Video Highlights of TPLF 40th Anniversary Celebration in Mekele


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21 Responses

  1. Duma says:

    The crowd and stadium looks great. I wish i was there. May by one of big football events Ethiopia might host.
    By the way, how could they managed to finish the stadium in such short time after the huge delay? I hope they are not compromising on quality.

    • Tesfalehulum says:

      The 100 million birr TPLF’s anniversary which comes at the height of Ethiopia’s piling foreign debt, record number of citizens fleeing the country to escape arbitrary detention and chronic poverty and brutal crack down of political dissent. Weyane was demonizing Derg for spending nearly 10 million birr for its anniversary but now multiplied it by 10.

      TPLF was founded on “Yekatit 11” and here under are 11 reasons under the fascist Weyane why Ethiopia is languishing among the bottom 15 poorest nations of the world and becoming the leading human right abuser.

      Tigray Parasitic & Looting Front (TPLF) 40 years “successes¡¡”:

      1. Trying to create ethnically divided weak Ethiopia for its evil purpose of divide and rule
      2. Creating up to a neck debt Ethiopia, more than 20 billion dollars in foreign loan. Not going far, the recent propaganda event, the Addis Ababa metro light railway, is funded by 475 million dollar loan from China and will be run by the Chinese company, CREC, for years to come. These will be a debt for generations to come.
      3. Creating a looting spree and out of control corruption; where is the tens of billions dollar foreign aid received as Ethiopia is among the top aid recipient in the world from the West and Japan??…..under weyane more than 16 billion dollar looted and stashed in foreign banks and weyane’s mafia ring pocket.
      4. Building a military where 99%, 58 generals, from Tigray that has a population of less than 6% of the whole country.
      5, Filling the prisons with innocent citizens, especially Oromos, as witnessed by former TPLF’s warlord, Seye Abreha
      6. Filling the prisons with political dissidents and journalists, bloggers and human right advocates using its kangaroo court and denying even their basic right of family visit
      7. Torture, arbitrary detention, and kidnapping …. kidnapping of the great Ethiopian patriot Andargachew Tsige and citizens like Tesfahun Chemada who was kidnapped from Kenya and perished at Makelawi torture chamber
      8. Creating the first never heard parliament with 99% win (it’s a record election win on planet earth)
      9. Orchestrating mass murder, genocide and ethnic cleansing on Amharas from Assosa, Arba Gugu, Bedeno, Ambo to Bemishangul Gumze and Gambela
      10. Land grabbing, forceful eviction, and mass murder in Gambela/Agewak, Ogaden, Oromo, Amhara and vicinity of Addis Ababa to all parts of the country
      11. Creating education system from crisis to brink of collapse where leading universities in the country are staffed with incompetent cadres and regime loyalists decorated by purchased masters and PhDs degrees.

      • Wubshet says:

        Poor Tesfalehulum, have fun and enjoy the great celebration of 40th anniversary Day of the peace loving freedom fighters of the people of Tigray. I know you were worried of the impact of the great event. Shabia must have been desperate to thwart and avoid the great news from reaching its poor subjects.

  2. Magu says:

    Thank you Dave for sharing this video.
    By the way, where have you been this past week? I was visiting your website everyday to get something new, but none until you post this one.
    Anyways, thank you again!

  3. Gebez says:

    Dawit, that is all you have for us about our biggest anniversary? Just one video? You have no interviews with the public, with officials, with Tegadelti, with veterans, with some youth e.t.c.?

  4. Samson says:

    Great but it’s too little. Ben ( Ethiopiafirst) did a great reporting about Lekatit11.

  5. Ashan Gulite says:

    Simply Fantastic, proud to be an Ethiopian

  6. hermi says:

    I am glad you are back, got me worried, its been a while since your last post. Hope to see more of those interviews in the video. Stay safe. Hope you are enjoying Tigray and look forward to hearing from you soon.

  7. Almaz says:

    Gebez you are asking too much for free. You want a movie for free just be happy and appropriate when some one makes an effort to do somthing he likes

    • Gebez says:

      it is my right to ask for more for free and it is ATs obligation to provide as much material as its readers want for free. Otherwise, AT is kindly welcome to take its cables out of the world wide web. But, there is no reason for that now for AT. So far so good. But again, coming up with one amateurish video from one of the biggest anniversaries in Ethiopia is kind of disrespecting the wider readers and followers.

