Minister Redwan Comments on Recent Protests by Exiled Political Opponents (Video)


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41 Responses

  1. Asmamaw Tadege says:

    “Enezih sewoch maninem ayweklum, yemiweklut neger binor yewerede sibe’nan bicha new” best verbatim of the week. Thank you ato Redwan.

    • አንድነት ኢትዮጵያ ትቅደም says:

      አንተ ደደብ፤ ሆዳም የወያኔ ውሻ ግንቦት ፯ የፍትህ፤ የነጻነትና የዲሞክራሲ ኃይል እገድልሃለሁ ብሎሃልኮ ! ጽሕፈት ቢቱ መላው አውሮፓ ውስጥ አለ።

  2. Ahadu says:

    Good point ato Redwan! Keep up the good job with your courageous comrades.

  3. Alula says:

    These individuals who harassed the respected Minister Redwan Hussien are losers who have nothing to see in their life! They don’t have neither the knowledge nor money to help themselves or their country! Therefore , all they did was expose their hollowness! Imagine’ living in a democratic country , nevertheless , they have no democratic principles in them! A totally savage characteristics! They cry democracy while they don’t have it in them! It is an acceptable in anyway!

    They just showed how hateful they are! They are hateful , therefore , their brain is blocked by hate , hence, they can’t think anything good!

    We are proud of you For your polite & appropriate answer!
    I’m eager to lister to your ful answer about the present situations’
    God bless you H.E Minister Redwan Hussien!

  4. Hailu says:

    Those who bark like dog in USA are very small sect of total diaspora and it is a sign of frustration.

    • Alula says:

      Right Hailu! They are only few losers who have nothing even for themselves! But this is how it is going”the Dogs are barking, nevertheless , the Camel has kept on its own way” ! Hate can’t do anything! Hate is a sign of loser ness !

  5. Letest Zemecha says:

    Koratu Diaspora Tagay have started the latest Advance Tegele to fight Ethiopian Lovers at Ethiopian Community sector,Ethio restaurant and moll which, as well as boycott our Ethiopian Airlines which been declared by diasporas Professor Ato Brehanu as well us by neutral Esat Hero Media as well as future Ethiopian Culture Minster Ato Tamagn Men Ale. wow kemere betam betam arif leader, best of the best.Keep it up Diasporase with no policy dis argument only having personal attack like sera fet, tesfa korch as any one blocking any income to Mother land will be a diaspora hero korat tagay if not all wayane…. mafereyawoch, as usually go keep have your coffee and talk sheet Koratu diasporas. please say hello to your god Father President of the greatest country Ato Esayase which the one been isolate by IGAD and Western Country..

  6. YEABSIRA says:

    Thank you RESPECTED MR REDWAN for your polite but meaningful explanation to the useless minorities in diaspora camp, may be the parkings. realy REDWAN you deserve respect for your inherent democratc nature like our hero MELES

  7. Letest Zemecha says:

    Koratu Diaspora Tagay have started the latest Advance Tegele to fight with Ethiopian Lovers at Ethiopian Community sector, Ethio restaurant and moll, boycott our Ethiopian Airlines and any Imported from Ethiopia. Reason doing this is Ethio Diaspora Korate tagay Love Ethiopia and care for Ethiopia. Kkkk. Thanks diasporas Professor Ato Brehanu, Esat Hero Media, dream future Ethiopian Culture Minister Ato Tamagn Men Ale for not fighting with existing policy in Ethiopia and thanks been silly ordering your korate tagayoch been comedian and to follow your above order to your diaspora military. Good luck with you god father Esayase

  8. John says:

    Come to Norway Mr spokesperson.We will treat you nicely.The treatment you got in Verginia,though unexpected for you,then you get in Norway will make you…

  9. Name (required) says:

    Redwan, zarem tawurale ?demose yatetyakwun atemlesem yatyaqe lela yamtmalsewu lela

  10. moron says:

    ethiopian police arrested two ethiopian one ugandan.

    in my view yewech zega wenjel kefesteme
    menem aynet media coverage atstuachew

    lelawen mesab new isolet adrgo asro wede hageru memelese yemen mida yasfelegachewla bayhone yehager west tebabarin kehone esun waga yesetew.

  11. Kaleb says:

    Dear Editor, why you remove my comments? Was that because they were critical against your boss, Redwan? Shame on you. You will be equally responsible for all those atrocities done by your bosses.

