Aster Bedane Criticizes Diaspora Politicians for Wrongly Politicizing her Genuine Remark (Video)


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47 Responses

  1. haftom says:

    You are really ethiopiawit nesh, thank you Don’t listen Stupid desperado …..&thank you Dawit ( awraembatimes……

    • Tesfalehulum says:

      Would you point out where exactly she criticized the diaspora in the clip ?…..the diaspora already embraced her. She is a courageous woman!….ke bizu enkrdada artist mehal yetegegch sende……..

  2. Be ewnetu says:

    I appreciate her what she asking in person, on the right time and place. she made better effort than premature politicians, however it’s historical opportunity for Aster….

  3. Beza says:

    Thank you my sister, you said it all. The idea of the people according to their knowledge, the diaspora members knowledge is not with the scope most Ethiopia n’s in Ethiopia think. Most of them are ignorant like a person who was barking on Redwan. U got that right my sister.

    • Ermi says:

      Aster was talking about you amd your fith grader bosse. Ican understand why you are not able to understand it even after listeninh to her ESAT interview. You are no better that the fifth grader who is paying you.

      Can you write here what her genuine remark was to Samora ? Lol..

      Peace to all but woyanes!

      • Beza says:

        Ermi, the Shabian, what did you understand from her speech. Amharic, is my first mother tong, so I understood what she said.

        The way the first hand speaker of the language. Not like you, because, it is Amharic. I am not Eritrean like you. As always you will be defeated, so don’t waste your time trying to poison the website. We love Woyanaes, Kita Ras. She directed straight at you the ignorant diaspora and their Trojan horses, the parties who are running their mouth. If you didn’t get it thats the scope of your Amharic knowledge. You and your friends be happy on the stories you create like RDWAN Hussien came to America to sue that ignorant friend of yours. The American police gave him citation and the witness REDWAN didn’t show up and the case was dismissed.

      • ErmiStupid says:

        Donkor neger neh abo

    • da says:

      Sedbo Ader Beza,

      I see you everywhere insulting people.
      I advised you last time to improve your English, so that they don’t fire you from your insulting job.
      I am saying this, not because my English is better than you.
      The difference is, unlike me ,it is your” Enjera”.
      The other thing is, try to change your your insult once in a while. Check it for yourself. All the insults you post are repeated.
      Finally, I want to say to others ; don’t take seriously Sedbo Aders like Beza.

      • Beza says:

        DA, The insult I know is Kita Ras. Antem kita ras neh. Bemikefluggn genzeb yemimetin sidib new yemisadebew. Bante bet ashmuateh motehal. If you don’t like my comments why don’t you ignore it? I am telling you the truth, EPRDF is much better than the diaspora GONDERETAXI DRIVERS. I AM SORRY IF I OFFENDED YOU. LELAW demo ene leinjera aidelem yemitsfew leAmbasha new.

        • Tesfalehulum says:

          Beza (Hagos),

          Day time Hagos, night time Beza…..ewwwwww……clueless morons!…..kkkkkkk

          • Beza says:

            Shimaglew Hagos Tilaleh. Hagos gerfohal end? Last time you said Mekdes now hagos. Yesterday I saw the name Hagos I read his comments, his ideas are like you the Shabiya idea. At least, I don’t mind if you Said Mekdes because, her ideas are close to me. Anyways, yeteemtatabih shimagle see honk tedenaber. Aster Bedanem dinbirbrua yeweta silehone teketelat.

          • Ermi says:

            @Beza, Degmo Aster lay zorshibat? You are so confused. You were praising thinking she supports Woyanes in her comment. Who explained her genuine comment to you? You couldn’t figure it out by yourself. You must have found someone from the hod-aders who made it to 6th grade. Kkkkkkk

            Peace to all but Woyanes!


  4. Yoyo says:

    She is real “”ASHEKABACH”””

    • Delila Reta says:

      She is well educated and better than your Ashkabach Gondere Lemagn Beyene. Look at her beauty. They want to intermediate I am sorry I am trying to say intimidate. Sometimes when you live with diaspora ignorant you think like them. So ketwgababet yetelamabet yibal yele. So don’t be intimidated yene konjo. Beredu Ko. Yeshewa galayemilun Gonderewoch nachew ezih America yalut.

