Prof.Tekalign Mamo has been named Person of the Year by Awramba Times readers


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19 Responses

  1. ezra ejigu says:

    Dear , profeser tekaligne,I am really proud of deserve to take the yara award. I am too excited and proud when i produce this 14 min prog about you , I really become happy .because, I love my people doing something unique. any way , let lord bless you , with all your family. I am quite sure u will contribute much in the future. I HOPE U WILL LISTEN THE 14 MIN PROG, GOOD LUCK ,,,,, YOURS EZRA EJIGU MULAT. EMAIL EZRA [email protected] TEL MOB… 0911416678

  2. Jember says:

    Thank you awramba times and thank you Ezra ejigu, the good professor deserves more recognition.

  3. Dagmawi says:

    We Ethiopians have to applaud and honor such professionals who are working day and night to transform the livelihood of our people.That’s the only way forward for Ethiopians

  4. Handicap says:

    The title “person of the year” should go to Andargachew Tsigie. Awramba times, shame on yiu!

    • jo says:

      Resa atkeskis

      • jin-jo says:

        jo of the jin, who is the real ‘resa’ down under in da grave being guarded day and night in silassie? Andargachew is a hero just to satnd up to grand sons and daughters of banda traitors! May they EBIH - as in Eternally Burn in Hell for landlocking mother ethiopia!!!!

  5. Ayalew O. says:

    Who is Tekalign? What contributions did he do for freedom and democracy loving Ethiopians?

  6. Haile says:

    Congratulations Professor, keep up the excellent job. Ethiopia needs people like you to achieve its dreams in terms of transforming to middle class stage.
    Thumbs up professor and thank you awramba times

  7. delta says:

    Money years ago the mersinry melese zenawe was awarded by yara by giving the campany one millon dollaer to nomnate him person of the year this time they pick the right peson.

  8. Gezaee H. says:

    Are you serious Dawit he is elected? You did not do rigging the poling? How many people did participate in this poling? how many people voted for him? who are the 2nd and third candidates? The man may deserve more than this, but the voting ?

  9. Awramba times says:

    Dear Gezaee,
    thanks for the concern on the voting process. Please check this link and take a look on the comment box. We have seriously reviewed the voters’ ip address to avoid repeated voters.

  10. Gezaee H. says:

    It was meant to be a joke Awramba times. Rigging is contigeous in Ethiopia. To your surprise,I heard more than I wanted about many doctors likes Dr. Birrhanu, prof. Almariam,… but never knew or heard about this man until I read this. It seems the people who help poor Ethiopians talk less and do more. I hope he is not part of the corrupt and rotten woyane group .

  11. me says:

    Well done prof.Thanks AWT.
    People respect those who practically contribute in their field of knowledge.Unlike those who wish to rule because of their PHD.

    Others-Leave politics to poleticians focus on your jobs

  12. Wubnesh says:

    Awesome! Great job, Prof. Tekalign Mamo! Keep on making your people and country proud as always! May God bless you and keep you safe!

  13. Kulfo says:

    I know Prof Tekalign while I was conducting a field work for my MSc thesis in Debre Zeit area (long ago), and he was director of Debre Zeit Research Center. He has published dozens of soil fertility articles on academic journals, cooperative, passionately engage in academic debates, and truly dedicated scientist. He really deserve the award, and I congratulate him. While I admire the intent of the government to assist the politically appointed Ministers (like Teferra Deribew) by assigning consulting experts like Prof. Tekalign, I really doubt if the political appointees have the ear and attention to suggestions by professionals like Tekalign.

  14. AA says:

    Congratulations Prof. Tekalign! Prof. Tekalign is the kind of professor Ethiopia needs! A professor , an engineer…who doesn’t serve his country is a shit for Ethiopia!

  15. Borkena says:

    Dear mr Editor,your person of the year selection needs did the professor get elected?who else got nominated?what about the counting of the votes in figure?

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