General Samora Lambasts Opposition Groups for Disregarding Values of National Interests (Video)


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32 Responses

  1. minyewb says:

    Which planet are you living on? You are disgrace to journalism

    • Tesfalehulum says:

      Awramb Times = online ETV… more no less……

      The criminal, womanizer and 5th grader Samor said, “our opposition groups are literally selling out the national interests of the nation to external forces”……kkkkk…..jib mayawkut hager hedo qoda antefulege ale”….This murderer and thief, who is implicated in mass murdering Ethiopians from Ogaden, Oromo, Amhara to Gambela doesn’t feel shame when accusing the oppositions. The weyane army is crumbling each day, specially the Air Force which is hit hard by daily defection. Samora is blamig the oppositions in a deperate attempt to cover up the rapidly disintegrating army. He knows that he’s running out of time. I pray the HIV doesn’t kill him before he faces Justice.

      God Bless Ethiopia!

      • Tesfalehulum says:

        1:08….the dude is blown away by a sleep while Samora mumbles nonsense….weyane mafia, a laughing stock….hahahahaha

    • da says:

      Dear Minyewb

      You are wrong.
      What is his mistake here?
      If it was not for Dawit, we wouldn’t be able to see all these.
      Nice to see the Few old Mafias dancing.
      We have also seen Mulualem giving a hug and a kiss to Samora.
      I wonder what kind of conscience she has.
      I have no problem if she is really fond of him; but I doubt it.
      Finally, going back to what you said, Dawit is showing us everything, not only what we want.
      I have noticed, Dawit entertains everybody, the opposition, the supporters and the Sedbo Aderoch.

      • da says:

        Dear Tesfalehulum,

        Let’s not make a mistake here.
        What I wrote above for Minyewb applies to you too.
        If Awramba times was the same as ETV, yours and mine posts wouldn’t show here.

  2. Akam says:

    Gen. Samora is right. The damage done by few diaspora opposition is huge. Just think about the 2005 election. Then again EPDRF saved the nation. Unimaginable what the remote controlled blind train of the then kinijit led the country into. We have seen countless disasters around the world. Still remote controlled blind opportunists are driving countries into destruction.

  3. Fereon says:


    It is comic to hear the anti-Ethiopian terrorist TPLF ethnic junta leaders talking about national
    values. I will believe him if he criticizes the opposition groups for standing against the TPLF ethnic empire looting every thing of Ethiopia and Ethiopians.

    • Beza says:

      Quakquak, As a soldier he is talking about this crippled Shabiya stooges dismantling the National Army. This is for shabiya and Alshebab interest. He put the nail right on the head. Jegna Sinager tuberegigalachihu.

      • da says:

        Sedbo Ader Beza,

        Once again we see you insulting people.
        I am sure you must be rich by now, since I see you in all pages insulting people.
        How much do they pay you per insult?

  4. Alegnta says:

    The great Ethiopian General is right! Opposition is vital for an accountable governance - but all should be united when national interest is at stake. Some of the so called “opposition” have sold their soul to foreign bodies for power at any cost and this is clearly unacceptable. Ethiopia is safe in the hands of Gen Samora!

  5. Tesfalehulum says:

    Weyane’s Air Force is hit by more defection. Four pilots defected to Kenya this week. The mafiosis system is disintegrating from inside out. More to come !!!!!!

  6. Mercy says:

    isn’t he supposed to be independent? if he takes side, (I am talking theoretically) how can he serve an opposition administration — which of course he wouldn’t allow to happen?

  7. Borkena says:

    Two things intrigues me.First ,how on earth a military general sides with a ruling party and lambasts oppositions? as they propagate every single day ,military only defends constitution .Why don’t they stand by their words?That is why we say every institution in that country serves TPLF.Second, this dumb non military science “general” open his mouth and his fellow “WEDI ADEY “Dawit proudly posted it.

  8. ZellaleM leyew says:

    Among the others general samara said “So called oppositions are ready to hand over the country to the foreign enemies and are more than happy to see Ethiopia in chaos and destabilization.”