    • attension sicker Kalebuuuu says:

      kaleb kaleb kaleb same sheet u need attention like your dreamer Tamage men ale, what would u say about red 1, nothing…. u think you love Ethiopia and also care for Ethiopian, maferia go on boycott Ethiopian Airways so what any way you at welfare you wouldn’t have to spend any more money except to get coffee and talk sheeettttt. -ve mentality, loser. your top Leader Deaspora Ambasader Brehanu shentam say Kebure Ato Andargachew don’t know nothing …. who does then , your god father Ethiopian Lover Esayase.kkkk. I have a big respect for Andargee u and your friend Brehanu, Tamagn future culture minster and ESAT team keep bark

  12. biruk says:

    yea, they represent Yewerede sebeena……

  13. Bariaw says:

    Dawit kebede, editor of Awramba times getting busy removing negative comments against mr. Redwan.

  14. AzmaSemerdin says:

    Had Redwan’s opponents had one tenth of his communication skill, they wouldn’t have embarrassed themselves by shouting like a caveman. I wish one day we will have a much needed, genuine, and able opposition party which is not driven by hate and chauvinism. ኢትዬጵያ የሁሉም ሀገር ናት! የቀድሞውን ስርኣት ናፋቂዎች እርማቹን አዉጡ!

  15. Mekdes says:

    Ambassaw Redwan temechehegn yene geta about 100 Gonderes will not make dent on your spirit. The population of Ethiopians; in DC including these Gonderres is more than 250,000 so you can figure out their supporters. These ignorant Gonderes they don’t know what kind of law is in America. You can protest but you can not threaten any person’s life. They will get their lesson by the law of the land. The Video they made it evidence for them. It is easy as it is. Like you said sir, they don’t represent any body but themselves and their likes Gonderes like Tamagn.

    • Hailu says:

      You are a sheety one Mekdes. It seems you suffer a tigrian inferiority complex in the face of Gonderes. Personally, I don’t appreciate what they did, it was just as immature as it was. They need not treat a government official like that, they have to try it through dialogue and communication. But, what I found even more immature is the comment you made. It is absolutely low!!! Why do you say “Gondere” minamen? I am from Gonder and I don’t allow you to say that. I am proud to be a Gondere. You are worse than those whom you criticize. One word for you “Idiot!”

  16. zemen says:

    Mr. Redwan don’t worry we know them verywell they are confused,illitrate,no culture,hatefull because they hate themselves they are full of jealousy.they ate full of lies they don’t have habit of work but talk they all remnats of past regimes so take it easy they are barking dogs

  17. Anseba says:

    The vocal fed diaspora opposition does not represent even 0.5% of diaspora Ethiopians. These are two or three individuals who are taking advantage of the US welfare system which is not enough to live on and they need other source of income. This is their source of income. The two guys who were yelling and screaming are living on food stamps and have been paid to do what they did by Tamagene and Neamen( don’t remember his last name.

  18. Sam says:

    I disagree with the minister characterization that those diasporas who are opposing the regime are minuscule in number. If what he meant to say was those who actively oppose the regime in the diaspora might not be great in number, he has a point. The majority of the diaspora are struggling to make a living in a foreign country so that not everybody would actively engage in Ethiopian politics. But it might be unwise to assume those “silent majority” are in the EPDRF side. Having said that I personally dislike infantile opposition in any form. I have a different political belief than the minster has. But under no circumstances I would tailgate him anywhere to throw slogans at him, or to call him name. That is beneath me. It should also be beneath anybody who disagree with him. They amaze me those who speak day and night how they wish a democratic Ethiopia to be born notwithstanding that their every political move is more of a dictator than a democrat.

  19. ክበር ተመስገን says:

    You are doing the best job and continue doing so while keeping always in mind there is always an improvement based on the time, situation and circumstances, here, there and everywhere related to the situation those matters to….
    “Minister Redwan Comments on Recent Protests by Exiled Political Opponents”

    This is a lie and misleading information done intentionally or is the result of ignorancy and stupidity unable to understand and know how the 21-century works in today’s world where Ethiopia is part of it.

