Tigray Festival 2014: Committee Organizers Hold a Press Conference (Video)


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42 Responses

  1. lula says:

    Tigray you can party now by killing Ethiopian people ,your time will be up soon like you boos melese.

    • Weredekal says:

      You must be one of the remanants of Derg. Get out of this site! You do not belong here!

    • idris says:

      @Lula, I can see you are from the loser GIMO7. Do not worry much; your terrorist leader will not be hanged. No room for terrorists like you in Ethiopia. GIMO7/esat=Shabeya telalaki = egypt telalaki =

  2. Gezaeee says:

    Hi Guys, I have had a fight with a Jewish Theology Professor. The fight started when she started showing this in her class. I am taking Judaism course this summer for fun. But I am very disappointed to find the lady teaching wrong things about Ethiopia. I demanded her she give me evidence where she found the material she was using. She copied and pasted from a racist Jewish website and tried to teach us. I became emotional because it is complete lie story and the film shows also an Ethiopian kid refusing to take shower after his arrival in Israel. The kid worried that he will finish water if he take shower and they tell him, in Israel water, it is not like Ethiopia. The film was supposed watched and discussed. But both lecture and the film is now taken out from the lecture, may be until I am done with this class. I do not want to this material to be thought in the University after now. Now are cat and rat with the Prof because she is arrogant. What do you think I should do to stop her from teaching this false claim next time. This told me I can take the case to the head of religious studies. She might be sacked even I do that. I do not her to lose her job because she is new. If the case to the religious studies head, then I have to tell and justify my case which will expose her weakness and put her on the wrong position because the University does not tolerate such thing. You suggestion will be appreciated.

    • Ermi says:

      My suggestion to you, you need to get serious medical help. You don’t seem to be mentally fine.

      I first realized your sickness when you said you could overthrow woyane in short time if bla bla bla. Get help using the free health care Canada provides. I hope you get better soon.

      Peace to all but Woyanes!


      • idris says:

        @Ermi,you simply moron.Nothing positive is expected from negative minded morons like you

      • Gezaee says:

        Ermi = leba woyane = Seraki. This is the evil woyane cadres culture. Jumping to insult people is woyane’s cadres culture. you think woyane can not be removed ? I can tell you if I want, in one day,you saw it what happened 2005. It is possible to overthrow woyane ine one day. Evil woyane cadres, nebse belaa, criminal gang, racist, tribalist.

        • Asghedom says:

          What happen to you Mr. Gezaee.
          Your wisdom is not any more with you. Please be realistic . I have read your coments I like them but it is not good if we react like chidren when some one write not good things about you.
          it is not necessary.

    • Aid nation says:

      Weyane is really on the klif of demise, ignoring the whole Ethiopian people dancing on the floor alone.
      The weyane creature nothing but stupidity to ignor 8 million people but the heart of tigrayan and Amhara both zigzag they trust each other

    • axumawe says:

      @mr Gezaee
      I think you may sound or look ,in your Owen delusional mind like some kind of educated person.
      let me say this the film have no positive or negative massage(it is about a kid with life Experian’s) particular to any thing .but your twisted mind (or ego)wants to see what you like to see your way.
      it depends how you understand things I blived you need to see it from wright and left angles be for you jump in to conclusion.
      for me the kid is so broken hart, from the moment he left his mother.
      also he is so Ethiopian he don’t want any thing else, he is who he is but others tried hard to change him in to some thing he don’t want to. you see our country Ethiopia have resisted any western and forine invasions for years, b/c we are who we are, that kid is the good example of a true Ethiopiawe.
      may be as diasporas me, you and other brothers and sisters, we have been in exile. we took different country’s citizen ship.
      but we never ever lived it, accepted it and blived it,so do he.
      that’s why we Ethiopians are so different than any other human binges. this is our unick identity.
      To come back to your weird thoughts, change can’t happen over night, it takes a long proses, adaptation of culture, condition, political and social experience
      specially for people and country like ours. it is a prose’s.
      So my advise for you,is tray to see things practically not emotionally, you are a very emotional and un compromised person, tank good you are not a leader of any thing.
      and you well never bee any ways ,no hard feeling it is my observation in every topics’ of your thought in general.

    • lulit says:

      Your request for suggestion is funny. Why you protect lairs and dishonest “professionals”? Who cares whether she is new or not? She better leave the job now than later. Because, she will do much worst damage after her test period is finished. If she is arrogant now, you should expect what she would be later.

    • በለው ! says:

      ***እነኝህ ሰዎች ከሀገር ሲወጡ በበረራ የመሸጋገሪያቸው በአንድ የአውሮፓ ከተማ ኤርፖርት ውስጥ ነበርኩ…ነገሩን ስለማላውቅ በብዛታቸው፣ አዛውንት፣ አሮጊት፣ ህፃን፣ ጎረምሳና፣ ገልማሳ፣ በመሆናቸው ድንገት አጠገቤ ሲዘረገፉ ተገርሜና ደንግጬ ስጠይቅ በቀላሉ “ወደ እስራኤል የሚሄዱ ናቸው አሉኝ።” የመሰለኝ ዐመታዊ ክብረ በዓል ለማክበር የሚሄዱ መሰለኝ…በማታው ሀገሩ ዜና ላይ “የኢትዮጵያ የመጀመሪዎቹ ጥቁር አይሁዳውያን ወደ ሀገራቸው ተጓዙ ሲል ዜናው አበሰረኝ!!…ብታምኑም ባታምኑም ንቀውናል ደፍረውናል!…ይህ ቪዲዮ በፈረንሳይና ተሰርቶ በእንግሊዘኛ ተተርጉሟል ወይንም መጀመሪያ በሒብሩ ተሰርቶ ለሌሎች ተተርጉሟል!?ይህ ለትምህርት መዋሉ ጥቅሙ አልገባኝም!? ፊልሙ ብዙ ትችትን ያጭራል ጉዳዩ ለሚመለከታቸው ‘ኦፕሬሽን ሰለሞንን” ለሰሩት የፊልሙን ማጣቀሻ ለባለጉዳዮች ልኬዋለሁ ወነድኢመ ገዛይ ከካናዳ አመሰግናለሁ። *****የእነኝህን ዜጎች የተሸጡበትን ገቢ ኮ/ል መንግስቱ ኀይለማርያም አስቀምጠው ሲጠፉ ህወአት የኢፈርት ንግድ መጀመሪያ የባንክ መበደሪያ አድርጎታል። በእውነቱ ብዙ ነገሮችን ከፊልሙ አውጥቼ ስሕተታቸውን እንዲማሩም እንዲያርሙም ይደረጋል በለው!።የሕፃኑ እናት ሆና የራሷ ልጅ ሲሞት የሰው ልጅ ስታወጣ በመጀመሪያ እራሷ ፈላሻ ሆና እንዴት መስቀል አላት?ህፃኑ በውሃ ብክነትም ይሁን…በተደባዳቢነቱም የሚለው ቃል” እኔ አደለሁም ጥፋተኛ ይላል”ከፖለቲካው ባሻገር የጤናው ባለሙያ የተረዳለት ግን ሕፃኑ በህይወቱ ያጣው ሀገሩ፣ ቤተሰቡ፣ ዘመድ፣ ባሕል እንዳለው ይናገራል(ያን ሁሉ ትቼ ለመምጣቴ ጥፋተኛ አደለሁም ይላል” ኦዎን! ሳይወዱ በግድ ተሰደው የጠፉብን አሉን…በዚህ ወቅት ኮ/ል መንግስቱ ለእስራኤል ውጭ ጉዳይ ሚኒስትር እንዲህ ብለው ነበር” አልተማሩም ብላችሁ ምንም አያውቁም ብላችሁ እንዳትበድሏቸው ዛሬ የእናንተ ናቸው ሁልግዜም ግን የኢትዮጵያ ናቸው። “በእርግጥም ከባድ መከራ ስቃይ ዘረኝነትን ተቋቁመው መከላከያውንም ሆነ ከፍተኛውን የሥራ ኀላፊነት ላይ ያሉት የትናንት ፈላሾች የሁልግዜም የኢትዮጵያ ልጆች ናቸው። ራባይ ወይም(ቄሱ) ሁለት ጥያቄዎች ጠይቋል መልሶቹ ተራራውም የእኛ ሙሴም ኢትዮጵያዊ ነው። የሕፃኑ መልስ እውነታው ራባዩን(ቄሱን)አንገቱን አስደፍቶ ሲያሳፍረው ማየትም ታሪክና ሃይማኖት ለሚያውቅ እኛ የመጀመሪያ እንጂ የመጨረሻ አደለንም በለው!።ሰናይ ተራራ ቃሉን ሲቀበል (ሙሴ ደገኛ ነበር ማለት አደለምን!?ወንድም ገዛይ አትፍራ አትበሳጭ ፊልሙ ለእናም መስክሯል ስሕተቱም ለወደፊት ማረሚያና ትምህርት ይሰጣቸዋል…ልዩነታችን የአመለካካት ቅሬታችን የአስተዳደር የፍትህ የእኩልነት እንጂ በሀገር፣ በታሪክ፣ በሃይማኖት፣ በሀገር ሉዓላዊነት ጉዳይ ወይ ፍንክች!!በልዩነት ውበት የለም የሸቀጥ ዕቃ አደለንም አንድነታችን ከልዩነታችን ይገናል!!

  3. Alula says:

    It is a good start! I hope it will be every year! There are many who didn’t participate in this festival because of work, therefore, I hope to join the festival next year!

  4. Kassa Kebede says:

    The Oromo’s future is given HIV/AIDS infection by Muktar Kedir. Evbenthough the government claims to shave the heads of these abducted oromos for hygeine purposes , the recent information that leaked from within Muktar Kedir office shows the barbers were instructed to infect HIV/AIDS to Over 30,000 Oromos recently who are abducted from Addis Ababa and sent to Concentration Camps because they are commiting a crime of being homeless as was said by the Hailemariam Desalegn(Muktar Kedir) government. Muktar kedir is taking away farmers land and turning it into Khat farms all over Oromia. His drug dealing ring was caught while trying to smuggle Khat illegally into China recently.

