Ethiopia-Cradle Of Human kind (Video)


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7 Responses

  1. Genet Hagos says:

    this is wonderful. and am proud to be Ethiopian.
    i also saw lot of ppl holding the Ethiopian Flag with the Star on the midle so Shame on the Shabian Slave Ginbot-7 Terrorist Groups

  2. Alula says:

    What a beautiful historical places! I’m proud to be an Ethiopian!

  3. ክበር ተመሰገን says:

    ሰሜን ተራራ ቅርብ ለሰማይ
    ክመሬት ሁሉ የበላይ
    ለኢትዮጰያ አንተ ባትኖር ኖሮ
    ሀገር በሆነች ምድረ በዳ በተፈጥሮ፡፡
    ሰሜን ተራራ የኢትዮጰያ ጣራ
    ህንፃና ግንብ በተፈጥሮ የተሠራ
    የአየር መቆጣጠሪያ ቀዝቃዛ፡ ሙቅ
    ዋጋው የላቀ ከአልማዝ፡ ከወርቅ፡፡
    ባይኖር ኖሮ ሰሜን ተራራ
    ሀገር ትበላ ነበር በሰሀራ
    ወንዝ ፡ ሸንተረር ልምላሜው
    ተራራው ባይኖር ማን ሊያገኘው፡፡
    ሰሜን ተራራ የኢትዮጰያ ጣራ
    ዋጋው የላቀ የተፈጥሮ ሥራ
    ሰሜን ተራራ ሥራው ታላቅ
    ከዳር ዳር በአለም የሚታዎቅ
    አባይን ለግብፅ በሾርባ መልክ
    ለዘመናት በቃኝ ሳይል፣ ሳይታዎክ
    የፈርኦኖን ሀይል፡ ስልጣኔው
    የተራራው ልጅ አባይ፡ ብቸኛው፡፡
    የሰሜን ተራራ ነፋስ
    ለሀገር የሆነ ነፍስ
    ደመና የሚያጓጉዝ
    የሀገር ዝናም፣ ኩሬና ወንዝ
    በጋ ክረምት በልግ ፀደይ
    መልካም አየር፡ ወንዝ እንደ አባይ
    ሌላውም የተፈጥሮ ክስተት፡ ጉዳይ
    የሰሜን ተራራ ውጤት የሰማይ፡፡
    ከተራራው ተነስቶ
    እየመሰለ ተቆጥቶ
    አቅጣጫውን አድርጎ ወደ ምፅራብ
    ከሰሀራ ማዕድን ውቂያኖስ የሚመግብ፡፡
    እየመሰለ የበለጠ ተቆጥቶ
    ከውቂያኖስ ሀይል አግኝቶ
    የአሜሪካን አህጉር ያጠቃል
    በማዕበል ያስጨንቃል፡
    የአሜሪካ አሀጉር ማዕበል መሠረቱ
    ሰሜን ተራራ ነው እውነቱ፡፡
    ሰሜን ተራራ ቅርብ ለሰማይ
    ክመሬት ሁሉ የበላይ
    ለኢትዮጰያ አንተ ባትኖር ኖሮ
    ሀገር በሆነች ምድረ በዳ በተፈጥሮ፡፡

  4. Zellalem Leyew says:

    “This film is produced on the occasion of the 2014 world travel market London.”

    What is the embassy objection to achieve behind this film done by….?

