Electoral Board Reviewing Allegations Filed by Former UDJ Members (Video)


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21 Responses

  1. Tesfalehulum says:

    The electoral board is toothless entity Woyane’s fradulant and rigged election approving machine. I belive UDJ files the complaint just to expose the fake board. No thorough investigation and action expected.

    People are suffering across the country from sky rocketed inflation, arbitrary detention/torture/killing, lack of basic infrastructures: electricity, housing, health care, water, telecommunication…. and out of control corruption; the fake electoral board is busy of spending millions to legitimize the already known “99%” rigged election.


    God bless Ethiopia !
    Collaborators of criminal regime are dommed !!

    • jano says:

      To blame Woyanne for opposition split is Funny..

      Forget the one in Ethiopia why we didn’t see strong united opposition in diaspora for the last 23 years is this also because of woyanne?

      I think we need to change our culture as always

      HABESHA eat togather but can’t work togather

    • Beza says:

      Tesfa yeleleh TESFA BEKELe negn eyalk ESAT Lay yemitaderken anso degmo boycott adergalehu keguadegnoche gar yemitlew website lay yemejemeria coment sechi honk. EPRDF is unlike your shimagle sibsib will not be shy if it has make a mistake to take responsibility. It has shown this through out it’s leadership. But the problem in your part is, your accusations are baseless and false.

      You are asking electoral committee to arrange a meeting beyond the mandate of the committee. You Morons are trying to make a crack and use it for your political purpose. Look how you were doing about getting permission to demonstrate. In every place you have to be permitted by asking the authorities to make demonstration. But you are confusing people by saying that we don’t have to get permission only notifying is expected from us. You have to have permission in any case if not who is going to be responsible if something happen. You see this kind of arrogance will make EPRDF ligit leader of the country. Posting first doesn’t make you smart you Kita Ras Shimagle EPRP.

    • Beza says:

      Tesfa yeleleh TESFA BEKELe negn eyalk ESAT Lay yemitaderken anso degmo boycott adergalehu keguadegnoche gar yemitlew website lay yemejemeria coment sechi honk. EPRDF is unlike your shimagle sibsib will not be shy if it has make a mistake to take responsibility. It has shown this through out it’s leadership. But the problem in your part is, your accusations are baseless and false.

      You are asking electoral committee to arrange a meeting beyond the mandate of the committee. You Morons are trying to make a crack and use it for your political purpose. Look how you were doing about getting permission to demonstrate. In every place you have to be permitted by asking the authorities to make demonstration. But you are confusing people by saying that we don’t have to get permission only notifying is expected from us. You have to have permission in any case if not who is going to be responsible if something happen. You see this kind of arrogance in your part will make EPRDF ligit leader of the country. Posting first doesn’t make you smart you Kita Ras Shimagle EPRP. If you don’t get permission you will not demonstrate in USA, ENGLAND and etc. ETHIOPIA IS NOT DIFFERENT WHEN IT COMES TO SUCH ACTIONS. BY THE WAY BELAY FEKADU look like Sheewaferaw Desalegn is he his brother? At least ANDNET has new leader with charisma not like Semayawi party YILIKAL Getnet.

      • Tesfalehulum says:

        Beza the 5 th grader,

        You love labeling, adisu netela zefen….kkkk…..you even can not identify the names, Tesfa and Tesfalehulum…kkkkk…keep it up…..that’s why I call you a MORON!!!!…..kkkkkk

    • Solomon says:

      Banda shabia Telalake tesfaylelew ,do have any tangle evidence for your claim.you been demanding evidence from people who has different opinion .But you accuse a government all atrocity from your confetti section 8 food-stamp room in Verginia .tesfalhulum don’t forget wayane has a drown men less plan around Verginia .
      I guess you are talking about your boss Banda Essayass and derge government were you use to serve as cadre .
      But I know there is no perfect government but I oppose you because your politics is based on hate poultices .
      One more thing a government is a satin but we as Ethiopia have to choose a better satin.
      Banda Tesflhulem ,if you look for an angle government . You must be naive .

