[New Video] Andargachew Tsege of Ginbot 7 Exposing His Own Comrades


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63 Responses

  1. Z says:

    Weizero Tsege at issue. Here in Toronto, Habesha shops now have Tsege Injera!! People are creative when it comes to making business.

    • Keyo says:

      Andarge know most of the G7 pepople like Dr Birhanue, Abebe gelaw, Lemagne beyene won’t leave there lexuer life.
      even lemangne beyane changed his word that he spoke in the anger mood to be a g7 solider when he think about what will happen his five star hotel money begging tour around the world will colappse.
      he is now come up with new idea saying to change the gov. don’t say hi any gov. supporter. wow wow this type of people andarge left behind who getting him realeased

    • Edom says:

      Whatever dis man says does not count for he speaks under immense pressure.We know how brute and immoral TPLF is. Dis was expected.After the greater torture he has endured…..TPLF is a total failure.I dont mind whatever dis man has done the truth is that TPLF cant stand the mass uprising that is to come about.

      • asghedom says:

        Which mass, or a person like you Edom, please be in peace and eat your Hamburger on the American roads.

      • Alula says:

        Ethiopian government is not cruel like Isaias who ate all his freedom fighters, merciful who allowed Eritrean to study in their colleges, to live in Ethiopia peacefully,passed through Ethiopia peacefully….! Ethiopia is a heaven for you now! Eritrean mothers are ululating when they hear that their children have reached Ethiopia! You just don’t know what you are talking about!

      • Mekdes says:

        Edom, you must be in your day dream, when you are talking about the Ethiopian government brutality. By the way, braves are not brutal, the cowards like Birhanu Nega’s G7 are brutal like Derg. The reason is they are cowards. Look at the Derg detainees, they were supposed to be in depth chamber, but they were released. So don’t tell us they are brutal. Eritreans like you are the ones who are trying to be aggressive and brutal b we cause you guys hate Tigreans for kicking you out of Ethiopia. They know your coward Ness more than the other Ethiopians

  2. Davinchi says:

    Well woyanes are cheering up. . . . We know the copy paste program doesn’t give that much Drama for woyane. This act will cost you heavy price !

    Watch !

    • TUFFA says:

      it is another lie of TPLF. yes, it is a copy and past. look, the speech synthesized by TPLF still failed to be inline with the lip movement. it is a shame for the people to be ruled by this mafia junta group.

      • Asghedom says:

        Tutta, be a normal person.He is in ethiopia thisc failer man or no.
        we are all of uscfrom the same area, we know each other. Why you say everything is lie of TPLF.
        by neture Africans are not democratic, they creat slavisim and now we are all slaves.
        You think rthiopia belongs to you, no my friend , it belongs to someone in England and America.
        they will tell a lot of lie, andy you will say a lot of lie too, but rember ethiopia will be always the same old and behind the world because of you snd others .

  3. YABSIRA says:

    Hope fully gezae and other dump shbiya from pseudo singapre with their old demented and rabid leader isayas are on the list but we can not help we will continue hunting terrorists until we give drone attack at asmera palace which will be the end of the war. thaks to the people and government of yemen,usa, great britain and ETHIOPIA

  4. idris says:

    Thank you Andargachew for cooperating with the government. In response the court’s death sentence shall be reconsidered and after some time Andy shall be left free. He is not to late to compensate for his past deeds.
    -He gave passport of his laptop
    -Delivered important CDs
    -named potential individuals for future followup. There could be a long list of terrorists including Abebe Gelebaw, he is helping with identifying the worst ones
    -Also he provided all the terrorist activities of the shabya. This information could be a good help not only to the UN sanctioning, but also to kick the ASS of shabeya by the EDFs.
    In general, Andy is a very important ASSET for the GoE and he should be handled with care. In case, he gets sick, he should get immediate treatment.
    BIRRhanu nega is no more functional, said Andargachew. He is correct, BIRRhanu is good at collecting diaspora money. like the shabya collecting 2% tax from poor citizens.

  5. joro says:

    background voice..the person been tortured on the other room what did he do!! what an animals!!

    • Dawit says:

      What do u think the Americans do in Guantanamo bay? Stay away from terrorist activities if u don’t want to face the consequences.

  6. negusu says:

    I am surprised, after listening how Berhanu Nega build him up, i thought he would die before exposing his own comrades. what a joke Ginbot 7, give me back my money.