  5. henok zemariam says:

    Enamesegnalen Aster Bedane betam tu
    iru leza balew eghiopiawinet hasabishin benetsa silakafelshin ye hagerachin ediget yehulachinim rkbirib yasfeligal meriwochachininim enamesgnalen egna ethiopiawian credit linsetachew yigebanal thank u linilachew yasfeligal sitetachewinim chimir gin lehulum thank u aster & awrambawoch hulem arif nachu!!! Abay yigedebal

  6. ትግስቱ says:

    ውድ አስቴር ላደርግሺው ቅን የሆነ አስተይየት በጣም አመሰግንሻለሁ። ባብዛኛው እንዳቺ ያሉ በራሳቸው ኣእመሮ የሚገዙና የሚናገሩ ሰዎች በሁለቱም አቅጣጫ የሚደርስባቸው ግፍና በደል ከፍተኛ ነው። እስከአሁን ልንለውጠው ያልቻልነው ካለፉት ልምዶች ይዘናቸው እየተጓዘን ያለነው አንዱና ከፍተኛ ችገር ነው ሰረ መሰረቱ ደግሞ ባለፉት ጊዝያት የነበሩት ቡድኖች ሁሉ ገዢውን ክፈል ጨምሮ እኔን ካልመስልክ ወንም ካልደገፍክ ጠላቴ ነህ ይሚለው የኮሚኒስታዊ መንፈስ አሁነም በአብዛኛው ደጋፊና ተቃዋሚ ክፍል ውስጥ የመናየው ነገር ነው ይህ ወገናዊ(fanatic) የሆነ ሰሜት ምክንያታዊ እውን አስተሳሰባችንን (Rational thinking) ሰለሚጋረደን እውነቱን እንኳን እውነት ብለን ለመቀበል ይቸገራሉ መክንያቱም ከነሱ ወገን አልመጣመና ነው፡ እኔን ግን በጣም የሚገርመኝ ጥፋትን ጥፋት ነው በለው ከመቀበል ይልቅ ለጥፋቱ ምክንያት (justification) ሲሰጡ ነው ። አንቺና ያንቺ ዘመን ልጆች ይህንን በመረዳታችሁ በጣም ደስ የሚል ነው ። ከዚህ ቀደምም የሁሉንም ርእዮታዊ እብደት(Ideological madness) አይተው አንተም ተው አንተም ተው በለው የልባቸውን የተናገሩ ሰዎች ብዙዎቹ መሃል ሰፋሪ …. ቅጽል ሰም እየተሰጣቸው ህይወታቸውም ያለፈች ሰውች ያለ ትውስታ ቀርተዋል። አንቺና ያንቺ ተውልድ ከዚህ የማይለቅ አዙሪት(Vicious circle) ተመንጥቆ መውጣት አለበት ባይ ነኝ ፡ ይህ ማንንም የማይወክል አስተያየቴ ነው፡ መልካሙን ሁሉ እመኝለሻለሁ

  7. Solomon says:

    God bless you sister, constructive criticism is necessary to any country and I think you said it very well, so keep the good faith, I wish you the best. Do not listen to those backward someone’s agents.,

  8. Borkena says:

    I listened what this woman said and I couldn’t see anything she criticized diaspora .You are desperate to find anything that suit to your hate against diaspora politicians . aye dawit ,why don’t you publicly declare yourself as a TPLF propagandist so that you can bitterly curse the diaspora politicians?yezeren yanzerziregn alech alu. Don’t cheat yourself under the motto :we value impartiality .Your tigrean blood boils in your vein .

  9. wondinet says:

    አርትስት አስቴር በጣም አመስግናለሁ። ኢትዮጲያዊነት ማለትም ሆነ የበሰለ ሰው ማለት ባጣቃላይ አንቺ ራስሽ ነሽ። ከዚህ የተለየ አንድም ነገር ማለት አይቻልም። እነዚህ በአሜሪካን በወስጥ ተቀምጠው ተማሪን ነው የሚሉት። አንቺ ግን ከነ ፕሮፈሰር አለማየሁ ገ/ማሪያም፣ ከነዶር ብርሃኑ ነጋ፣ ከነዶር ማናምን ሁሉ ትበልጭያለሽ። ኢትዮጲያዊ ነሽ!!!!!!!!!!!! አዎ ነሽ!!!!!!!!!!!