  5. Gezaee says:

    Dear Dawit: look, how are other Ethiopian supposed to bear the heavy burden of woyane cadres? This leba woyane Ermi comes here to instigate hatred, attack and counter attack. I did not say anything about woyane,but this evil Lucifer wanted me to remind his evil organisation and he thinks woyane is untoucheable. Dawit, I think if you wanted the website to be a good place for discussion, It is good you kick out cadres who come here to violate the right and dignity of people. Woyane murdered 60 000 Tigrean youth and 100 000 disabled youth and woyane tell us this was a liberation? And add to it 1 million Tigreans refugees? Is this liberation Dawith Hawey? who got liberated by woyane? Woyane now made Ethiopia a toilet where every European journalist piss on it, and woyane made Ethiopia a country where every government of every country piss on it. Woyane made it a country where every NGOS piss on it. Why is this evil woyane cadres instigating me to tell him the what he is? racist, tribalist, ethnicist, barbaric, uncivilized. Ermi, you may not believe me, but it is not as you think, because woyane has no support of the mass. Woyane rules by gun from day one upto today if you wanted me to tell you the truth and that is not forever. Ethiopians crying in every corner. Do not worry, it will happen before you realize it. Banda, agerchech,achberbari leba, ashloklkai, lksks, you sell Ethiopia and you collect frfari from your garage sale and you think now you can not be touched. It is a matter of time.It will not knock your door one day. Narrow = racist = ethnicist = tribalist = apartheid agent = leba = corrupt and you have the gut to point fingers on me. I am here where I am because of you evil. You wanted to tell me my illness? rotten head, gimatam, koshasha. dedeb , ahya, denkoro

    • jo says:

      Gezaee, cool dawn & get your medication.

    • axumawe says:

      @mr Gezaee, holed on this is what I am train to tell you.
      you insult others, but when others hit you badly your tears keeps dropping like a baby.
      now, I don’t know what happened between you and Ermi.
      but from some one who thinks and lecture others about Ethiopian politics, world politics, who is going and train to argue with professors, I can’t expect this kind of immature words, this is why I called you, you are emotional person, unreliable person, I also say before sick person.
      Now when it comes to woyen, they are leading the nation, if you have the got, which I doubted it, do what you say you well remove woyane in one day !!!!kkkk
      that mines Ethiopia well have a different government tomorrow.
      I am counting on you, if not I am coming really, badly hard on you tomorrow.
      about Dawit live the guy alone he is doing what he blived is wright, stop telling others what to do, if so you are not deferent from woyane as you call them racist, killers, dictators and so on. so how can you be deferent, if you are acting like the people you accused of wrong doing ????????
      I am confused ,and questioned your mental thinking ?
      but I got this for you.
      (chugrafes yaa baela wokiua,baela tewyyyy)
      if woyen wants you to be wiped out of the face of the earth blive me, they well just do that !!!
      if woyen wants to kidnap you from where ever you live or traveled or reside they well just do that blive me again !!!
      this (web sight)is for me,you and other brothers and sisters to exchange current info about our country. lets just live the politics to the politicians.
      (kebero siayut yammer sizut yadenager now)
      stop lecturing and insulting every body if not, no one well take your sheeeeeeet. you clay head.
      long live Ethiopia !!!

  6. Gezaee says:

    I wanted to remind readers that woyane is not a liberator of anyone. Woyane is a violator. Woyane murdered 60 000 Tigreans in the name of liberation. 100 000 disabled. 1 million became refugees only from Tigrai, and 15 000 Tigreans children were taken to Israel considered as lost boys of Ethiopians Jewish. Add to it the 100 000 Tigreans who perished during Shabia war. Woyane landlocked Ethiopia by gun against the natural right of Ethiopia and Ethiopia paid 44 billion dollars to buy ports from Sudan, Kenya, Djibouti? Yet, this Lucifer organisation and its nebse bela vulture cadres like Ermi tell us they can not bee touched. The only problem is unity among Ethiopia. If I decided 100% to work fully to remove woyane. I have the ability to unite all Ethiopians to overthrow woyane in one day. I am telling you in one day. With no need for armed struggle and with no need going to Asmara. Uniting only Ethiopians in Washington could remove woyane. The only missing elements is unity and I can do that. And that unity is appealing to all Ethiopians. The only missing elements are unity and someone who commit and stand for unity and then woyane will be done in one day. No war, we are brighteer than the bloody woyane that murdered one generation of Ethiopians in the name of liberation. Is this enough for you Ermi? Ermi = rotten head, corrupt

    • Alula says:


      I know you are getting old with out accomplishing anything, but I can see you are losing your mind at all! If you don’t like woyane , why don’t you go to shabiya as usual? Wow! Woyane was there , you can see it , it is there & it going to be there !!! This isn’t something you can help! If you hate woyane thus far, then you can only irritate yourself!ኣሽንኳይ ዶ ብናትካ መርገም በቶም ሓዊ ዓጢቖም ንወያነ ከጥፍኡ ዝተመነዩ ውን ኣይኻኣለን! ኩሎም ፀላእቲ ወያነ ሓመደ-ድበኦም ከምዝራኣዮ ንስኻ ቀዳማይ ምስክር ኢኻ! ከም ናተይ ምኽሪ መቑፀሪ ኣብ ኢድካ ሓዝ፣ክመፃኻ ከለዋ ስብሓት ለኣብ እንዳበልካ ቑፀር።
      I think the medicine you are taking is creating some chemical imbalance, that’s why you are acting abnormal!
      Mihret yewrdelka!

  7. Girum says:

    I am a newbie to this site and wondering if the site is affiliated with Woyane.

