pre-service testing of Addis Railway project (In pictures)


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8 Responses

  1. Solomon says:

    Good bless Ethiopian for every body .
    This is still baby steps we have a long way to go for the average Ethiopian people to feel there is Chang in Ethiopia .
    I know there is a lot of prabelem in Ethiopia .
    Comparing to the last 3 Ethiopian governments This is the best ever we have .
    We I say this ,what I want people to know is I opposes Ethiopian government police form the gat go on Ertirea .
    Because I still believe Ethiopian have right to get ont only Assbe more than that .
    But still we need to build our economy and show those Banda Ertirea Ethiopia can make it with out Ertirea and I think we seceding on teaching Ertirea that we don’t need them .
    Eritrean used to believe with out Ertirea Ethiopia would be finish .
    Now it is in reverce Ertirea is finish with out Ethiopian .
    Special when Ertirea hire Ethiopian and Djibouti are about to unite they are shutting in there pants .
    And this is the reason Essayass even willing to sleep in bad with naftnga beca

    • Tesfalehulum says:

      The light railway project is a politically motivated woyane’s blunder that splits the city into two and left many at a disadvantage. The project never considers the public input, the socio-economic status as well as relevant experts feedback. It is all timed to be used as a cheap propaganda tool for the upcoming fake election. The recently published Addis Admas news paper summarized the public opinion in a good way. Please follow the link since the article gives a good insight.

      “ስማቸው እንዲገለፅ ያልፈለጉና በአንድ አለማቀፋዊ ድርጅት ውስጥ የሚሰሩ የኮሙኒኬሽን ኤክስፐርት ስለዚሁ ጉዳይ በሰጡን አስተያየት፤ የተለያዩ የአውሮፓንና በርካታ የአፍሪካ አገራትን በስራቸው አጋጣሚ የማየት ዕድሉን እንዳገኙ ጠቅሰው፤ በአገራችን የተሰራውን የባቡር ሃዲድ የሚመስል ግን በየትኛውም አገር እንዳላጋጠማቸው ተናግረዋል፡፡
      “የባቡር መስመሮች እንዲህ እንደ አገራችን ከተማን ለሁለት በሚከፍልና ለእግረኛም ሆነ ለአሽከርካሪዎች አመቺ ባልሆነ መንገድ ተሰርተው አላየሁም፡፡ ባለሙያዎቹ ግንባታውን ሲያካሂዱ እነዚህ ጉዳዮች ላይ ትኩረት አድርገው ግንባታው የከተማዋን ውበትና የነዋሪውን ምቾት በጠበቀ መልኩ እንዲካሄድ ማድረግ ይገባቸው ነበር ብለዋል፡ ፡ በመኖሪያ አካባቢያቸው ባለ የህፃናት ማቆያ ውስጥ ህፃን ልጇን የምታውል እናት፤ ልጇን ወደ ማዋያው ለማድረስ ቀደም ሲል ከቤቷ በራፍ ላይ የሚገኘውን አስፋልት ማቋረጥ ብቻ ይጠበቅባት ነበር ያሉት ኤክስፐርቱ፤ በአሁኑ ወቅት ግን በባቡር መንገዱ ምክንያት ልጇን በሁለት ታክሲዎች ሄዳ በወዲያኛው ማዶ በሚገኘው የህፃናት ማዋያ ውስጥ ለማስገባት መገደዷን በምሳሌነት ጠቅሰው ይህ ከጊዜ፣ ከገንዘብና ከጉልበት አኳያ በነዋሪው ላይ የሚያደርሰውን ጉዳት ያሳያል ብለዋል፡፡
      ይህን ሃሳብ የጎጃም በረንዳው ነዋሪ አቶ አብዮት አሰፋም ይጋሩታል፡፡ “ለዓመታት በንግድ ቤትነት (በቡና ቤት ንግድ ድርጅትነት) ሳስተዳድረው ለቆየሁት ድርጅቴ እገለገልበት የነበረውና ከቡና ቤቴ ፊት ለፊት ይገኝ የነበረው መጋዘን በባቡር መስመር ዝርጋታው ምክንያት እንኳን በእግር በተሽከርካሪም የማይደረስበት ሩቁ ሆኗል፡፡ ለቡና ቤቱ የሚያስፈልጉ ነገሮችን ከመጋዘኑ ለመውሰድ በመኪና ሀብተጊዮርጊስ ድልድይ ድረስ ሄጄ መዞር ይኖርብኛል፡፡ ይህ ደግሞ በእጅጉ አስቸጋሪና ለስራዬም እንቅፋት የሆነ ጉዳይ ነው ብለዋል፡፡”

      • Solomon says:

        Tesflhulem Banda shabia Telalake .you have a problems, because you have so much hate in you it will kill you.In your thinking you hate those people you think they build it to you they they can’t do any thing right .
        I am so sure you so quick to give give credit to Banda Minlke for building Djibouti to finfinie (addis Abeba train )even though he sold Ethiopian ports to French and Tigray Ethiopian land now Ertirea to Italian this is the reason I call Minlke Banda .
        Banda shabia Telalake kiteragna Tesflhulem did you know there were no Ertirea befor Minlke making a deal with his maste Italian .During the really king of kings of Yohans and hero Alula there were no Ertirea ,it was Ethiopian .
        Death to ethiopian enemy shabia and shabia Telalake Esat Tesflhulem .

