King Abdullah of Saudi Arabia Dies at 90


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13 Responses

  1. good says:

    All the dictators are dying one by one everywhere. I think this is good for the world.

    • Solomon says:

      Mr good the next dictator to die will be ,the worst of all Banda Essaya of Banda country so called Ertirea .
      Banda Essayass will die on street of Asemera just like his body Gaddaf childern will slap his face.

    • Solomon says:

      Mr good the next dictator to die will be ,the worst of all Banda Essaya of Banda country so called Ertirea .
      Banda Essayass will die on street of Asemera just like his body Gaddaf childern will slap his face.
      When Banda Essayass dies Banda tsfalhulu Banda Mesay Mekonen and Esat Ertirea amihric program will close for good .

  2. Solomon says:

    I hope the so called king goes in fire in hell ,
    And I hope Saudi Arbes go up side down and bee destroyed because,,they are the reason for all prabelem in this world special in Africa .By speeding billions in their hateful religion wahbizem .
    Like what boko harame doing in Africa killing .

    • ilula lemma says:

      King did something for Saudi’s, He was not as stupid as your boss Meles Zenawi. He(Meles) is the one who deserve Hell .

  3. ash says:

    What remarkable is, the king rest in unmarked grave …according to Islamic tradition.

  4. akil says:

    am happy to hear this

  5. ahmed says:

    I don’t understand this man is too old. And have black beard.

    Is he cloured with this age at ninth years old?

  6. Lula says:

    Who is he ????????ha ha ha ha one by one GOD you are listing poor Ethiopians who was murdered in Saudi .

  7. ilula lemma says:

    It may be a big loss for is not comparable with Ethioqpians big relief after Junta leader Meles zenawi death. ABO MELES I DID NOT MISS YOU FOR A SECOND.I HOPE YOU PRESUMED YOUR LEADERSHIP IN HELL.

  8. Aman says:

    160.000 innocent Ethiopians rounded up and locked up in concentration camps under this so called King watch and rule. If the Ethiopian government was not there on time to bring them back, they will be killed there as Hitler did to the….

    What happened to Ethiopians in Saudi Arabia particularly that Time is and Always will be the darkest part of the Ethiopian history. It was/is and will be seen a viscous and merciless historical crime against Ethiopian ever done to them by any foreign power. We know still is happening against Ethiopian domestic workers in those devils and demons homes in isolation, but what they did in Saudi Arabia against 160.000 Ethiopians was a crime against humanity.

    How many of them rapped including in front of their husbands, children or anyone who was around? How many of them harassed, chased and killed? How many of them lost everything they had? And how many of them…..?

    The Ethiopian government did others never did like this magnitude for its citizens that were in Saudi concentration camps subjected to death and suffering treating them as if they had no humanity but the kind of dangerous animals. Bringing 160.000 desperate, hopeless and helpless Ethiopians from that evil desert nation in that condition within a week using own airline was a very huge task and miracle. Israel is still praising and telling itself and the world how it transported 19.000 Ethiopians in 1991. And those Ethiopians were in their own country in Ethiopia and they can stay as much as they want. But 160.000 Ethiopians in Saud were in concentration camps with desperate situation; one more hour remain there means was more suffering and death.

    The man responsible since 1995 in that shit desert English created kingdom is gone. The next one is coming and soon will be gone. Then we will see this English created kingdom in 1932 through war including taking huge lands from Yemen, eastern provinces and others still remain as a nation. Saudi Arabia has more than 200 Ethnic groups/tribes. The so called royal family is from a small tribe/Ethnic group in Nejib. It has nothing to do with Mecca and medina before it took by force in 1932.
    It is an English created desert place where USA also became part of it since the Second World War. There is no wonder why the English Flag is lowered and the nation is mourning for the death of their king in Saudi Arabia. Who knows that flag will remain there from now on. They9USA and England) even are calling him a democrat, moderate, and blah blah which is kkkkk.

    We are witnessing everyday how corrupt, inhuman, joke and the enemy of humanity and nature are those Establishments particularly in England and USA. Fack their so called democracy, human right, rule of law, free speech, media or whatever they are vomiting towards others. It is all about them and as long as they are getting the money and benefit they are looking for, they are happy with it. They are the real prostitutes. This is what is going on and all about the English and USA so called west agenda in other regions and nations. fake the English criminal medias, evil and racist journalists, NGOs, Charities and anyone/thing coming from there acting as if they are genuine and doing the right things. They are pure evil, period. . The world is watching them and noticing every more they are making with disbelieve understanding them how evil and dangerous they are becoming every day.

