትፈርስም!
    Long live Ethiopia!

  30. Gezaee says:

    Dear Mamosh cadre:

    Ethiopia’s first enemy is not USA, but EPRDF. It is impossible to teach an old dog a new trick. EPRDF aka TPLF is stuck in dedebit philosophy of self-immolation. TPLF is like a blind dog that walks until the end of the cliff until it falls off. That will be the end of the story. We can not write tons of comments, it will never TPLF dedebit mentality. The only solution now is to kick TPLF out from power. There is no other way to change the rigid woyanenti tigrai; They are stuck in their own ruse and will not never look around and will apply their mind. They can not learn, or develop, they are stone headed, rigid, stagnant and never changing stones. Even stones changes by natural weathering. But woyane is more than stone. Granite stone, I remember one time Lidetu saying if you can keep a granite stone in water for 40 years, it will not change or wet. Woyane is like that. You can not put woyane anywhere and it will not change or learn or develop. Woyane has no enemy. The enemy number one of woyane is woyane itself. The main business of woyane is creating more enemies and pissing the entire Ethiopian population by forcing its dedebit policies on the entire Ethipian population. This is the main enemy of Woyane. Woyane claims it has enemies, no, woyane has any enemies except itself. Ethiopians are the most kind, law abiding people. I have lived in many countries and people are not as kind as Ethiopians because other people demand for their rights and get treated as humans. Woyane treats Ethiopians as nothing and the sole purpose of woyane in Ethiopia is nothing,but to be on power and then loot, become rich, send their kids to Europe, North America. Woyane is rotten and no matter how long, the time will come do not worry. Despots, dictators never believe there is anything wrong and they never hear or listen or change or reform,… We sow Gaddaffi until the last minutes, he never gave up. Woyane will never give up its apartheid system until it is removed and thrown into a dust bin. Your fate is the fate of derg whether you like it or not. Every citizen is tired of you. You can lies heaps of lies, but it will only serve you for awhile. It will not serve for you forever. Anything build based on falsehood or wushet is destined to crumpled down like a house of cards. You have seen what has happened in Ambo? that is the beginning, it is not the end. Diaspora is not the problem. you are the cause of all the problem. Almost everything you do is against the country Ethiopia and its people. All Ethiopians knows this and we are all tired now. At the end, people will be tired of lies and propaganda. Derg did not fall because of woyane or shabia fighters, derg fell because people abandoned it and hated it. They did not even want to watch derg TV then. People became allergic to anything has to do with derg. Your time is coming. You can lies, heap heaps of lies, it will not last you forever. It will deny you trust of the people at the end. May be it is better to be colonized by American than to be ruled by a home grown racist woyane that segregated citizens by race. Do you think being colonized by America can be worse than this? What is worse than people being herded like goats to live in human korral? Apparently you are treating Ethiopians like speaking animals and put them in in a fenced tribal box? is there anything ugly than this? What did the South African apartheid leaders do? They took the land from the land owners? then they made campus for them and they were fenced like animals to live there. They were treated like rabbits and they were living like rabbits. Woyane is treating Ethiopian like rabbits. Ethiopians the most civilized people in their consciousness because that is the reason when you to go any Ethiopian village they will come you and give you what they have and they never discriminate you. This is the highest level of civilization. Civilization is not only drive cars, having TV, internet. civilization is the state of human mind, no material wealth. Woyane after spending or wasting two decades killing its own people right and left, after living in caves for 17 years, it believed living in caves is better than anything and started putting people in tribal cave man ethnic land where people denied mobility, interaction? This is an awful.

  31. Gezaee says:

    This is all what I have been saying. TPLF agenda is an agenda of apartheid and killing a nation either way. Macro-apartheid in Ethiopia is the partition of land by major tribe. The micro-apartheid is dividing people by Warada, Awraja, Kebele, Kebele Geber mahber.This is why I say TPLF is rotten from head to toe. It is dying a slow death. I was once ill and I looked still normal but I was dying from inside without realizing it I was dying. It only took a one lab test that my life was in danger and I got the right prescription and survived.