    “Exiled Political Opponents”? Really?
    Who are they? Where are they? Are they in Ethiopia with the people and working for the country? What is their legitimacy, competency, agenda and commitment for the sake of the country and its people?
    The jobless, hopeless, valueless, weak, ignorant, hateful, backward and suffering with other countless bad behaviors and situation knowing they are already ended up in vain while still painfully living and hardly breathing in abroad including feeling the ways the anarchies do and painting on the internet doing what the jobless are doing and behaving like the lawless animals in the western cities, is nothing but the clarification and testimony how fully depreciated and worthless they are.
    They are like the human weds, parasite worms, poison snakes, dangerous virus and bacteria Ethiopia is facing them for a while. The good news is that they are diminishing every day despite foreign enemies are still trying to keep them alive to use them against Ethiopia and its people in order to stop the progress and good life in the black country where Ethiopia is still the symbol despite they are trying for decades intentionally tarnishing her image and undermining the ancient Ethiopians in order to make her being the place of shame rather than being the symbol of Africa and pride of black people including having the oldest history and own writing system for thousands years.
    These so called Diaspora animals are creatures have nothing in common with any real and normal Ethiopian. They are dark horses ready and capable to do anything bad against the country serving foreign enemies. With the English lead some western nations are not really happy watching the situation in Ethiopia and other African nations is improving. They are using anything bad including very sophisticated ways to stop that and affect the country as they are doing so for years including during the time they are pretending are helping. Making the citizens and nation dependent on them, slowly but surely destroying the indigenous/home born and grown system, killing and burring each and every good and posetive are their main goals.

    Dear Awraamba:
    We are not living in the 18,19 or 20-century when some political opponents were settled, made political agendas and movements in order to take power back home. This is the 21-century each and every nation has to take care own matters and carry full responsibilities by itself without being used or affected by any other bad foreign power. Those so called Ethiopians in abroad that are wishing daily and doing badly to see Ethiopia back to the dark and old age during teh time where the English lead west was happily and freely tarnishing her with no respect to its citizens in order to damage the black people image motivated by race.
    So, calling “Exiled Political Opponents” is nothing but naming them with something they are not and cannot be. No one buys or accepts it. Ethiopian politicians must be in Ethiopia with the people and behave accordingly. Other than that there is no any politician let alone some trash and failed groups living in abroad treated by a white man like trash and nothing but looking to use them like dangerous animals and tools in order to affect the country unfortunately they are calling theirs’ too.
    By the way; few days ago you made a good interview but you had a bad guest; the one calling himself a journalists with new newspaper.
    First of all he has to use a pure, quality, clean and clear language as a journalist while talking or writing using certain language. He was speaking Amharic but poisoning and destroying it using the very cheap and street words far from England even the illiterates and junkies there are not touching them.
    Secondly, he has to stop trying to serve as he called them “Diaspora oppositions”. There is no and will not be accepted any opposition party from abroad in the name of Ethiopia. They are creatures supported by foreign enemies to use them against the country in order to stop progress and good future in the country. The racists and greedy imperialists do hate to see peace, unity, hard work, prosperity and good life and future in any black country and mainly in Ethiopia knowing Ethiopia is always the example of Africa.
    Thirdy, I didn’t hear any word from him saying about the people, economy, social and other important aspects in the country to serve the people. From the Start to end, it was about politics and so called opposition politicians mainly those worthless in abroad. To me it was not really a good start with the best future.
    Ethiopia needs journalists not those serving foreign enemies including bad Diasporas but protecting the nation from foreign enemies including bad foreign journalists and Diasporas. Teaching the people about new knowledge and ideas about foreigners, foreign nations and governments especially those the known racists, evils and the enemies of Ethiopia, Africa and black people.
    እነዚያ ጋጠወጦችና ዋጋ የለሾች እንደ ጭቃና እበት ሁሉም በአንድ ላይ ቢጠፈጠፉ በክፋት መንገድ ወስዶ ኋላቀርና ለማጥፋትም ጭምር አቅም የሌላቸው ከንቱ የሂትለር ተራ ተላላኪ አይነቶች ያደርጋቸው ይሆናል እንጂ ከአቶ ሬድዋን ጋር ግን በብዙ ርቀት ለሰኮንድ እንኳ የሚያቀራርባቸው በመጥቀም የሚታይ ምንም አቅም የሌላቸው ናቸው፡፡ እነሱ የሀገር ጠላትና የህዝብ በሽታዎች ናቸው፡፡ በሞቀ ውሃ ከትተው ሲያማስሉት እንደሚሟሟ ስኳርና ማጠቢያ ዱቄት ቁጥራቸው ከቀን ወደ ቀን እያሽቆለቆለ ያሉ ስለሆኑ መጥፋታቸውና ሀገር ከነዚህ በሽታዎች በቅርብ ቀን ፀድታ መዳኗ የማይቀር ሀቅ ነው፡፡

