[Must-Watch] Ethiopian drama film produced by Angelina Jolie banned on Premiere day


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43 Responses

  1. Cubaya says:

    Now is the time to posted on YouTube officially.

    • G/Mariam says:

      well, there must be something behind it. It is so sad this happen and I am expecting explanation. Nay Yegerm ale Obama.

    • Alula says:

      They can not post it because it is made to make money. If it is designed for politics, then they will. I think this is G7 movie ? Dr. Birrhanu wanted to kill birds at the same time. One to make money for ESAT, second to do revolution from Asmara. Well done EPRDF. Tell Angelina Jolly to make movie that shows Americans whites shooting black boys or teenagers everyday. Tell her to pack and go to her racist country. Angelina Jolly can not liberate our women because we have to do that. Let her liberate American blacks from racism in their country.

      • Mike says:

        Really Alula! Can you get any lower? Does it occur to you that you can just shut up … you dont have to comment to all the posts.

      • Teddy says:

        Alula, I don’t think you have the slightest idea of what you’re talking about. Use you brain, know the difference between women right and politics.

    • Grapevine says:

      According to my sources the ORDER which is ORAL came directly from the PM Office to the Office of Communication.
      The rumor in Addis is that the President of the Supreme Court may resign soon. “TO MUCH INTERFERENCE IN THE JUDICIARY….”

    • Tarikwa says:

      Just overheard @ the …. Coffee shop that government officials advised them to invite former or current First Lady as guest of honor but they did not. The government became so furious and called the police on them.

  2. ida says:

    What a shame!

  3. Alula says:

    Relax everybody! Anything could have happened! Let’s see why it was stopped!

  4. Mekdes says:

    There might be something which, no one knows about it. Instead of asking the the spectators, it was better if they questioned Meaza A shenanigans or the producer. Somebody must have filed rest restraining order on behalf of someone.

  5. Gebez says:

    ውሸታሞች!! የማን ኣንጀሊና ናት ደግሞ? የሓበሻ ውሸት ነው የመረረኝ!!

  6. Gebez says:

    ኣጭበርባሪ ሁላ::

  7. yebekal says:

    It is bc the film is all about happend in late 1990.if it was in late 1980’s it would be a good for the regime.it is a big lesson for meron who preach a lot about democracy or constitution etc in a question and answer program.think again meri wat you do in your profession.

  8. Alula says:

    Hahaha,may be the American lady put American staff inside the movie. However, the movie must have been censored before it reached this stage. Now the government gave it more promotion by doing this. Who knows what happened. But the government spies were sitting and watching it quietly and then they could not take it.

  9. Sayat says:

    “Plotting terrorist acts to create public chaos” is a serious crime in Ethiopia. Bringing domestic violence epidemic and caos is not something the government is going to watch without censoring.
    The court let the girl go because the guy was mentally ill, a big fact which the movie did not include. If the movie included the fact about the court’s finding about the deceased mental state the movie would not have been banned.
    This movie can be edited and put back on the screens. Just like “Yelistro Opera” became “Yegodanaw Opra” and be put back on show.

  10. Mekdes says:

    There might be something which, no one knows about it. Instead of asking the the spectators, it was better if they questioned Meaza Ashenafi or the producer. Somebody must have filed temporary restraining order on behalf of someone.

    This could be the person who was, the story based on her family or some individuals, who are connected with the story. We will see what the outcome will be. Let the course of the law have it’s flow. Let the news writer write the cause of the ban after interviewing all the parties. Hope David will do that.

  11. Abagojjam says:


    This is the government that you are supporting and taking care of to rule the majority for ever.

    Shame on you Woyane

    • W/Mariam says:

      Gosh Gosh woyane…now you are talking…ban everything..hhahaha aye Meron.ayzosh…yemtedegefew Mengest le lematu belo new ban yadergew. Lematawe film mehone alebet.

      • Mekdes says:

        W/mariam, I know meron well so she will not fall in your conspiracy theory. She knows what to do. She will not jump like you are doing when somebody tells her to do. Like Tamage Beyene riding you guys. There must be something regarding law. She is not like the Terrorists Lawyer Jamal Aba Bulgur when you tell her to jump to jump like domestic dog. He was explaining to ESAT everything to, as a lawyer there is gag order in the ongoing court case. I don’t know what kind of law school he went, but every day he is reporting to ESAT. Today he was saying that, the judge warn him, he might lose his license to practice law at the same time the judge can throw him to jail. Of course, the judge can do that, what kind a lawyer is he if he ddoesn’t know that? Berry Schack the lawyer for Oj was threatened by Judge ITO. This Aba Bulgur son was arguing about the the fruit which was found from poisonous tree can not be proven it is poisonous unless it is proven. He was saying this when he was arguing about Abrha Desta case. That means even though, you Tigress are bad he is good person. This dumb lawyer has chosen the wrong argument. He is lucky he is not in prison.