    • jo says:

      Tesfayelelew, keep barking. You born to cry

  2. eden says:

    I’m telling you with Heart-Hearts, most of your comments are now generating wide attention in this forum, we want you to stick to civil discussion and disclosure. If all of the forum participants, divide in their political stand and reasoning, that is very welcomed. You, me and the rest of Ethiopian people need to culture and nurture it.
    We would like to read your comments, defused of hostility, By the way this comments applied to me, and others in this forum
    No naming, no foul language will serve our political purpose.
    Your ‘User name’ speaks about hope, but for quite a few times, you were delivering the opposite. When I had a rear view of your pervious comments, many of them were very disturbing, one of my dear friend was telling me that you had congenital arrogance or ignorance or combination. But I completely disagree, these are happenstance missed up with anger politics but doesn’t explain the true Dereje, I used to know. As a friend, and most importantly as an Ethiopian, I’m a little bit worried when your disturbing comments got spotlight, while your true personality ignored.

    Just to say a few words about this opposition party, blaming the Ethiopian Election board is a poor way to fix the political weakness of your party. I said Anti Election board card is repeatedly overplayed by the opposition to cover their butt. I think this time they better have a trick that parallels the intelligence of the Ethiopia.
    Tesfalehulum, the problem of ‘Adinet party’ is at your vicinity, and their current political division is something not new, we have been watching as a ‘political idol’ for twenty years.
    so your comment about this issue,…
    has no syllogism, no therefore

  3. Chirash says:

    First of as teddy Afro said yetmare enji yetbareke meri alnebrenem
    Tadia how many of the opposition really go to church or mosque.

    You will never win unless you depend on god.how ever the other side is strong.

    That will inclueds be humble And fair.

  4. Birru says:

    Dear Tesfa Lehulum,
    I think you are always crossing the line of critisizms , with out having the idea or the reality on underground.Here you are talking about lack of infurstractures, skyrocketing of prices of commodities…etc Actually it is not the responsibility of the EEB to value such problems ie it is not working on behalf of Ministry of Finance or the National Bank of Ethiopia, its sole duty is to regulate elections, not about the prices of Bread, milk sugar Teffe as you claimed. please let us go with facts not assumptions or hear say that is becoming the common problem of most Ethiopians critics….
    For “Our” Opposition Leaders :- if you do your home work believe me that EPRDF would withers like flowers or Blaise Campaore of of Burkina who is stepped down after 27 years of dectatorsip , but before pointing ten of your fingers at TPLF?EPRDF first you should buy Mirror and look at your selves.

  5. ክበር ተመስገን says:

    የኔን ሥራ እንካቸሁ እንደ ቀልድ ከጣሉት
    ከሀላፊነት ቦታ ሥራ አለን የሚሉት
    ፍርዱ በማን ላይ ነው በሰሪ ወይ በአጥፊ
    እውነቱ በኋላ አሁን ቢመስል አስከፊ
    እችላለሁ ቢሉ ቢመስሉ ባለመብት
    መሻሻልን ገድሎ ውጤቱ ነው ፀፀት
    መብቱ ለናንተ ነው እንዳሻችሁ ሁኑ
    እጥፊን ስታቀረቡ አልሚን አመንኑ
    አላማው ምንድን ነው የዚህ ነገር ጉዳይ
    ግልፅ አይደለምና በግልእ ወጥቶ ይታይ፡፡

  6. Alula says:

    Though MP Girma Seifu has no political experience , he is doing what he can with the people! Ethiopia has no well experienced oppositions who can help the EPRDFites! If the so called opposition can’t come to their senses, the EPRDF will lead ethiopia for the next 30 years! Therefore, the development in progress will continue uninterrupted!
    God bless Ethiopia!

  7. Eatu says:

    Ofcaurse TPLF is to be blamed all the ills in Ethiopia. Do you forget the country is under their control. Whatever is happening in our beloved Ethiopia has their direct or indirect influence. They brought in the country hate politics. They infiltrate the opposition for their evil deed. After I see the current mass traing Manual I don’t have any doubt they are to be blamed for all the sin our country is accustomed too. The good thing is there is hope with the brave sons and dauthors of Ethiopia

  8. Ittu Aba Farda says:

    The existence of strong and peaceful opposition party(ies) is one of the ingredients for the sustainability of a peaceful society. That country has come a long way since the demise of the blood thirsty Mengistu in many ways for the good or worse. The good ones should be able to overpower the vice intentions and that can only be thwarted if peaceful opposition parties are allowed to function freely with all the media outlets availed to them with no question asked. I don’t see any problem with reasonable fees for such access. Otherwise, those in power should think about their current refuted behavior more than twice.

