Hailemariam Desalegn Meets Egyptian President in New York


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  1. rut says:

    Ethiopia is taking a big risk by depending on building the GERD dam with co-operation with other countries like Egypt.
    Ethiopian prime Minster Hailemariam Desalegn is puting all his eggs in one basket. Some economists are saying Hailariam Desalegn is biting more than he can chew. The Oromo Community will discuss the current affairs of Oromos on October 12, 2014, beginning 6:00 P.M., at Southern Asian Seventh-day Adventist Church, 2001 East Randolph Road, Silver Spring, MD 20904 USA

    Be there or be square!

    Oromos are trying to break free the current Ethiopian path of leadership which is selling our lands and children to foreigners. It is to be recalled that the World Bank has made a record high loan and grant disbursements for Ethiopia recently. Out of the 1.6 billion USD the Bank has approved, some USD 1.3 billion was disbursed recently

    The next generations of Ethiopians are owned by international financial institutions due to the reckless borrowing habit of Woyanes crack addicts. The Woyane crack heads borrowing appetite seems to increase more through time. We Oromos are not trying to pay back what the Woyanes spent to their pleasure. No wonder the Oromo Youth Student movements are going around burning down banks in protest of the Addis Ababa master plan . Addis Ababa is being built by debt and now they want to make all of Ethiopia be built by debt. Abedari wey abedari yimoltal sibal semtew . farmers are ordered to borrow fertilizers against their will.

    Ethiopia under Woyane had incurred debt of US$20 Billion dollars while the country is still not even self sufficient in food production..

    Please Check the links below




    . 25 Years of the Oromo Community Organization will discuss the current food crisis and land grab eviction of large scale farmers from Adama areas by Muktar kedir the newly appointed president of Oromia, at Oromo Community Organization on October 12, 2014, beginning 6:00 P.M., at Southern Asian Seventh-day Adventist Church, 2001 East Randolph Road, Silver Spring, MD 20904 USA

    the Oromo House, in 2008 at 6212 3rd Street, N. W., Washington, D.C. 20011 will assist in legal advocacy for newly arrivals with money contributed by the Oromo Community at large and bank mortgage. After 20 years of tenancy, OCO moved to its permanent house .

    • Trident says:

      If what was going on in Ethiopia is as you put it, Mr. Obama would have never said below to the PM of Ethiopia.

      Remarks by President Obama and Prime Minister Desalegn of Ethiopia Before Bilateral Meeting
      United Nations Building
      New York City, New York

      9:57 A.M. EDT

      PRESIDENT OBAMA:  Well, I want to extend a warm welcome to Prime Minister Desalegn and his delegation.  When I spoke previously at the Africa Summit about some of the bright spots and progress that we’re seeing in Africa, I think there’s no better example than what has been happening in Ethiopia — one of the fastest-growing economies in the world. 

      We have seen enormous progress in a country that once had great difficulty feeding itself.  It’s now not only leading the pack in terms of agricultural production in the region, but will soon be an exporter potentially not just of agriculture, but also power because of the development that’s been taking place there.

      We’re strong trading partners.  And most recently, Boeing has done a deal with Ethiopia, which will result in jobs here in the United States.  And in discussions with Ban Ki-moon yesterday, we discussed how critical it is for us to improve our effectiveness when it comes to peacekeeping and conflict resolution.  And it turns out that Ethiopia may be one of the best in the world — one of the largest contributors of peacekeeping; one of the most effective fighting forces when it comes to being placed in some very difficult situations and helping to resolve conflicts.

      So Ethiopia has been not only a leader economically in the continent, but also when it comes to security and trying to resolve some of the longstanding conflicts there.  We are very appreciative of those efforts, and we look forward to partnering with them.  This will give us an opportunity to talk about how we can enhance our strategic dialogue around a whole range of issues, from health, the economy, agriculture, but also some hotspot areas like South Sudan, where Ethiopia has been working very hard trying to bring the parties together, but recognizes that this is a challenge that we’re all going to have to work together on as part of an international community. 

      So I want to extend my thanks to the Prime Minister for his good work.  And we look forward to not only an excellent discussion, but a very productive relationship going forward.

      Mr. Prime Minister.

      PRIME MINISTER DESALEGN:  Thank you very much, Mr. President.  First of all, I would like to thank you very much for receiving us during this very busy time.  We value very much the relationship between the United States and Ethiopia.  And as you mentioned, my country is moving, transforming the economy of the nation.  But needless to say that the support of the United States in our endeavor to move forward has been remarkable.