  12. Mercy says:

    why don’t you, yourself explain for us why it happened? … you should know! May be you are recording to find some one at fault- some one who is being looked for to be thrown away as usual, for some reason. did you record what you wanted… you will trust you man!?

  13. dont be to quick to judge says:

    there is always two side of a story. until i hear from the government side, I’m gonna refrain to make a judgement.

  14. በለው ! says:

    >>ወይ ድፍረት!
    **”ዘ-ይገርምዩ ነገር”አለች አንጀሊና ጂሊ! እገዳ ያልደረሰው ይድረሰው…የሰላማዊ ሰልፉ እውቅና አግኝቶ በፖሊስ ታገደ! ዕውቅና የተቸረው የተፎካካሪዎች ስብሰባ እንዳይደረግ በፖሊስ ታጋደ!በወንጀል ተጠርጥሮ የታሰረው ግለሰብ ቤተሰብና በሕጋዊ ጠበቃው እንዳይጎበኘው በፖሊስ ታገደ…ዳኛው የዋስ መብቱን ጠብቀው ያሰናበቱት ተከሳሽ ፖሊስ ተጨማሪ ምርመራ አደርጋለሁ ሲል እንዳይለቀቅ አገደ! ፳፫ ዓመት የተከለለ የተከለከለና የታገደ ህዝብ። ***ይህ የፊልም ባለቤት ለሚፈቅደው አካል ትንሽ አልቦጨቀም ነበር? ለመሆኑ ይህ’አገደ’…’ከለከለ’ የሚለው ሥነምግባር ከሀገራዊ አህጉራዊ አልፎም ዓለም አቀፋዊ መሆኑን አስመሰከረ ማለት ነው? አቤት በመፈቃቀርና በመፈቃቀድ ላይ የተመሰረተ ልማታዊ ጋዜጠኛ አርቲስት አብዮታዊ ዴሞክራሲያዊ ሙስና መር ኢኮኖሚያዊ እገዳ!ተሰብስበው በማህበር ተደራጅተው፣ ታቅፈው፣ ያለቀሱ፣ ያላቀሱና ያስለቀሱ አሁን ተናደዱ ተበሳጩ ምነው?
    ***ግን ይህ ፊልም ተሰርቶ እስኪያልቅ አሳጋጁ የጉዳዩ ባለቤት (መንግስት፣ ብሄር፣ ግለሰብ፣ ተቋም) እንዴት ዝም አለ? **ተከሳሽ ኪሱ ወፍራም ስለሆነ ለዓቃቢ ህግ የሚያበላና የሚያባላ ሥራ እንደሚከፍት ተጠንቶበት በተጠንቀቅ ተጠብቆ በድፍረት የታገደ ይሆን ? ወይስ ከኢኮኖሚው ባሻገር የሕግ ባለሟሎቻችንን የሥርዓቱን የሕጻናት የአየር በአየር ሽቀላ የሚሸነቁጥ ክፍል ይኖረው ይሆን?
    *** ለማናቸውም ብዙሃን የህዝባችን ክፍሎች ብዙ እገዳ ሲደርስባቸው አርቲስቶቻችን ተወጥረው አላዩም ዛሬ ሲበሳጩም፣ ሲያዝኑ፣ ሲያለቅሱም፣ እንደአዲስ ነገር ሲገረሙም አይተናል ሕብረተሰቡ እገዳን ለምዶት ነው እነሱ መጀመሪያ ግዜያቸው ነው ለመሆኑ የት ነበሩ? እየኖሩ የሌሉ በላቸው። እንደ አውራአምባ ታይምስ ካሜራና ዝግጅት ጋዜጠኛ ሲሳይ ጉዛይ “እንኳን ደስአላችሁ!” ብሎ ያልተጀመረውን ፊልም”ሳትጨርሱ ለምን ወጣችሁ?ምክንያቱን ማወቅ ይቻላል ምን ገጠማችሁ(አገዳችሁ)?ብልህ ስቆ ማለፍ ነው ጨዋታው..ሠላም ለሁሉም በቸር ይግጠመን>>

  15. Yayaten says:

    Woy Belew, Asigeremikegn!

  16. Gashaw says:

    From 2 or 3 “films” produced in the history of Ethiopia (before woyane) to an average of 2 or 3 films being produced, every week - what a miraculous transformation! Out of all this, 1 film banned, and it is the end of the world. Banning films for variety of important reasons is so common in different parts of the world, including the west. The toxic diaspora in the jungle might not know this. The majority (the sane) diaspora understands this very well.