  7. Getachew says:

    If torturing makes him to tell the truth he has to get the correct dose. But in my opinion his willingness to dig out every info seems genuine!


  8. Gezaee says:

    TPLF did much worse than Tsige. TPLF even sacrificed Tigreans youths to save Shabia from totally demise by the gallant Ethiopian soldiers then. TPLF, Hayelom fought with Shabia at Massawa and handed Massawa to Shabia. TPLF with dancing and beating Kebero in addis and urinating on non-Tigreans or non-Eritrean Ethiopians. What Aito Tsige did is the same what Woyane did or less than that. It does not make sense now woyane pointing fingers on Tsige. When you become government your terrorist name disappears and when you are fighting you are called terrorist? haha, that is Ethiopia guys. Ethiopia, the no man’s land, a country that pays its citizens $30 dollars per month for factory sweatshop work or slavery.

    The other thing, the video is faked up, cut, … without any shame. They are scared of him even while he is in prison with them and they have to tailor the inteveiw by cutting, panning, shot and cut type filming editing. Aye mama Ethiopia, this is why there is too much corruption. Everything is corrupt, cut, past, copy, fake, …. you change your dress and go to Arab countries as if you are muslim? you deny your Ethiopianness and go to Israel as Jewish? everything you do is based on lie,… For me there is nothing new, one terrorist arresting another terrorist. All the same who swear in the name of Ethioians people and who have damaged my country. Woyane has no moral to point fingers on others because if that is the case, then woyane must fist take the beam from its eye. While you are dirty yourself you can call others dirty. First you to know the dirt on you before trying to clean the dirt on others. I will never buy this propaganda. But I have told to G7 this many times, this will never work in this century. Because I talk online does not make sense, but all time time what I ever I claim or say has become a reality after time. Blood shedding rebellion does not help any one, we have seen how woyane destroyed our lives and made us refugees. Repeating such atrocities is madness.

    • Asghedom says:

      We are thinking and always crtidizing TPLF , well they are human beings they can do mistskes. TPLF is critsized by Amhara and Ormo failers. ( NOT AMHARA AND OROMO PEOPLE)
      Working day and night to kick away TPLF, is only to go against ethiopian interest, and I an sure these people will never bring substental change to ethiopia.
      these ethiopian intelectualls are always far to understand thier country’s problem.
      -They don’t understandc the ethiopian formation ( different nationslities)
      - They talk and think only about power, I have never seen thier program for the country as intellectualks
      - most of them are behind thier interest , not about ethiopia in general
      - they never loved ethiopia and ethiopians, infact most of them they are double passaport holders
      -Those ethiopians who are disturbing in forrign countries, are intellrctual beggers in the name of thier country and they have never produce nothing eccept polotics and letters to critsize the government work.
      -As all Africans they are ther in foreign countries to beg , becsuse most of them they are failed to work hard, they like good life for themselves and they are heavy drunkers.
      God, bless the people of Ethiopia and save them from these savagec ethiopian fack intrllectualls . With facke itelligent.
      They have used the money of poor ethiopians to study and they never paid nothings to these poor people exccept disaster and hunger.
      Gezaee, my friend TPLF will pass but the prople will remain, our aim should work and to take care of our people, itellectualis , and royal families can wait in England and America untill we resolve aour big problem POOVERTY. 99% of ethiopians are poor.
      Those people who want to bring war and Misery in ethiopia, they are out of ethiopia with thier children and wives.
      these people are the enemy of ethiopia to fight not TPLF.

  9. abakostir says:

    እነ ቆርጦ ቀጥል ዳግም ተዋረዱ
    በሺዎች የሚቆጠሩ አንቱ የተባሉ ሙህራን ተመራማሪዎችና ሳይንቲስቶች ጸረ ወያኔ ግንቦት ፯ መሆናቸዉን ለኢትዮዽያ ህዝብ በኢቲቪ ይፋ ሆነ፦፦
    ጀግናችን ከምድራዊ ገሀነም የስቃይ ጀርባ ሆኖ በሞት ጥላስር ተከቦ እጅግ በጣም በሚገርም ሁኔታ አንዳችም ፍንጭ ላይሰጣቸዉ በጀግንነት ፈገግታ ሸኛቸዉ።እነ ሰወ በላም ጠብ የሚል መረጃ ሳያገኙ የተለመደዉን እጅእጅ የሚል ፕሮፐጋንዳ መሳይ ቢጤ ለመደስኮር ብለዉ ይበልጥ ዘቀጡ እስኪ እግዚያብሄር ያሳያች ሁ አሁን ከዚህ የማሰቃየት ምርመራ ምን ጠብ የሚል ነገር አገኙ ፧ እኔ እንደተረዳሁት ግን የነጻነት አርበኛው አንዳርጌ ትግሉን የሚያግዙ ብዙ የእምየ ኢትዮዽያ የቁርጥ ቀን አንዳርጌወች በምቾት በሚኖርበት አሜሪካና አዉሮፓ የሚኖሩ ሙህራን እንዳሉ እና ያስተላለፈላቸዉ መልክትም አብቅቶላችሗል የሚል ነዉ።የሙህራኑን ስም የተናገረውም ላፕቶፑ ላይ ዝርዝራቸዉ ስላለ ሊሆን እንደሚችል ይገመታል።በነገራችን ላይ የሙህራኑ የትግሉ አጋር መሆን ለኢትዮዽያ ህዝብ ይፋ መሆኑ ሁሉንም አካል ይበልጥ የሚያነሳሳ አርያነት ያለዉ አኩሪ ሀላፊንት በመሆኑ ልንኮራ ይገባል።ኢትቪ ዉለታ ዋለችልን አያስብልም ፧ወይ ፍንክች ያባ ቢላዋ ልጅ፦አይ የወያኔ ኪሳራ ይበልጥ ህዝቡን ለትግል አነሳሱት።ወገኖቼ የድል ቀን ተቃርቧል እግዚአብሄር ከኢትዮዽያ ጋር ነዉ ።እስኪ ፊልሙን ደግመዉ ይመልከቱ

    • Mekonnen says:

      ድንቄም አባኮስትር፤ ማፈርያ ግለሰብ ነህ።
      እስቲ በምን መስፈርት ነው፤ አንዳርጋቸውን የጀግንነት ሙገሳን ያከናነብከው። ይህ ወስላታ ባንዳ፣ የሚታወቀው በከሃዲነትና በፀረ ኢትዮጵያዊነት ነው። እሱን አጅበው የሚጃጃሉ ጥቂት ያንተ ቢጤ የሻቢያና የአረብ ሙፎ ተስፈኞች፤ ከሚፈጥሩት ጫጫታ በስተቀር፤ በውጭ የሚኖሩ ኢትዮጵያውያን የዚህን የሥልጣን ጥመኛና ራስወዳድ ግለሰብ ምንነት ጠንቅቀው ያውቃሉ።
      ይህንን ቪዲዮ እንኳን አይተህ፤ ነገር የማይገባህ ከንቱ፤ በአደባባይ ስትንዘላዘል፤ ድንቁርና በሌጣው የሚጋልብህ አሳዛኝ ፍጡር መሆንክን ሳልገልፅ ባልፍ፤ የዕውነተኛ ኢትዮጵያውያን ጀግኖችን ነፍስ ማሳዘንና ገድላቸውን ማኮስመን ይሆንብኛል።

  10. Amen says:

    All of you; who are supporting G7, try to understand the true meaning of political commitment “it is not a joke like your idiot leader (Andargachew) performing”. A real commitment expected from the true politicians and true fighters is being like “AMORAW the hero fighter of our TPLF”; he wasn’t talking too much about his mission or his party plan or his secrets. …… he was proudly speaks about the eminent fall of the Durg Era & the liberation of the entire country (Ethiopia) during his interrogation by the Durg blood sucker interrogators. …..You ignorant G7 supporters I feel shame on your fake Dr. Berhanu on his empty & trash hops with Andargachew capability & endurance to keep silent himself even if he is facing any harsh interrogation by saying “even anyone cutting his fingers, he will die silent. ….” kkkkkkk…. shame, shame, shame. …long live with EPRDF. ….death to G7 and co.

    • balageru says:


      ppl like u are jumping like crazy frog with joy- but u fail to realize the fact that he hasn’t given any information- it is all in public domain it is like- HD is a puppet PM or meles is dead- how comes this would mount to breaking news

      i I were u I would worry about the bcak ground noise

      but dont support TPLF cause u are Tigre

  11. ethio says:

    People are screaming on the background. what that tells you? is that a part of the transformation to?

    • Dawit says:

      What do u think the Americans do at Guantanamo bay? Stay away from terrorist activities, if u don’t want to face the consequences - Okay?