    • adinew says:

      Ohhhhhhh anchin degmo ethiopiawinet sechi ena tekebay yaregesh man news???? Ye woyanewochu aybekam? Ere sent ale bakachehuu???

  10. Girma says:

    Aster, the few dergist and narrow nationalist/racist diaspora elements have destroyed the Ethiopianist civlized culture and replaced it with degrading their fellow human beings with insults and attacking personality. This is a clear sign that they cannot win with ideas.These venom people teach day and night the mostely uneducated “dv-winner” and refugee diaspora which often didn’t manage it to get to the 10th grade exam in Ethiopia. The venoms and abusers like Al Mariam and Elias has no other way of halting the progress of the country than insulting and degrading personalities of individuals against they lost in every respect. Insult is the ultimate sign of defeat. So let’s see them in that perspective.

    • muleta says:

      as articulate and as educated as you sound… Qil eras neger neh…it seems you writing and speaking to please your bosses……kechaka yewetu wonbedeawoch..shewedush…you said narrow nationalist/racist diaspora..really…..?…look stishewed….from 100 something Generals…98 percent are ……every CEO,CFO….likemneber…aleka…..are from that region…

  11. Ermi says:

    What a smart lady. She is so brave she still maintains her stance about what she said. But i have not heard her criticizing diaspora contrary to what the title. She didn’t even mention the word “diaspora”. On the other hand, she confirmed that she was forced to attend the dedbit meeting as she could not refuse their request fot her attendance as an artist.

    But the big and interesting question is why Awramba times previously posted an edited portion of her question to Samora. The most important part of her question was taken out on Awramba Times while ESAT and othe independent websites made her question in its entirety. Did Awramba Times think her question was so damaging to Dedebit 5th graders and he will be punished for posting it?

    Btw, congratulations to the dedebit 5th graders and their hod-ader cadres for introducing the first ebola victim to the country.

    Peace to all but woyanes!


    • Abdi says:

      You live all of your life blaming somebody learn from Bilgates even he didn’t complete his education but he give you a technology to insult
      Thank god.
      lazy professer

  12. adinew says:

    By interviewing the brave and smart Artist Awramba time made the regrettable mistakes!! Because Awramba gave her wonderful chance to re-affirm her remarks! She even went a little bit further and said ” I will stand by my words” and encourage the hodam journalist and Artists to stand by their beliefs!!!! What I didn’t understand is the failure attempt by awramba pushing her to change her tone! She said Hell NO!


    • Ermi says:

      Adinew, god bless you for correctly stating the fact.

      Awrambatimes should be asked what her genuine remark was as he left it out from his post. As a limatawi “journalist”, he should have at least first post her genuine ramark that became controversial. Now he is asking his readers to believe the title of this posting without either her word or her genuine remark.

      Keahiya yewalech gider fes temira timetalech. Dawit better distance himself from the fifth graders.

      Peace to all but woyanes!


  13. Degif says:

    Ignore the comments posted on diaspora websites. I tell you frankly, no one allows you to criticize any one of the fake diaspora organizations here in US like you did in front of the big figures of EPRDF. If you do that, they will immediately take you as Weyane. They don’t have the moral right to say anything. ‘Bekumu moto letekebere’ idiot bota atischiw.

  14. Dagna says:

    Well done sister

  15. I for sure admire Aster not only for the courage she embodied to have a say on the weak sides TPLF in genera land the regime in particular, but also for the flip side of the courage she possess in regards to what the regime has achieved in changing the lives of the people of Ethiopia including the scarifies, determination, leadership quality and the ability of the organization in handling rifts, dissent and a difference in opinion; she in fact did not stop there, but suggested how the future of Ethiopian should rely away from the commonly vicious cycle so that our people and the future generation should embrace a course of tolerance, love compromise and giving repeated chances for discussions and finding solution. A great girl with wisdom, keep on doing it the same way, and distance yourself from extreme notions.