  17. Tekola says:

    Mr.dawwit it looks like Dawit kebedes camera men have were awared
    earthier from Mimi sebehatu or weyane intelegece .awramba times
    Joins officially the camps of Mimi sebehatu ……..ayeeee bekumena memot.

  18. Boka says:

    This is how you change the image of the country hahahahahhaha….. Now everyone’s going to wanna see this movie.

  19. Boka says:

    I have a feeling this was a work of small time cadre.

  20. Brainwashed Actors says:

    The government has responsibilities and obligations to protect the citizens from the damaging situations including entertainments influenced by the outsiders that have no what so ever knowledge about the true nature of Ethiopia. They think Money can buy or make them everything including damaging the nation in a way that would fit them and achieve the damaging goals who knowing who is behind.

    Good job, the government. Ethiopia needs films or anything that is helping, motivating and facilitating development, progress and prosperity in the country based on the Ethiopians ways, values and norms.

    The corrupted, Satanic, pure Commercial with the Imperialists doctrine, with no morals, Ethics or values, a mental sickness and diseases coming from abroad including Hollywood(which is a Scottish city name) must be kept beyond the Ethiopian boarder and always rejected. It is a humanity killer. Ethiopians must not have a stomach to swallow it. Hollywood is a disaster and Imperialists tools run by junkies, addicted, and lesbi*ans and ho*mos fully supported by the imperialists in order to affect the world values and norms.

    So, this film must be banned forever, and declared failed in hell. Ethiopia must develop her own way of film and entertainment Industry for the nation benefit while keeping safe and free from the corrupted and satanic Hollywood stile that is killing the human ethics, values and norms.

    These stupid so called Ethiopian actors in this film are stupid and worthless. Their era must be end there.

    • Muchie says:

      Brainwash Actors, Besides the nonsense and worthless comments of others, it’s nice to see your realistic and mature comments. Thanks

  21. gudesa says:

    good work. i agree

  22. welde says:

    Nothing to do with government, this a legal matter.
    The film is based on true story,it is not a fictional work , therefore there is bound to be objection from people who thinks the film’s story is biased, and untrue.

    • Grapevine says:

      Welde, you are fabricating a story. I know that you will run away from this page when the truth comes out. What do you mean by a legal matter? Do you go and ban it and disperse the people in the middle of the show? Was there any life in danger to ban it in the middle? Even if there is any claimant, why do you move to take such blatant action on the 11th hour without giving notice to the other party and giving a chance to respond? To ban a show in the middle is done by people who are evils in the form of a human being.

  23. Besufekade says:

    People are so spiteful and pitiful in so many ways. This is an attack on the filmmakers, I don’t see them interrupting the premiere for a shitty stupid brainless western vomit residue films rampant in the country, we only have a handful of good Ethiopian filmmakers in the country and to be rudely and coldly stopped like this is a crime against all intellect. To the filmmakers please don’t get discouraged, there will always be haters and narrow minded people that attack.

  24. Soda all says:

    Silent is the best of protest. The girl say “leave me alone”,its say it all.law of the jungle.

  25. Change says:

    wondering why? The film is just about our bad tradition and this tradition exists in the place where i myself grew up. It is not a taboo either. Even it has been a stage issue in Ethiopian medias for long time. Many dramas performed on this issue. what happened today? This kind of film is good for our people to learn and get out of our bad tradition. What happened to these people?

    Angelina Jolie, on behalf of myself I thank you for your contribution to human right and humanitarian issues for my country.I can assure you that We all Ethiopians love you so much. We would like to watch this film again and again. We will teach our people, we will learn and we will get out of this bad tradition soon. I hope this film will be inaugurated and will be watched by many Ethiopians.

  26. Shiromeda says:

    It’s really shame for EPRDF. I do not know how to fix their image to all whether it is sabotage or deliberate action. Unless a bind supporter this action can not be supported and it does not have any justification to ban at the middle of a show. It is a non political and purely a socio cultural film. The action by itself shows disintegration in the chain of commands of the government.

  27. Muniteye says:

    My wedding is after 4 months in Addis. I had a bad dream last night. I saw Police stopped my wedding ceremony in the middle of the celebration…. I did not sleep after that. Woy gud there is no guarantee Eko

  28. abe says:

    The suspension of Difret film, which involved Angelina Jolie as executive producer, by a court order has given rise to a controversy among a host of claimants.

    It all started on Wednesday around 6:15 PM. The movie was well underway after a video message from the executive producer, Angelina Jolie, shown. Then the lights suddenly came on and the director of the movie, Zeresenay Berhane Mehari cradling his son on his arms and his wife Mehret Mandefro (PhD) by his side came on the stage of the Ethiopian National Theater and informed audience that the film was banned from showing by a court order and asked the attendants to exit the hall.