    Lets say this is true and we know there are groups and individuals behaving as the worse enemy against they are saying their own country; Ethiopia. The big and right question that requires immediate actions and answers is that what is doing the EPRDF government about the very fundamental national issues and citizens values and safety when it comes to the foreign enemies involvement in Ethiopia.

    Ethiopia particularly the highland never ever faced before this kind magnitude and evil enemies which are worse than even the Adwa conflict and the fascist invasion of 1928-1935 which is going on right now with full scale and fierce multiple attack against the citizens by the Anglo-American/Ashkenazi Jewish agenda to destroy the Ethiopian identities targeting including the first and oldest black people church which is orthodox Christianity, in schools the children and intellectuals, the families at home and so on. No government, so called oppositions, intellectuals or the people are doing anything about it despite they know what is going on and they are very angry about it.

    2015 European colander going to be the best year for the long long period outcome if the Government and people totally and completely stopping the Anglo-American/Ashkenazi Jewish agenda particularly targeting the Highland knowing there are lots of things to be destroyed there in order to destroy the nation as they did to the rest of Africa and black people in general making them less than animals and treating them the way we are witnessing even today in USA, UK and so on.

    2015 European calendar going to be the worst year ever in Ethiopia if the government and people allow the Anglo-American/Ashkenazi Jewish evil agenda is continuing implementing particularly targeting the highland Ethiopia knowing this is the best place they could get in order to fulfill their evil agenda in Ethiopia and Africa as a whole. the Anglo-American/ Ashkenazi Jewish agenda is fueling/running in the name of aid and democracy while the so called Journalists, aid agencies, NGO, Charities and others including in the name of tourism are there acting worse than the colonial solders, Colonial Missionaries and Nazis in order to destroy the society targeting its values, way of life and norms.

    So, the general and others particularly the cheap and ignorant animals in Bahir Dar, if really they do care about Ethiopia and the citizens, they must completely and totally stop the Anglo-American/Ashkenazi Jewish evil agenda they are implementing being in the country in the name of aid, tourism and…. Instead they need to have strong and close relation with useful nations in Europe like Russia, Germany, Austria, East Europeans and with some degrees with France and Italy and so on while totally and completely avoiding each and every English interference and involvement in the country, people or individual matters.

    Look at them how they are treating blacks in England and USA. So, they have no reason, feeling or anything to do anything good for any black country/people but their own agenda treating blacks less than animals deserves nothing including no country for their own that was the colonization and slavery doctrine against the blacks.

    What they are doing is destroying the strong society that has own value, identity and norms including the religion, African language, Alphabet and so on in order to impose their inhuman things which is going on right now. They are targeting the orthodox priests, believers and institutions at large knowing this is their best strategic to destroy Ethiopia, this is what is going on in their evil, racist and greedy head.

    First avoid the Anglo-American/Ashkenazi Jewish conspiracy against Ethiopia which is going on in full scale against the highland and Ethiopia at large, and then blame others not being good for the country and citizens.
    Break the idea of aid particularly the English type which is there not to help but to destroy the society and make the country weak and poor as long as possible. Little England which is 130.000KM2 with the highest populations density in the world(55 million only in little England), has no reason or ability to play the dirty games she is doing against Ethiopia in the name of anything including aid while Ethiopia is 9 times bigger than England with the population of 87 million.

    This is human made crimes based on lies and brainwashing the ignorant black head citizens and must be corrected by stopping each and every involvement and interference that little evil island has in Ethiopia for so long. Ethiopia suffers lots and lost her sea coast because of that little evil island badly affecting her own citizens based on the class system and establishment policy.

  9. ZellaleM leyew says:

    Who are those foreign enemies? How they are operating? Who is working for them including neighboring countries? How are they operating? And many more questions always must get the right answers by the government and people. And then deal with them knowing more days having them is worse times adding up in to the future in our own country.

    Just look at one side of the story among the countless how things are happening in Ethiopia and the region and by whom and why?