    Issuing Visas after being 100% sure about Individuals or groups real goals and agendas while in Ethiopia is million times useful than this and must be the first priority and embassy main job.
    Following very closely and on daily basis what they do and say about Ethiopia such as the English Medias, aid agencies, securities/spy agencies, politicians, Institutions including universities, greedy business and do something about it is million times important than this. Safety, security and dignities are more than anything a nation has to get from any foreign nation.
    following how the English embassy is doing in Ethiopia including the unacceptable and illegal interference in the country internal matters including doing lots of so called research and study about women, children and so on which is a preparation for something against Ethiopia in the future plan and behave the same way in England or at least having close contacts with the necessary organs in Ethiopia about these situations is million times useful than this film on the air.
    So called Ethiopian scholars from Universities and others in the name of NGO and so on are working for them exposing their own nation situation naked to foreign powers that are not good for the country and people at all.
    Stopping issuing visas to the criminals including the Pedophiles, drug smugglers and others with other criminal behavior going there for criminal activities is million times useful than this and it has to be the embassy job.
    Not having the English around is what Ethiopia needs and million times useful than having them around for anything. So, stop saying them “come to Ethiopia” as if you have nothing to say or do while their embassy is not issuing a single visa easily and quickly even when it decides to give with 1: million ratio requests let alone to say to an Ethiopian “come to England” and issue visas to everyone asking for as the Ethiopia embassy is doing for them.
    They are making their visa like a very big and expensive diamond and Gold from other planets no one like Ethiopians would get it easily while the Ethiopian embassy is making it own visa cheaper than a toilet and any one can get it like a toilet paper for dirty things, too while both of them are embassies and Ethiopia is 9 times bigger than England-130.000km2(not UK).

    So, this film is a plus point but it must be far behind than other embassy duties started issuing clean and clear visas after knowing who is who and for how long he/she is going, for what reason and where?

    Ethiopia needs lots of embassy workers in China, Russia, Japan, Korea, USA, Even India, EU and other nations and regions to strength the relation while an embassy in UK to protect the country that is damaged by that little island constantly for years including since few years they being within Ethiopia feel at home using so called aid as a big weapon to be there and reach all over the places and buy the weak and ignorant people to lose themselves and exposing naked to those have no respect for them but looking to affect them in many ways because of it is their only agenda to be there.
    First of all countries like Ethiopia with huge natural gifts must no relay on tourism which is very sensitive and is not in own hand but with real and true development activities started from Agriculture, manufacturing, infrastructure and industries. When it happens, the tourists will come by themselves. The nations that are dominating the world tourism are China, Russia, Japan, Korea and so on. So, the government needs to concentrate on these useful and respectful nations than those using tourism for travel to do inhuman and criminal activities including male sexual criminals and drug smugglers.

  5. Desta says:

    Ethiopian Embassy doesn’t seem to know Semien National Park is being destroyed by the very agency (ETHIOPIAN WILDLIFE and CONSERVATION Authority) that supposed to be protect and safeguard the park. Some of the employees are selling the land for fake investors. They are busy grabbing a land. The Park is in danger.

  6. Zellalem Leyew says:

    Go to and type:
    “ISIS and Britain + America’s Great Game of Terrorism”
    This is one of the millions true stories on the Net telling the world about the evil nature of some nations and governments.

    Do you know now the truth before inviting them in the country including in the name of tourism? Scholars, Journalists Embassies, government and the people must be well informed and well prepared to deal with before blindly and stupidity handing over open hand and hart invitation in the country in the name of anything especially those the known dangers. Safety, security and dignity are the first priorities and before any development activities.
    If not the high ground and isolated Semien Mountain will be their secret base doing illegal and criminal activities against the nation including illegal mining, cultivation drugs, illegal and unacceptable sexual activities against the innocent citizens.

    Therefore, the government and people must must and must taking care the situation fully having very close observation on daily basis. Ethiopians private as well as Governmental sectors must own the park, hotels and other facilities. Evicting the residents from the park area that are having very deep rooted connection in order to hand over to the English look like foreigners in any name including tourism, hotels or whatever will benefit no one but will hurt the nation very dearly starting in the near future. Ethiopians must own hotels or other Tourist facilities with government help including hiring Tourism and accommodation experts from China, Russia, Japan, Korea and so on knowing the current as well as future tourists are and will be from these nations.
    Countries like Austria, France, Italy, Germany and so on are known with hills and mountains tourism sectors. So, instead of handing over the very important place to the English to do their own agenda, it is important working very closely with other European nations including the above mentioned. Ethiopia must give all priorities in order to Ethiopians owning the nation development sectors including in the tourism sectors. This is the only useful and long term certain national solution
    Teach Ethiopians about the new knowledge by hiring experts from abroad such as from Japan, China, Russia, Germany, France, Italy, Holland and other nations instead of handing over the development sectors to bad foreigners where the benefit has to go to them. This is a new type of colonization. Back then was by force but currently by choice which is happening very bad choices by ignorant blacks but for the same reason where the beneficiaries are the known foreign enemies.
    Viva to the cooperation with China, Russia, Japan, France, Korea, Germany, Italy and so on. But Ethiopians must take the lead and own the nation with long term vision Ethiopians building capacities make them taking all the nation activities and responsibilities working closely and together with the best nations that are plenty these days.

