Ancient Ethiopian Patriots Visit the Grand Ethiopian Renaisance Dam (Video)


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24 Responses

  1. me says:

    VIVA one voice against poverty.
    Unity in diversity!!!

    • Ermi says:

      Kkkkkk. What a wonderful video. It shows the progress being made at the camera-shy dam. Now I have no doubt the dam will be completed with in the five years transformation and growth plan.

      Thanks Awramba!

      Peace to all but woyannes!


      • Etopios says:

        @ Ermi
        Kiss you stinky butt. Woyanne is a respected name of gallants,heroes and heroines not like bellies, arrogants,ignorants fathers of yours who dumped the country into deep poverty and ignorance for 100 years long. It is Woyanne now lifting the country from penury and renaissance it to its ancient civilization like their forefathers did or had been in.

      • Sol says:

        Simply stupid. What kind of Ethiopian are you to always hate.

    • required says:

      AwraAmba, Check your english please - u can’t say ‘ancient patriots’ - just patriots is enough or even better stick to amharigna.

      • @ required
        it is not all about English. The association’s full name is “Association of ancient Ethiopian patriots”. Your question should directky go to the association not to Awramba times.
        Thanks for your feedback.

  2. mesfin says:

    I don’t want to read any of woyane/eprdf supporters comments here! If there are some woyane lovers please go somewhere else! There is no space for Woyane and tribalist ideology interchange! I want to read only negative information about woyane since my intention is to see woyane downgraded and destroyed forever!

    • jo says:

      Mesfun, Keep dreaming. foolish

    • yohannes says:

      MESFIN , you are not intelligent, you are writing to whom, it is not to Weianie, you are speaking and you speak too to WEYSNIE, according my knowelage Weyanie are not what you write it is contrary. For me you are difining yourself.
      I would like to talk in my mothers language and study with it if it is possibile and I can cohabitate with you too without problem.
      off cuorse Ethiopia is changed and new for you , it is a country of the people of ethiopia not only of Amhara nobles and thier servants.
      But Mesfin if you are from the looser Ertrians you are so gelouse of ethiopian achivement . It is not necessary to have a long coast of sea to be powerful and intelligent, ethiopians are better without it and you see how they are developing comparing to you.

  3. Bethihu says:

    Great job Awrambatimes! And hopefully you will post the whole program of the event soon….

  4. D says:

    Dawit, what happen to your youtube channel?

  5. Limatawi Artist says:

    Thanks to woyane mainly to the evil Meles Zenawi we lost our port and we now are fully dependent on Djibouti. Every year we spend over 2 billion dollars for port fee. The biggest and unforgivable crime made by woyane mafias and its leader Meles Zenawi. This anti Ethiopia mercenary group cannot talk about Ethiopia and its development, because they are anti-Ethiopia and they hate Ethiopia from deep down.
    What we spent on port fee for the last 23 years could have a made a miracle to the poor Ethiopia. The worst of the worst is the man who killed Ethiopia by all standards is now worshiped as a hero and a father of the nation. ! What a pathetic joke!

    • wedinakfa says:

      Limatawit artist,

      If only, you spend a day to read your dead Ethiopian history, wey-ane would not have survived this long but because of ignorant and arrogant people like you let along Ethiopia the whole Horn of Africa is in darkness simply because of you guys who are good for nothing keep talking bye gone era politics, as a result Ethiopia will be disintegrated to little mini states before you could open your ears and eyes and I will raise my hands and clap gladly to see the useless country being modified and formed in to mini states and time will tell, keep this copy and then you will say you told me so!!!

      • Limaawi Artist says:

        I know it boils you, but it is fact. What ever is Ethiopia’s fundamental interest make you angry and sick, because for donkeys and pigs like you Ethiopia means a a one group led by one man property.
        Take it for grant like the case of Kramia(Ukraine), the port of assab will be back to Ethiopia. You are Dedeb Agases

    • Sol says:

      Hilkitawi artist, you do not remember how many people dead when you try to keep that port, how our country is backward, caused starvation and wasted so much man power and money to keep the port, but not the people, the Amhara junta did that, what weyane did is stop the bloodshed.

  6. billfree says:

    @ the editor ( dawit )
    Rather than reporting some necessary things like the secret publicized by Ermias Legesse (the former deputy minister of communication )which explains the crime of EPRDF’s officials you are repeatedly reporting boring propaganda s to serve EPRDF’s interest.
    since your website is similar with the rest of EPRDF’s website (like aigaforum ) why don’t you work with them .

  7. Mekdes says:

    Bilfree, what the hell are you doing here? If you don’t like this why don’t you watch ESAT/ERITREA SATELLITE TV. Why you get ulcer on top of your diabetes? Get the hell outta here?

  8. YEABSIRA says:

    Shabiya commentators please we are bored by your empty propaganda under the name of ETHIOPIANS specially about your camel used port, for all shabiyas information the new generation of ETHIOPIA is better off your port and good to pay what ever amount to joubuti than to cooaperate with you, that is why we are gowing. While we are transforming,you dreamed to be singapore at the expences of ETHIOPIA, and ened up poor. please as mekdes said go to your ar tera tv or esat (ertra satelite tv)

  9. Bu'ni of Hawassa says:

    መጎብኘቱ ጥሩ ነገር ነዉ፡፡እኔን የሚገርመኝ እነዚህ አርበኛ የሚባለዉ ትዉልድ አባላት እዉነት በህይወት አሉ ወይንስ አሁን የምናያቸዉ የልጅ ልጆች ወይም እበላ ባዮች ናቸዉ?

  10. Asghedom says:

    stay in America, are you not black American from ethiopia, these country is not yours any more , it belongs to real ethiopians.
    As you can see ethiopians are working very hard to risolve thier problems by working very hard.
    In ethiopia there are a lot of begers like you , we shall send them to America to beg togther with you.
    Ethiopians have all ready acquired new philosphy to WORK VERY HARD, the beggers will fly free to Amrica, Canda, Australia and europe good by all of them.

  11. berhane says:

    They are not “Ancient”. People are not ancient. They are the war veterans that kept Ethiopia free and proud. God bless them and thank you.

  12. Amoraw says:

    Ancient Ethiopian patriots Association is the association’s full title

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