[Must-Watch] Interview with “Sew Lesew” actor Zinahbizu Tsegaye (Mesfin)


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7 Responses

  1. Beza says:

    I love this guy, he is great actor.

  2. ክበር ተመስገን says:

    ሰው በሰው በሽታ፡ ሰው ለሰው መድሀኒት
    ማን ምን እንደሆን ይጠቅማል መለየት፡
    የሚጠቅም በዝቶ እንጂ መልካም ተሚሰራ
    ጥቀቱ ሲያጠፋ ብዙው የሚያበራ
    ይህ ባይሆን ኖሮማ አጥፊው በመብዛቱ
    በከፋ ነበር የሁሉም ህይዎቱ፡
    አምላክ የሰጣቸው ቅዱሰ የሞላቸው
    ገንዘብ የማይለካው ታላቅ ነው ጥቅማቸው

    ለሰው ሰራ ገንዘብ ሥራን የሚሰራ
    እርካታ የለውም ምን ቢጮህ፣ ቢጣራ
    ለሰው ጥቅም ሊሰጥ ሥራን የሚሰራ
    የሌለው ቢመስም ውስጡ ነው የበራ
    ጥራት ያለውን ምርት በርትተው ከሰሩ
    ራሱው ይመጣል ገንዘብ ከነፍቅሩ
    በስራ ማተኮር በሚሰጠው ጥቅም
    መራራ የለውም ሁሉም ነው የሚጥም

    ሰው ለሰው መድሀኒት ሲሆን የሚጠቅም
    ብቸኝነት ኑሮ የሰው ልጅ አይችልም፡
    በመልካም ባህሪ በርትቶ የሚሰራ
    የሥራ ውጤቱን የሚያቀርብ ለጋራ
    የድካሙን ውጤት ባይክሰውም ገንዘብ
    በዘላለም ዋጋ ይሸለማል በህዝብ፡
    ከዚህ የበለጠ ምንድን ያስደስታል
    ሀብታም፡ ድሀ ሲሞት ሥራው ግን ይቀራል

    ምን ነበረው ሳይሆን ምንድን ሰርቶ አለፈ
    ዘላለማዊ ነው ከሞት የተረፈ፡፡

  3. Ash says:

    I think, actor ZinahBizu Tsegaye can stil open his restaurant with the same name and cook his food on Tv .food Chanel would much profitable and productive for him serving 90million showing them his skill daily …he is good story teller…while at it not only showing his creation but he can introduced our many ethnic food too

  4. Genet says:

    he is cool. addis is cool. His last message is really touching. it is about giving back instead of talking 24h like some in the diaspora.

  5. axwmawe says:

    He is just a real man, with intelligent ,confidents and integrity !
    not a show case like some of them, above all he have a beautiful mind and heart !
    who in earth well adopt & raised 14 kids sent to university in Ethiopia ?
    good job sir !

  6. Alula says:


    You make your web sight shabiya’s propaganda outlet! Every time I open one article another one or two articles at the bottom infested with shabiya’s propagandist! What is wrong with you? The known shabiya’s agents have invaded your web! So sad!

    • Tesfalehulum says:


      If you can not take the heat get out of the kitchen. Stick to your ETV, Walta or Aiga Forum Woyane’s lie machines. That’s where you best fits.
      Or go back to the stone factory, Civil Service College, and consult your fake lematawi professors.

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