  8. Haddis says:

    በአለፉት ጥቂት ሣምንታት በወያኔ የተፈፀሙ የእብደት ተግባራትን ስናጤን ከፊት ለፊት ኢትዮጵያችንን እየጠበቀ ያለው መንታ መንገድ አመላካች ነው። ይህ ከፊት ለፊት የሚጠብቀን መንታ መንገድ አንዱ ወደ ብሔራዊ አንድነት፣ ነፃነትና ብልጽግና ሌላው ወደ እርስ በርስ ትርምስና ውድቀት የሚያመሩ ናቸው። የአንድነት፣ የነፃነትና የብልጽግና መንገድ ለመያዝ መስመራችንን ማስተካከል ያለብን ከአሁኑ ነው።

    ለመሆኑ ከላይ ያልነውን ለማለት ያስቻሉን በአለፉት ጥቂት ሣምንታት በወያኔ የተፈፀሙት ተግባራት ምንድናቸው?

    አንደኛ፤ ወያኔ፣ ዓለም ዓቀፍ ህግንና ሥርዓትን በጣሰ መንገድ የኦሮሞ ገበረዎችን መረት ወስዶ ኢራሳችውን በኢድስ ሚላች በመላችት ለኢድስ ሂመም በመዳረግ ወደ አፋር በረሃ ኢና ወደ ሶማሊ ሃገር በመሲደድ የደረገው ወንጀል የኦሮሞ ገበረዎችን በጠላት እጅ ከወደቀም በኋላ ኢትዮጵያዊያንን አሰባሳቢ ኃይል ሆኗል።

    ሁለተኛ፤ ሰላምተኞቹን ብሎገሮችንና ጋዜጠኞችን በሽብርተኝነት በመክሰስ በቋፍ ላይ የነበረውን የወጣቶች ትዕግሥት እንዲሟጠጥ አድርጓል። ስለኢንተርኔት አጠቃቀምና ጥንቃቄ ሥልጠና መውሰድ በክስ ቻርጁ ውስጥ መካከቱ ሥርዓቱ ከእውቀት ጋር የተጣላ መሆኑ በግልጽ አሳይቷል። ከዚህም በተጨማሪ በህጋዊ ፓርቲዎች ውስጥ በንቃት የሚሳተፉ ወጣት መሪዎችን መርጦ በማሠርና በሽብርተኝነት በመወንጀል የወያኔ የአፈና መዋቅር ወጣቱ ላይ ማነጣጠሩ ግልጽ ሆኗል።

    ሦስተኛ፤ እጅግ ሰላማዊና ጨዋነት በተሞላበት መንገድ አቤቱታቸውን በማቅረብ ላይ የነበሩትን ሙስሊም ወገኖቻችንን ጭካኔ በተሞላበት ሁኔታ በመደብደብ እና በጅምላ በማሠር በወያኔ መድብለ ቃላት ውስጥ “ሰላማዊ ትግል” የሚባል ነገር አለመኖሩ፤ ተቃውሞ ሁሉ “ሽብር” እንደሚባልና በሽብርተኝነት እንደሚያስከስስ በማያሻማ ሁኔታ አረጋግጧል። ይህም የሥርዓቱ አውሬዓዊ ባህሪ መገለጫ ሆኗል።

    አራተኛ፤ አፈናውና እስሩ ወደ ትግራይም በመዛመቱ ወያኔ የቆመበት ምድር እየራደ መሆኑ አመላካች ሆኗል። ትግራይ ውስጥ የነበረው አፈና ድብቅ የነበረ ከመሆኑም በላይ ከወያኔ የውስጥ ሽኩቻ ጋር ሲያያዝ ቆይቷል። አሁን ግን ሁኔታዎች እየተቀየሩ ነው። አገራዊ ርዕይ ያነገቡ፤ ወያኔን በጽናት ለመታገል የቆረጡ የትግራይ ወጣቶች ወደፊት እየመጡ ነው። እነዚህ ወጣቶች የተጫነባቸውን ድርብርብ ጫና በመበጣጠስ ከተቀረው ኢትዮጵያዊ ወገናቸው ጎን መቆማቸውን በተግባር እያረጋገጡ፤ ለዚህም መስዋዕትነት እየከፈሉ ናቸው።

    ከላይ የተዘረዘሩት አራት ጉዳዮች በጋራ ሲታዩ የተበታተነ የሚመስለው እና በተለያዩ ስልቶች የሚደረገው ትግል የሚሰባሰብበትና የሚቀናጅበት ወቅት ላይ መደረሱ አመላካቾች ናቸው። ዛሬ የምንገኘው የተለያዩ የትግል ስልቶች እንዲናበቡና እንዲደጋገፉ ማድረግ እጅግ አስፈላጊ የሆነበት ወቅት ላይ ነው።

    በተለይም ወያኔ፣ መሸሸጊያ ምሽጉ አድርጎ በሚቆጥረው ትግራይ ውስጥ እየዳበሩ የመጡት የአመጽም አመጽ-የለሽ ትግሎችም አስተዋጽኦ ከፍተኛነት ሌላው ኢትዮጵያዊ እንዲረዳ ማድረግ ጊዜ የማይሰጠው ተግባር ነው። የወያኔ የአፈናና የመጨቆኛ መዋቅሮች የህወሓት አባላት በሆኑ የትግራይ ዘውጌ ማኅበረሰብ አባላት የሚዘወሩ መሆኑ እውነት ነው። ይህ ማለት ግን ህወሓት የትግራይ ሕዝብ ወኪል ወይም ጠበቃ ነው ማለት አይደለም። ትግላችን ከወያኔ ፋሽስታዊ አገዛዝ ጋር መሆኑ እና የትግራይ ሕዝብ የዚህ ትግል አጋር፣ የውጤቱም ተጠቃሚ መሆኑ ማስረገጥ ተገቢ ነው።

