Why is Ethiopian still flying to Ebola infested destinations (+Video)


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29 Responses

  1. w .yilma says:

    What did the journalist know about Ebola? It would have been better if the discussion was arranged with health professionals. To talk about Ebola the interviewee should have a knowledge about the virus which cause Ebola.I do not take lesson from the interview. It is simply talk for talk!
    Ebola virus is an easy to contain once outbreak has occurred.The disease is not air born. It needs a close contact with the patient and exposed to the fluids coming out of the sick or diseased person. The nature of the Ebola virus is not like SARS, or flue that could spread in the form of epidemic or pandemic.
    If there is an effective and efficient emergency preparedness program in place (isolation and quarantine, with efficient screening, and follow-up), I do not think we have to be panic and spread fear among the public.
    The discussion is misleading. Head of states from Ebola infected countries were invited in USA during African-American forum held in DC.The few countries that does not invited are like Eritrea, Sudan and others few. I do think those uninvited missed nothing. Because the meeting was designed as a damage control to American ineffective and destructive foreign policy.

    • Henok says:

      w.yilma may i ask you one question , why Kenya airways and other airways ? stop flight to western African countries as if EBOLA is simple as you described it ? and airways overall the world cares first for their staffs ” Cabin crew ” but Ethiopian airlines cares about the income generated than if crews dies of EBOLA ? ATO Teweldemedin the so called CEO says ” WHO CARES ABOUT THE DEAD FISH ?
      that is our Ethiopia .
      and again you couldn’t say jornalist what knows about EBOLA ? every one have an access to every data dont forget we are in the world of Information .

      thank u ,

      • w .yilma says:

        Dear Henok. Other airlines can decide whatever they like, but we should not follow their decision as a dead fish which follows the river stream.
        In any disease outbreak situation like this, before jumping to take desperate measures based on assumptions, you have to have the clear picture of the epidemiological situation of the disease outbreaks with clear understanding of the nature of the pathogen, the methods of transmission and the population at risk. This approach together with a clear case definition of the outbreak helps the health professionals to decide what measures need to be taken to control or to avert the possible introduction of the disease in question to our country. As long as there is a global follow-up with adequate information exchanging system; supported with efficient and active surveillance, I do not see the importance of taking desperate action to ban the Ethiopian airlines from flying to Western Africa. However, we have to be more vigilant about the situation. What is important to note here is that the most effective methods to control Ebola from spreading is movement control, isolation, quarantine, and effective and active surveillance in those countries where the outbreak has occurred. That is more economical. I think countries have obligation to do so, with the help of international organizations.
        Because no global effort has been made to contain the Ebola outbreak at the outbreak initial stage, this disease becomes a global concern at this time. Ebola is an emergence disease since the 60’s in western Africa, and since then a sporadic outbreak has been occurred in some countries, but contained effectively without causing mass death, as we have seen now. What makes the disease to spread now is lack of preparedness to contain the disease effectively on time. As a result of this Ebola become global concerns at this time. As long as the virus is the same (no antigenic variation) it is possible to control and avoid the risk of Ebola spreading to other regions.

      • kebraraw says:

        cause other airways do care about their people while Ethiopian airways and the stupid ethiopian government don’t.

  2. miko says:

    I partially agree with Yilma. The discussion should have included also from health professionals and the staff from the Ethiopian Airlines. Then the readers would have obtained
    a balanced view.

  3. Etetu says:

    This is an opinion of the respondent, and it does not have scientific basis. The most appropriate respondent to this issues should be health professionals. You should should not just speculate….or please read a little bit.
    Please see the recommendation from the World Health Organization at http://who.int/mediacentre/news/notes/2014/ebola-travel/en/ . Air flight has very low risk as the virus is transmitted by intimate contact with body fluid and blood of an infected patient (who is sick) or dead body. That is why it often is transmitted to family members who cared for the patient or cleaned the dead body as part of a burial ceremony, and health workers. Ebola virus is not airborne virus - meaning is not transmitted by air, it does not also spread fast (is the nature of the virus). You should have interviewed health professionals, people from Ministry of health, or public health institute of Ethiopia. Please stop contemplating….. please also do not politicize. Holding the microphone does not give you the authority/expertise to speak on a subject.