    The audience was both perplexed and angered by the abrupt discontinuance of the movie and started leaving the building in disarray murmuring their dissatisfaction.

    After winning the Sundance Film Festival, the premiere of Difret in Addis Ababa was anticipated by many. Invited ambassadors, government officials and filmmakers gathered to watch the film but only for 15 minutes. Addis Ababa Police arrived with a court order which resulted in banning the movie’s premiere and scheduled screening in cinema halls across the capital.

    The film is based on the true story of a 14-year-old girl named Aberash Bekele (Hirut), who was accused of killing a 29-year old man who raped, beat and abducted her for marriage.

    Aberash was charged with murder and jailed without bail until Meaza Ashenafi, a founder of the Ethiopian Women Lawyers Association, heard about the case and decided to represent her that transpired in a court battle which resulted in her acquittal on the ground of self-defense.

    Written and directed by Zeresenay, Difret won the World Cinema Dramatic Audience Award at the 2014 Sundance Film Festival and a similar award at the Berlin Film Festival.

    Following the international prestigious awards the premiering of the film in Addis Ababa prompted Aberash and Fekeru Ashenafi (brother of Meaza Ashenafi) who says he is the original story writer, to lodge a lawsuit at the Federal High Court against Zeresenay, Haile Addis Pictures and Truth Aid Media on September 1. The plaintiffs petitioned the court to issue an injunction order stating that the screening of Difret would cause irreparable harm to their economic and moral rights. Consequently Judge Berhanu Mengist issued an injunction banning the film from premiering and for public showing. He also instructed the plaintiffs to deposit a 50,000 Birr bond.

    Aberash claims the producers did not ask for her consent and she did not know about the film until seven months ago after it was screened in Berlin. Seven months ago, she said, she met Zeresenay and talked about acknowledgment and some sort of payment which was not effected by Zeresenay.

    Aberash, who blames the producers for not considering her personal security and wellbeing, said that she tried her best to explain her situation before the premiere of the film until Zeresenay rebuffed her by saying “I am tired”.

    “Owing to what happened to me I live in hiding and this film again exposed the forgotten story all over again and put me and my family in danger,” Aberash told The Reporter.

    Explaining why she was living away from her home village in Kersa town in the Arsi Zone of the Oromia Regional State, Aberash said in Oromo culture (Guma), when a woman kills a man she cannot pay blood money has to leave the area for good.

    “I was told not to come back and for many years and out of respect I came to Addis scared for my family’s wellbeing.”

    Aberash said that she is currently facing financial difficulties. “My life is on the edge while they are planning to premiere my story in a glamorous way, that is not right,” she told The Reporter.

    According to Zeresenay’s testament on different media, in 2005 Fekru told him about Meaza Ashenafi’s specific case. That was when Zeresenay took the concept from him and developed it in to a movie. “I am the co-writer of the movie script. Zeresenay did not want to talk to me after 2008 and he started hiding,” Fekeru alleges.

    Fekeru also claimed that he talked about the film with other friends and obtained Aberash’s consent to make the movie.

    “Without her story there will not be a film. If she was not raped, if she did not kill him or did the courageous thing there would not be a story,” Fekru told The Reporter.

    According Meaza, at the pre-production of the film she gave a consent thinking that this film empowers Ethiopian women. She, who says she had close relationship with Aberash, did so to create awareness. After the production started she managed to get hold of Aberash.

    “I brought her to Addis Ababa after the Berlin festival and currently she is staying with my mother,” Meaza claimed.

    “I believe she should benefit from the film and Zeresenay also believes in this. He is also willing to do that. Aberash also expects that. The problem is not being able to communicate,” Meaza told The Reporter.

    Related to her brother’s claims, Meaza acknowledges his friendship with Zeresenay. Apart from that she does not know if there is anything between the two of them. She believes the disagreement will be amicably settled in a couple of days.

    On his part, Zeresenay told The Reporter that since he only has the court’s injunction, he does not want to disclose any information without understanding the details of the lawsuit. Regarding the consent of Aberash he did not want to say anything. Though he explained earlier on Friday he would disclose the information after getting the details of the lawsuit from his lawyer and declined to answer any question.

    On the other hand the director of the national theater, Tesfaye Shimels, said the court injunction was handed over at 5:25 PM.

    By then the hall was already filled with some 1,200 people comprised of ten ambassadors and ministers. “The directors of the film resisted and wanted to screen the film which created difficulties in resolving the issue in a peaceful manner,” Tesfaye told The Reporter.

  29. golf says:

    The film is band bcouse
    The producer did not show any sadnes when melese dies
    He did not contrebute for melese faundation
    He refuse to give azabe mesifin arole in the film

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