We Are All Woyenti: Bereket Simon’s Astonishing Testimony About TPLF (Video)


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10 Responses

  1. Melin says:

    You are doing a good job Dave. I have been attending all you post for the last month now. Don’t bow down to the opposition or to the ruling part. Report facts as they are. That is the way to true journalism.

    • Tesfalehulum says:


      It’s not about bowing down for the oppositions, but journalism ethics. So, what’s the difference between Awramba Times and Woyane mouthpieces such as ETV or Aiga Forum??….NOTHING!!!

  2. leul says:

    Congragetion dawit welcome to tplf party .

  3. Gebez says:

    Please tell your cameraman to have more stable hands. This is a very elementary amateurish video about a very important event. I have seen such problems in many other AT videos as well.Thank you anyways.

  4. Mercy says:

    Melin: facts ? my gosh! etv has the same report.
    and what did you find astonishing mr. the difference between now and dergi is what Lidetu time and again has said. the institutions are even worse and controlled by one group and of course are too loyal to one group - not to the broader ….they are same silencing institutions… shut to killl…
    sign of of your independece you won’t post this

  5. hedase11 says:

    nice job dawit

  6. wedinakfa says:

    Astonishing!! yes it is very astonishing when a mad man say and do anything, poor Simon!!!!

  7. SAMYOO says:


  8. feysel says:

    lemenden new ethiopian yemiakel talak hager seletane be alemat zend tedebekew lemigegnu seletanewoche mench mekniat yehonech hager,yawem andu ye meser sew men alegn yegna hezbe menager ayfelegem enji wanaw pherone kethiopia eko new alegn,

    yehew zare eyekoye talakua hager engliz mistrun stenager ,bbc lay men yahel
    ethiopian le hendoch yemiasdenku arktek mehandisoch mehonachew,

    bbc africa lay mayet yechalale, december 19 yeweta,

    be hulum field tawaki yenebere hezeb?

    tadia lemendenew ke tekawmioch gar jerbana hode hono yeminorew,

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