      I think the most important thing is to have the human capability to develop ourselves.  And the United States has supported us in the various programs that helped us move forward in having healthy human beings that can produce.  And as you mentioned, agriculture is the main source of our economic growth, and that has been the case because we do have our farmers which are devoid of malaria, which is the main debilitating disease while producing.  So I think that has helped us a lot. 

      And we value also the support the United States has offered to us in terms of engaging the private sector, especially your initiative of the Power Africa program, which is taking shape.  I think it’s remarkable and a modern kind of approach.  And in that sense, we are obliged to thank you very much for this program and to deepen this Power Africa initiative.

      Beyond that, you know that through your initiative and the leaders of the United States, we have the Alliance for Food Security and Nutrition, which is the most important program, where the private-public partnership is the initiative.  We have a number of U.S. investors now engaged in agricultural production, helping the smallholder farmers, which is the basis for our agricultural growth that’s taking place now in Ethiopia. 

      Besides, peace and security is very essential for any kind of development to take place.  In that sense, our cooperation in peace and security and pacifying the region, the continent, as well as our Horn of Africa — I think this has helped us a lot to bring peace and tranquility in the region.  And we’ve feel that we have strong cooperation.  We have to deepen it.  We have to extend now our efforts to pacify the region and the continent.  Of course, also, we have to cooperate globally, not only in Africa, and that relationship has to continue.

      So, Mr. President, thank you very much for receiving us.  We value this relationship, which is excellent, and we want to deepen it and continue.

      PRESIDENT OBAMA:  Two last points I want to make.  Obviously we’ve been talking a lot about terrorism and the focus has been on ISIL, but in Somalia, we’ve seen al-Shabaab, an affiliate of al Qaeda, wreak havoc throughout that country.  That’s an area where the cooperation and leadership on the part of Ethiopia is making a difference as we speak.  And we want to thank them for that.

      So our counterterrorism cooperation and the partnerships that we have formed with countries like Ethiopia are going to be critical to our overall efforts to defeat terrorism. 

      And also, the Prime Minister and the government is going to be organizing elections in Ethiopia this year.  I know something about that.  We’ve got some midterms coming up.  And so we’ll have an opportunity to talk about civil society and governance and how we can make sure that Ethiopia’s progress and example can extend to civil society as well, and making sure that throughout the continent of Africa we continue to widen and broaden our efforts at democracy, all of which isn’t just good for politics but ends up being good for economics as well — as we discussed at the Africa Summit.

      So, thank you very much, everybody.

      10:04 A.M. EDT

      Close Transcript

  2. YEABSIRA says:

    Although it is good to be watchfull for any deal with egypt, i am happy with our deplomacy victory to bring egypt to the table. It is sad for shabiya and their shoe shiners like g 7 and others gud gud gud felabchew!! do not mes with EPRDF (people of ETHIOPIA) GOD BLESS ETHIOPIA

    • Ermi says:

      Diplomatic victory? Don’t rush to celebrate. Learn from history -“Badme is awarded to Ethiopia” was woyane’s claim. They even dragged the poor population to the street to celebrate the fake victory. OMG. Woyanes are so dumb.

      Peace to all but Woyanes!


      • amanamlak says:

        I would say , the FOOLS and IDIOTS will always be around to remind us how GREAT things are going in our beloved country .
        Peace Means Progress .

      • Alula says:


        Talk to amanamlak if you have any substance to tell! Nevertheless , all you have hatred against something that you can’t do anything about it!

        May God help you to get out of your nonsense!

  3. Cherkos says:

    @rut, why are you hallucinating here? who cares whether you gather in the name of Oromo people or otherwise?

  4. Kiber Temesgen says:

    The minimum of 55 billion cubic meter guarantee free Nile water every year in the desert Egypt is getting has to grow by 20 billion which is the total of 75 billion in order to satisfy Egypt’s development and nationhood plan for the next 30 years. They are having big plan the sand desert to be transformed as huge residential, farming and industrial area.

    This is the brain they have and the goal looking to achieve when they are coming around Ethiopia in any form and reason while the Nile is always in their head how to get for free using anything bad including affecting the owner of the river as they are doing for years. Don’t think they are friendly, respectful or genuine when they are acting that way which is the tactic to cheat you until you agree what they are asking and making you sign a document that will take you hell for generations to come. . Their heat is always dark, brain is producing poison and cruel.