    TPLF is terminally ill now and it might die before it realizes it is dying. If there are TPLF doctors by any chance, we advise them to diagonize TPLF’s terminal illness because TPLF dies. The symptoms are obvious and everyone can see them that TPLF is suffering from terminal illness. Terminal illness is a deadly illness that has little chance of surviving the diseases. Even during derg there was no such called corruption. Today you have corruption or Musna sefer? Aparthied sefer? Ugly, disgusting, Kehadi, leba, Dem blu, Woradoch, Lksksoch, you liberated who? you are not free yourself leave alone to liberate others ? You were just killing people for 17 years to establish apartheid sefer at Kebele level and apartheid country at national level and Musna sefer at kebele level and Musna country at national level. you are the most disgusting creature, Ethiopia now is corrupt #1 now in the world? What happened you human disgrace? is this what you fought for? is this what you starved for? is this what you have killed people for two decades in the name of liberation? what is liberation? is this liberation? Now, even you denied the tigreans that desert cactus tree by infecting with alien insects? The trees polluted, the land polluted, the river polluted and the investor has left to where he come from. This is what all investors do and the use and pollute the river and soil and go. Real development is not doing this, real development is human development, not selling and destroying everything in the country. Anyway, it is coming soon do not worry. I have seen it on face book that people crying and they are disgusted by TPLF. It is horrible an organisation that killed one generation in the name of liberation become the most corrupt entity in Ethiopian history and an Ethiopia, this is the most ugliest ever one can in his life. People were doing by competing to die for so called liberation and now what was being called liberation becomes deliberation and diametrically reversed 180 degrees? Who would believe there are such people who live in caves to struggle for power? Look these people did become rebel to liberate anyone. They become rebel for power and to steal other people property. The rest was fooled by Tigrignea music and dance and Kebero. This is prove the laminar theory. The Laminar theory says there are evil human being on our planet who use ethnicity, tribe or religion or race or colour for their own personal agenda. I believe the leaders of TPLF agenda was not about liberating anyone but their inspiration was hunger for power, for wealth and money and that inspired them to build fortress in caves and fool the entire Tigreans by Tigrignea music and Kebero. Do you know how TPLF was recruiting and fooling people? It will call you for a meeting and in the meeting you start dancing and then you get high with Tigrignea music and then you join TPLF without even thinking about it. In this way TPLF made Tigrai and the Tigreans a war zone for 2 decades and now TPLF end up setting up apartheid sefer, Musna sefer, Askeyami, Hodam, you tell me you struggled to liberate or to liberate nations and nationalities? Hodam, you are not liberated yourself leave alone to liberate anyone, Hodam, Hode ykeded,Kudud, it seems derg was better, there was musna or apartheid sefer then. And this happens in the area where the people have to endure two decades of bloody civil war? is this now liberation? I setting up apartheid sefer or Musna sefer liberation? Add what is written below to the lists of sin of woyane I have listed above. Really woyane is a cursed organisation. Shame on you, Hodamoch

    Now, we are told that fellow Diaspora Tegaru are coming home to take part in a festival which will be held in Meqelle.
    Dear Diaspora Tigrians:

    Your coming home is great and we are ready to embrace and welcome you. But, at the same time we would like to remind you to take the challenges you will be facing into account. Ahead of your arrival to the festival, Prepare yourself well, collect and equip yourself with all the information that the people are facing, make your analyses and submit to the officials in writing and discuss the problems with them. If needed have courage to challenge with the issues listed below in addition to your own findings. They don’t listen to us doesn’t mean they don’t listen to you. Most of the time, our officials are ready to listen to those of you who are coming from abroad. Hence, the probability of influencing them is more likely to you than to us who live in Ethiopia. Besides, please share this message also to all those whom it may concern (specially participants) before the event. The people of Tigray want see these 6 fundamental questions of existence addressed and solved sooner than later.

    Six fundamental questions that must be addressed during your festival in Meqelle.

    1. Development issues
    A. A significant part of the population of Tigray still lives under the mercy of food aid. Close to one million people are getting their daily bread by the mercy of safety net. When will we be food self-sufficient? Our officials are claiming the state’s produce of 75 million quintals (30 % of the national crop production of 250 million) while the truth in the ground says otherwise. Why all these lies? Why cooking data miles apart from the truth? This is something that needs great attention. Please check these cooked data with the reality on the ground! Neither the state of Tigray nor Mother Ethiopia will develop by doctoring data!

    B. What foot prints did the GTP leave in Tigray? Why did the officials in Tigray state want Tigray be out of the industry zone? while TPLF was talking for years now “industry is the future of Tigray”? What happened to the 18 factories they were telling us for years to construct (the biggest being a PVC company in Maymekden) in cooperation with EFFORT and partners? How about the multibillion projects the Defense’s Engineering wing was said to establish like the steel factory and others? How come it fails to open just one while it has opened plenty in other places? How about the railway? How come the state fails to score a single success? Why couldn’t we see just one GTP plan get realized in the state? Just one! The GTP plan in Tigray is 100 % failure. What happen? What does planning mean if not realized?

