Funny and Entertaining Interview with Haile Gebresselasie (Video)


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14 Responses

  1. Weldaregai says:

    Haile is a very rare and precious personality specially in Ethiopian context. He is so humble, not for show but by nature. What a God’s gift! I wish he would be one day the president of Ethiopia. But till then, he is already a leader by example. Living and breathing his motherlands air and love. God bless you Sir!

    • eden says:

      Haile Gebreselassie is Ethiopian icon, who raise Ethiopian flag and Ethiopianism in many international venue. He is also rear hero ever this world seen in cross country, track and marathon competition. He is now repeating his atheletics record In the business arena . This two terms are always interchangeable Haile is success and success is Haile. May you live thousand year.

  2. ክበር ተመስገን says:

    ሀይሌ ጎበዝ ሰው ነው ኢትዮጰያዊ ጀግና
    ማንም የማይረሳው ዛሬ፣ ነገ እንደ አምና
    በዚያ በአሳፋሪ፣ በዚያ በቀውጢ ወቅት
    ሀገሩን ወክሎ በድፍረት፡ በኩራት
    በጎሜ፡ ቀጥታ እንዲያ ሲነካኩት
    ሀገርህ ጎስቋላ ድሀ ነች እያሉት
    እሱ ግን ወይ ፍንክች በሀገሩ ጉዳይ
    ሁሌም አሸናፊ በተግባር የበላይ
    ክብር ይገባዋል አድናቆት ምስጋና
    ለሀገር አለኝታ ስመ ጥር ገናና

    ግን ይሁንና ከአተሌቲክ በአሻገር
    ለሱ ግልፅ ያልሆነ አለ ብዙ ችግር
    የሀገሩ ስም መጥፋት የህዝቧ መንቋሸሽ
    እውነት ነው እያሉ በሁሉም የሚዋሽ
    ዘረኛ የሆነ ታሪኩ ሁል ጥፋት
    እኛ ስንቸገር እሱ የሚደሰት
    ለረጅም ዘመናት እድንወድቅ ከችግር
    ሆን ብሎ ጎድቶናል የእንግሊዘ መዋቅር፡
    የእንግሊዝ ሜዲያ ቢቢሲን ጨምሮ
    የጦር መሳሪያ ነው ከድሮ ጀምሮ
    ለእንደዚህ አይነቱ ለለበሰ ወንጀል
    ሀይሌ ቃሉን ሲሰጥ ጀሮየ አልሰማም በል

    እንኳን የሚያውቅና ነገር የሚረዳ
    ለሀገሩ አለኝታ ከውጭ እስከ ጓዳ
    ሌላውም አይጠፋው የእንግሊዝ ባህሪ
    በበግ መሀል ገብቶ መሰሪ፡ አሸባሪ
    የእንግሊዝ ሚዲያ ሁሉም በአጠቃላይ
    የሀገር አደጋ ብዙ ሰርቷል ሰቃይ
    እንደዚህ አይነቱን መፋለም ሲገባ
    ሲያነጋግሩት ሳይ ልቤ ከፋው ባባ


    ፍቅር አይለወጥ ጀግንነት አይሻር
    ኢትዮጰያ ሀይሌ ሀይልም ነው ለሀገር
    ፖለቲካ ሰይጣን በተለይ የእንግሊዝ
    መልካምን ያስታል እያሳየ አደንዝዝ
    የሀገር ስም መጥፋት የህዝቧ መዋረድ
    ዘርና ጥላቻ አይደለም ከመውደድ
    እንግሊዝን ማመን ለቅንጣትም ቢሆን
    አምላክን ሲመኙ ማገኘት ነው ሰይጣንን
    የሚጠቅም መስሎ ጠጋ ጠጋ እያለ
    ስንቱ ስቃይ አየ ሞተ፡ ተገደለ፡

    የእንግሊዝ ተፅኖ የእንግሊዝ ሜዲያ
    ከሀገር ይወገድ ሰላም ትሁን ኢትዮጰያ፡፡

    • Beza says:

      Kiber Temesgen thanks for your poem, I always see your name when I open auramba. I tell you this from the bottom of my heart. U are very talented writer. Like always, I say to you keep it up.

  3. Visitor says:

    For almost five centuries, European empire builders, namely Portugal, Holland, France, England, Belgium, Germany, Italy, and Spain employed different strategies and tactics in Africa to make money through the ownership of human beings, exploration, evangelization, colonization, commercialization, banditry, robbery, and theft. The processes of merchandizing some young Africans, dominating and controlling trade, destroying African cultures and religions, imposing their racial version of Christianity, destroying independent African leadership and sovereignties through establishing colonial and neo-colonial governments, and dispossessing lands and other economic resources, and transforming Africans into coerced laborers involved various forms of violence including war, terrorism, and genocide.