  16. carlos danger says:

    Half a century political struggle later,we found one artist tells us how political parties must ordinary citizen advises us about “country first,party interest next”.It is sad but true.well said sister.

  17. Tatek says:

    The Actress made a good point and she made it so clear that the idea she put forward was absolutely hers. I think there is nothing wrong with that. She never mentioned anything to the effect of politicians based in the diaspora, unless there was some attempt to push the whole controversy in that direction. It has been obvious that the regime has been uneasy about the noise being made in the diaspora, but in my opinion it is unfair to accuse anyone in the diaspora of being ‘anti -regime venomous radicals’. According to the World Bank, the Ethiopian Diaspora had injected $10.2 Billion into the Ethiopian Economy during the last year and while I don’t personally expect any ‘Thank you’ from the regime for this—as I feel we had done our part as Ethiopians, I see the blanket accusation that the diaspora are properties of the opposition as ‘groundless categorization’. There is one bad culture that has a deep root in both the regime’s and the opposition’s camp though—the culture of entitlement. We all grew up being told that solitude is not only so bad but is the worst enemy of man, but that doesn’t mean it gives us a free ticket to any woman’s heart. There is no such thing as entitlement to a free kiss, a free lunch, a free car or a free service. No one owes you anything in this world. The actress stated that she felt she had a right to speak her mind and did so; and if that is so let be it. But we have an issue here of a Govt that feels it is entitled to everything because it has nice ideas for the country and the opposition which believes they have even a better idea. But both camps fail to understand that public votes, support, assets, office and/or solidarity is not a right; it is rather a privilege, and as such, both camps need to earn it. If the regime earned this actress’ support because she felt her right to speak up has been guaranteed under this Govt, I think that shouldn’t offend anyone. If anyone mocked her or attacked her for just speaking up her mind or attending a very pro-regime event like this one, for me that is not only unacceptable but something that runs counter the tenets of democracy. While real or perceived personal and misogynistic attacks on the actress from the opposition is unacceptable at best and a pernicious sexual stereotyping at worst, the fact that the local media, including Awramba Times, was using this incident to dirty-up the opposition to endear themselves to the regime is so appalling and sad. That being said, this right of this actress or anyone involved in politics has never been a free lunch again; it actually comes with a boatload of other requirements. Just as she had a right to speak up her mind and mock or criticize others, others also have a right to criticize her. There is hardly any room for self-pitying and playing a victim game in politics and if you are brave enough to take the stage to talk politics, there is a reasonable expectation that you stand a counter political punch that going on the stage brings with it. I expected the actress and others who attended the event to use the opportunity to ask TPLF officials if tax payer assets were used for this particular event. No one said a word about this; I think Ethiopians in general and tax payers of Tigray in particular deserve an answer on this. It is my understanding that no one dares to ignite a storm by taking a lid off a ‘box of fire’ like this issue as it is clear that lack of accountability and corruption are the traits defining the regime and any complaints related to this are at odds with the Govt’s policy—not to mention the fact that the regime expects anyone who attends such an event to be Developmental in some way, be it DEVELOPMENTAL PRESS, DEVELOPMENTAL ARTIST, DEVELOPMENTAL INVESTOR OR DEVELOPMENTAL THINKER.

    These being said, it is vital that we all see the Actress’ invitation to Dedebit for what it is—an exercise in political courtesy extended to a wide cross section of influential people, but we needed to be mindful of how quickly the long and sharp knives could come out if the Govt’s agenda was threatened in any way as the nation has still been walking in darkness and in such darkness, you can’t tell the shadow of a dog from that of a wolf.

  18. Zellalem says:

    It was witnessed when two groups of foxes fought against each other because of piece of land. When some foxes got injured and others became tired, few hyenas came in and took the land both groups of foxes had. The hyenas ate the injured foxes while chased away the weak and tired.

    However, the dirty hyena started to fight against each other because of food which is coming from dead animals in this case foxes. They badly hurt against each other in a way they became hostile against each other and lost unity and combined power to fight their common Enemy.
    When the Lion saw that, a single but merciless Lion came in and killed the entire hyena pack and took the territories.