    C. The SAERT irrigation project was massively moving until it was stopped by a unilateral order of Ato Meles Zenawi through Tekleweyni Asefa. According to the master plan of the SAERT, Tigray was to be food self-sufficient by 2008 by installing 500 micro and medium sized dams for irrigation. Was there any discussion among our irrigation experts as to why it was necessary to fold the project? If that project was disapproved by the concerned experts what was done with allocated budget? Where did it gone? If there was any alternative project what for project was that? Where and what is the status of the project today? What scientifically proven and adaptable, sound projects, technologies have you put in place to replace it? Can we have a copy of the expert’s conclusion? Was replacing the project with “‘???’ and ??? ??” done in consultation with concerned experts? Does the state government understand why it is failed?

    D. What happened to project Golgol Raya, Abergele Animal husbandary and similar projects?

    E. The most educated, capable and experienced Tigrians are unwelcome here. They now prefer to work outside of Tigray. Why is it so and when will this out-migration end? Because of this, Tigray remains inefficiency of all the states to run the bureaucracy in Tigray state. Why? Why every year the regional budget is returned to the federal government unused; 2003 E.C- 40%; 2004- 36 %, 2005- 29 % while there are massive problems remaining unsolved? How much of the budget reported as used is put in work? In a state with such a pervasive corruption how much money is reported embezzled or improperly stolen in the state and what action did the administration took to mitigate it?

    F. Don’t you think the data that explains the growth and prosperity in Tigray is exaggerated? What we see in the data is totally different with the fact we see on the ground! How do we explain this incoherence? Despite the numbers in the state’s data, our people remains still the poorer and marginalized. Year after year government owned media tells us billions of seedlings are planted, so many land is irrigated, thousands of farmers are made millionaire,…etc. is that true? If yes, where are they? Please, try to visit the cites if mentioned and take your own observation. A research, which was funded by the regional government, conducted by DR. Z of mekele university (full name hidden for security reasons) three years back revealed very shocking result, showing the massive poverty level in Tigray (52 % living under poverty line). This research publication was rejected by the state government as the research finding contradicted the official statements and data (less than 30 %). Why hide the truth? True, there are very few people close to the system, close to EFFORT who are multimillionaires now, but the majority of our people still remains very poor. When will this end?

    G. After 23 years in power, water shortage in almost all towns in Tigray remains unsolved. Mekelle and Shire are hit the hardest and the problem is getting even worse. Why is the state government not giving the needed attention and solve the problem? Year after year, we were hearing hundreds of millions are allocated, and yet, we didn’t see anything being done. Nothing! Why? There are evidences of massive corruption (in billions) in the Tigray water Enterprise. The previous manager, Eng. Getachew, (Haleka’s nephew), embezzled 120 million birr; and he was sneaked out through Bole and after being triad in abstention , sentenced to 12 years of imprisonment; and yet, he is walking free in the streets of Japan. Why no effort was made to bring him home? Similarly, the succeeding manager, a close person to the palace by blood, said to have embezzled millions, is recently promoted to lead EPRDF bureau let alone to be brought to justice. Why? The health service delivery, electricity, and other services too are very poor. Why?

    H. The bureaucracy in Tigray remains the most ineffective, incapable and deterring. Tigray is becoming the symbol of failure. They may start a thing and it never gets to completion; 8 years on, the stadium remains with only 25 % completion while Bahirdar finalizes it in just three years, and Hawassa’s is nearing completion; so does Adama and others. Welkayt sugar factory is at only 12% while the plan was to complete it by October 2013, and there are reports that it is almost stopped as no budget is allocated to go further; Almost none of the plans in GTP is put into place, e.t.c. practically, there was no, and there still is no project in Tigray in the past 10 years with fair accomplishment. This is all because the well-educated and capable have no place! Till when are we going to be symbol for failure and incapability?

    I. From what is being heard the state is planning to upgrade 10 health centers to a level of primary hospitals. What does this mean? Do the 10 health centers really qualify to be upgraded to the level of Hospital? How come the Tigray state fail to build hospitals that fulfill the standard of a Hospital? In fact, there was no hospital built by the regional government in the past five years while some regions opened up to 40. Why? Health center is built with a capacity to serve 15,000-25,000 and a primary hospital- up to 100,000. How can a setup built for 15-25,000 people serve 100,000? Is it just about changing name? Why?

    J. An Italian investor had introduced a Silkworm that devastated the huge cactus (???) plantation in Tigray. Now, People and animals eating it are getting sick. Realizing, the damage he caused, the Italian so called investor has left the country. Why did things turn out this way? Why the government did neglect the role of the educated? Shouldn’t the Tigray state government have consulted professionals before giving licenses for this project’s environmental impact?

    K. Who owns EFFORT? Why our people are denied any information about this conglomerate? What are our people benefitting from EFFORT? Why EFFORT has never been audited? Why the people have never heard the audit report? Why are most of the EFFORT companies going bankrupt, let alone to grow? Where is the profit going to? Why EFFORT denies private sector involvement in manufacturing in Tigray? Why EFFORT sells its products at far higher price in Tigray than elsewhere (Ex. Mesebo Cement)? What is the future of EFFORT?