    How come any individual let alone a nation and government like Egypt is demanding to get a guarantee of 55 billion cubic meter right for now and later on 75 billion Cubic Nile water to get for free every year while the Nile water is not in the hands of the people but nature?
    When there is little rain, there will be very limited Nile water reaching Egypt. There is also a chance, there will be no rain and that means the Nile water could get dry even with in Ethiopia. So, Ethiopia has to buy water from other nations in order to fill the Quota she has to give to Egypt for free in the name of the Nile water?

    So, how come they are demanding to get signed documents in order to get the high limited amount of water to get every year for free despite the Nile water is rain water and rain is not in the hands of Ethiopians or their government?

    The Ethiopian government must not be foolish. There is no any natural law saying give away your highest value natural wealth for free to the desert people that are not good to you for years and water is the most expensive and decisive while buying from them oil and gas.
    There is no any human as well as natural law demanding you to sign and give a guarantee to any foreign nation in order to get it for free and with limited amount. It is your own wealth as they do with their oil and gas or Suez Canal they are digging it for billion of profit and influence which is against the nature of the sea. Yet, they are telling others to respect the nature of the Nile water including not use it let alone to divert from its course. .

    The Ethiopian government must not trust anyone but itself and own people. We know, Egypt was travelling all over Europe including in EU headquarter. We only can guess but we don’t know what kind agreement and assurance they got from them. What we know is Egypt is playing the game thinking they are taking Ethiopia to the life Time prison tied up all legs and hands and shut up their mouth losing their fully natural right about the Nile based on the agreement and signed document that is already written by Egypt and their secret supporters mainly in Europe.

    As the Nile is from nature and its amount is decided by rain, Ethiopia must not give any assurance or sign any document that says Egypt has to get this amount of free water every year. If there is no rain, from where is the water coming to give the decided amount water to Egypt for free?

    The Ethiopian government must be smart and wise looking the situation from many angles. The so called independent body is not needed or never abides by its finding. It is Ethiopian water in the Ethiopian territory and she has the full right to do anything with her natural resource including selling it, not give it away for free particularly the enemy like Egypt.
    Be careful. Do not sign any document with any foreign nation about the Nile in Ethiopia that would force the country to give it away for free or limited her right to use it in any time place for anything she wants. They are still using the 1929 document signed by the English and 1959 by a puppet Sudanese Military coup leader the upstream nations to respect it despite they didn’t sign it and they had no idea about it. Ethiopia signing any Nile document with Egypt will be the biggest mistake, crime and suicide never happen to Ethiopia in her long long history.

    There must be no signing document about the Nile in Ethiopia that would limit her from using her own wealth but how to sell it to Egypt in the form of water or energy in a way guaranteeing the supply.

    The government must be careful. Any agreement about the Nile has to come between all Nile nations. Any agreement about the dam has to be about the filling of the water and how Egypt can compensate the duration period. But there must not be any negotiation about the size of the dam. The foundation is already constructed based on the final dam size that would produce 6000mw. This is not, will not and must not in anyone’s mind let alone getting on the negotiation table.

    Don’t allow yourself in the signed paper cage and generations to come imprisonment with Poverty Ocean. Go to Saudi Arabia and other Gulf nations how much cost one cubic meter water. And then imagine how much wealth Ethiopia is having from the Nile water which is the richest with minerals.
    So, are we fool and dumb still allowing ourselves others become able playing against our own rights and benefits? Watch out about the so called independent body to study the dam. They have been in Europe/EU since the Morsi era. We can guess but we still don’t know what kind secret agreements and agenda they have between them. Remember, there are still enough racists and anti African elements in Europe that are looking anything to stop development and progress in black Africa.
    The Nile dam and water in the Ethiopian territory is naturally belongs to Ethiopia. When Egypt which is a far away desert evil nation is doing anything in order to get it for free, who are we unable to protect and fully use it the Nile we desperately are in need with development activities where water is the key to achieve that?
    The idea of free water will stop soon not only in the Nile but also all over the world. There are nations exporting river water. The Nile River in the desert must be the most expensive and exported natural wealth more than oil and gas. The time to see that in reality will come soon. Not because of the upstream nations but internationally river water will be treated that way
    So, don’t sign any document about the Nile forces giving away for free any drop of Nile water but between all Nile nations based on Mutual agreements and common benefit.
    Never allow yourself to enter the hell of any binding agreement about th eNile including the dams from it while you know there is no reason to force you to do so and the Nile water in Ethiopia totally belongs to Ethiopia as the Suez canal, Gas or any natural wealth belong to Egypt.