  8. Gedif says:

    Dear Dawit,

    It was ‘Yekatit 17, 1983 ” that the Tegadali first came to the Town in Gojam where I was a teacher. I still remember their face, their honesty, integrity and endurance. From that day on I couldn’t get the gut to oppose the principles and ideas that they died for. Of course, I don’t mean that everything has gone smoothly and straight forward in the years that passed. However, I comparatively prefer EPRDF principles and policies than any other party in my country. I see changes in every aspect .I always keep the history of Mussie, Amoraw, Hayelom and Meles and his Tegadalai friends in my heart . May their soul rest in peace. By the way, I am currently live in USA and am not a Tigrigna speaker.

    • Sol says:

      Thank you, I wasn’t TEGaDaLy either, but as Ethiopian it is amazing how far EPRDF has come to build the moral and Hermony in our country, even though they are not perfect, they have showed us we are a nation of wonder if we stand together and what is coming is a bright future.

  9. Menkem-Tigraway says:

    Long live Weyan Tigray- Ethiopia!!!!!

    Lekatit 11 is the birth of people’s struggle for liberty, freedom and justices. People of Tigray after decades of oppression, incarceration and suffering under feudal and fascist regimes had free himself and the rest of Ethiopians from brutal, tyranny and dictatorship once for all through its long,, bitter and extensive struggle. What our fathers, mothers, brothers and sisters did is a showcase of our century old history of bravery against all odds. Tigray people defeated foreign invaders such as Turkey, Egypt, Mehadist (Sudan) and Italy in all battle fields and consequently we able to secure the integrity of our country from aliens. Heroism is born from honesty, love and kindness not from arrogance, boast and hatred. Tigray people in its thousands old history had never invaded any people, but love to live in peace, equality and in harmony . However, The people has never acknowledged any kind of oppression and suppression. Thus the 17 years of struggle against the brutal Derg was a sign of value for dignity, liberty and therefore; it has become a manifestation of heroism. Now, the struggle against all kinds of odds has gone once for all, never come back buried in deep dug grave; however, we have left with struggle against backwardness, ignorance and poverty. In this regard our heroic people has already started to registered miraculous achievements in conserving natural resources. Presently, Tigray is greener than 200 years ago. poverty is declining and become lower than the national average. Small and middle industries are blooming. Thousands of schools were and are constructed and packed with millions of students. Tigray is changing in all aspects. Above all, the peoples are acquainted of the destination set by TPLF which is in the coming 10 years to register our country in the list of lower middle income countries. So the people knows what needs to be done to become middle income country- in terms of human capital, technology and governance. Therefore, the future is bright with the existing vision of TPLF as the result the people of Tigray is continue and renew its promise to align himself around the TPLF political vision. This striking dream of TPLF ,to make a new history and lift Tigray-Ethiopia into its former position of civilization through the process of renaissance that would required a few generations maximum effort. The path has already opened and let’s take this holy journey to put our country at the apex of civility. Finally, the people of Ethiopia has stated to breath fresh air and ,this is, didn’t come for free, but we have paid priceless life of brilliant, talented and humble youngsters who could be scientists, professors, and doctors by now. Eternal glory to our martyrs!!! We are proud of them and history will never overlook their deeds. May God rest them in peace forever.

  10. etetu says:

    hope they make sometime of cover over the stadium….it could be hot and rainy depending on the season.

  11. Beza says:

    It is great to see the heroes of Tigray, Who were dying for the Ethiopia n’s and Ethiopia freedom. Despite your heroic and selfless contribution for the country’s growth, you are getting some negative responses but, most of Ethiopians are with you. Thanks for the ultimate fight you made to liberate Ethiopians from the Derg. Your bravery has produced a lot of people to live in peace.

  12. Asamnew says:

    Hi Dave ,I always enjoy reading your articles and watch your clips.stay objective and fair.Ethiopians are very fair people (fairness is also universal )keep up the fair reporting.In the near future,I see you in par with The Ethiopian Reporter news page .
    Thank you and god bless Ethiopia.

  13. Bethihu says:

    First of all, I would like to say thank to Dawit for sharing some highlights of the historic day of 11 celebration on Awrabatime!!

    Second, I would like to say congratulations to all the Herioc Tigrai people for their successful celebration of the 40th anniversary of TPLF’s formation day against injustice in Ethiopia. In addition, I would like to say thanks to all the TPLF/EPRDF leaders for their wise leadership that Ethiopia and its people is moving in the right direction…

    Kibrin Megosn Niswatna!!!!!

  14. Yekatet 11 was the day the evil and the enemy of ethiopia tplf laye the foundation.The good news is that this will be th last anvesary.