    They will not survive without an existing strong opposition party that is allowed to function without being wrongly labeled a terrorist or any other incriminating name they make up. A single party system is not an eternal system. Sooner or later its demise is for sure on its own accord. Their spokesman can quote me and millions others about Sweden this Japan that because such claims will only come back to haunt them. Sweden? Are you kidding me? Our people will take Sweden of the 1940′s, 50′s, 60′s, 70′s and 80′s on any of their worst day. Someone needs to tell them not to utter such nonsense because they end up being the butt of a joke in the western media. Gun toting mentality will work as a survival kit just for a short while. I say quit and get with it. The opposition parties that renounce violence as a means of struggle should be afforded financial support and ample airtime to get their constructive ideas across and reach the populace. I want to reiterate again. Single party system will not last for long. It will be a goner within a generation time. All this mentality that if the union they conceived does not work according to the plan, Tigray will go on its own is just a fantasy that will never, ever happen. That is the most dangerous plan B their people ever faced. Amharas will not survive without Oromos; Oromos will not survive without Amharas; Tigray will not survive without the Amharas, Oromos, Afarsm Somalis and other nationalities and vice versa. That is my conviction and there is nothing you can do to let me shed my trust in our people who are hell bent to live harmoniously in a peaceful union based on equality. Nothing!!! So for the Sebhats, Seyoums, Arkebes, Abays and others like them who may be contemplating such Plan B, I say forget about it!!! There is no need for such plan and will never work. Stay with the rest of the people and open up venues so peaceful opposition parties will get stronger.
    If I am proven wrong in this opinion, I will welcome that. But those who choose to call me names for saying this, I say quit and leave me alone!!!!

    • Alula says:

      Ittu aba farda
      The reason that there is no sane. opposition in Ethiopia is, because they have no love for the people! All they see power , but not the people! We all had seen them during Kinijit! They have been bragging kinijit is a spirit, nevertheless, situation proved them wrong that they didn’t have a spirit even for themselves! The then so called spirit couldn’t get a spirit to keep them for one day! Look at Medrek? Some Medrek members was asking Arena to drop their Tigrianess! As far as I’m concerned , there is no opposition who can see the diverse people first! All they are concentrating is on Amara elites to control the power! They don’t know the people! Where & when do they know the people of Tigrai for example? They don’t ! The people of Tigrai was going down spiral starting during Emperor Minilik, but nobody cared about the people! They have an air time on TV, they don’t use it, coz from their inside they are waiting for EPRDF to fail! One political trick from the EPRDF can put them to the ground! They are concerned about Ethiopian unity, but they don’t have the capacity to lead a strong & United opposition party! If they can’t lead their own party, then Ethiopian people are beyond their capacity! Therefore, they were supposed to say “if we can’t lead the party that we established, then we are not capable of leading the diverse people of Ethiopia ” openly!
      If prayers could get us a strong & sane opposition, we could have done it long time in every corner of Ethiopian!

      To be a good politician,I think one must create an opportunity that could change the everyday lives of the people! I don’t understand how EPRDF is blamed for the weakness of the opposition though!

  9. Ittu Aba Farda says:

    Obbo Alula:

    Thank you for your civil comment rebutting my previous one.

    I don’t dispute the fact that the opposition is miserably splintered into countless factions. Some of them have stayed at home waging their struggle peacefully and those are the ones I am interested in. I have made my opinion very clear on this and other websites about those who decided to scavenge at the dump sites in Asmara to conduct their aspired plan to bring about a regime change by violent and potentially irreparable destructive means. I have nothing but contempt for all of them. One of them has the nerve to tell me and millions of my very proud Oromo people that the reason they went into the arms of the proven thug Al-Toweel Isaias is to ‘liberate’ Oromia. First of all, to me the national question has been amicably addressed since the demise of the Mengistu regime. What is left to be done is to build on that. History as shown us right in our own time that there is no legitimate democracy with only one strong party running the country. It is not sustainable. Things are not right for an emergence of a strong opposition political party. We have to stop for a moment scratching the surface of what happened in the past just to legitimize our sole dominance in ruling the country. If you find yourself busy scratching history, I will do the same and everyone follows suit, then at the end of the day nothing will be accomplished. In fact, it will perpetuate animosity among people. I had seen it myself how your province was let to go through degradation due to utter neglect and indifference by previous regimes. I saw that myself in 1968 on my way to Asmara on vacation. Fast forward 46 years, I just read an article on Nazret the other day in which I learned how the good people of Tigray are working very hard to re-green their landscape and succeeding. I wrote a comment applauding them. It is a feat that should be duplicated every where in the country or for that matter anywhere on this good earth. But such achievement should not be used by some ambitious and stubborn individuals to think about going it alone. That will not work. And it will be dangerous for the people of Tigray. In stead, let’s you and I hope that there will be more than one member of the parliament from across the isle. This claim of ‘Sweden was like that, West Germany was the same, Japan was run the same way for a long time’ is just rubbish and nonsense in this day and age. Because actually they were Not.