    Herman Cohen is part of the Zionist agenda in the world. Almost all the Zionists are Ashkenazi Jewish. The Ashkenazi Jewish are not related to the 13 tribes of Israelites but they are converted to Judaism. These groups are controlling the world today including the evil type of media, Banks, Financial institutions including financial markets such as Wall Street, FTSE…, USA politics, and so on. Big and lucrative financial sources such as NBA, USA football, Soccer/football clubs, Baseball, supermarkets like Wal-Mart, entertainment industry including Hollywood and so on are under these people hands and ownerships. They are running WTO, IMF, World Bank and so on.

    Herman Cohen is the worse enemy Ethiopia was/still is facing him for the last 40 years. Carl Marx who was an Ashkenazi Jewish his father was a Rabi was committed to create communism on earth. Meaning the earth has to be the best place for common people.
    His book Capital that took him 20 years to write is saying among the others the Globalization of humanity, wealth, love, respect, service and benefit based on equality. He was believing in human power and capital while money as part of the tools the man using to have a better life.

    However, the money worshipers and the evil greedy imperialists became against the human globalization except them and waged wars and caused so many damages and destruction for the sake of the capital Globalization while they are controlling the world hard currencies, WTO, IMF, WB and even UN. Just go back in the last 50 years. Who is
    playing the damaging leading roles using the above mentioned and other organizations and tools to dominate the world and exploiting the world for private gain with no remorse at all.

    The Herman Cohen types/groups are plenty in numbers and evil in crimes including George Soros and Rupert Merdoch. Those are active in Ethiopia in many ways including
    in the name of media, aid, Charities, NGO and so on are directly and indirectly part of these evils groups agenda.

    Gorge Soros, a Hungarian-born Jewish American. he is the Man Who Broke the Bank
    of England” because of his short sale of US$10 billion worth of pounds, giving him a profit of $1 billion during the 1992 Black Wednesday UK currency crisis. 1 Billion in 1992 means like 10 billion today. Between 1979 and 2011, Soros gave away over $8 billion to human rights, public health, and education causes.[citation needed] He played a significant role in the transition from communism to capitalism.

    Soros is also the chairman of the Open Society Foundations. On a local level, OSF implements a range of initiatives to support the rule of law, education, public health, and independent media. At the same time, OSF works to build alliances across borders and continents on issues such as combating corruption and rights abuses. One of the aims of the OSF is the development of civil society organizations (e.g., charities and community groups .

    OSF has expanded the activities of the Soros Foundations network to other areas of the
    world where the transition to democracy is of particular concern.

    The Soros Foundations network has nodes in more than 60 countries, including the United States. OSF projects include the National Security and Human Rights Campaign that opposes detention of unprivileged combatants and the Lindesmith Center and others dealing with drug reform.

    Related initiatives include the Open Society Initiative for West Africa (OSIWA) and the Open Society Initiative for Southern Africa (OSISA). Recent efforts have included those that have met with controversy, including an effort in the African Great Lakes region aimed at spreading human rights awareness among prostitutes in Uganda and other nations in the area. The initiative was not received well by the Ugandan authorities, who considered it an effort to legalize and legitimize prostitution.

    According to the 2009 OSF expenditures report, Africa region (outside of South Africa) was the key area of funded activities: about $51,000,000 were spent on civil society support, human rights, education, justice, media, public health, transparency, and other
    activities there.

    The Soros charities are connected to the history of capitalist philanthropy maintained by the Ford Foundation and the Rockefeller Foundation, Soros of using his Open Society Foundations to intentionally undermine societies with the intention of establishing a unitary
    global government. Beck has argued that the Open Society Foundations have too much
    control over academics and media, and in some countries have obtained political power that qualifies them as “shadow governments”. Supporters of Beck’s theory have argued
    that Soros buys good press by funding Media Matters and the Huffington Post.

    The Huffington Post (sometimes abbreviated Huff Post or HuffPo) is an American online news aggregator and blog founded by Arianna Huffington, Kenneth Lerer, Andrew Breitbart, and Jonah Peretti, featuring columnists. The site offers news, blogs, and original
    content and covers politics, business, entertainment, environment, technology, popular media, lifestyle, culture, comedy, healthy living, women’s interests, and local news.