  12. በለው ! says:

    >>ይህ ካለፈው የቀጠለ ድራማ መሆኑ ነው? እንዴት አንድ መንግስት ለዚያውም አብዮታዊ ዴሞክራሲያዊ ታጋይ ልመታዊ መንግስት ይቺን በመሥራት ግዜውን ያባክናል?የአንድ የታላቅ ሀገር የቲቪ ጣቢያ ክሎቱንም ዚች ፉገራ ያስገመግማል? ካለፈው አኬልዳማ..የካድሬ ሃረካት ከሚሉ አጫጨር ግን አስቂኝ ክስተቶች አሁንም አልተማሩም? በጣም የወረደና የዘቀጠ ጭራሽ በጣም አስፎጋሪ የሀሳብ መቆራረጥ አንዱን ጅምሮ አንዱን ጥሎ ሌላውን የሚቀባዥር ቆርጦ ቀጥል ። ግን ግለሰቡ በአንድ ኢንተርቪ ሁለት ቱታ የለበሰው መንግስትን እንክብካቤ ለማሳየት ነው?የሰጠኃችሁ ላፕ ቶብ ምንም መረጃ የለውም..ፍላሹም ቢሆን ብዙ ነገር የለውም አዲስ ነው። አሁን ኢህአዴግ አንድ ሰው አይተርፈውም ገና ይችን ተጠቅሞ ከፍተኛ ፕወዛ ያደርጋል…ምርጫ አስኪያልፍ ትሩ ማደናገሪያ አገኘ መብራት አይጥፋ እንጂ በእየሳምንቱ የ፲ ደቂቃ አስገራሚ አስደናቂ ሰበር ዜና “ግንኦት፯ ለግንቦት ፳ ድራማ” እየቆራረጠ ያሰየናል…(ሰው ለሰው ድራማ አለቀ!?)ወይስ ቻይና ሊጨርሰው ተስማማ?

  13. Eyosias Mesfin says:

    Ato Dawit you gave them info about opposition parties when you went back finishing your assignment shame on you enjoying
    This fake video no assignment for you by tplf
    you mistakenly taught Ethiopians here to play race card
    if they send you abroad again you will be working in seven
    eleven no fund raising for askaris

  14. Kifle says:

    Regardless of its illegal move, when TPLF be able to take Andargachew from Yemen, I was admiring the effort. After I watched this video, TPLFs are full of MORONS. There is nothing new they showed us. Yes, woyane’s cardres may say whatever you want. Deep down you know that Andargachew is still playing you from the most difficult place. What an intelligent individual Andargachew is!

  15. Name (required) says:

    kkkk this reminds me to an Eritrean song which says hiji haysh wuy wuy why the out cry now? They were told many times violent politics and hate mongering would not bring any significant change in currently Ethiopia.the ground is too hot. Ethiopian intelligece is every where yemen somalia kenya sudan south sudan and even dubay. It will hunt you one by one. And now all the secrets revealed by Andy Eprdf has got plain field. One thing i beg eprdf is to handle Andy with atmost care and humanly. God bless Ethiopia and thanks Dawit.

  16. ET says:

    People if you want the uncut original version of this clip ask ESAT or Abebe Gellaw they will send it to your personal email or post the original on ESAT’s page just like they posted the uncut unedited original clip of Abebe Gelaw barking at the G8

  17. Ethiopia says:

    Guys it is not real, the guy in the clip is not Andy, this guy is Andy’s look alike he is a Hollywood actor. TPLF have been cloning him before capturing the real Andy. The real Andy is the one shouting in the background, I know this voice listen exactly at 2:74:681479:67981745:4545 listen with Samsung headphone Andy sending a morse code to Birr hanu Niga and the massage is don’t worry about me I have made peace with myself.

  18. ክበር ተመስገን says:

    what a smile!
    It is easy to imagine how he feels inside. Do we care about that? NOOOOO.