    ከፊት ለፊታችን ካሉት መንታ መንገዶች መካከል የአንድነትን፣ የነፃነትና የብልጽግናን መንገድ ለመምረጥ የትግራይ ሕዝብ በስፋት ትግሉን እንዲቀላቀል ማድረግ ተገቢ ነው። ትግራይ የህወሓት የግል ጓዳ መሆኗ የማብቂያ ጊዜ ማፋጠን ይቻላል። በዲሞክራሲያዊ ትግል ውስጥ ያሉ ሁሉ በዚህ ጉዳይ ላይ የጋራ ግንዛቤ ከያዙ ወያኔን ማንሳፈፍ የሚቻልበት እድል በስፋት ተከፍቷል።

  9. YEABSIRA says:

    I think the shabyas are crying faul through so called kasa and gezae for the gezae were prescribed perfect medicne by ERMI. My advise to shabyas and their ally is to go to their media like ar tera tv as we ETHOPIANS have no time to listen to their nonesense propaganda which ve been told a number of times by their old rabid leader, isayas

  10. Jarso says:

    Following the recent request made by the Tigray festival security officials, the Prime Minister’s Office has started deploying a large number of federal soldiers and heavy weaponry to Shire, Tekeze, Wolqayiet, Metema, Armachiho areas of Northern Ethiopia. The people of Tigray and neighboring areas are ordered to keep all their animals away from the festival due to fear of transporting weapons to the festival area.

  11. lemma Getu says:

    Dawit, why don’t you become Government/Woyane journalist instead and become millionaire over night like that of Temsgen. May be you already are. May be you’re doing it covertly.

  12. Gezaee says:

    Woyane = violator: Woyane claims it is developing Ethiopia. But the truth is the opposite. Ethiopia is being sold to NGOS, WB, IMF, China, Turkey, Pakistan, India, Nigeria, America,France,…there is no country that is not in Ethiopia. This is development for woyane. There is no single country that has sold its land, people to foreign countries.

    Woyane has sold the Ethiopian people and the Ethiopian land to foreigners.

    Young Ethiopian generation is being sold to china’s modern slavery. China has built sweatshop factories in Ethiopia. Do you know what ? Ethiopians are paid $30 dollar monthly salary? Imagine what makes this different from slavery? It is not in the 21 century guys? There are no slavery in the world except in the middle east. Woyane is treating our people as slaves of modern time. Factory workers in China are paid $500 dollars per month, in South Africa factory workers are paid $1200 dollars per month. Can you compare guys? On top of that they have to learn Chinese and sing Chinese to be Chinese? Woyane is a sinister organisation with no moral ground. It is made of selfish, cruel, bloody greedy human being. How can a liberator do this to its people? Time has come to praise derg. Derg was much better than woyane. Derg never sold an inch of land. Derg was never corrupt like woyane. Derg officials wore Kaki all their lives and they tried to promote Ethiopian products than Chinese. Woyane tell us this is development? How can you develop like this? Woyane killed one generation of Ethiopians in the name of liberation? now in the past 20 years it has been selling the land, the people as if there is no tomorrow. Making Ethiopians modern slavery by shipping them to middle east and by making them sweatshop labours in their country is being called development/ Development of my ass. You have never seen or you never know development.

    Guys, woyane is made of evil, selfish, greedy, short-sighted people. The only solution is to remove them.They say before downfall comes pride and arrogance. Their arrogance, betrayal, corruption has skyrocked now. All what is needed now is unity and remove them in one day. The armed struggle of G7 is not needed. What is needed is dissolve all the factions and forming a brand new all inclusive civil movement that can remove woyane in one single day. I am telling you in one single day. You do not need to go to Asmara or Egypt or anywhere. All u need is uniting Ethiopians. If we dissolve all the factions which have been weakening and draining Ethiopians, and form one Umbrella and all inclusive and ideology driven civil movement, then TPLF will be gone in one day. You do not need armed struggle and you do not need media propaganda like ESAT. There is technology that can be used to do cyber politics. Now politics have moved cyber politics and cyber politics is very sophisticated technology based rebellion. Armed struggle is old fashioned, expensive, bloody, takes long time, there is no even guarantee. Cyber rebellion is effective and cheap, non-bloody, you can do it in one day.

    Do not expect anything good from the cursed woyane cadres. Woyane is dead now. You can check face book Tigreans are crying more than any Ethiopian. Check facebook people are crying; they are saying too much corruption and too much injustice. Now it is over and it just needs a small pushing. The arrogance and jumping to insulting people is also a sign of depression. Woyane cadres are depressed. Check websites there is no Ethiopian who is in love with woyane except Tigrean cadres. This is not good for anyone. The check the websites, it is only Tigraionline and AIGA that is promoting them and if you can see what is being posted at those websites, they are trying to defend, but the truth is time will come and all will over. They do not even see where they are going. They are waiting for the last wave that makes the shipping sink. They are blinded now by power, money because they are rich now by looting Ethiopians. They even started calling people poor, the soon of poor. They told me I am the son of poor? can you see their ignorance? Is there an Ethiopian who is not poor? You can see the degree of ignorance and check website, they are roaming and insulting people but that will not save them. This is akltsbit. Their online behavior even made hate them more. They are ugly, narrow, chauvinists and blinded by temporary financial gain by selling Ethiopia.
    Did you hear, they are selling the bank, the telecom,… underground so that the public will not hear about it. They are sinister . Ethiopia has never had traitors like this guys.