    In 1997, during the Asian financial crisis, the Prime Minister of Malaysia Mahathir bin Mohamad accused Soros of using the wealth under his control to punish the Association of Southeast Asian Nations (ASEAN) for welcoming Myanmar as a member. Following on a history of antisemitic remarks, Mahathir made specific reference to Soros’ Jewish background. “it is a Jew who triggered the currency plunge” and implied Soros was orchestrating the crash as part of a larger Jewish conspiracy.

    Economist Paul Krugman is critical of Soros’ effect on financial markets.

    “[N]obody who has read a business magazine in the last few years can be unaware that these days there really are investors who not only move money in anticipation of a currency crisis, but actually do their best to trigger that crisis for fun and profit. These new actors on the scene do not yet have a standard name; my proposed term is ‘Soroi’

    Soros has expressed concern about the growth of Chinese economic and political power. “China has risen very rapidly by looking out for its own interests … They have now got to accept responsibility for world order and the interests of other people as well.” Regarding the political gridlock in America, he said, “Today, China has not only a more vigorous
    economy, but actually a better functioning government than the United States

    Soros emigrated to England in 1947 and became an impoverished student at the London School of Economics.[20] While a student of the philosopher Karl Popper, Soros worked as a railway porter and as a waiter. In 1956, Soros moved to New York City. Soros’ family changed their name from Schwartz to Soros in 1936, in response to growing anti-semitism with the rise of fascism.


    The Open Society Initiative for Southern Africa is a Soros-affiliated organization. Its director for Zimbabwe is Godfrey Kanyenze, who also directs the Zimbabwe Congress of Trade Unions (ZCTU), which was the main force behind the founding of the Movement for Democratic Change, the principal indigenous organization promoting regime change in Zimbabwe.

    Open Society Initiative for Eastern Africa
    ACS Plaza, Lenana Road, Nairobi,

    Open Society Initiative for Southern Africa
    1st Floor, President Place, 1 Hood Avenue / 148 Jan Smuts Avenue, Johannesburg,
    2050 SA

    Open Society Initiative for West Africa
    Mermoz, Rue MZ100, X Rue El Hadji Ibrahima Niasse MZ 83 Dakar, SN

    Workers at Open Society Initiative for Eastern Africa

    Adam Adam
    Equality and Citizenship Program

    Jamleck Aidah
    Finance Officer

    Albert Asiimwe
    Disability Rights Program

    Abdulkarim Bakari
    Finance Officer

    Mary Gathegu
    Program Assistant

    Mburu Gitu
    Executive Director

    Josephine Ihuthia
    Program Assistant

    Emmanuel Kamonyo
    Program Officer - Health and

    Judith Kamuruchi
    Grants Officer

    Ibrahima Kane
    African Union Advocacy Director

    Myra Karani
    Executive Assistant

    Caroline Kariuki
    Finance/Administrative Director

    Samuel Kavuti
    Acting Crime & Criminal
    Justice Program Officer

    Mugambi Kiai
    Program Manager, Kenya

    Maureen Kimatu
    Administrative Assistant

    Jackie Kintu
    Program/Adminstrative Assistant

    Joshua Lubandi
    Communications Officer

    Don Bosco Malish
    Program Officer

    Jaki Mbogo
    Program Officer, Crime and
    Criminal Justice

    Richard Mugisha
    Program Officer / Country
    Manager, Uganda

    Boaz Muhumuza
    Program Officer

    Bridget Musungu
    Program Assistant

    Linda Mwakugu
    Program Assistant – Health & Rights

    Karen Mwaniki-Wanyoike
    Executive Assistant

    Juliana Ndolo
    Administrative Manager

    Sarah Nkuchia
    LEAP Program Assistant

    Abdulkadir Noormohamed
    Complementarity Program Officer

    Joanna Oyediran
    Program Manager, Sudan

    Deusdedit Rweyemamu
    Program Assistant, Tanzania
    Dar es Salaam

    Justine Towongo
    Program Assistant

    Boniface Tumbo
    Finance Manager

    Christine Wambua
    Administration Manager

    When it comes to east Africa, Ethiopia is the main target engaging against her with secret forces which is the tactic they are playing including against other nations in Eastern Europe or elsewhere against a nation that is strong and good enough to defend itself like Ethiopia
    is. Kenya is serving and hosting lots of anti Africa elements including the English establishment and Jewish lead USA imperialism one world order agenda based on their leadership and benefit at the cost of the rest.