    2. Democratization and people’s participation in civil life

    A. When is TPLF leadership going to tolerate dissent, any critical but constructive opposition in Tigray? Why is it anybody with alternative ideas seen as a threat, as an enemy? Why the opposition in Tigray is subject to imprisonment, torture, loss of livelihood and all forms of mistreatment? Why do you name anybody with different idea all the bad names in the world? Why do you need to kill all minds? Isn’t it killing, destroying a nation?

    B. Tegaru are currently living in an atmosphere of fear and suspicion? No one trusts anyone in Tigray. The social cohesion of our people is disrupted with mistrust. Literally talking, Tigray is a police state. When will the regime stop this widespread phobia?

    C. Why are you always fearful of the media, civic societies, and professional organizations?

    D. In a research conducted by a professor from mekele university found out that Tigray has the lowest transparency in governance. There are many talks of how some of the previous TPLF CC members were ousted/pressurized to voluntarily resign, and it was presented as if everything went smooth. What is this all secrecy?

    E. More than 6 thousand houses in Mekele, many more tens of thousands in Alamata, Korem, Mekoni, Maichew, Shire, Wukro are demolished overnight. Why do they have to commit such crimes while they could have prevented their construction (if they indeed are illegal)? The officials who gave the permit for their construction are equally responsible. None of them are investigated to this date. Why? The saddest is the destruction of a green area called GEREB BUBU in Mekelle by the TPLF officials and their cronies. Around 40 members of the central committee and famous merchants had illegally seized the area kept green for years. They distributed the area allocated by the municipality for fauna and flora amongst themselves at a lease rate of 1 birr 32 cents, which is a rate 100 times smaller than the current lease rate, and the construction is still under way. People call it “Aparthaid Mender”. Why all the boldness?

    3. Education and investment

    **In the same research and similar research by another professor of Mekele university showed

    a. Tigray has the highest drop-out rate from all levels of education (elementary, high school, university) in Ethiopia. Even Afar and Somalia are better than Tigray. How do they intend to improve the situation?
    b. Tigray is the least in terms of quality of education and every year, more Tigreans fail in the national exams than anywhere in the country. In 2003 e.c, Tigray was the least in terms of the percentage of tenth grade students passing the national exam. It continues unimproved since then. In 2005 E.C tenth grade national exams, only 28 % made it while the country average was 35 %. Why all this disparity? Where are we heading to?
    c. Tigray attracts the lowest level investment, and the lowest investment per capita in Ethiopia. The lowest! The regime in Tigray chooses the specific areas investors could involve. They are usually Hotels, other service givers, and they don’t want investors to get involved in manufacturing and other heavy industries. This is exclusively kept for the shadowy conglomerate EFFORT. Why?
    d. Tigray produces the highest number of street children in Ethiopia, and Tigray has the highest infant mortality rate. Why? Where is the 20 years of lie and empty propaganda?

    e. Crucial institutions of education like MIT and Kelamino are currently being shut down or nearing closure. Why? Why is MIT being shut down and being transferred to MU? The MIT which was established by the hard work of Araya Zerihun and many other dedicated Tegarus to train the best engineers, technologist for the nation, was initially tried to turn it to cadre and spy school, and when the students resist, you are shutting it down! Why? Don’t you have any plans for the future of the people?

    4. Corruption:

    • Where is all the EFFORT money going to?

    • What are our people getting from EFFORT? Why is it not audited? Why the people are kept blind about it? Whom is it enriching, who is making use of the money, the profit? There are numerous rumors of corruption in EFFORT where even a guard owns G+6 and they remain unquestioned let alone to return the money they rob. Why?
    • Corruption has become the normal working system of the region, and officials, when they are caught; they are never questioned, never made to return the money let alone to pass through any legal process. They say they are made to change working place and assigned with a bigger promotion, bigger power, as long as they are “loyal” to the party. Why?
    • People in Mekelle call a certain area in the town “Musna Mender” because people (officials) with just 5000 birr salary own G+4, G+5, cars, and every other luxury. How come this happen?
    • Ethiopia ranks as one of the most corrupt countries in the world now. There are reports of billions of dollars of capital flights. The situation is even worse in Tigray. The system s corrupt head to toe and there is no political will to fight corruption in Tigray. A politician can loot as much as he intends, and he goes away unquestioned as long as he is politically “loyal”.