  10. Alula says:

    obbo Ittu aba farda.

    So far no one has the courage to establish an opposition that can check politics in Ethiopia! The so called oppositions are there for the sake of being there ! When colored revolution explodes here & there , they wish it for Ethiopia, the same for Arab spring revolution…! They just touch here & there in hopes grabbing power so they could revive their privilege all over Ethiopia! They don’t even understand Ethiopia is changed!

    In my believe the EPRDF will lead Ethiopia for decades to come. Even though Ethiopia is at its early stage, politicians whether opposition or incumbent, must come from the bottom up into Addis! There won’t be appointing someone unknown to administer Mekelle, Nekemte, or Semera or Hawassa…! Administrator has to grow up there serving the people! No more
    ቅማላም፣ሽርጣም፣ግማታም፣ጥፍራም ወዘተ!
    In Japan, there were two political groups:1) these who want to revive Japan’s power so to take a revenge just to go back to another war, & these who felt the destruction of the World War II & want to build their
    country! No one could accomplish sane politics with a grudge! These conservative Japanese were complaining filled with ego & these liberals was scoring economic success every time election time comes! Ours are the same thing ! we here them agitating when election is at a close range!
    The EPRDF is building the country, but the so called opposition are busy lying,fabricating hate propaganda , promoting hate against Tigrians…instead of participating in the building of mega projects! ….I think you know more than I about these empty politicians! They could have served their kilil from the bottom up & grow to serve Ethiopia in general! Thinking that Ethiopia is my own backyard is gone some 24
    years ago! ቢያንስ የኣባይ ግድብ፣ የባቡሩ መስመር፣ እና ሌሎች ትላልቅ ፕሮጀክቶች እጃቸውን ቢያስገቡ ደጋፊዎቻቸውን እንዲረዱ ቢገፋፉ ምን ሰርታቹ ለምርጫ ቀረባቹ ቢባሉ እንኳን ይኼን ሰራን ብንመረጥ ደግሞ ከዚህ የበጠ እንሰራለን ለማለት ያስችላቸዋል!
    ስለሆነም እስካሁን ከኢህኣዴግ የተሻለ የለንም ነው የኔ ኣስተያየት ኦቦ ኢቱ ኣባ ፋርዳ! በጣም ኣመሰግናሎህ!

  11. Ittu Aba Farda says:

    Obbo Alula:

    I assume you are from Tigray. I am not trying to be presupposed about people based on their names. But one of my long time friends is from Tigray who last name is Alula. We have known each other since the early 1970’s when we were both very new and green about life in the USA. We learned our ropes together to survive and settle down well in the michinery jungles of USA factories. We are still good friends even though we have different opinions on the political situation over there. My children grew up with his and they still are friends. We are both now grandpas. We did not raise our children to be presupposed about others they don’t really know. In fact I had to seek his help to translate the portion of your comment you wrote in Amharic. You have to forgive me for that due to the fact that I left home at an early age and for that reason my Amharic is very poor.