    The Tigrean festival should become or turned into revolution because there is no pointing to feast while people suffering under tyranny by injustice, corruption and modern slavery. Imagine an Ethiopian get paid 30% dollars peer month? The lowest daily wage in Canada is $100 per day, 8 hours. Can you compare it? Is this development or development? The hodam woyane cadres call it development because they are filing they belly or hode, Hodachu ykeded. The answer for this is Yenade ken Netsanet kezelalem barnet. Freedom of one day than slavery of all time. Freedom of one day than slavery of all time must be the moto. We must do one day revolution to remove the tyrant and corrupt regime. I was not to say all these, but it is them who pushed me to say all these. Unity now, dissolve all the party and stop chasing people please. We will ask EPRDF supporters to defect from EPRDF for the sake of future Ethiopia. The future generation will not have Ethiopia if we allow Woyane to keep on destroying our country. Stop funding armed struggle. Invest in cyber rebellion under one objective. Mobilize Ethiopian using internet. We have had enough of woyane for the past 24 years. We have had enough ignorance and arrogance. Our country is landlocked by woyane which made us spent 44 billion dollars which could have been used to help the youth to do many good things than make them Chinese slaves. Woyane did not liberate anyone. It killed one generation of Ethiopian the same way derg did. 60 000 Tigreans perished and 100 000 become disabled in the name of liberation? what is liberation? who is liberated after killing or subjecting to death 60 000 souls, made 100 000 disabled? is this really liberation? is landlocking liberation? is making people sweatshop workers or modern slaves liberation? In my country I have to be slave and get paid 30 dollar per month? come on guys, why do we allow this to happen? Woyane turned Ethiopia from poor to toilet or slavery country. No people have become slaves in their own land than Ethiopian. Over woyane

    • Agamew says:

      Gezaee, Gezahegn,Gizaw,whatever your name is ewnetim abdehal.
      The whole world knows what role Tigrean Woyannesplayed,they saved Ethiopia from total colapse by quickly doing what they did.
      Look where Ethiopia is now; it would have been even better had the leader of the other part who helped in defeating the fascist dergueh got a sane mind. Unfortunately, he is a megalomaniac like you who thinks nobody knows better than himself.
      Hambel yourself and work on the state of your mind.

  13. Alula says:

    ኣሽንኳይ ዶ ብናትካ መርገም በቶም ሓዊ ዓጢቖም ንወያነ ከጥፍኡ ዝተመነዩ ውን ኣይኻኣሉን!ኩሎም ፀላእቲ ወያነ ሓመደ-ድበኦም ከምዝራኣዮ ንስኻ ቀዳማይ ምስክር ኢኻ! ከም ናተይ ምኽሪ መቑፀሪ ኣብ ኢድካ ሓዝ፣ክመፃኻ ከለዋ ስብሓት ለኣብ እንዳበልካ ቑፀር ካብኡ እንዳሓሸካ ክኸይድ እዩ!
    Nobody is going to touch woyane at all! The investor are there creating imployment opportunity for the new generation, & at the same time the investors will protect Ethiopia from the greedy bunch in the west!
    Mr Gezaee, open your eyes & see the reality! You are simply reading your chemically imbalanced brain!

  14. Gezaee says:

    Yea, woyane created employment for Ethiopians of $30 dollar per month? haha, Woyane is raping Ethiopia and Ethiopian. It is an organisation that has been raping Ethiopians from day one upto now. Woyane did not have Ethiopia. Woyane destroyed Ethiopia. Ethiopia is now toilet of foreign journalists and NGOS. Woyane is a toilet itself. Toilet woyane head. Even derg told us it is the strongest army and no one will touch it. Just wait you corrupt and rotten woyanes. Besbskum ekum, Chenkum musana? you even have a community called Musna community and apartheid sefer? kkk, woyane means disgusting, corrupt, rotten people. you have no moral to talk, you are the most corrupt people in Ethiopia. Yea, you believe you can not be touched, that is the beginning of your down fall. Arrogance and ignorance comes before down fall. Leboch, why you do not work than stealing and begging in the name of people? no brain to work than to steal? Other Ethiopians second citizen? why? All the ethnics are second citizen? why? you forced Ethiopia to be landlocked ? and you tell me you saved it? Shabia was to sign agreement with derg but you conspired for Shabia not to make agreement with derg? you are evil human being. You have two legs, two eyes, but you are human monsters or human beasts. You dismantled the Ethiopian Navy? on purpose? you landlocked Ethiopia? you sold the country? you sold the people ? shame on you, rkash, naitarki hatelate, scum of history. Now you are selling the telecom and bank under-ground? it seems you wanted to make sure Ethiopia is destroyed 100 % before you die? Because Meles did not finish destroying Ethiopia and you wanted to finish his project of destroying Ethiopia? you must be ashamed you are the most corrupt people on our planet where the poorest of poor Ethiopians lost 11 billion dollar by theft? Leba, and you tell me you saved Ethiopia? please calculate the destruction you have caused to Ethiopia?
    1. 17 years war, 17 years death, refugee, no development, no school, millions of Ethiopians died and you call them enemies? and you live in their country? you destroyed all bridges, schools, hospitals, your burnt buses, you stole people cattle, goats,
    2. You caused the death of 60 000 youths
    3. you made 100 000 Tigreans disabled?
    4. You dismantled our national navy
    5. You landlocked our country by force
    6. You dismantled the National army and your replaced it with Tigreans only military
    7. you expelled 40 professors from AAU because they opposed the landlocking of Ethiopia
    8. You betrayed 100 000 souls during shabia war.
    … I can not finish all the crime. I do not think Mengitu did more crime than you. Mengistu was patriotic and was not corrupt as you becaue he war kaki for 17 years. He did not sell anything and he defeated Somalia and saved Ethiopia. What did you apart from stealing, dismantling and selling the country and its people, you are despicable, immorale. I feel pity for the other Ethiopians who are discriminated and marginalized as second citizen in their country.