    Using different forms of violence in merchandising young and able-bodied Africans and taking over the homelands and resources of the indigenous peoples were acts of terrorism. Terrorism and other forms of violence enabled these empire builders to enrich themselves and their collaborators at the cost of Africans; consequently, they established themselves as powerful countries, claimed racial superiority, and imposed their cultures and version of Christian religion and ruling ideas on Africans peoples. They also imposed their hegemonic scholarship or geo-culturally limited knowledge that has drastically failed to explain the conditions of Africans.
    Although several scholars have explored the impacts of racial slavery, exploration, European (white man) version of Christianity, colonization on the entire continent, and geo-cultural knowledge, they have ignored to study the essence and role of European terrorism in the destruction and dehumanization of African societies and in the establishment and maintenance of the European dominated racial capitalist world system. Despite the fact that these European powers and their agents(brainwashed and ignorant collaborator Africans) used the discourses of commerce, Christianity, modernity, and civilization to cultivate their African collaborators for dividing and conquering Africa, systematic terrorism and other forms of violence enabled them to dominate African societies and exploit their economic and labor resources beginning in the late fifteenth century and reaching its climax during the last decades of the nineteenth century.

    Everywhere the conquests of Africa brought similar paradoxes of public disaster and private profit in their train. The slave system and colonial orders were established and maintained mainly through terrorism that was worse than what ISIS, Al Qaida, Boko Haram or other terrorists in combined are doing today. European countries and others that involved in Africa try to forget the deaths and suffering caused by racial slavery, the blood spilled, mass murders and genocide, the severed hands and heads, the shattered families, and other crimes committed in Africa to extract wealth and capital. Forgetting one’s participation in mass murder is not something passive; it is an active deed. In looking at the memories recorded by the early white conquistadors in Africa, we can sometimes catch the act of forgetting at the very moment it happens.
    When various African peoples intensified their respective resistance to racial slavery, colonial expansion, domination, and exploitation and later engaged in national liberation struggles in the mid-twentieth century, some of these empire builders increased their levels of terrorism to prevent the reemergence of African independent African leadership and sovereignties and to continue their theft and robbery of African resources using different tactics including Media where BBC and other English empire criminal medias were used and still are to continue suffering in Africa for the English establishment benefit.

    Negro, Color people and Black people are among the names the racists and hateful English empire lead criminals are using to identify Africans based on their humiliation strategy. BBC and other English media did play very nasty roles against the Africans during colonization to keep Africa colonized. BBC which is a propaganda mouth shit to the English Empire/establishment was calling N. Mandela a terrorist Negro and its divisive and racist PM. Tachear was calling him this way in public till her death.

    The European policy makers planned and acted “to crush African resistance by a ruthlessly systematic exploitation of the technological gap between European and African weaponry and military organization.” The “war of any sort is not much more than ‘a series of errors and accidents’ … Its annals have more to tell us of man’s nature than anything else. Those colonial wars, in particular, leave us to wonder whether the conqueror’s violence has been an authentic expression of human nature, or a derangement of it

    This is the new Chapter the racial motivated African enemies with the English lead are secretly as well as openly working on to stop development in Africa for the African benefits but they have to own it in the name of democracy, human right, rule of law, Globalization and privatization.
    Unfortunately, the African collaborators including those in the leadership position are facilitating them selling themselves for the English lead European corruption war in order to destroy the society which is the best environment to own Africa and destroy the Africans as they did in the name of slavery and colonization,.

    Good lead and wise people would know the true nature of the English lead western agenda in Africa and stop them before it is too late. They are printing money like toilet paper and they call it hard currency using it to buy African companies, land, resources in the name of privatization and globalization which is the new system of economic colonization, exploitation, humiliation, and African culture destruction and so on as they are good at and have century’s old experience how to do it.

    Black people are dumb especially those in the leadership position with no vision, determination, knowledge and… unable to choose those benefits them and oppose the merciless enemies that are acting friendly which is part of the game till their get there had and foot to control everything.

    Death to the English establishment influence using aid as a weapon, agenda, criminal Medias and racists and hatful journalists. These are the merciless enemies working together for the same outcome which is the English agenda in….. with hope only this one would give them the life they are having ever since they started to enslave, colonize, exploit, loot, kill and occupy others mainly blacks including in India, Australia and New Zealand.

  4. Zellalem Leyew says:

    A lawful, merciless and right now death to the BBC and other English establishment mass destruction Medias. Death to the English establishment that is responsible for the vast majority evilness and crimes against humanity and nature in the world for the last 500 years. Death to the English secret as well as open agenda in Africa in the name of aid, NGO, Charities, democracy, election, human right, free trade, Globalization of goods but not humans and privatization which are the best tools to destroy the society in order to own other nations wealth, market, resources, consumers and cheap labor which is the new type of slavery and colonization secretly in the making by them.

    Chinese, Japanese, Russians, Indians and others are having good and open relations based on respect, understanding, with win win approach and transfer of knowledge in order to empower the nation by own citizens abilities and responsibilities which is the base to any nation development and security. The English leads criminals are there and spreading lies around to stop that while pretending differently knowing blacks are stupid easily to be manipulated and persuaded to destroy themselves for the English lead criminals benefit.