        • dawit says:

          Dear Sedbo Ader Solomon,

          Just like your friend, Sedbo Ader Beza, you cannot write anything that has substance.
          We know you earn your living by insulting people who write anything against your Mafia Woyane bosses.
          We Ethiopians know now our enemy. You cannot divert attention, you cannot divide us now by mentioning Menilik, Oromo, Amhara, Tigre etc.
          We are one and our enemies are the Few MAFIA WOYANES, HOD ADERS and SEDBO ADERS like you.
          Eritreans are our brothers.
          Long live the brotherhood of Ethiopians and Eritreans.
          You have nowhere to hide in the near future.
          We know each and everyone of you.

  2. Ermi says:

    The idea of rail service would have been nice if the design was well-thought (with professionals, not dedebit fifth graders). Electric street cars(trams) would have been a superb alternative as it would allow both cars and rail travel on the same lane at the same level.

    How on earth woyane thought of this ugly rail track and concrete barriers? Do they think they are still at war in dedebit? Such a rail line should have been built along the ring road rather than the narrow streets of the city. It’s negative economic impact and the inconvenience it brings to the residents will outweigh the intended political agenda. Wayanes Wil not even wait for the next government before they dismantle it- second round looting on the same project.

    Peace to all but woyanes!


  3. Zellalem says:

    Don’t retreat, lay back, keep quiet, being reluctant or give time, but fight the enemies back on time and decisively with no rumors at all. They are evil have no hesitation to destroy you in your own country but working for that including secretly and silently while acting as if they are friends and innocents. Never trust them for anything but others started from china. And most importantly yourself and your country.

    Day by day and step by step Ethiopia is improving ways the people are benefiting for real and hugely with long term guarantee.

    However, there are the fierce enemies out here that are the cancers to humanity and earth in general targeting us while having bases far away in USA, England, France, Australia and Canada. They don’t like to see the miserable situation they created in Ethiopia to be changed the way it is which is fully and totally running by Ethiopians first and always for the Ethiopians benefits.

    They tried in 2005, but failed. They taught the government would fail by itself and just leave the trash alone till it rotten by itself, too. As a result they concentrated damaging and destroyed other nations including Ukraine. In Ukraine, they started to destroy once the richest and greatest nation in the name of orange revolution. They got what they were looking after damaging the nation. But, it didn’t last long. The Orange revolution mercenary agents against own country, knew right away it was not to benefit Ukraine but to destroy in a way the benefit goes to the enemies. Then, they went back to have useful and good relations with Russia where all of them are slavish people and have lots in common.

    But the enemies didn’t let them alone to have the life by themselves based on their own ways, choices and efforts. The Enemy went far and created and organized the alliance between the neo Nazis and fascists against the democratically Elected Ukraine government. A Jewish USA secretary for Europe travelled to Kiev 3 times within 5 weeks where she having meeting and agreements with the neo Nazis and fascists. Can you imagine an Ashkenazi Jewish having an alliance with the neo Nazis and fascists and relaying on them to destroy Ukraine that lead to more than one million refugees, 6000 death and 10s of thousands wounded? Of course, they are behind al Qaida, IS, or any Islamic terrorist simply to use them for their agenda against own people and country.

    Herman Cohen who is a fanatic Ashkenazi Jewish was behind the civil war in Ethiopia and the 1984 intentionally and well planned and executed tarnishing the Ethiopian image and undermines its people to the very lowest. He troubled many time to Sudan London and all over the places for these reason. He was the best friend and full supporter to TPLF and Shabia. He is still living being against Ethiopia while using TPLF as the best weapons blaming them for countless wrong and fictional accusations with aim to create division and then war and destruction against all Ethiopians which is the main goal they are up to. That old man is still vomiting his poison all over Ethiopia from his dementia life on bed.

    It is the same thing what they are busy today with Ethiopia as they are with Ukraine and other nations that are already destroyed by them and still on the process. . They know the country is not a rotten nation with corrupt and silly people but brave, hard working, confident, smart, wise, beautiful and ancient people. They also know, if Ethiopia remains in peace, unity, doing her things by herself in her ways, naturally rich Ethiopia mainly with fresh water, fertile soil and nice climate, would become soon one of the richest, strongest and confident nations in the world as she was 3000-2000 years back.