    5. Why wanting to harm our unity? Why destroying Tigray’s centuries old history?

    It’s painful to say it, but true, the internal unity of the people of Tigray has been hurt due to the wrongful acts and non-inclusive system of T.P.L.F where almost the whole system seems controlled by people from one locality, and many others felt alienated. The unwise and venomous intentional and unintentional wording of some officials is never to be mentioned here. Why some of the big officials are so myopic, narrow, and so divisive? Why is this all? You also seem to be apathetic to the history of Tigray before 1983. You destroyed the palace of Ras Araya Dimtsu in Aynalem and built on top of it what is today MIT. This is 20 years ago when land was abundant. You destroyed hundreds of years old historical Hidmos in Mekelle against the advice of UNESCO people; You are destroying Endaraesi, built by Ras Gugsa, along with its hundreds of years old big trees; you Destroyed the prison where Operation Agazi was undertook; You prevented the erection of monument for Yohannes in Mekelle; you renamed a school built by the local people and named after Ras Alula to Meles; Yohaness palace is losing its originality; they are painting it with white lime and it looks like a villa house built just yesterday, e.t.c…there are a lot more similar stories throughout Tigray. You want to portray the Tigray of thousands of years of magnificent history as just 23 or 39 years old! Why? Why?

    6. Why resistance and unwillingness to create new visionary, capable educated leaders?

    The current regime in Tigray, TPLF, has no any intention of creating new capable, visionary leaders, and is apparently academia phobic. A people who failed to produce good leaders are doomed to fail. This is a very critical issue. Why the most capable, educated and visionaries are pushed aside and all appointments based on mere loyalty and locality? Now, the bureaucracy and all the political appoints are held by ill-educated fake degree holders, the incapable, and the visionless corrupts who are phobic of the educated and most capable as they consider them as possible threat, how are we going to create new capable leaders of tomorrow? Why can’t you think beyond your big bellies for the generations to come? Is that you don’t want or simply you can’t? Does TPLF really have any vision for the people 20, 50 years from now? Do you really care for the generations to come, for the future of the people and the land? We are left leaderless!

    • Wey aya Jibo says:

      ኤርትራዊ መሆን ምንም ችግር የለም! በሬፈረንደሙ ኤርትራዊ ነኝ ብለህ መርጠሃል ኣሁን ማን ኢትዮጵያዊ ኣደረገህ? ኢትዮጵያዊነት እኮ ስትፈልግ የምትለብሰውና ሳትፈልግ ደግሞ የምታወልቀው ልብሰው ሳይሆን ስትፀነስ ጀምሮ በደም ውስጥ ተንቆርቁሮ በፈጣሪ የተበጀ ከሁሉም የተከበረ ዜግነት ነው! በ90ዎቹ ኣስመራ ውስጥ ምን ትሆን እንደነበረ ያየ የለም ብለህ ነው? ጅብ በማያቁት ኣገር ሄዶ ቆርበት ኣለ እንደሚሉት ነው? ካድሬ መሆን ነውር ከሆነ ኣንተ የደርግ ካድሬ ሆነህ ታገለግል ኣልነበረ! በዚህ እድሜህ ማፈርያ!

  32. mamush says:

    @ Gezaee, Ermi et al …ለግንቦት 7 ካድሬዎች በሙሉ
    ዋሽንግተን መሽጎ በኢትዮጵያ ዉስጥ የፖለቲካ ለዉጥና ነዉጥ አመጣለሁ የሚለዉ ፓርቲያችሁ ለለዉጥም ለነዉጥም በስደት ተረግዞ፣ በስደት ተወልዶ፣ በስደት ተገርዞ፣ በስደት የተገነዘዉ የሥልጣን ጉጉትና የደከመ ሰብዕና ባለቤት ተገቢዉን ትምህርት ሰጥተን አልፈናል፡፡
    ዜግነት፣ ሰዎች እንዳጠለቁት የዕለት ልባስ ስመሽ የሚያወልቁት፤ ከፈለጉም ደግመዉ የማይለብሱት ወይም አረጀ ሲሉ ከነአካቴዉ የሚያሽቀነጥሩት አይደለም፡፡ በወረቀት ዜግነት መቀየር ይቻል ይሆናል ደም መቀየር ግን ይከብዳል፡፡ ኤርትሪያዊነትህን ጠብቀ አቆየዉ፡፡ የኤርትሪያ ካርታ የተለጠፈበትን ቲሽርት ለብሰህ ለኤርትሪያ “ናጽነት” እወጃ ልብህ እስክጠፋ የጨፈርከዉን ረስተህ ዛሬ ላይ ሆነህ የኢትዮጵያ ተቆርቋር መሆንህ ምን ያህል ለሆድህ ስትል ኤርትሪያዊነትህን የከዳ የማንነት ቀዉስ ያለብህ ሰዉ ነህ፡፡
    በጥላቻ የተበከሉ፣ የቀለም አብዮታችሁን ያልተቀላቀለን ሁሉ፡ ሆድ አደር፣ ከሃድ፣ የወያኔ ተላላኪ፣ ዘዉገኛ፣ ጠባብ ..ወዘተ ለማለት የሚቀናችሁ፣ተቀባይነት ካለዉ ማዕቀፍ ዉጭ (የቀለም አብዮት አጀንዳ የሆነዉን) በመረጃና ምክንያታዊነት ላይ የቆመ የታሪክ፣ የፖለቲካ ትብብርና ትግል ትንታኔ የሚያቀርቡ ለዘብተኛ የተቃዋሚ ኃይሎች ሳይቀር በካድሬነት ዘመናችሁ ከደርግ የወረሳችሁትን ቃላት መለጠፍ የዕለት ተግባራችሁ ነዉ፡፡ ይህ ደግሞ በኢትዮጵያ ፖለቲካ ላይ የሚያመጠዉ ለዉጥ የለም፡፡ ሰላም ሁኑ!
    ማሙሽ ነኝ የግንቦት 20 ካድሬ

