US delivers 10 Apache attack helicopters to Egypt


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6 Responses

  1. Hagos. Seyoum says:

    It is very bad news for me, because it is not going be use for Insurgency in the Sinai , it is more danger to Ethiopia. Because Eritrea or Isaias Afewerk is a messenger of EGYYT,

    • Yoni says:

      What? You think those 10 birds can attack the Dam? I think they are meant for short range, close combat….They would have to be brought up to Sudanese border. However, Egypt have figured that war is not the most viable option with Ethiopia…they are looking for HISTORICAL SIGNATURE that guarantees them an upper hand on the river. I am just praying GOE won’t hand them what they are looking for.

  2. Zellalem Leyew says:

    According to the last pilling, 85% Egyptians do feel with high animosity against USA while 12% mild. Only 3% Egyptians approves USA relation with Egypt.
    Does anyone out there thinking all those sorts of high military Equipments donation to Egypt is for the sake of good to the country? NO.
    Does anyone out there thinking USA military donation to Egypt is to use it for the deep rooted and irreconcilable animosity she has with Israel? NO.
    Does anyone out there thinking USA military donation to Egypt for the last 35 years worth more than 50 billion dollar, is improving Egypt’s citizens living condition and overall situation? No.

    It is designed by the Neoliberals, greedy imperialists, Wall Street speculates, banks criminals and their evil allies that are representing only 1% of USA citizens in order to keep Egypt under their control and making her to be the mad dog in the region in order to serve their secret agenda and open interest as far as the whole of Africa. There is no doubt USA and its allies in Europe looking Egypt to cause troubles in sub Saharan Africa particularly the countries that are trying to improve the African citizens life by themselves following their own useful path while very closely working together with useful and good nations like China and many more new comers.

    Egypt had been used by the English empire for decades to affect the rest of the Nile basin nations dragging the country with lies persuading handing over the wrong and illegal Nile water agreements and advising them to be hostile against the countries particularly Ethiopia in order to have guarantee the Nile water despite the Nile was/is flowing to Egypt the same way as it was from the start.

    Egypt’s past hostilities against Ethiopia and the devastating damages caused by her direct and particularly indirect involvement was fully supported and financed by Anglo-American policy in Black Africa motivated by race, greedy, ideology and hate. Egypt getting military donations or other none development and peace aids is not for the sake of the Egyptian people or to use them against Israel but against own citizens and then other African countries including Libya, Sudan, Ethiopia and so on.

    However, Egyptians are no longer dumb as they were badly cheated by the west for decades. They already know the true nature of the Anglo-American policy in Egypt and Africa at large. They also know conflict will serve them or other nations in Africa nothing but the weapon industries, hateful racists and greedy imperialists at the cost of the Africans sufferings as it is going on for 500 years. Egyptians youth knows only peace, friendship and being united Africa as Europeans are doing together as Europeans will benefit them and the rest of Africa.

    Therefore, USA giving weapons and advising them to use those weapons against other nations in Africa will not be accepted in Egypt anymore knowing only 3% Egyptians approves USA relation with Egypt. Not the USA government and people but those few evils acting as genuine, rich, wise and powerful are behind all these sorts of evilness all along back then and today as well.

  3. Gedam says:

    This is a message to Ethiopia is just to be strong by itself in the shortest possible time.
    We had no one to stand at our side, not now, not in the future. Our strength is from within.
    Our modernisation should be fast and comprehensive.

  4. Beza says:

    Hagos, don’t worry. Ethiopia has got more than that. Well built army.

  5. Negode says:

    ethiopia is the first country to vilolate international law by systematicaly arming a country which is under sanction which is eritrea .
    They can fool ethiopians but not the united nation.
    this never happen to india and pakistan,north korea,south, even in sirlanka tamil,
    many countries.
    Not asingle european country sell a western technology to china,

    weyane will pay a heavy price

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