    This is how we see among some weak and small minded inexperienced so called Ethiopians. They are like foxes and Hyenas acting as if they are all that against each other while their common enemy is playing them in order to weaken and destroyed against each other.

    Instead of behaving like chickens and insects being around dusts and trash with no reason to behave that way, why don’t they become the people of the 21-century with full grown brain. Stop fighting against each other but work together for common benefit based on respect, understanding and togetherness.

    Look how others are playing you thinking you are already brainwashed dump and stupid to understand the things but following what they are telling and saying to you including about yourself and own personal matters.

    FT which is one of the merciless and evil English establishments imperialist mouth shit propaganda private media is painting another lies and distorting facts as all the Anglo-American criminal Medias, writers and scholars are.

    “Ethiopian prince was brought to England” This is the biggest lie and distorting the worst and first biggest criminal facts the English empire was responsible from the start to the end. Would that happen, if that evil Empire was not invading a sovereign nation?

    This is about Prince Alemayehu, son of Atse Theodros who was the fist ever none white person serous and face to face challenger and nightmare against the evil English empire.

    They (the Evil English Empire) came to Ethiopia to wage war against Ate Theodros/the country. First they divided Ethiopians to allow them the racist and evil like them to become between them in order to fulfill their racist and merciless goal. Even these days they are trying to use the same old tactic which is the racists and evils are working hard and using different tactics to divide the citizens including giving shelter in England and supporting and financing them.

    They killed his father who was a brave king, after taking her as prisoners of war; they killed his mother in the afar desert or no one knows what they did to the young and beautiful Mintwab which is Atse Theodros wife. They also took him to England as prisoners of war after killing his father and mother. . They know if the prince or his mother stayed there or left alive, the people will regroup and particularly the son would be declared King following his killed father.

    He lived in the 19 century very nasty and evil racist England, until they killed him when he was 18 years old. Imagine what kind suffering he had been through as a child in that racist society without any family around, without speaking the language and the cold weather after witnessing the death of his father, suffering and disappearance of his mother and the destruction in his country.

    yet, the English establishment/Jewish Journalists, writers and scholars are telling us these days full of lies and crap about how and why he taken to England. They killed his father, mother, destroyed the country and looted the treasures and yet they are saying they took the son for good reason.

    Fack these mother fucker liars and criminals causing so many crimes against the world for so long with lies and distorting the facts in order only they get all the benefits and rewards from.

    How dare they are lying in our face to this level. They have committed the crimes and latter on trying to present it as if it was the best for Ethiopia.
    The problem is that there are still dump head Ethiopians buying this crap full of lies and distorting the facts because of the level of their brain is worse than the chicken. Fack FT and all English establishment criminal Medias and evil scholars that are distorting the truth based on their own agenda and benefit.

    We are waiting to read and watch the truth about the English unjust and evil wars and all mischief crimes against Ethiopia and the damages written by Ethiopians, and also the film about it where the screen writers, actors, directors and so on have to be Ethiopians free from any English/foreign criminals involvement that are always influencing and distorting the facts based on their own agenda..

  19. Mercy says:

    thanks Aster. I think she is educating the so called “journalists” who swing from one camp to another, and who think they have to either become opponents or another etv/radio.
    I think journalists must learn - you also Awramba times - why haven’t you said anything critical when you cover this event. how come one thing be only positive especially in Ethiopia? Bereket described Derg, but with clear mind can rate EPRDF the same on most of the accounts … media and people silencing, strong intelligence on your own people to mute critic… what have you man

  20. Ash says:

    Aster Bedane, here is ur answer:

    Question do TPLF give up power with election ?

    The short answer yes if we had real opposition , what we have is crook try to hoodwink power out of TPLF by using election system.

    So this opposition running armed struggle while the Amhara running armed struggle they buddy in Addis AbAba can’t hoodwink power out of TPLF..

    Just ask urself if all power and army goes to G7, cud,OLF and ONLF do u think they will give up power peacefully… While they r telling us they going to destroy our constitution on day one why in hell we give our power in name of election..