    But the enemies of humanity and earth in general are getting busy more than ever to stop Ethiopia and bring her back to the misery days they are created and having in mind to her for so long. They created Semayawi Party from nowhere in order to destroy the country in the name of color revolution. They managed to create alliances between semayawi party and the Wahabists thinking this combination would enflame the situation and destroy the country. Of course this way, they managed to cause troubles in the country at least for two years. But failed miserably to achieve the destruction and all out conflict in Ethiopia they were looking to see stopping development and happily watching the people misery and suffering as they have been since 1984 so called famine they caused and magnified million times and repeating it till these days presenting it with fictional horror characters about us.
    Semayawi Party was fully supported by so called donor nations and their allies including inviting its little rat leader to speak in front of 36 embassies representatives in USA embassy. However, USA and UK are behind all these.
    The enemies are having lots of hope in the 2015 election to destroy Ethiopia. They are working and making preparation for that for years. However, their damaging plan is getting crushed by the brave Ethiopians before it causes any damage. The Enemies know the Semayawi color revolution misery and destruction and the wahabi alliance they have created is failed miserably. The little rat semayawi part agent traveled in USA just to get the command and also for false promise with return after he destroyed his country. They invested lots around it including the Zone 9, so called activists, journalists, scholars including in Universities, NGO, Charities and so on. They are paying them a lot.
    So called andenet part core elements also were part of it under the leadership of Seifu Girma. He was in USA many times to get training and lesson how to destroy the country in the name of party and election.

    However, the Semayawi color destruction agent, Seifu Girma andnet, sold out so called journalists and others in the name of anything including fake activists are gone. These few rats will never get a single chance to destroy Ethiopia which is a country of 90 million.

    All the destruction plans and groups they have created and started so far are failed. But, they don’t give up and stop leaving us alone to live in our country in our way. They are now started a media and misinformation war against all of us but dividing us in order they be able to become between us. The fierce racists, enemies and greedy imperialists like them are now trying to play their dark head card against Ethiopia in the name of ethnicity. Can you imagine the worse racist like them against blacks since slavery and colonization are coming to Ethiopia and acting as if they do care about some Ethiopians and blackmailing against others in the name of Ethnicity? Are we too dump to this level unable to understand who is our main enemy and how?
    USA has all human races, Ethnics, religions, culture, tradition, language and everything. It is the same in England, too. But they are coming in Ethiopia to play their dirty games in the name of differences between the same race/people based on ethnicity. These are evils they have no what so ever humanity in them but full of demons and shit motivated by money, power, greedy and wealth. I’m not talking about all USA, UK, France, Australia or Canada citizens. But the few greedy and evil Ashkenazi Jewish that are living in those countries particularly USA while controlling everything including wall street, Banks, Insurances, media, film and entertainment, Sport clubs and so on. It is the same in UK and to some extent in France, too. Go there and observe who is controlling the wealth, politics, media and so on.

    The Hungarian Born Jewish Gorge Soros crime against the world is right now getting busy on Ethiopia. He has many many employees including in the name of ICG International crises group, open democracy, HRW, Right groups and so on. Not only most of the people are his people but also the resources are coming from him and his criminal racist and greedy imperialists.

    The latest weapon they are having is dividing Ethiopia with Ethnicity despite Ethiopia has the lowest number of Ethnicity in the world which is only 80 with 90 million population while in USA, England, France, Canada, Australia and all over Africa, Asia, Latin America and so on is not only different Ethnicity but also all human races are living together as one nation. Before coming to Ethiopia to affect the country in the name of Ethnicity, why don’t they stop affecting all backs in many ways because of their race? 80 million Spanish speaking people have no right to use their language at school, offices and elsewhere in the region they are living. It is the same with other people, too including Scotland, Wales, North Ireland and so on. The majority ethnic groups in USA are Germans but we don’t see German speaking. Then Irish and others.

    40 million African American and 20 million none black American blacks with the total of more than 60 million blacks in USA are not speaking a black/African language. Why because language is a tool to communicate and what matters. But in Africa the evils are trying to use language differences in order to divide the same people.

    They are getting mad and mad everyday because of Ethiopia is doing the best never happened before. The Ashkenazi Jewish doctrine alongside with the greedy Imperialists in USA, England and so on to create a one world government based on the neo Liberal policy which is they have to be the leaders, is failing miserably, thanks to china, Russia, Iran, Brazil and Ethiopia also playing her part. The Ethiopia way is seen as danger to their policy in Africa. That is why, they want to destroy the country coming up with lies and fabrication propaganda wars in order to stop her way of democracy, leadership, development and division of wealth which are too contrary to them. 1% of the population controls 90% of the wealth in the neo Liberal Jewish created doctrine. This is the crime they are looking others also to adopt.