    This is not about the death of this person. But the English and USA lead so called western behavior related to it. Are they going to open their stinky laying and dishonest mouth again and also their criminal medias and evil journalists will continue painting their racist shits about democracy, human right including the right of women and children, rule of law, election or whatever they are having in their dead brain in other countries including Ethiopia?

    Are we going to allow these evils that have no what so ever dignity, integrity, humanity and conscious in them continuing lecturing and telling us what to do in our own country for their own agenda and benefit? Let these evils go to hell. Viva the rest of the world including China, Russia and many more that are in the position to lead the word for the better to all. Tiny England is now officially an evil nation lead by evil and merciless empty soul animals. Look at their PM and Finance minister, too. They have no idea how the vast majority UK citizens are let alone the rest of eth world. They are part of the establishment/high class no knowledge how looks like the living condition of their own citizens.

  9. Tenaye says:

    The new prime minster HMD of Ethiopia cut off the slave trade relationship between Ethiopia and Saudi Arabia which drove the king to anger and his unexpected death. Just like Abebe Gellaw crushed Meles Zenawi’s spirit when he confronted him in public, the new prime Minster of Ethiopia HMD crushed this king’s spirit when he air lifted most non-muslim Ethiopians out of Saudi Arabia that were destined to be slaves of Saudi Arabians for the rest of their life according to the agreement between Meles Zenawi and the Saudi royals.

  10. Visitor says:

    Saudi Arabia is a family enterprise ruling over six distinct regions held together by theology, tribal alliances and the largess that flows out of the House of Saud.
    Historically, the Hejaz, the western coastal area that is home to Mecca and Medina, always held itself separate and aloof from the rest of the Arabian Peninsula. Yet the machinations of the British and the Bedouin soldiers of Abdul Aziz triumphed over the rival Hashemites in the redistribution of power after World War I.

    While the Hejaz as a region ranked high in importance because of its religious significance, al Hasa on the eastern coast of the peninsula ranked first in economic importance because of trade within the Persian Gulf and, after 1938, the pools of oil that lay beneath its sands. Enfolded into Abdul Aziz’s kingdom were three other regions—the Asir, the green, mountainous area south of Jeddah, where the ties to Yemen are strong; Jizan on the far southwestern coast that looks toward Africa and hosts Saudis of African descent; and the northern frontier that has always seen itself as more a part of Syria and Iraq than Saudi Arabia.
    But it is the Nejd, the great heartland of the peninsula that reveres the Bedouin ethos, fiercely protects the Wahhabi sect of Islam, and holds the ancestral home of the al Sauds, which has always controlled Saudi Arabia’s politics, economy and culture. Yet for reasons of history and culture, the Hejaz still disdains all other regions; the Hasa celebrates its cosmopolitanism; and the Nejd regards itself as the soul of Saudi Arabia. And the people of every region remain divided, for every Saudi is first and foremost the member of a family that claims kinship within a tribe defined by blood ties to a real or contrived common ancestor.

    Even if the House of Saud had not protected its own interests by playing one group off against another, using oil wealth to build genuine unity among the Saudis would have proven difficult. Before oil, generation after generation had survived on the desert without protection of any authority outside the family. Thus generation after generation instinctively distrusted anyone outside the kinship group. After they were stitched together by Abdul Aziz and gifted with great wealth, the Saudis continued to live apart.

    For both men and women, Wahhabism undergirds the family, the family undergirds the society, and alliances between the religious leaders and the House of Saud undergird the political system.

    There is increasing lawlessness in the kingdom, which was all but nonexistent when I lived there at the peak of the oil boom. The lawlessness is coming from the young, many of whom are in a state of rebellion because they are bored. They want more social freedom. They want more of a share of the national wealth. The more serious demand more transparency in government. What the vast majority do not want is Western-style democracy or to have the responsibility of governing put into their hands. With reforms that would more equitably distribute wealth, most Saudis across the age spectrum are willing to continue to support the status quo maintained by the House of Saud. The question then becomes how much time is there for the House of Saud to loosen its grip on the treasury before the shrinking pool of oil money is no longer large enough to grease the gears of the political system.

    either the House of Saud remains too ineffective to preside over the deteriorating social fabric, which encompasses the military, or the country implodes. The kingdom’s regions—the Hejaz, the Hasa, and the Nejd—spin off from each other followed by Asir, Jizan, and the northern frontier. The Shia of the Eastern Province, who essentially run ARAMCO, throw off the yoke of the Wahhabis. Family and tribe look after their own. And greedy outsiders with powerful militaries gather to compete for the oil resources of the collapsed kingdom.

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