    This is like al Qaeda try to come back to power using election without reforming themselves to new reality ..

    This is like white apartheid party try to come back to power using election and implementing apartheid system… Do u think black would well we lose election here is power, army and gun

    Until G7/11, Cud, eUd, EPRP, Eppppe, ONLF, OLF reform their way and give up armed struggle all election doesn’t count hence U can’t accused TPLF staying in power because all those 23 years it doesn’t count..what it count is the day all party give up and accept Ethiopian constitution 100% then the clock start otherwise..
    Go and eat other.

    Let make it easier the Amhara to ruled 100 years that didn’t count against them why only they count the TPLF time.

    If that the case then Oromo is their turn but they spoilt by waging war so let as give to next inline…

  21. Dany says:

    ‘sew malet sew betefa gize sew hono yetegegn new’
    History will remember you as you stand apart from those opportunist artists and journalists. You did not discredit the acts of the martyrs but rather give them eternal life as they paved the way for democracy unless betrayed for the lust of power.

  22. Anonymus says:

    I really don’t get the Headline of the story????When did she talk about the diaspora….??? Why do try to change peoples perspective by writing what she didn’t say….??? Its like what she said “People give interpretation of things based on their knowledge”…….Shame on you Guys

    • Beza says:

      Anonymous, I don’t know if you are asking innocent question, she was criticized by her emotional question, specially, when she was crying at the mentioning of the martyrs who paid their life for the freedom of Ethiopians. You remember the Cry of Aster Weiso when Meles died. They criticized her for her emotions and the remark she made for Meles. They called her A Zeb Mesfin. That is why she is responding to those people.

      • Anonymus says:

        Beza come on.Emotion???? Really??? Who told you that???And please answer me this WHO ARE THEY???Tigist have the right to cry if she i admire Meles (FYI her name is Tigist Weiso),but i saw her crying and I believe she over reacted.But i don’t want to talk about Tigist i want you to rally listen to Aster t she said “PEOPLE HAVE THE RIGHT TO INTER PRATE THINGS AS THEIR KNOWLEDGE AND UNDERSTANDING”.She talked about peoples in general not specific people be it Diaspora or others.Why do we have to always take one side only??? why don’t we have be just fair???

        • Beza says:

          Thanks Anonymous, for correcting me about Tigist Weiso, she is my favorite Artist. When we come to Aster she has exercised her right, by asking the question at the same time she was emotional when she was mentioning about the martyrs. She has no moral value to criticize other Artists. When I heard the interview by Tewelde Beyene the Brother of Tamgn Beyene. It seems well planned question according to her interview. She might have some change for that, she knows. But definitely well planned. I an sure EPRDF will do nothing to her. Awramba times did great job to bring her interview and the talk she made in front of the Minister. The judgment is upto the scope of your knowledge. Anyways, EPRDF proved that it is democratic if you’re expressing your views in nonviolent and peaceful way.

  23. frettw says:

    It seems awramba times has the video of the questions asked why not showing it. Why just only the inteview after the fact?

  24. Abdi says:

    I think she speaks great what is on her mind but most of the diasporas didn’t know the real truth currently in Ethiopia even some of them were killers before .they have no moral right to comment on democracy

  25. matusala says:

    ፅንፈኛ ዲያስፖራዎች ሀሌም መልካም ነገር አይወጣባቸውም፡፡ለአገራቸውም በጎ ነገር አያስቡም፡፡ሁሌ የሚፅፉት ነገር ሳይ በጣም ይገርመኛል ተስፋ የቆረጠ ከዚህ በላይ ቢናገርነና ቢፅፍ እንዳበደ ሰው ብናየው የተሻለ ነው እላለሁ፡፡ሁሌካበዱ ሰወዎች መንገድ መጓዝ አስፈላጊ መስሎም አይታየኝም፡፡እነዚህ ሰዎች ጌታ እየሱስ እነኳ ቢመጣባቸው ሰይጣን ነህ ከማለት ወደ ሀላ የሚሉ አይመስለኝም፡፡

  26. yemane says:

    Aster bedane 10 for your constructive suggesstion!!!!!

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