  33. Gezaee says:

    TPLF cadres: You are only exposing yourself. You are telling us this is how you label people falsely. This proves you are born evil. When you can not defend yourself you end up calling people Eritrean or G7? This is high level stupidity which will never serve you. This shows only you are rotten from head to toe. I can see now that you accuse people falsely like this out of the blue when you failed to answer any question. You are parasite human being. You are really evil. You are the one not only Eritrean but Yeshabia telalaki from day one. Shabia created you and babsitted you and trained you. You still serve Shabia. Dawit, look, when they can not answer any single question they are calling people Eritrean? There is a saying in Tigrignea, Zemeniya girnbits mai neakeb Yebahal. This is how Musna has become a culture of TPLF. Lying, stealing is part of Musna or lebnet. Acheberbari leba. You think you lies and fabrication will help stay long on power? Dedeb, Hasawi, wushetam, Denkoro, you do not know my age, wedi Kelbi, Hasawi, Yikr ane, nska zkonkenka, aregit ewn tezareb aleka. Denkoro, Denez, you are telling me this is how you lie everything.This proves everything is say wushet or lies. When you can not defend yourself you ended up fabricating an utter lies telling me I am Eritrean, Wedi Kelbi, Yeshertumta lij, Komata (Komat),Sidi balegie, you are evil. Instead of defend yourself you started fabricating your lies. You think you can blind-fold all Ethiopians and ruled them by lies? Dedeb Denkoro, leave alone me, you mercenary banda, Shabia slave, even claim you are Ethiopian. Which Ethiopia are you talking about? The Ethiopia which you erected apartheid wall? The Ethiopian where you sell its land, its people, its assets for temporary gain to fill your greedy belly? Dedeb = ahya = denkoro = Asadagi yebedelew = leba achberbari. Instead of arguing with reasons, you decided to turn on your lie fabrication machine? You have no clue leave alone my age, you do not know anything about me.

  34. mamush says:

    @ Awrambatimes Editor Dawit Kebede
    Why you delete my comment? You are so biased, you came back to disturb and destabilize our country? It is time to gather petition and recommend to Ethiopian Information Security Agency to block your website. You are mixed to the destructive journalists upon your request. Whenever your groups insult anybody it doesn’t matter, you will post it confidentially; you blocked my comment that I wrote to defend myself. Post my comment please; if you want you can’t escape anywhere, from Faras Maay to Adwa to Addis Ababa.
    In Areopagitica, published without a license, Milton made an impassioned plea for freedom of expression and toleration of falsehood, stating:
    “Give me the liberty to know, to utter, and to argue freely according to conscience, above all liberties.”
    Freedom of speech and expression has a long history that predates modern international human rights instruments. It is thought that ancient Athens’ democratic ideology of free speech may have emerged in the late 6th or early 5th century BC. Two of the most cherished values of the Roman Republic were freedom of religion and freedom of speech. We are talking about 10,000 or more years of Ethiopian history without any improvement in freedom speech and relative rights.
    Concepts of freedom of speech can be found in early human rights documents. England’s Bill of Rights 1689 granted ‘freedom of speech in Parliament’ and is still in effect. The Declaration of the Rights of Man and of the Citizen, adopted during the French Revolution in 1789, specifically affirmed freedom of speech as an inalienable right. The Declaration provides for freedom of expression in Article 11, which states that:
    “The free communication of ideas and opinions is one of the most precious of the rights of man. Every citizen may, accordingly, speak, write, and print with freedom, but shall be responsible for such abuses of this freedom as shall be defined by law.”