    One item I disagree with you about your observation regarding the politics of Japan. I think you are confusing the extremist minority nationalist party with the mainstream conservative party LDP. LDP is a conservative and nationalist party just very similar with the US Republican, the UK Tories, and Germany’s center-right Christian Democratic Union Party. There are other miniscule groups that want to take Japan back to the 1930’s and 40’s. They might have managed to attract some citizens to win seats in the Diet. They have the right to do so in a democratic society which Japan is. That is Japan everyone sees. If we disagree with that it does not mean squat for our Ethiopia and its people.
    You seem to be presumptuous about what others may say or might have said about others. That is the nasty part of society’s past. Such fear, such distrust at wholesale will never help heal the wound and hence further the accord. The mega projects that are being conducted now in the areas of the infrastructure and energy should be commended and everyone who claims to be concerned about the welfare the people over there should whole-heartedly back such invaluable developmental plans. I have said kudos so many times in the past on this and other websites. My beef with your friends at the helm over there is regarding the continued jailing of journalists and killing of peaceful demonstrators. I am not naïve to think that the country’s status is very fragile where things can easily go amok with one making the wrong and deadly move. Labels and innuendos about others picked after scratching the surface of the past will only perpetuate the hatred of others because of their ethnicity. If I have a hatred against someone from ,say Assosa, it does not mean I will not have the same hatred against the good folks of Amharas, Tigrayans, Afars, Somalis and other nationalities. So you have to expurgate from your sub-conscience the uneasiness about others because they are from another ethnic group. That will not cut the mustard for long with the people. Spreading poison is not only wrong but it is tantamount to a criminal act. The poor pastoralists of Afar and Somali regions along the poor farmers of Oromia, Amhara, Tigray and the rest of the country have gone over that. The unemployed of the country in their millions have gone over that. Beating the already dead horse is not only irresponsible but it is rather cruel.
    In closing, I would like to take a moment to thank you for willing to exchange opinions we both believe to be beneficial to our people and country we all hold close to our hearts. Let’s hope that such civil discourse will be the norm and prevailing mode of such discourse for everyone.
    May Our Creator Save Our People and Old Country!!!!

  12. Alula says:

    Obbo Ittu Aba farda

    When I was talking about Japan , I’m not talking about the political parties there , nevertheless, how it reached where it is now! I mean, Japan is the biggest economy now. I don’t even have the capability to explain what Japan is at time!

    I think you misunderstood me a little somehow ! I personally don’t hate anybody because of ethnic background, but individual extremists who wants Ethiopia to be an employment opportunity land for them , their in laws, family & stooges! I think politician has to grow serving their people wherever they gree up ! But definitely not from Washington & london! They talk about the unity of Ethiopia , but their collection doesn’t represent Ethiopia at all! When they think of Ethiopia , the diverse people of Ethiopia aren’t visible……!
    They don’t even know where Ethiopia is now! They don’t even know their political thought aren’t acceptable in Ethiopia at this time!

  13. Alula says:

    Obbo Ittu Aba Farda
    Yes I’m from Tigrai , Definetely you are from Oromia & nothing wrong using a pen name that reflects your back ground! People like to reflect their heroes, helpful family members & so on wherever they go! Even though Alula is a name of a Tigrian hero, I think “Alula” is an Oromo name! In a long time history , we have shared so much in common,words like Gamme, Guamaile, Dulla… Many others , therefore , we all are from one womb anyway, so whatever we said nothing personal in anyway!

    Bro thank you for your complements!
    We will talk, I think I can learn from you!

  14. Ittu Aba Farda says:

    Obbo Alula:

    Your name is an example that our society and the people have gone through an extensive transformation and cohesion in the last 600 years in general and 150 years in particular. Of course they have fought each other during several occasions but also they had died together protecting their honor and domicile at other historical events. The blood of Tigrayans, my ancestors of the Barentu Oromos, Amharas and others was shed in the rugged landscape of Adwa. Am I wrong? They did not say ‘that was an Amahara or a Tigrayan war’. In stead they went there united all knowing very well what Baratieri had in his sleeves for them. I am not making this up. All one has to do is read books written not only by the victor but also by the vanquished himself. When I read a book that tells how the pompous and vicious General Dabormida met his bitter end by my 1896 Barentu cousins, it gave me a lump in my throat just from pride. And I promised myself that I will never tread on that blessed blood spilled by my ancestors and their comrades from other ethnic background protecting their common domicile. It left me teeming with gushing self-regard and vanity. Who wouldn’t? That was what I taught my children and that is what I am going to tell my grand-children.

    I hope and pray that we had the chance to learn from each other. Even though I am a Septuagenarian:in my age, I have not stop from learning from others. One thing I promised myself (Our Creator Willing) is something similar to a story line in the movie A Trip To Bountiful. I have promised myself that when the reconstruction of the modern railway to Djibouti is completed to take a train ride from Djibouti all the way to Addis (Finfine) with my granddaughter in tow. And setting my feet on the ground at every station it stops and gulp lungful that sacred air. If it is completed in the next 5 years, that will be great. After that I may not be strong enough physically to travel such a long distance. Insha Allah!!!!

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