  4. axumawit says:

    Ebola has been here for years.It has gotten attention after two Americans contracted the virus.Ethiopian has been flying during those years.Africans take Ethiopian as their trusted airlines.Ethiopian should not abandon its base.All it has to do is demand governments take proper measure preventing methods.

  5. Ahadu says:

    @w. Yilma, as you live in the United states, you seem reluctant to care about Ethiopians. Shame on you. Don’t you have families back in Ethiopia?

    • w .yilma says:

      Dear Ahadu. I care the same way you care for Ethiopian people. My soul and mind is always in my country.I am not human health professional, but as animal health profession I forward what I think is right. But this does not mean I am right! I respond to Henok, and please read that comment and we can exchange ideas further if needed.
      Selam hun

  6. Yon says:

    Ebola is not air born. WHO has officially declared that flights are not significant risks for ebola transmission. If proper screening is done then no risk at all. The editor should have interviewed a health professional not someone who has nothing to do with it …unless politicised.

  7. ethio says:

    The only thing that Ethiopian government want it Money. who cares about Ethiopians. that is woyane thinking! But once this virus spreads, they will get it too. The other thing is if one Ethiopian get the Virus, others won’t go to Ethiopia and the government will loss a lot more money.

    • guest says:

      Hi ethio,

      Would you please read the progress of Ethiopia within the last decade in reducing infant, child and maternal mortality, in relation to malaria, the country’s accomplishment in HIV/AIDS, family planning for example, from peer reviewed scientific journals or from independent reports?

      By the way, I am not pro or against anyone, but think it is very important that our statement is based on facts. There are also things that would not benefit from politicizing.

  8. hermi says:

    creating awareness is a good idea but instilling fear that can be construed as a cheap shot at smear campaign targeted at Ethiopian (airline) or the gov’t is not helpful. Like W.Yilma pointed earlier, it calls on getting more accurate and factual information from the relevant people working in the front lines. I hope you will make arrangements to have a panel discussion with the relevant experts.
    Here is a piece of news worth sharing.

    Ahmed Imano, Public Relations and Communication Director at the Ethiopian Ministry of Health, told reporters on Friday that Ethiopia has been undertaking various activities to prevent the possible incident of the life-threatening disease.

    The Director said there has been no Ebola case detected in Ethiopia so far.

    In its precautionary activities, the East African nation has established taskforces and trained health professionals.

    Public awareness activities are also going on in the country as part of the preparedness and prevention of Ebola, said Ahmed.

    The Director also stated that preparations are being made holding discussions with regional health bureau heads and professionals on how to work on prevention and awareness raising activities on the issue.

    “We trained over 275 health professionals who are recruited from public and private health institutions; and also we prepared to bring or to import some protective devices for the professionals to help if the Ebola virus happens in Ethiopia.”

    Ethiopia has also prepared a treatment area, a hospital for Ebola, if the case happens in the country.

    A command post has been set up at Bole International Airport in Ethiopia’s capital Addis Ababa.

    “Over 20 volunteers are doing inspection or doing assessment around the airport starting last week,” the official said.

  9. fissaha says:

    Why does it so much big deal for this individual about Ebola concerning more than the airlines just wonder???

  10. Nathi says:

    May I ask where does Ethiopian fly to? The last time I checked Ethiopian doesn’t fly to Liberia,sierra lione or Guinea. The only west African country that it flys is Nigeria that have been reported a patient who came from Liberia died and they have 12 patients unconfirmed some has been released and others waiting the 21 day quarnitine period. Please read more educate yourselfs before spreading fear and condeming your own government for not caring about its own people.Ebola is not new to Africa; its been to Congo, Uganda etc etc and it had been contained so will this some time soon

  11. me says:

    I’m not a health professional either, but we should learn and follow what other countries are doing towards this Ebola virus. yes we know that Ebola is not airborne but what about those people who are infected and entering into the country? the symptoms will take up to 21 days to show… what if those already got it are in addis already? what about inside the cabin? it is transmitted by touching the fluid right? an infected person will touch so many things in the aircraft. a lot of passengers will come in contact with her/him. why can’t they hold their flights until the situation calms down? I’m pretty sure the higher officials wont dare to fly to those places while the poor Ethiopian airlines employees are going to be the first victims. I’m 200% sure Ato Tewelde will not fly to those destinations. they are just being greedy and senseless!!!!