  35. mamush says:

    @ Gezaee የግንቦት 7ቱ ካድሬ
    I have got your actual image, after all you are noting to talk about Ethiopia, I have to told you to come to the right track unless I expose to the public until you curse the day you were born.
    Political limbo and dilemma and you look like helpless wounded donkey and deserve death only.
    You are frustrated, retarded Derg cadre; old junk and the moron economic immigrant. I am living in Ethiopia; but you are living abroad eating and collecting the white people’s garbage; you are a white man’s burden. You are leading your low life in the field of scavengers. I prefer to beg or be as you said “የወያኔ ተላላኪ” in my homeland than eating white man’s sewage and sucking ass. የፈረንጅ ቂጥ አጣብ! The Son of Shabian harlot bitch; this ‘yenech-qit atabi’! barnet-nafaqi !! go and wash Berhanu’s ass for a dime. You idiot empty head know this: Woyane, Amhara, Debub and Oromo will continue chopping your ass for what you did two decades ago. you are just filthy flies - ‘adgi’ and ‘dergaf asha’, sebari e’tro - i’e, foolish ensra sebari, fesam adgi; guess what’s new, shintam and aram Birhanu is already dead some 9 years ago when he filled his butanta with an imaginable diarrhea and a huge Jar of pie, at the time when he was caught by law enforcing bodies.
    Your income depends upon our political loyalty to Ginbot 7 rather than professional quality and on the magnitude of the derogatory views you are writing.

  36. Gezaee says:

    Mamush: Yemender duriye, Tastawkaleh. I prefer to live with whites than to live with you; you are a cave a man. Leave alone me, the white man you hate is feeding you daily. You have no income but you beg in the name of Ethiopian people and get monthly pay in the name of Ethiopians. It is better even to be even a scavenger than to be a beggar and a parasite of society. You are a parasite Ethiopian people. You can suck the poor Ethiopian people until they die if something is not done. You are worebola, u know worebela does not think by brain, but by gun. You are threatening Dawit? this shows you think you think you are above him and you can do what you think? Dawit is a citizen like u, I know you are blood sucker banda. Dawit has more quality than you.He could be like if he was corrupt like you.

  37. Gezaee says:

    Mamosh aka TPLF cadre: the only way out for you to respect people and to work hard to earn a living, and become ordinary like everybody. You can threatened people because you are a cadre. No Ethiopian has intention to destabilize Ethiopia. But it people like you make people angry and make people to resort to do anything. It is like Yefukure beit sayzega yadral. If this piss you off, then you will be pissed off more when Ethiopians say enough is enough and drag you out of the office like Gadaffi. Train, learn, and do something for your life than depending for you life. If I were you I would take all the comments as positive critism to correct wrong things. You can not survive by threatening people for long. You started throwing mud on me. What TPLF has thought you is wrong and will net benefit you. You come with different nick name and you call people with different name. You never give reasons or defend for the weaknesses of you government except threatening people and calling them by awraja or woreda, whatever you name you give them. You told me I am from Akulegzay , then you called me Shabia, then G7, then you calling Dawit from Feres Mai, what is that calling people by their place birth? I do not blame you because that what they thought you. Be advised before it is too late , you can make everyone your enemy by insulting, and discriminationg. You are working against TPLF yourself. What you are doing is exacly what Diasporas do. Diasporas chase Tigreans because of TPLF and the Tigreans end up falling back on TPLF.You are chasing people and making more enemies. The Ethiopia you are talking does not exist, it is apartheid country, do you know the South African apartheid? you may not know but the black people, Asians were put in specified area to live and they can not move from there. They were denied mobility in their country. Now you built a wall between people based on tribes so that they can not live together? Look what you are doing against the Amara across the country? Why are you persecuting them in their country? This persecution based on race? This is barbaric and primitive system that discriminate people based on their tribe. No, no, believe me, you may think now it is okay, but time will come to regret. No one goes away with injustice against any human. The cry of the Amhara people will haunt you one day. You claim all nations and nationalities chosen you? No, leave alone in other region, people are tired of you in Tigrai because of zemedbezemed and corruption and you even have now Musna sefer, apartheid sefer? How TPLFites who used to live in an open air with no water ,with no food and with clothing end up building apartheid sefer and Musna sefer, you must ashamed for being hodam. People or your comrades gave their lives, but you end up defiling and desecrating their bones and bloods? Do you know you are shitting and urinating on the bones and bloods of the Tegadeltis. They gave their precious live that can not be replaced by any means but you end up selling their bones and their blood for your hode. Ata Kebdam, Hseb or think by your brain than by your hode or do not think by your stomach. We all wanted a fair, stable country but no one wanted a country that is corrupt and ruled by zemedzemed. Do you know Ethiopia is number one corrupt country in the world? Kenya used to be number and Nigeria second. Now Ethiopia is number 1 corrupt country on the planet and number 2 poorest country in the world. As you guessed well I live with whites. But no one discriminate me by my ethnic or tribe or language, or place of birth or religion or nationality. No one cares where I am born and how I look or what I do. But I understand because you live in Ethiopia and it is not your fault because you are trained to be tribalists, racist, regionalists, Awrajawi, Weredawi. This is the 21 century Mamosh. This is not cave man century where you have to force people to live in tribal box. But must have freedom to move and live anywhere. Leave alone TPLF to give freedom, TPLF has taken the freedom of people to move and to coexist together. This never happened anywhere except in South Africa. The only country where people were denied mobility or freedom of movement and coexistence is South Africa. Ethiopia is second to none for doing that. What do you think the Amhara are hunted down across the country? what is your Ethiopian Mamosh if you are persecuting and discriminating people within their country? Anyway, Mekere Mekerew, Embi Kale Mekera Ymkerew new negeru. I understand also it is not you fault. If I never left Ethiopia and learnt I could have been like you. I can tell you a story. I used to work with people from everywhere and I have been seen by my superiors treating Ethiopian specially by giving them a priority treatment. Then I was called and informed that I was treating Ethiopians differently from others. And the services was supposed equal to all the people. I went home and thought about it. I had the belief which exported from Ethiopia that I have treated Ethiopians favourably. It took me awhile to understand what I was doing was wrong and I even realized it was wrong. The culture in Ethiopia built in and it is not your fault you think you have to be privileged because you belong to the ruling cliques. That is why you said Dawit came back to destabilize your country? Ethiopia is now your private property and Dawit is a second citizen? You need to change that attitude because it is gonna cost a lot later if you do not change that attitude. I know changing attitude is not easy. But you must know the Ethiopian people have no obligation to carry you forever.