    You cannot build a county within few years especially if you are not 100% taking the lead and own the nations everything. Bad foreigners that are the known are not the solutions and benefits but the source of giving birth and expanding evil human behaviors to affect the society in the way the benefit goes to them.
    Watch on “ISIS and Britain + America’s Great Game of Terrorism”
    This will give you knowledge and makes you a bit wiser, smarter and useful to your nation. You need to be wise, smart and having under control the country situations before inviting bad foreigners in the country. This kind behavior will bring only the criminals using this kind foolish opportunities given to them by not well informed government officials about the issues going on in the world.
    Be aware, the worst living thing on earth is human and we are witnessing for centuries particularly since the last 500 years about it. Those responsible are still there playing the same games with different tactics for the same damaging consequences for their own advantage at the expense of others most of the time treats them nicely, trusts and allows them.
    watch youtube”:”ISIS and Britain + America’s Great Game of Terrorism”

  7. Guest says:

    Even though no official figures exist, estimates of the Aboriginal population in 1788 range about 750,000. But the actual figure is in the millions. By 1911 the number was 31,000. Aborigines. The English settlers killed them considering the natives none humans. Before the English arrival in 1788 to slaughter the natives and occupy their land, there were more than 375 languages spoken in Australia.

    “In 1803, Tasmania Island was settled. In 1806 serious killing began. In retaliation for the spearing of livestock, Aboriginal children were abducted for use in forced labour, women were raped and tortured and given poisoned flour, and the men were shot. They were systematically disposed of in ones, twos and threes, or in dozens, rather than in one systematic massacre. In 1824, settlers were authorised to shoot Aborigines. In 1828, the Governor declared martial law. Soldiers or settlers arrested, or shot, any blacks found in settled districts. Vigilante groups avenged Aboriginal retaliation by wholesale slaughter of men, women and children. Between1829 and 1834, an appointed conciliator, George Robinson, collected the surviving remnants: 123 people whom were then settled on Flinders Island. By 1835, between 3,000 and 4,000 Aborigines were dead.” And further: “They were killed, with intent, not solely because of their spearing of cattle or their ‘nuisance’ value, but rather because they were Aborigines.”

    Between 1824 and 1908 approximately 10,000 Aborigines were murdered in the Colony of Queensland. “Considered ‘wild animals’, ‘vermin’, ‘scarcely human’, ‘hideous to humanity’, ‘loathsome’ and a ‘nuisance’, they were fair game for white ‘sportsmen’.”

    Thousands of documents detailing some of the most shameful acts and gruesome crimes committed during the hundreds years of the British empire were systematically destroyed to prevent them falling into the hands of post-independence governments and international community. The gruesome crimes the English empire did during slavery, colonization and occupation in N. America, Australia, New Zealand and other places will never be known as it was destroyed by the empire to hide it.

    Yet, the English are still in Africa acting as if they are innocent and doing the right things to help the Africans while they are doing the same thing which is destroying the Africans in many ways targeting including the children, women, family lives, government policy and all the places they considering to use them to destroy the country. Blacks are dumb and deserve to be treated the way the little evil English are doing against them for centuries and they are not able to stop it even in the 21-century when teh best choices are everywhere all over teh world.
    Death to the English establishment medias, so called Journalists(spy agents and racists), NGO and Charities(mercenaries and spay agents) designed to affect the society being there in the name of aid pretending to help while working to destroy the society and worsening the situation).
    Blacks are dumb. They are even allowing the racist and cruel English empire criminal tools to become between them in the name of media, right groups and aid in order to play the dirty games against all of them.

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