  5. Mekdes says:

    Rut: your concern is great about the borrowing habit of the government, I agree with u 100% percent. But concerning the Oromo people you are just bluffing. The meeting would have to be better in Minnesota instead of Silver spring. The Ethiopian government is doing great as far as the news we are getting and witnessing. If you are telling us the news from Seife Nebelbal and ESAT thats another story. What we See is that,Diplomacy won.

  6. Gezaee says:


    I am taken by surprise you did not print any of my comments. It might be true the diaspora suspected you being woyane? You have a right to be woyane Dawit. But do not pretend as if you are not. I am serious Dawit. I have a great respect for people who have dignity and integrity. I hate people who swing between two camps. The fact you deleted all my comments tells tons about whom you support. Whether you like it or not, you can not hide the crime of woyane by deleting my comments. The crime of woyane is on the street for every Ethiopian to see. Ethiopia landlocked by force, Alger’s agreement, EEBC, aborted war after sacrificing 100 000 souls, selling land, teen girls trafficking, child selling, drug dealing, land selling, selling out national assets and now printing fingers with Egypt to deny Ethiopians their right to use their resources. Dawit Hawey, do not pretend as opposition because you have a right to support anyone. One thing you can not hide, the crime of woyane against Ethiopian national interest. You can oppress people for limited time, but not forever Dawit. You know in your heart woyane is hated by Ethiopian and is not elected by Ethiopian people. It controlled power by gun and still control power by gun. You can delete my comment here but you can not bury the truth because the truth is known to every Ethiopian. Thank you for deleting my comment. I wanted you to undestand the more people stand agianst truth the more I become against falsehood. I do not care what Obama says. We know what it means in the first world; it is called nicety. Obama has said nice things about Ethiopia does not mean all is good in Ethiopia. It is Ethiopian who knows the truth, not Obama. We do not give damn shit to what Obama says.

  7. Desta says:

    It seems EPRDF has obsession with ” final and binding” word. I hope it will not make the mistake again and make the country pay a price.

  8. Be ewnetu says:

    1/The right of water “SHARE” is as a Charity? or Biblical? or kindness? if so it’s not in obligation, does do any country made water share to other countries in history? nor is there any natural resources sharing to others in this exist world? I don’t have any clue about this so far.
    2/ Some countries they don’t have river which is flowing for all the year-long. like Libya, Israel. Saudi…. but they spent money for drilling, So Egypt request is so funny to share the water as a “RIGHT”,i advice to Egyptians to wake up b4 too late for spending money to dig and to fund to Ethiopia for planting billions of seeds to get more rain from the highlands of the country…

  9. Yoni says:

    Concern diasporas are furious about this “BINDING” scientific outcome we are signing with E n S. The GOE need to clarify about what Ethiopia is signing so Ethiopians can sleep easy at night.
    GOE is too slow on feed backs . It is known to be a reactionary govt. They always reply after the enemies have inflicted so much psychological damage to Ethiopians.
    The Diasporas can hit back by putting hold on their BOND CONTRIBUTION to the dam. Infact, BOND SALE should be based on periodical report basis, to guarantee Ethiopia is not duped. Let not this be another wuchale.

  10. Abay says:

    Egypt survived this long as a parasite state. It is time to tell it to stop expanding at the expense of Ethiopia, and pay for the water it gets.

  11. mohammed says:

    hailemariam desalegn next time any leared sechebteh ejun kelay karege keber edaymesleh ebeltehalew new bayhone be ande eje mechebetu yimertal.

  12. mohammed says:

    what you can see the body language if you suddenly close their mouth you can see who is faking it jusy do some skech.
    mursi will look so angry but hailemariam all his body smiles.thats what the hand shake send the message.mr hilemarim cheke if any finger missing.

  13. Trident says:

    After I saw Mr. Obama’s ( Leader of the free world) comment about Ethiopia and Prime Minister Desalegn .

    Mr.Desalegn, instantly, has become one of the most powerful leaders in the World. I believe, He will remain a driving force of future of Ethiopia and will keep people on a timely track without creating too much tension and conflict. This doesn’t mean that he’ll be less demanding; it means that he’ll be capable of communicating in mellower, in crystal clear terms in what he need to accomplish , And, he’ll be the commander, the mover and shaker of his administration who has a deep and broad authority.

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