    Death to anything has to do with the English establishment that is still there behaving the way it has been for the last 500 years to dominate, discriminate, imprison, exploit, undermine, use and destroy others for its own benefit in that little isolated evil island.

  5. ክበር ተመስገን says:

    ስርቶ የሚጨርስ ቀድሞ የሚገባ
    ወርቅ ይሸለማል ያገኛል አበባ
    በጥራት፣ በብዛት፣ በወቅት ስራ መስራት
    በአለም የሚፈለግ ያስገኛል ጥሩ ምርት
    ታየሁ፣ አልታየሁም በስራ ገበታ
    በጉዳት አድክሞ ያስወጣል ጥሮታ
    ሥራ ታላቀ ክብር አይደለም ጨዋታ
    ጎበዝ ሰው የሚያርፍ ከስራ ውጭ፡ ማታ
    ሰሪ ይጠቀማል ሰነፍ ይደኸያል
    አእምሮ ያለው ሰው ምርጫው ምን ይሆናል

    ከባድ ሥራ ሩጫ እስትንፋስ እከሚያጥር
    ከጠዋት እስከማታ ልምምድ፣ ውድድር
    መለማመጃ ቦታ ትጥቅ እስከጫማ
    ከሀገር ሀገር መዞር ቋንቋው ከማይገባ
    አሰልጣኝ፡ ማጣሪያ በሰኮንድ መለካት
    አላለፍሁም ማዘን አሸነፍሁ መደሰት
    የምግብ ጥንቃቄ ጤንነት ጥበቃ
    ሩጫ ሲሰሩት ውስብስብ ነው ሲቃ


    የኢትዮጰያ ሯጮች ከድሮ ጀምሮ
    አሸናፊ ናቸው መሳይ በተፈጥሮ
    ሩጫ ስራቸው ሆኖ ህይዎታቸው
    በደንብ ስለያዙት ማንም አይረታቸው
    ከራሳቸው አልፈው ለሀገራቸው ክብር
    በህዝብ ልብ ገብተው የተዋጡ በፍቅር
    ሌላው የሀገር ዜጋ በየስራ ዘርፉ
    በስራ ይጠንክር በዝቶ እስኪታይ ትርፉ
    በስራ ላይ መልገም ታየሁ አልታየሁም
    ሁሉንም ይጎዳል ማንንም አይጠቅምም
    ካልተሰራ አይገኝ በሰው የሚሰራ
    በስራ እንጠንክር ኑሮ ይድመቅ፣ ይብራ፡፡

  6. Beza says:

    Haile Gebresilassie is Ethiopian hero, who showed the greatness of our country to the world. Even though, the hopeless diaspora, tarnish his name due to his stand on Ethiopian politics. What they don’t understand is Haile is great Ethiopian figure who is respected by the Ethiopian government. Semayawi Party wurgat members tried last year to disrespect him by staging their worthless political view on his GREAT RUN. I AM GLAD THE ETHIOPIAN FEDERAL POLICE GAVE THOSE HOOLIGANS GREAT LESSON BY PUTTING THEM TO the place WHERE THEY BELONG /JAIL/. THAT IS THE ONLY LANGUAGE THEY CAN UNDERSTAND. If the government didn’t take that major they would have done it again. Haile you are a legend like ABEBE BIKILA, MIRUTS YIFTER and MENGIsTU WORKU. TIRUNESH DIBABA MESERET Defar DERARTU TULU will be mentioned along your name. You are our hero.

  7. Alemitu says:

    With the fisher and fish example, Haile is telling every Ethiopian home or abroad, that there is no need to go here and there while everything from big fish to happy enjoyment is right there at our home place. We can prosper and grow only on our soil. Hopeless and may be from some few toxic confused diaspora come back home! Work and make the world better. Millions of talks cannot make anyplace better but only real work!

  8. ethiio says:

    What is the point of this Interview? I don’t get it and the other is thing is he said the government takes 30% of the Share. for what? 30% ??? what the f*** ! what is that for???

    • Ash says:

      Our dear father mengistu haile Mariam, were asking 80% tax…

      In civilized country u pay tax that is the price of being civilized….how do u think government run,and road, school, hospital built

      • ethiio says:

        He needs to get his wording right then! Share and TAX are very different things. Share holders are a part of Business owners. TAX…well, we all know what that is….and he is the guy who wants to be a president! What the F***

  9. Beza says:

    Dave, we missed KIROS. Please, let him come with one current jock. It might be on Seamayawi party or Andenet or EPRDF. JUST ONE FOR ENTERTAINMENT.

  10. tsdios says:

    comment for Aweamba.
    the interview are not informative or doesn’t have any meret
    when you post interview you need to ask yourself what are the purpose of the interview …
    we like to hear from our bussnes comunty to learn about there experianc that way we can learn few things asking hile non ingaging question dose not help the reader

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