    “Ethiopia is a failed state” was the latest fabrication and pure propaganda war material these criminals from New York, DC and London are planting against Ethiopia. They are recycling the old and none existence fiction and fabrication stories thinking the ethic game would achieve their goal knowing the previous ones including the color revolution is gone. In Ukraine, color revolution didn’t achieve what they wanted but Ethnic war did in a way Ukraine became a failed and bankrupt nation. And they are happy about that. What we are witnessing these days is they are working tirelessly in order to see the Ukraine thing in Ethiopia, too.

    They are stupid and savage don’t know the difference between Ukraine which in Europe and Ethiopia which in Africa. Ethiopians at that matter all blacks will never destroy again against each other because of the fierce and long time racist and criminals against the blacks are saying so. That era is gone. The enemies engaged with these kind hateful and trash activates are from USA and UK where some alliances are all over the greedy and racist world. They are already having bases in Kenya where even the sold out Kenyans are working for them. Gorge Soros, Rockefeller and so on are financing and behind everything. So called western Medias, journalists, NGO, right groups, aid agencies, Charities, scholars, Tourists, investors, diplomats and in other names are the hateful and criminal employees for the neo Liberal agendas.

    People are saying more and more recently that the Ashkenazi Jewish will be the biggest fret to Africa including Ethiopia than anything or anybody else. Are we in that stadium today? Because almost all UK, USA and the likes journalists, HRW, right Groups, Medias, Journalists and so on are from these people.
    It is a merciless war they are doing against the nation worse than Hitler was against groups of individuals. The situation must get an attention before it is too late.

    Viva Ethiopia, China, Russia, Japan, Korea, Germany, Italy, and others, India, Iran, Africa, Asia, Latin America and the rest of the good nation’s people.

  4. Mesfin-Fafi says:

    Noone can agree with the recent illegal constructions done in Addis Ababa because as a result the Oromo people are loosing their life. The President of Oromia region Muktar Kedir is serving only one farm developer Mohammed Al-Amoudi who is having his way all over Oromia. Other Oromos are being evicted of their land on a daily basis.

    There is this well known old saying in Amharic that applies for TPLF’S intention of evicting farmers in Oromia to replace them by TPLF Neftegnas and expand Alamoudis grip over Oromia in the name of expanding Addis Ababa . The saying goes like this “GULICHA BILEWAWET WAT AYATAFITIM” :meaning changing cooking materials won’t make the sauce taste any better. I tell Al-Amoudi that same saying so he don’t think whether irrigation of Awash is done by him or other people will not stop the drought the Oromo people are suffering year after year in the area.

    Oromo definitely do not want the toxic Addis Ababa to expand anymore, rather must struggle to turn Addis Ababa into Finfinne.

    .Over the last 2 decades, the Oromo-phobic Addis Ababa expanded by more than 400x, and swallowed the Oromo surrounding it into oblivion. This must be stopped.
    There is a difference between Addis Ababa and Finfinne. The Oromo do not own Addis Ababa, and they must not own Addis Ababa, but they must struggle to turn Addis Ababa into Finfinne.

    Oftentimes, people use Addis Ababa and Finfinne interchangeably. This is wrong on many accounts. Addis Ababa is not Finfinne  and Finfinne is not Addis Ababa.

    Addis Ababa, by design, has been made to hate Oromo  from its inception, its Oromo-phobic. The struggle of the Oromo is to bury this Oromo-phobic Addis Ababa, and on its grave, build Finfinne  a city that is accommodating to all  a city that is based on the Oromo culture of tolerance and acceptance.

    The current Addis Ababa is a sore spot on the map of Oromia; Addis Ababa has toxic societal values which the ruling oppressive elites have passed down to the general public over the last 125 years since its annexation from the Oromo. Addis Ababa is unwelcoming to its own Oromo and Southern residents, but has five-star hotels to welcome African and world diplomats; this does not add up, and it must not be allowed to continue with this status quo anymore.

    The toxicity of Addis Ababa (i.e. its Oromo-phobia  and also, in general, South-phobia) must be healed, and it must be turned into a place of freedom and demoracy . The struggle must start by Oromo  they must speak first and foremost Afan Oromo, and boycott businesses which are justice-phobic (and democracy-phobic).

    Administratively, the federal government in Finfinne must beelected by all Ethiopians not just by TPLF. Definitely, Oromo do not want this toxic and cancerous Addis Ababa to expand anymore into the State of Oromia, and that Oromian land already taken over by force by . Oromo must #StopAbayTsehaye -the Tigrean Neftegna  who wants to expand the toxic Addis Abab by killing Oromos, Oromo language and Oromo culture in the region, and by giving the Oromo land to Tigrean Neftegnas.

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