  12. Yenework says:

    why other country airlines are stop flight to western African countries as if EBOLA is simple as you described it ? and airways overall the world cares first for their staffs ” Cabin crew ” but Ethiopian airlines cares about the income generated than if crews dies of EBOLA? why Ethiopian people keep silent. Ethiopian government is no mined.

    • weigud says:

      Hi yenework,
      Ethiopian air lines flies only to Nigeria. Do you know of any airline that cancelled flight to Nigeria because of Ebola?

      The airlines that cancelled flight, as far as I know, are to Liberia, Guinea, and Sierra Leone and Ethiopian airlines does not fly to these countries as far as I know. May be I have missed something!

  13. Astewaye says:

    This should be addressed by officials from ministry of health; or someone in healthcare field not by someone who don’t have a pure knowledge about the virus, I understand this is everyone’s concern but you need to know what Ebola is and how the virus spreads for sure it is not airborne,
    Dawit you should report openly the truth to do that you need to make your interviews with Ethiopian Airlines, Ministry of Health officials and MD’s with knowledge of the Ebola virus too, your reporting is arrogant and instigative, ET not restricted to fly to the area is taken as the Ethiopian government is not concerned about its citizens but more of selfish greed, what is your proof do you check what safety net is in place to combat this virus, it seem like you are walking a fine line please try not to distort the fact.

  14. John says:

    Where are Ethiopian Airline officials?I think Dawit should also ask airline officials as to why the flight to ebola infected countries are important?

  15. Michelle says:

    Ethiopian airlines should stop flights to West Africa!!!! Ebola is a very dangerous disease and for the safety of Ethiopia we should not risk it, so please Ethiopian Airlines stop flying to Ebola infested countries, stay away from West Africa!!!!

  16. Ebola-minded Weyanes says:

    The Weyane cades,

    The topic here is Ebola, a killer diseases transmitted by VIRUS. I know you don’t get it. But, stop making politics with Ebola unless you are bloody, Ebola-minded Weyanes who are hellbent for EAL’s money and don’t take the potentially staggering consequences.

  17. Common Sense says:

    Dear arrogant, greedy idiots who are saying Ethiopian should not suspend flights to W.Africa, I hope you wont feel the same way next time as you’re lying in a pool of your own Ebola infested vomit and blood in some over crowded Hospital in Addis.
    This cunt of an airlines doesnt give a sh!t about you…
    The girl who wants to live

  18. L says:

    what is z precaution exactly taken? Measuring temp., taking history of flu like symptoms or contact with Ebola patient? I doubt zat Is enough.wat about z people who didn’t manifest it? or are in incubation period? May God US.

  19. a mother who wants her children says:

    why u are joking about on Ethiopian people.I am a health professional I know well about Ebola .Ethiopia was unable to control HIV for many years which can be controlled easily.how can Ethiopia disease control Ethiopia a like Ebola which can be easily transmitted.if the Ethiopian airlines continue flying to that areas Ethiopia will face the problem in few days.she will face tragedy like 1977 disaster

  20. Selassie I says:

    playing with fire!!!! Whatever you do remember that you can’t kill us all!!

  21. alem says:

    Can you tell me if the ethiopian airline fly in west african country stell.thanks

  22. natty says:

    i think Ebola is like a fire. we don’t know how fire comes ha? so ……it’s better to stop this flights.

  23. natty says:

    i think Ebola is like a fire. we don’t know how,when,way fire comes ha? so ……it’s better to stop this flights.

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