    ሳር እስቃለሁ እንደ ማሽላ
    ነገር በውስጤ እየተብላላ
    እንክት አድርጎ በላኝ አደረገኝ ባዶ
    ጥፋት ሲሆን ፀፀት ያሰኛል ወይነዶ
    አንድአርጋቼው አሉኝ አለማዎቃቼው
    እንዲ ሆኜ ስቀር ማን በነገራቼው
    ሁሉም ነገር ቀረ ተስፋ ቁረጭ ህይዎት
    ገብተሽ ተሰቃይ በገሀነመ እሳት
    አንድ ፣ ሁለት ተከተል የጥፋት ጓደኛ
    አጋልጫለሁኝ ሁሉን ወንጀለኛ

    ይህ ነው መጨረሻው ማፈሪያ፣ ወራዳ
    ቀላለ ከገለባ ነካታ፣ ቀዳዳ
    እርሰ በእርሱ ተብላላ ምስቅልቅሉ ወጣ
    ከሱ ይሻላሉ ዝንጀሮና ጦጣ
    የኢትዮጰያ መንግስት አለኝታ ለሀገር
    ክብርና አድናቆት ይገባዋል ፍቅር
    ወዲያው አይፈታም የዘመናት ድክመት
    በርትተን እንሥራ በቀን 24 ሰዓት

    በራስ መተማመን ቆራጥና ብልጠት
    የዳበረ እውቀት ዘዴና ብልሀት
    ተባብሮ ሲሰራ ለአንድ ሀገር አላማ
    ከግብ ይደረሳል ይበራል ጨለማ

  19. tesema says:

    hi MR..Editor!

    if I were u as snitch TPLF supporter

    would ask them about the background noise!

    why they forget to use the audio from his last interrogation with his current outfit

    in one video two outfit
    shame on you and all TPLF

  20. Ethio says:

    Andargatchew tells every thing to ethiopian police so the unwise dam wasted dr. Berhanu nega and the other central commetee members of ginbot7 party they better pack their staff which they could use it behind bars at kallity ethiopian government is capable of extradite each one of them leggaly from where ever they are I think by now every body who is associated with ginbot7 are shiting on them selves and trying to distroy evidence

  21. Almi says:

    i think Andi an intelligent person has made a mistake when partnering with g7 specially with 8irhanu. Birhanu might be good at fund raising and collecting money but has no the passion and calibre to lead an armed struggle. The whole burden rest on Andy and ppl from his own party finally tipped information to weyane. Oromay! It is sad!woyane is fortunate enough to have such weak oppononts who made it victorius all the time. What will be the future of g7 nothing except maintaining its name like the rest of opposition in excile. God bless ethiopia.

  22. mihret says:

    What message does it have? It is non-sense for me! What evdence does this speach have? For me it is not Convincing!

  23. D says:

    So many people on Facebook and other media claimed, they’re all Andargachew. Is this the Andy they’re glorifying?

  24. Almi says:

    I think Andi an intelligent mas has made a grave mistake when partnering with G7 specially Dr.Birhanu. Birhanu has no passion and caliber to lead an armed struggle though he might be good at fund raising. The whole burden rest upon Andi and finally some idiots from his own party may have tipped about him to woyane leaders. So keeping secret is unnecessary at this point of time. He has to spare his life. After all, it is unlikely that armed struggle will work in today’s Ethiopia and politics. peaceful struggle is the only choice even if this is also more complicated and hard.

  25. Abdulhakim says:

    It was a futile effort from the very beginning. Struggle declared in exile without a popular support at the ground is inevitable to fail. The time has changed now it is not like the 60s and 70s. No parent dares to send his children to war now . we don’t need aggressive and hate politics, we have paid enough. yes, every body needs change but it should not be through violent means. This is good for Mr. Andarge. As he said previously it is a blessing in disguise. So if he revealed the secrets, he might have realized that it was bad for the country.

  26. Stop Them says:

    Solders are fighting to protect the country from an invading force. Politicians are dealing with foreign politicians.
    So, what are doing the Ethiopians medians including those saying are private when they see foreign Medias like BBC and other criminal English Medias are taking the country under their criminal agenda to affect the citizens as worse and soon as possible?

    If the wise, smart, real and patriotic Ethiopians have to choose to eliminate first without any delay and asking any question but knowing all of them are evil, racists and hateful have no what so ever respect and understanding towards Africa and black people, that would be the English empire medias Starting from evil BBC and all the English criminal journalists and evil medias that are looking to cause troubles in the country they don’t belong and they are not welcome.
    In the Ethiopian history there is no one but the English journalists and so called scholars and also there is nothing but the English Medias are the worse and longest enemies till today.

    What are doing the Ethiopian journalists and medias when they see these criminal and racist English medias are treating the country as if there is no on to challenge and stop them including exposing the English true history which is crimes against humanity, Class system, Poverty, discrimination, racism, imprisonment and how the country is tinny and an isolated island with lots of problems ahead.