  38. Gezaee says:

    Dear Momamush: It is possible to be wealthy by hard-working day and night without being parasite, stealing from others. People work here to make money day and night. You will never find people who do not work except those who are with documented disablility. If you are normal person you have to work and make a living. You do not get money for being cadre. We have no even people called cadre here. There is no need for cadre. There is law and everyone follows the law even government officials. No government official has a right to threaten me or to tell me anything. No one has more right than anyone. You can not employ people by Zemed or party member. Last year, one of the Minister employed a person without due procedure of process and she lost her Minister Status. She was grilled in court why she did that. She was humiliated and legally fried. This is one incident of corruption in my many years life. There is no corruption. People are employed based on their ability and service, merit, not by Zemed or party member.

  39. Alula says:


    While you know that woyane always beg for peace, if one refused , destroy it once. & for all! All anti woyane here are either defeated individuals from the past , their Jeles or individuals like who lost their mind because of their wrong choice! Look at your lovely shabiya, your kinijit…? Once you mess around woyane , you will never see yourself better!

  40. Dagnachew, please for heaven sake. We know each other. Where is your family, your gorgeous wife and your lovely son. Before you are talking about Ethiopia take a first pace to save your family. Show us the sense of family belongingness and responsibility.
    We all know how you got your diploma. A fake degree - that insults the intellect of many.

  41. messi says:

    by the way, the rural land in Ethiopia is not still owned by the farmers. Now it owned by a modern form of balabat….the state.

  42. Swetru says:

    Ke zeregnet zegegnet yishalale.

    Today like we live our daily life which is husband and wife in homeland and in western country the economy independency of women actually creating not only for the country but also for as a family well being .

    By being women’s economy independent which is nice but if you give them every thing there can’t be two men in the house there is one men and one women.that’s enough to understand .

    In Ethiopia what weyane did is fantastic bare in mind when the economy of the country grow people get every opportunity for education and become prosperous that zegegnet become always a question. Kerman anishe.

    All 80 language speakers want to enjoy what the rest of ethiopian enjoy that will happen.

    But if zegegnet exist that’s not a problem .
    Zegegnet esk zegegnet ketone every one will be happy.

    If we can not take it afrikawinet sanwed begdachen eytekset Yale phenomena new.

    Africa getting richer and richer countries getting closer and closer
    But when it comes to zeregnet ahun Adega west sayhone adra west lenegeba new every ethnic group in Ethiopia begabich endurance kayen hulum betseb yerasun kuankua yeminagelet sew lejun. Biyageba des yilewal aleblezia ke gefa kegefa yachi africawinet teto zegegnet malet ethiopiawinet wedemilew yimetana aye bayhon Amhara bay hone Tigre bay hone gambela wey Afars wey Somali zegnenetun eyemret yehedal manem yerasu lej asalefo areko mestete edemayfelgew

    Zeregnetu zegnenetun eyewdedew yimetal

    What weyane achived so far is very good.
    What do we do more to improve what they have done for all of us.
    Zeregnet zegegneten yatenakrewal enjoin ayafersewem if we look in positive way.

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