    Weak and ignorant Africa they are considering the people less than the animals is their best target to get an easy and quick result with very limited efforts. The Liberian current president was/is working for Soros so called foundation against the world in its Africa policy. Senegal Dakar is the head quarter while Nairobi and the biggest office because of they are nasty plans in eastern Africa particularly Ethiopia, Sudan and Somalia.

    Other European nations like Germany, France, Italy and so on have nothing to do with it. Russia is the main and worst victim of the Anglo-American imperialist policy run by …

    99% USA citizens have no idea about and are the worst and daily victims of these….

    • eithub says:

      God bless you for your knowledge. Most people don’t have any clue about these realities. i have brought a book from Ethiopia named “Mythology of the cosmos” and “the philosophy of Ethiopia”, in which it explains how these world powers came to be, how they forced us to stop speaking Geez, and God will destroy them on the Ethiopian calendar year 2012. what makes me sick, almost most Ethiopians have no clue, specially those that advocate for westernization and the ones that looks down on themselves

    • Atakilt says:

      This person is an outright Anti-Semitic. Are we now having an Ethiopian Neo-Nazi among us? I wish you were not even born.

      • eithub says:

        neo-nazi? anti-semitic? do you know who funded nazism and for what purpose? how come germany under a 20 year trade sanction can amaze all the military requirements Hitler used? where did they get the fuel and gas even though Germany didn’t produce gas or fuel at the time? the corporations that has bought up the US central banking system (FED) in 1913 are the same corporations that has financed Hitler for the sake of destroying Russia. you would have not used the word anti-semetic if you knew who the real semetics and jews are.

  10. AleQa Biru says:

    Zip it Samora!
    You were supposed to be politically neutral.

    Shame on you AwrambaTimes !
    You were supposed to use a different headline. Something like: Samora talks on behalf of EPRDF.

  11. demu says:

    thats whats going on regarding our currency there is nothing to do with exporting
    cheap coffe to the world what matter most qualit which is we gave to the world
    the best coffe.

    they want to make us beggers weaker like zemababew.
    last time i can rember well 17 birr to english 1 pound today is gone to 33 birr,
    no bodys life change for that matter.

    while the country achieving to export electric power why should or what for i bought the bond if you keep weaking the value.

  12. Dawit is a tplf agent in 2005 wyane jailed him to spie the opposion leaders in the prison.After he was relesed he went to exile to spie the
    the diaspora.

  13. tazabi says:

    i watched one clip about nissan some thing i think it for lottery,
    i just shocked one poor quality car cost one million ,

    i was expected hammer might even cost 500,000 birr
    this nissan do yoy know how much it cost in europe

    not more than 3000 pound even not same qualit.99000 birr.

    endiaw semun,million metrat aseketetem,
    menem saysera,million ene aferku,

    any one can become millioner so next day alemudi either he will buy the country
    or he will leave the country.

    next we have to choice either we have to introduce 1 million note or hundered of banks to deal with money counting.

    todays farmer in small land denech yezeral beyametu and kuntal malet new
    tadia meyamertew beyametu biyansem bibezam yachinu new .

    gen ketema hedo 35 kilo begru teguzo dero mishetew betensh birr new gezto migebaw berket yale new,

    zare shetom genzebu anstegna lemen felagiw wech hager kemigebaw erdata
    sewo megzat yakomal.

    tadiy hihe gebre subsedize emibalew yelewem yalew edel berkash sheto.
    bewed endiaw zeitem betehon gezto yigebal.