    Not this terrorist but first and foremost the criminal English Medias started from BBC and the criminal journalists must be totally stopped in Ethiopia and having anything to do with the country they have nothing to do with. You know what they are up to. It is not to benefit, but as they are pure evils, they are always looking something wrong and doing anything bad to create conflicts in the country that are too far from that little Evil England.
    Hating the English journalists and Medias and treating them that way it is the best thing to do in order to fight the worse enemy against the nation. They must stop having anything to do with the country too far and have nothing to do with that little evil England.

    For how long is keeping quiet knowing the English medias and journalists are the nr.1 enemies and known what they are up to?

  27. Aberush says:

    The background voice is sound of korealew, am sure. My friend thinks its lewach lewach.

  28. Desta says:

    What a tragedy! What a humiliation? He could have helped Ethiopian Democracy by civil discourses, civil debate and providing alternative policies if he had stayed in nonviolent means of political struggle. I feel sorry for him

  29. Look the deference says:

    When you a free fighter this what u should do and stand up what you are believe:::::::




  30. Girma Beyene says:

    Dawit, we know you’re paid to do what you do but don’t full yourself by claiming being independent.Know that your and Woyane’s end is approaching by the day.

  31. Gabissa Lemessa says:

    Look the deference, why don’t you educate yourself before you comment on something. People like you are meant to fight and not analyze. Andargachew is for inclusion and not separation; right cause and not wrong; humanist and not animalist; majority and not minority; love and not hate…so it is a matter of time before you will be sitting where he is now. But guess what I don’t think he will treat you the way you treat him. Woyane literally means uncivilized and its motto is self created inferiority complex.

  32. Kibrom Ayele says:

    From all these cut-paste-edit manipulations, I’ve learned that there are many people from all walks of life and ethnic groups who are willing to work with G7, who are members of G7. I am encouraged that G7 is doing more than I’ve guessed and expected. Long Live Andargachew! Long Live G7!. Andy is really a person of integrity. He showed what kind of person he is. what would have Meles said, given that he is under Mengistu’s prison. Imagine what have Sebhat said, what have Bereket said, what have Debretsion said, had they been in security prison. I appreciate the person in the name of Andargachew.

  33. ክበር ተመስገን says:

    አይ ጊዜ፡ ጊዜ ሲያልፍ ከንቱ
    አንተን ይናፍቃል ያስቸገረ በአንቱ
    ከእራሱ ውስጥ ያለ ምንድን ነው በሽታው
    ከሰው መንገድ ወስዶ በአውሬ የከተተው
    ያ የሆነው ሁሉ የጥፋት ጎዳና
    በመልካም ቢያደርገው ሀገርን ባቀና
    ታዲያ ምን ያደርጋል መረጠ ለማጥፋት
    በመጨረሻ ላይ ራሱ ገባበት

    እንዲያው ግርም ይላል ያስቃል በትዝብት
    የደርግ ወንጀለኛ ኢትዮጰያዬ ሲላት
    አጥፍቶ፣ አጥፍቶ ፈርጥጦ ከሀገር
    ጥላቻ የሆነ ያሰመስላል በፍቅር
    ያረጀ፣ ያፈጀ ምን አቅም የሌለው
    በውጭ ኑሮው ከስሮ ማን ቦታ ሊሰጠው
    ወሬ አይሆን ቁም ነገር ምን ቢደረድሩት
    ውጤቱ አመድ ነው የገለባ እሳት

    በጣም ያስቃሉ እኛ እንዲህ ነን ሲሉ
    ለሀገር አሳቢ ሌላን ሲያጣጥሉ
    እውነቱ ግን ባዶ ሲከፈት ውስጣቸው
    እንኳንስ ለሀገር ለራስ ያቃታቸው
    ያ የደርግ በሽታ እንዲያ ያረጋቸው
    ከሀገር አባሮ ውጭ የሚቀጣቸው
    በሉ ይላቼዋል በጥፋት ጎዳና
    ምንም እንደሆኑ እያሰማ ዜና

    መሳቂያ፣ ማፈሪያ ምንም የሌላቸው
    ከውጭ ይለፍልፉ ማን ቦታ ሰጥቷቸው
    የሚያወሩት ወሬ የውስጣቸው እሳት
    ጎራው እኔ እንዲህ ነኝ ጥላቻና ውሼት
    ገንዘብ ለመሰብሰብ ይጠቀሙበታል
    ሞኝና ተላላ ይጫዎቱበታል