  15. Be ewnetu says:

    The future is more bright/shine.

  16. Tatek says:

    From its very inception as the Marxist-Leninist League of Tigray and renaming as the TPLF on February 18, 1975, the TPLF, as any other political organization, has navigated through countless ups and downs. As the name itself implies, which in Tigrigna means ‘’popular Revolution for the Freedom of Tigray’’, the party’s ideology was, and still is, furthering Communism (Revolutionary Democracy) and achieving the self determination of Tigray. As the party celebrated the 40th Anniversary of its founding, the peculiar message from the party’s top brass is that the TPLF had achieved what it fought for and there was a ferocious attempt to sort of change the language that somehow the organization not only liberated Tigray, but the Whole of Ethiopia. Leaving that judgment to history and the current and future generations of bright Ethiopians, time has come to set the records straight. Starting from Tigray—the very organ of the nation that the TPLF claim to have liberated from the shackles of the Dergue Authoritarianism, if the people of Tigray were used to seeing the signs and emblems of the Workers Party of Ethiopia (the only Political organization in the nation by then), the only change they could see today is those signs and emblems changed with those of the TPLF; and where there appeared to be statues of Colonel Mengistu, those statues replaced by those of Colonel Zenawi. If indeed that amounts to liberty in the grammar of Revolutionary Democracy, the people of Tigray surely have that. All the seats in the Legislature of the Tigray Regional Govt are held by members of the TPLF and the State is still tightly controlled by a Central Authority based in Addis Ababa. There is no room for dissent, divergent views and an alternative political voice in the Region to ensure that the Tigray public have an alternative choice to make. ‘’We are the TPLF and we offer the sweetest kiss any girl can give you and you can’t look at any other girl from across the street”, is the message conveyed to the public of Tigray and the public can only ignore this message at its own peril. There isn’t the slightest slice of decentralization of Power from Addis Ababa to Mekelle, let alone a superb autonomy of the sort that could allow the people of Tigray to have a significant Policy making authority over the Affairs of their own Region. Just as it happened to milk from providence that had swept it to Addis Ababa with the fateful demise of the Dergue, the TPLF yield much more here once again from the fact that the people of Tigray, unlike their Oromo brothers and sisters, are not die-hard proponents of Sovereignty at best or absolute autonomy at least from the Federal Govt; and as such, Addis Ababa has not heard the sort of deafening and frightening noise it daily hears from Adama coming from Mekelle. The Ethiopian media, reduced to nothing more than a regime propaganda mouth piece— in the Govt’s own calling ‘Limatawi media’, have recently been so busy lecturing Ethiopians that the nation owes the TPLF so much for the party’s selfless sacrifice for Freedom, Equality and Justice. But for heaven’s sake, to preach people that there should not be any criticism of the TPLF/EPRDF or its top brass, or that the nation should stand by the TPLF/EPRDF, right or wrong, is not only unpatriotic and servile but is morally treasonable to the Ethiopian people. In one of his interviews with the State broadcaster, EBC, successor PM, Hailemariam Desalegn, stated that Ethiopians wanted guaranteed peace, guaranteed democracy and guaranteed development in the EPRDF created and ratified Constitution—and two decades later, have achieved all of them. But two decades later, it is transparently clear that the Coalition effectively used Communist terms ‘Revolutionary Democracy, Developmental State and Growth and Transformation Plan’ to reshape the nation in their own image. And instead of the bogus claim of guaranteed peace, guaranteed democracy and guaranteed development; secrecy, stonewalling, patronage and corruption have become the hallmarks of the Administration.

    We repeatedly heard from senior figures of the TPLF that enough blood has already been shed to achieve peace, security, democracy and liberty and the nation needed to steer forward in the sole fight against the only remaining enemy of the nation—Poverty. But Ethiopia’s very nature of being a complex multicultural Society requires an Affirmative Action that involves the diffusion of Public Power between the branches and the Federal and Regional Govts and that ultimately means no law is ever final, no battle truly finished; and there is always the opportunity to strengthen what appears to be done in the core interest of the nation—for at the end of the day Ethiopia, and not the TPLF, is the brightest bride worthy of all these coddling, praise and worship.

  17. Dawit Gebremedhin says:

    Guys how on earth one can be proud of thieves and bandas …..
    these butcher communists are merciless even to the people of tigiray, I really wonder how they survived all this long with their ill conceived idea .But finally
    the people fighting for real justice and equality and democracy is after them .

    victory for people

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