    እና የግል መፅሄት ባለቤት ነን የሚሉ ጋዜጠኞች በኢትዮጰያ ስም ፓለቲከኛ ነኝ ባይ ሁሉ የትም ሳይሆን ኢትዮጰያ ውስጥ ብቻ ከህዝብ ጋር መሆን ያለበት ስለመሆኑ ትክክለኛው መንገድ ሊታያቸውና በቀናው አቅጣጫ ሊመልሳቸው ይገባቸዋል፡፡ የራሱን ህይዎት መርጦና የተሻለ አኗኗር ፈልጎ የውጭን ሀገርና ህዝብ አምኖና ተማምኖ ነገር ግን ለሀገሩና ለህዝቡ ደንታ ባለመሰኜት ከሄደ በኋላ ከዚያ ኑሮ አልሆንለት ሲል ለግል ጥቅሙ በማለት ሀገርን በሚጎዳና ህዝብን በሚያንቋሽሽ መንገድ የፈለገውን ነኝ ቢልና ቢሆን እኛ ህዝቦች ግን አሜን እያልን መቀበልና የሱን ጭፍን የጥፋት አላማ በራሳችን ላይ ከግብ ለማድረስ ማስተጋባት የለብንም፡፡ ከያዘው የጥፋት ተልእኮ ጨርሶ እስኪታቀብ ድረስ በማንኛውም መንገድና ሁል ጊዜ መፋለም ነው ትክክለኛው መንገድና ብቸኛው አማራጭ፡፡

    • Asteway says:

      Well said, these empty mind dogs are good for nothing and dear Redwan has told them that they are value less by ignoring to their barking

  20. In the information era you can’t deceive people easily because our world has shrunken to a small village. The Miscommunication Communication Minister interview is full of lies-Pathological lies!

  21. me says:

    He showed maturity by not responding to the Bozenes.
    He showed higher maturity by
    Acknowledibg that the majority
    Is not represented by thugs.

  22. Nebro says:

    Redwan, proud of you, of your cultivated answer. Those arrogants represent no one! We have not elected them or voted for them. They are so barbaric that they even harrase other diaspora members. Since they are so mad, what we can do is just avoiding them. They are destroying our Ethiopianism even in the diaspora. Be assured sir, whatever their reason, their manner should not be tolerated anywhere.

  23. Getnet says:

    You sound like Melse.

  24. akildama says:

    there are two volkswagen across mereb and in ethiopia side .
    in nature both they cant resist the heat just boil quick and problem to cool down.

    across mereb when italia occupied they remove all the radioter thats why ever up and down drive the car crazy and burn the gasket which is cheguara,gubet kezia kulalit andlay yaw dulet belew.

    tenesh setnagerachew wediaw tug new yemilut.

    ethiopia west yalew volkswagen radiateru altenkam tuge bilem wediaw yikezekezal
    wed cheguaram ayehadem.

    tadia weyane italia remove yaregewen radiator meleso lemgetem eyemokeru new
    yaw kelemd selaut yale radiator yehe volkswagen edmewe achire new belewal.

    yehe ye huletu tigrai behaviour new.

  25. Astewaye says:

    The idiotic immature individual’s coward actions in any rate would not represent the whole diaspora, I was sadden to see how human beings degraded themselves, in my belief well sounded and person would capitalize the opportunity, I have no doubt the minister would welcome the dialog if it was respectfully addressed, if you ask me what I learned from the barking guards I will say nada (zero) if the question arise and if asked what I learned from MR. Redwan, self-control and how to handle any situation anytime that shows me his ability of leadership,

    - Yes people have the right to voice their mind without any restriction, but they are bound by their words and actions, ones you threaten to kill or inflict harm to a person it is totally another ball game
    - What will happen to the fate of the barking dogs it depends how the ET govt. plays the ball since it happened in state of Virginia the Law says

    Virginia Threatening to Harm Laws
    Issuing threats of violence is a Felony under Virginia law. Many people are not aware that threatening to harm, injure, or kill someone is actually a serious felony charge.
    What is the Penalty for Issuing Threats of Violence?
    Issuing a threat of harm is a Class 6 felony under Virginia criminal laws, which carries with it a penalty of 1-5 years in prison.
    An oral threat of harm to kill or do bodily injury is a crime if it is committed on the public area Shopping Mall, Restaurant etc. this is a serious crime

  26. በለው ! says:

    >>>ትውልዱ ከውስጥም ከውጭም ለሚያደርገው ማናቸውም ብልግና መሠረቱ የመንግስት ባለሥልጣናት ካድሬና አድርባይ ጋጠ-ወጥነት ነው። *እናንተም መድረክ ላይ ስትቀመጡ ድምፅ ማጉሊያ ከፊታችሁ ሲደቀን የምትጥሉትን አታውቁትም። ባለሥልጣናት እራሳቸው ግብረገብ ኢትዮጵያዊ ጨዋነት ካልተላበሱ ሌላው ማን አርዓያ ያደርጋል? አሁን በእናንተ ላይ ኢትዮጵያ ውስጥ የሌለ ጨዋነት በአውሮፓና በአሜሪካ ሀገር መፈለግ መድረቅና ማድረቅ ነው። ለመሆኑ አሸባሪ፣ ፅንፈኛ፣ ሰሀን አጣቢ፣የውጭ ሀገር ጉዳይ አስፈጻሚ፣ መኪና ጠባቂ፣ ቦዘኔ፣ተስፋ የቆረጡ፣የወረደ ስብዕና ያላቸው፣የቀድሞ ሥርዓት ናፋቂ፣እንውሻ የሚጮሁ…ቤት አልባ፣ የሚሉና ወደፊትም እንዲባሉ የተመረጡ አብዮታዊ ልማታዊ ኢህአዴግ አምራች ስድቦች ሊኖሩ ይችላሉ። ..እነሱም ሌባ! ሌባ!ነፍሰ ገዳይ!የወያኔ ተላላኪ..አድርባይ፣ባንዳ ገንጣይ! ከፋፋይ! ጎጠኛ! ዘረኛ!ማለታቸው ተለመደ ነው። ግን ይህ አስከመቼ ይቀጥላል? ወያኔ እስኪጠፋ? ወይንስ ይህ ትውልድ ሁሉ እስኪያረጅ? ወይንስ ኢሳያስ አፈወርቂ ከሥልጣን ሲወገዱ ምንጩ ይደርቃል?፣አንድአድርጋቸው ስለተማረከ ግንቦት ፯ ፈረሰ?ኦነግ ሐሳቡን ሲቀይር?የሙስሊም ጥያቄ ተዳፍኗል?ሁሉም መልስ አይሆኑም አማራጭ አዋጭም ሀሳቦች አደሉም ። ይህ ጥቂቶች፣ ማንንም የማይወክሉ) የሚባልም መሞላፈጥና ሰው መናቅ ይቁም ለጥፋትና ውርደት ለማዋረድ ትንሽ ጠጠርም ዋጋ አላት!! በህግ መዳኘት የሚባለውም በአሜሪካ መንግስት ላይ ጫማ የወረወሩትም ምንም አይሆኑም አቶ ቡሽ “የወረወረውን አላየሁም ግን ጫማው ፲ (፵፫)ቁጥር እንደሆነ አይቼዋለሁ ብለው ነበር”። አሁን መንግስት ታጋሽ ነኝ! ንፁሕና ነጻ ነኝ የሚላትን ቱልቱላ ቀንሶ ሆን ተብሎ የጠፋውን የኢትዮጵያዊ ጨዋነት ለማፈላለግ በሚዲያ ለቅሶ ከመቀመጥ…በሀገር ውስጥ ዘለፋውን ቀነስ፣ ተደጋፊዎቹን ማስተማርና ሌላውን ዜጋ በእርፍ በእርፉ አግባብቶ ሰላማዊ የመከባባር መግባባት መጀመር አለበት። እነሱ በእመንገዱና በእየሀገሩ ሌባ!ሌባ! በተባሉ ቁጥር የዘጠኝ ክልል የአንድ የፌደራል አንድ የተሰለፉበት ሀገር ሰንደቅ ተውለብልቦ በአበዳሪና በእርዳታ አሳዳሪ ሀገሮች ፊት ስንዋረድ ይኬው ፳፫ዓመት ሆነ ይቀጥላልም።
    **እኛም አፈርን ሀገራችንም አዘነች!!የረጅም ታሪክ ገናና ሀገር ሕዝብ እንደመሆናችን መጠን እርቅ! መተሳሰብ! መግባባት!መተራራም! መደራደር!የግድ ነው ተሰድቦ ለሀገሬና ለሕዝቤ ለልማት ብዬ ነው የሚል ሞኝ ካድሬና የኢህአዴግ ተደጋፊ እድሜ ልክ በእየገሩ ሄዶ የሚሰደበውን በሚዲያ እያቀረበ አልቅሶ ቢያላቅስ እርባና የለውም በለው!! ሰላም ለሁሉም በቸር ይግጠመን

  27. Ayele says:

    Thank you @Asteway!