    እንኳን እነሱና ድሮ የከሰሩ
    ሌላው ይታዎቃል ከነውስጥ ምስጢሩ
    የኢትዮጰያ ህዝብ መጠቀምን ያዬ
    ጠላቱን ሲያጠፋ ይሰኛል እሰዬ

    ጨለማው ብርሀን ሌላውም ቢል ሌላ
    ምንም ቦታ የለው ከእንግዲህ በኋላ
    እንደ አውሬ ታድኖ፣ እንደ አይጥ ተይዞ
    ቤቱ ነው እስር ቤት መከራን አርግዞ
    ጀሮ ያለው ይስማ አይን ያለው ይመልከት
    ኢትዮጰያን ለመጉዳት ማንም አይሆንለት
    አንድ ነገር አይሰራ መጣሁ፣ ማሰፈራራት
    አመድ ነው ውጤቱ የሚቃጠል በእሳት

  34. Buma says:

    William Davison is one of the Anglo-American mercenaries and organized criminals freely operating in the name of media against the country for so long.

    Why is he still there and feel free to do anything bad against the country? Are we stupid to this level allowing foreign criminals (mainly the English) like him behaving the way they do against the nation as he is doing for so long?

    Al Jazera media in the name of Little Qatar is created and run by the English with gas money for common purposes/agenda against the world between Little England and Qatar.

  35. Agazi says:

    RIP Andragachew RIP Gibot-7 Your game is over For Ever.

  36. Gedif says:

    Yet Yidersal yetebale zaf kebele koretew . Le Andargachew Tsige.

    Look how the so called diaspora activists and journalists are competing with each other and use Andargachew’s arrest to build their personal cult. They are just doing business out of the agenda. I am always surprised how these people came to the front and try to lead a ‘struggle’ against EPPRDF.

  37. Remeber Debretsion Gebremichael says:

    Meles Zenawi is an Eritrean , Mebratu Gebrehiywot (Bereket Simon ) is Eritrean , Gibot is not as Eritrean as TPLF is. Debretsion Gebremichael is the code cracker of TPLF. When It comes to Ethiopia the real leader/Opressor is named Debretsion Gebremichael since he Debretsion Gebremichael is an architect of security apparatus in Ethiopia. Hailemariam Desalegn is given warning by Debretsion Gebremichael not to make major decisions without Debretsion Gebremichael aprooving it. One can comfortably say, Debretsion gebremichael is the ruler of the country after Zenawi. Now, OPDO and Oromia president Muktar kedir is a personal confidant of a ruthless security chief, Dr. Debretsion Gebremichael, who is responsible for the disappearance of millions in Ethiopia. Debretsion is an architect of the security establishment in the country, inlcuding wire tapping technique, internet access limitations, depriving citizens rights, adopting torturing menus in prisons, flat out asasinations etc. He is also reponsible for retardation of the country’s information technology growth . Ethiopia is far lower than the lawless coutnry, Somalia, when it comes to information technology growth. There is no freedom of expression. There is no ethics. there is no free press. There is no law. Muktar will be closely watched by his boss, Dr. Debretsion, who will test him how he handles the relationship with OLF. The growing popularity of OLF, especially among youth, will consume his office. Will he negotiate or follow his predecessors’ hardline approach, who finally ended up in exile?

    Muktar’s second problem is the rampant regional corruption within the Oromo communities, which was deliberately designed and created for divide and rule strategy by the TPLF. The third is the unresolved religion issues.

    Observers say that Muktar will be another ‘headless’, puppet of Debretsion, who will exercise or apply his security knowledge and skill against innocent citizens. Any way time will tell whom he will be working for.

    Debretsion is as poisonous as a Cyanide poison to the people.The death of dictator Meles Zenawi has left the Ethiopian ruling junta, TPLF, in disarray. Because Meles did not put a succession plan in place, TPLF and its umbrella organization, EPRDF, are now engulfed in a dangerous power struggle that could erupt in a bloody clash.

    The major actors in the power struggle include: Azeb Mesfin (TPLF), Abay Woldu (TPLF vice chair), Sebhat Nega (TPLF), Seyoum Mesfin (TPLF), Debretsion Gebremichael (TPLF), Tewodros Hagos (TPLF), Bereket Simon (ANDM), Addisu Legesse (ANDM), Hailemariam Desalegn (SEPDM), Kuma Demeksa (OPDO), Abadula Gemeda (OPDO), Aster Mamo (OPDO), to mention a few of them.