    engedi yech edel be amet ande nat yeh sew mote malet new.

    edelu norote bamete hulete biyarse yachinu zeyte lemgezat malet new.
    lemen wereketu bezto megzat aychilem.

    ene economist idelew endiaw sayew lefatachew yasazenal,
    ahun yeteyazew ye investers farm yemiyaberetata new,
    lelaw ,industriw betenker,diasporaw besefat besaatef,

    kebarenet yawetanal,
    geberew hagerun memegeb ayaketewem,

    hard currency sitaseb geberew waga eyekefel new.

    ahunem endemangnawem ethiopiawi.

    yiwetachin new,
    besew hager edmiyachinen eyekfelnebet new!!

  14. Tadiyos says:

    Ethiopia needs to stop soil erosion to protect national interest.

    Soil erosion by water, wind and tillage affects both agriculture and the natural environment. Soil loss, and its associated impacts, is one of the most important (yet probably the least well-known) of today’s environmental problems (BBC 2000; Guardian 2004).

    Soil erosion is one of the most serious environmental problems in Ethiopia. Coupled with growing populations, falling per capita food production and worsening poverty, loss of productive land due to land degradation undermines rural livelihoods and national food security. Despite their awareness of the erosion problem, peasants’ investments in land have been limited. We use an applied nonseparable model to simulate conservation decisions. Pervasive market imperfections, poverty and high rates of time preference seem to undermine erosion-control investments. Lack of technologies which provide quick returns to subsistence-constrained peasants also seem to deter such investments. Lower private incentives to internalize the intertemporal land degradation externality may require public intervention.

    the Soil Conservation Research Project for providing us some of the data and for sponsoring the field work in Ethiopia. Funds were provided by the Norwegian Universities Committee for Development Research (NUFU) and the Ecology and Development Program. We have benefited from comments by anonymous reviewers. The usual disclaimer applies. Senior authorship is to the first author.

    “The threat of nuclear weapons and man’s ability to destroy the environment are really alarming. And yet there are other almost imperceptible changes - I am thinking of the exhaustion of our natural resources, and especially of soil erosion - and these are perhaps more dangerous still, because once we begin to feel their repercussions it will be too late.” (p144 of The Dalai Lama’s Little Book of Inner Peace: 2002, Element Books, London)

    It isn’t easy to find comprehensive information on erosion, however. To a large extent this is because soil erosion does not fit neatly under any one heading: it is studied by geomorphologists, agricultural engineers, soil scientists, hydrologists and others; and is of interest to policy-makers, farmers, environmentalists and many other individuals and groups.

    The Soil Erosion Site brings together reliable information on soil erosion from a wide range of disciplines and sources. It aims to be the definitive internet source for those wishing to find out more about soil loss and soil conservation.

    A geographical information modelling approach was used to compare changes in temporal and spatial land use and land cover in Gojam, in the north-western highlands of Ethiopia, at 3 intervals, 1957, 1982 and 1995. The study area covers 271 km2 surrounding Dembecha. Traditionally, Gojam is the bread basket of Ethiopia, but it is now at high risk due to soil degradation. Cultivated land increased form 39.4% in 1957 to 77.1% in 1995. Detailed field checks showed that the cultivated area is still being expanded towards the remaining marginal areas. The natural forest cover declined from 27.1% to 0.3%. The population density increased from 44 to 125 persons/km2. The long-term average annual soil loss from cultivated lands is 130-170 t/ha. The WEPP (Water Erosion Prediction Project) erosion model was used to simulate soil loss. The model overpredicted runoff and slightly underpredicted soil loss. It is recommended to support the economic strategy of the government for these areas, which is based on maximizing yields using improved seeds and mineral fertilizers, with appropriate soil conservation and land management practices.

  15. LEMA says:




  16. Nega Asefa says:

    Who is selling the country’s interest TPLF including Samora Yunus. They sell our port and they are selling arable land to india, Saudi Arabia, and others?
    Tegelbituni bele Tigraway. Sibhate Nega the agent of Shaebia and Samora the same are the sell out of our beloved country, Ethiopia.