    As Asteway stated it above very clearly oneself right ends where the right of other is disrespected.That is the law and rule every where on the globe. Those people who were clearly disrespecting the right of the person of the minister on private situation where he is shopping in a mall, is clearly voilation of on his person.

    I urge the Ethiopian Goverment and Mr. Redwan to open law suite against those persons under the law of Virginia and make the result and the process public to teach those idiots and others few who are misguided by them that they can no more abuse people’s right! Enough is enough!

    Lying and abusing one’s country to get asylem is one thing(which by itself is a crime), but abusing directly individuals on broad day light is a different story and must and can be stopped!

  28. Credibility says:

    Recently you had a discussion on Ethiopian Airlines and Ebola infected countries. Please stop panicking and verify your information before reaching into hasty conclusions. This kind of reporting affects your credibility. Please read below. Thank you.

    Ethiopian is not flying to Ebola affected countries

    Ethiopian Airlines announced that it doesn’t have a direct flight to the first rate Ebola affected countries; Sierra Leone, Liberia and Guinea. Therefore, the airlines said, ‘it is not carrying Ebola infected passengers’.

    “Though there is not a single case of Ebola infected passenger in its flights to Ethiopia, intensive precautionary measures are being taken” The Airlines said. Ethiopian’s partner Askay Airlines has also stopped flying to Sierra Leone, Liberia and Guinea starting from July 29, 2014. Ethiopian has a 40 % share on Askay Airlines.

    Ethiopian has various destinations to West African countries including Nigeria and the Airlines has said that vigorous security checks are being taken in its flights to these destinations.

    Girum Tebeje of DireTube from the Reporter

  29. Gelat says:

    If mr redwan patient applied in the country police or security or officials that was excellent .

    But that was’t happen if you look in addis for no reason some unidentified car it’s not police,or millitery they just civilian car behind you keep piping you just natural reaction you tale him go .

    Suddenly you just smack on your face and they took some where bit you up like animal if any one in the goverment reading what on earth you think you are biting just peaceful person,

    If a police chasing a person to arrest why do you bit them .
    As long as he has not weapon or knife or even insulting an officer.

    Tale me why ,why you must have redwans patient.
    Let’s see about women they are not even that strong as men those cowered police they bit a women shame. You just tale he get in the car that was it .

    When can we civilised .
    If I were in the goverment you should hold any criminal until he give up
    Challenge him peacefull or two person enough to grab and handcuff him that is the end of it.

    It’s not biting what intimidate a person it’s the law of punishment .
    If some one kills you just give him 3years it’s a jok.

    But to arrest minor incident you bit some one to death.

    That was what bob gildof said to zenawi in 2005 shooting .

  30. Be ewnetu says:

    What I wonder is the Emb of Eth in DC did nothing when bullying and insulting on high diplomat who is inter by US GVT invitation. this is underestimate of Ethiopian dignity. this anarchism behavior of GIMBAOT 6 + 1 is not longer to end.

  31. Abebe says:

    What I learned from this interview revealed most Ethiopians abroad are very happy With the current EPRDF rule because most of them did not come out to protest.
    Mr. redwan , Do not you think they deserve some sort of response even though they are very poor in number.
    I am afraid the question is not properly answered.

  32. fikadu says:

    Don’t worry about this innocent anti ethiopian people.
    We diaspora probably 95% like our country and government.

  33. abebe says:

    what? …95%? I wish.
    For me not only Ethiopians but the whole nation seem against Ethiopian government.
    When people protest against the regime you do not do inventory of the protestors.
    As nation leaders, Ethiopianleaders have to investigate what went wrong and promise to people on the spot to create some sort of listening channel.
    What I hear from Mr. Redwan & others is a total denial. Hay…
    Weather we like it or not people voice has to be listened!!! because people are the one who are electing and reelecting.

  34. Alula says:

    I don’t call them political opponents, but I call them haters! No one can promote his political view by hating! Hate is always fruitless!

  35. Name (required) says:

    One who started insulting before forwarding his opinion is rather moron or little minded. Try to read and analyse the back history of ex-political leaders and recent leaders.

  36. Nega Asefa says:


    Tatbo chiqa honk Eko.

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