    • Kahsay Gebremeskel says:

      Gezaee and his comments are the worest enemies of Tigreans written above. Let us be frank and genuine- regardless of the sacrifices already paid in the past and being paid in the present- had it not been for the massive reforms and changes brought about by EPRDF and Tigreans, it would have been difficult to see the progresses of education, urbanizations, social and utility services and infrastructure in Tigray. So, the matter of the point is that if EPRDF is brave enough to compensate Tigray and Tigreans for their historical significance and the historical costs there of by empowering with better budgetary allocation and political empowerments (like what the West Germany had done to its East Germany by subsidizing up to 2.1 trillion dollars to offset the gaps and the past costs) that would be finer; other wise Tigray and Tigreans shall depend on the fruitfullness of the bravery, industriousness, creativity and teamworks of its beloved sons and daughters- no one else. We shall redefine the meaningfulness and powerfulness of regional self-reliances by our own efforts and minds. But we Tigreans do not need frustrated weeds like Gezaee who seems to Nechlebash agent who deteriorates the strength and values of Tigreans!

  15. Gezaee says:

    This is what the evil woyane brought to Ethiopia: human trafficking, landselling, landlocking, baby trafficking, this is what Ethiopians got from woyane plus a lot of lies plus a lot of corruption

    Read this even during we never had human trafficking. Woyane’s system is evil system that degrade people’s dignity and integrity. I do not know where they came such evil human being who exposed to the country to all form human trade. Shame, you must be ashamed your corrupt system. Ugly,disgusting, http://www.zehabesha.com/ethiopian-girls-forced-into-marriage-and-divorce-to-get-into-the-maid-trade/

    • axumawe says:

      @ hi men are you going crazy, opppps
      hi I have un idea I have a rope.
      if you want to hang your self kkkk
      is there any tree near you ?
      yes, go to bloor street near dan forth under the bridge, there are bunch of trees kkkkkk
      or I have the best way of ding for you how about electric shoooooook yehaaaaaaa

  16. Alula says:

    ኢትዮጵያ ወደብ ዘምህላዋ፣ናይደርጊ ወታደራት ዘይፅኖሖምን እቲ ዝፃሓፍካዮ ኩሉ ኣይኮነን ዘዛርበካ ዘሎ! እቲ ዋና ዘዛርበካ ዘሎ ከም ሰብኣይ ኣብ ሓደ ከይረገፅካ እዚ ኹሉ ዓመታት ምብኻንካ እዩ’ምበር ብዛዕባ ኢትዮጵያ ኣይኮነን!ምስ ኢህኣፓ፣ምስደርጊ፣ምስወያነ ኣብ መወዳእታ ድማ ናይ ሻዕቢያ ዜግነት ወሰድካ፤ስለዝኾነ ብኢትዮጵያ ተጎልቢብካ እተታልሎ ሰብ የለን! ብፍላይ ሎሚ እንዳገደደካ ይኸይድ ኣሎ! ዋይ ኣነ!ኣብ ሓንቲ office ኮፍኢለ ከይተራኣኹ ዓለም ትውዳእ ኣላ እንዳበልካ ከምእታሓርር ዘለኻ ንፈልጥ! ዝኾነ ኾይኑ ግን ኩሉ ፁሑፍካ “ካባኡ ናባኡ” ኣንዳገበርካዮ ትርጉም የብሉን!
    ምሕረት የውርደልካ!

  17. Alula says:


    We are going back home for the festival to have a good time! Don’t you want to join us? Tigrai is changed in the last 10 years! Come & check it out bro!

  18. Sew says:

    For the Jew lecture tale her the Nile is coming from Ethiopia all the way to Egypt even Israel needs to be diverted as well.
    She will get the point.how can she forget the way they treated by nazi

    How 3million European suffer from starvation that include Jew
    God always taste whom he love most that’s us full stop.

  19. Mohammed says:

    For me as an Ethiopia love to see Tigray become well vibrant I do not want to see Tigray beggers in addis street why why after 1977 famin stil see poor Tigray specialty because that part suffer so much

    It’s some thing to do politics let every diaspora get the chance to invest in Ethiopia .

    Then even person I would love invest in Tigray but we should not play ethnic politics Tigray developement means ethiopian developement .

  20. Drew says:

    There are two kind of beggers people who let down by the social system and the other are naturally affected by climate change like Tigray and afar both need help the differences is priority.