  17. gechi says:

    it’s so great to hear that how to explain the propogandist so I want to blame Ethiopian people who leaded blindly. who is samora who is woyane. woyane and alamudin looting Ethiopia and Ethiopian so no body criticized them they sold gold from legadambi, yubdo, gugi, borana every wher they are sold our army to American and juish by foreign currency and pay them 250$ if they survived. pls death for tplf and samora

  18. Edossa Kenea says:

    /* #APerfectAnOrderAModernAnInternationalAstandardASimpleAnIntegrate
    “A perfect an order a modern an international a standard a simple an integrate a true a life freedom a peace a love a soul an activist an origin a general a Samora a self a determine a democratic a brave can serve himself ! I came from mother wollega a Dembi Dollo! Quit die yourself from my an intelligent soul!
    }Catch(exception1 type1 identify1){
    An independent the self determine a CIA has so many democratic request of an at list an idea to solve in order a discipline! to support an at list the challenge of this intelligence agency the decenteralize government stablish in at list a federal democratic republic of an Ethiopia! “ye-lijochinii migibii be-wushochi fitii atixalii! ke-wushochi yeterefe;unii wushochii yibelalluu! anchii Setii Iminetishii talaqii newuu inde-qalishii yinl!” “Oo biyee imexalewuu oobiyee bedilii
    oo biyee imexalewuu oo biyee bedilii
    Xintimii ye-abatee newuu xelatinii megidelii!
    “; */

  19. Edossa Kenea says:

    /* Abiyotawitii inati agerii weyimi motii tenestenalii iyhamii be’andinetii

    inashenifalenii be-alamachinii
    innee imotalewuu le’agree
    ine-imotallewuu le’ageree! “Our brave!”
    “How many nona dolar birr to win a soul an activist of a federal democratic republic of an Ethiopia a country a decentralize a government ? you can to buy him and must be a reform yourselfe1 For An U.S.A. Yes, we can change! a tigre key a close by the Tigre soul activist diversity an equity! An integrate mam a saint Zion Tigre play! A General a development is an end less! */

  20. Edossa Kenea says:

    /* #ALife
    “Abiyotawitii inati agerii weyimi motii tenestenalii iyhamii be’andinetii

    inashenifalenii be-alamachinii
    innee imotalewuu le’agree
    ine-imotallewuu le’ageree! “Our brave!”
    “How many nona dolar birr to win a soul an activist of a federal democratic republic of an Ethiopia a country a decentralize a government ? you can to buy him and must be a reform yourselfe1 For An U.S.A. Yes, we can change! A tigre key a close by the Tigre soul activist diversity an equity! An integrate mam a saint Zion Tigre play! A General a development is an end less! “; */

  21. Edossa Kenea says:

    /* #ALife
    “Abiyotawitii inati agerii weyimi motii tenestenalii iyhamii be’andinetii

    inashenifalenii be-alamachinii
    innee imotalewuu le’agree
    ine-imotallewuu le’ageree! “Our brave!”
    “How many nona dolar birr to win a soul an activist of a federal democratic republic of an Ethiopia a country a decentralize a government ? you can to buy him and must be a reform yourselfe! For An U.S.A. Yes, we can change! A tigre key a close by the Tigre soul activist diversity an equity! An integrate mam a saint Zion Tigre play! A General a development is an end less! “; */

  22. Edossa Kenea says:

    /* #ALife
    Abiyotawitii inati agerii weyimi motii tenestenalii iyhamii be’andinetii

    inashenifalenii be-alamachinii
    innee imotalewuu le’agree
    ine-imotallewuu le’ageree! “Our brave!”
    “A how a many a nona a dolar a birr the to a win a soul an activist an of a federal a democratic a republic the of an Ethiopia a country a decentralize a government ? You can to buy him and must be a reform yourselfe! For An U.S.A. A yes, a we a can a change! A Tigre a key a close a by the Tigre the soul the activist the diversity an equity! An integrate a mam a saint a Zion the Tigre a play! A General a development an is an end a less! */

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