    Debretsion Gebremichael The most dangerous of all these guys is TPLF Politburo member and Minster of Communication & Information Technology Debretsion Gebremichael. All the TPLF/EPRDF intelligence and security apparatus report to him. He chairs the join security commission whose members include Getachew Assefa, head of the National Intelligence and Security Service (NISS), and Workneh Gebeyehu, head the Federal Police, among others. His agents and assassins are also embedded through out the bureaucracy and the military. In short, Debretsion is the Henrich Himmler of TPLF.

    Before becoming a TPLF politburo member, Debretsion was responsible for jamming radio and TV signals, blocking web sites, tapping phones, other forms of electronic security. Before that he was a spy and member of Meles Zenawi’s death squads who were sent out at night to knock off opponents.

    Now Debretsion is the one who is executeing decisions when TPLF decides to carry out purges and assassinations, he got more power than Hailemariam Desalegn.

    From Nowon all ethiopian diasporas should know they are one flight away from facing assasinations. The debretsion gebremichael assasins got a license to kill whoever they choose by saying Andargachew mentioned his/her name.


    • ethio says:

      @Remeber Debretsion Gebremichael

      U R 100% right.very few people are controlling Ethiopia….if they are gone, we all be free!Bereket is dying already.Debretsion is a cancer for Ethiopia

  38. sam says:

    I do not support any organization which aspires to get power using armed struggle as a means. Ginbot 7 is not an exception. The Ginbot 7 leaders political maturity is questionable. No rational Ethiopian politician could believe Isayes is more concerned about the future of Ethiopia than the EPDRF leaders. By cultivating political friendship with Isayes that is what the Ginbot 7 leaders are telling us: That is Isayes cares about Ethiopia way more than the “renegades” EPDRF leaders. That is a political miscalculation of the worst kind. Having said that though I do not appreciate what the EPDRF politicians are doing with the Ginbot 7 leader. It is a very cheap, cynical misinformation that is going on. No one can be sure under what circumstances the interview was conducted. No one could be sure whether the prisoner assumed he was talking to an old friend- do not forget he was deputy mayor of Addis, and he might still have some friends down there- and, he even might not aware he was recorded. But what is the point the EPDRF politicians want us to know? No opposition party politician has political belief of his own. Only the EPDRF politicians have political belief they will die for. I beg to differ. If the situation was reversed, and the political prisoner happened to be an EPDRF politician, and the new power holders are doing the interview, we do not get a different response from the EPDRF politicians what we heard from the prisoner. In fact, if the EPDRF politicians have any decency and common sense what ever information they get from the prisoner should stay only with them. This is a cheap political manipulation. I do not like it a bit. I do not think many fair-minded Ethiopians of any political persuasion would like it either.

  39. Hagos Haile says:

    @TPLF and Agazi, no body expect anything different from you as you’re Woyanes and Woyane means uncivilized. It is 21st century but you still think as if you’re in the 19th century (Zemene Mesafint). I am not going to waste my time trying to educate you as you’re naïve (you don’t have wisdom or knowledge).

  40. Lula says:

    So what the Guy is in pain ,i don’t see any information for TPLF they are killers there time is up soon. You think you got information ha ha hah ah TPLF (dededit) you thing you will break ETHIOPIAN you are the most heated people on the earth.

  41. dan says:

    sorry isn’t expected from such well experienced politician . i don’t have any doubt ginbot 7 every activities have been controlled under andargachew tsige b/c the rest r not politician .i tk he was learnt lot from weyena struggle how to keep their underground organization secret . am definitely sure it’s dead now since no one can take z leading section on Eritrean territory .

  42. Lula says:

    It make me like G7 after this, yes we all 87millon people ,oh my bad - 4 millon Tigers (TPLF) lovers ,we ETHIOPIAN people are Andargachew , your time is soon dedeb killers you can post 100 times we love Andargachew !!!!

    • Mekdes says:

      Lula, I think you are talking about yourself, he might be your step dad when he was residing in Eritrea enjoying with your mom. 4 million are your Eritrea n’s. If he was like you said what is he doing in jail. The people of Ethiopia would have taken him out of prison. The terrorist with bad mouth like Andargachew, his place is prison like a dog with rabies.

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