    Tigray area let down by two the other only by one which is the system.
    For both are lewegen derash wegen new goverment can’t do it alone
    But one thing they can do while we keep saying domestic economy should be strong to give way for investors but it will take too long
    Only the local to develop diaspora in all walk of life in short period of time can do big difference .

    If we look in last five years Kenya. Uganda betnesh bêtebet sedate gnaw bemyasgerem huneta eyeteseded with in one year investement eyaregu new.

    Why not us.!

    Elehen mewat mechael aleben tenantena spetember 11 America yahulu dersobachew zare muslim mosque america west eyefekede new ke Saudi gar relation endale new.

    Mendenew egnane leu dem Alene yaw keye new.

    Elehen enewatew ye abesha bahel ande sew mesale mehone alebet andu melese neber esum hede mane yesun foot step yeketel.

    Eytesedebe eyteglamete by western gen serawon yesera neber.

    Tekawmi party ene chance besetachew like Ledtu and mushe
    There very few open mindede.

    21 mind opposition we need.

  21. Abet says:

    All top leaders in their straggle lets say personally samora ynuse 150 sew gedlual enbel aboy sebhat 45
    Abye tsehaye 23
    Melese zenaw 10 this is pesonlay shot by pesonal pistol

    We can carry on .

    Now since 1991 the leaders they are the richest than others
    What we say in amharic lesegaw newe weyse lenebsu.

    You have done lesegachu acabetachu ahun demo lenebsachu
    Bekan geta yiker yilale yesewon aydelem mayet lelejochachu setlu neseha gebu kezare wedi yesew lej biyatefa tasro amanuel hospital check tedergo mentally ill kehone kebeshetaw agegemo leferde makreb katefa

    Yesewon sew zem blo tekuso megde hatiat new.
    Leferd akrebut.

  22. Alula says:

    Wow! Mekele is changed like 1000%! It looks like a European city! I couldn’t believe it! In My first day & night , I’m fully satisfied beyond my expectation! The night life is amazing!
    We are blessed!

  23. Kahsay Gebremeskel says:

    For Mr Gezaee:
    Gezaee and his comments are the worest enemies of Tigreans written above. Let us be frank and genuine- regardless of the sacrified already paid in the past and being paid in the present- had it not been for the massive reforms and changes brought about by EPRDF and Tigreans, it would have been difficult to see the progresses of education, urbanizations, social and utility services and infrastructure in Tigray. So, the matter of the point is that if EPRDF is brave enough to compensate Tigray and Tigreans for their historical significance and the historical costs there of by empowering with better budgetary allocation and political empowerments (like what the West Germany had done to its East Germany by subsidizing up to 2.1 trillion dollars to offset the gaps and the past costs) that would be finer; other wise Tigray and Tigreans shall depend of the fruitfullness of the bravery, industriousness, creativity and team of its beloved sons and daughters- no one else. We shall redefine the meaningfulness and powerfulness of regional self-reliances by our own efforts and minds. But we Tigreans do not need frustrated weeds like Gezaee who deteriorated the strength and values of Tigreans!

  24. mergia says:

    there was no a single leader to look deep the top problem and priority to the problem like the same weyane does now ebritegna that used to say to weyanes by former leaders history repeat again.

    for local problem local people thats what supposed to be but leaders fail.

    today if tigreans do the same it does’t surprise me cose locals understand the deep problem of the country.

    if not it will take that part of the area so long to improve and to over come from its problem .

    i heared tamegne beyene which i admire most cos he consern with out hate to any one but to the country.

    one thing he might not get it.
    if shabia were in fedration with ethiopia there coul’t have been hard so hard work for them even to get a better salery becouse both want the lion share of every ethiopian resource.

    they do not want any challenge at all
    if you see the big picture if federation was done stile there were few developement in the country hundered of opposition in and out and there is for both side there is big public enemy number one amhara.

    if weyane can get ride off shabia so its easy to corner amhara thats worked very well.

    but if there were federation amhara will have even the upper hand shabia too so weyane will be the looser.

    its well calculated.

    the badem war puposely done to remove there remaining eritreans from ethiopia so no challenge for them at all.

    if eritrea were federation with ethiopia with out doubt eritrea could develope very fast with its diaaspora population inside ethiopia.
    but very very few developement for tigreans.

    and to the rest of ethiopia also could have been better becouse political domination that was not easy.

    tigrai are very worry for the futer challenge with eritrea even stile now cos onec peace setteled between two weyane knows well the economy challenge they gone face fast and furiouse.

    some talk about assab if there is a question about assab it means there is peace talk which weyane never want that to happen cos it will lose political power and economy to eritrea.

    at last the rest of ethiopia sitting and watch those two hitting each other so hard with deep hate.

    lastly amhara come and will tale them that you supareted at bith you both are brothers make peace now.

  25. Hagos says:

    If shabia want the political upper hand it has to come clean say to its people that from the begging weyanes intension divide rule including Eritrea not to be federation if war start weyane will loose .

    Even weyane win next war they will only put their puppet leader in Eritrea and people to be poor and become tigreans servant they will never want to have Eritreans become richer than tigreans .

    If shabia want Humiliate weyane first degrade itself by being honest that shabia never intend to divide Ethiopia and federation was our first choice if they say they will win the hear and mine of Ethiopians then by no means weyane can win.

    Otherwise the millinum to come weyane never ever give Eritrean become superior than tigreans .

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