Redwan Hussien and Shimles Kemal held a press conference on Current political events (Video)


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13 Responses

  1. Solomon says:

    Banda shabia talalake Tesfalhulum please watch the video before your hateful comment .

    • Tesfalehulum says:


      To watch what??…..the two famous duket teshekami are competing each other about who is the best duket teshekmai….they could by your hero but they are vampires for Ethiopians, blood sucker zombies !

      Solomonye….lemen echi banda….banda metelaten netela zefen be YouTube atlekatem?…..welgada cadre… and your likes are a typical examples of sub-chimpanzee IQ of TPLF mercenaries and duket teshekami.

      • Beza says:

        Tesfa bis, yewefcho bet kuli neberk ende? Duket teshekami malet abezah. Lenegeru Coble stone serategna eyalk sitatatil neber. I can understand from your writing that you are one of knuckle head with full of mucous. That’s why you are downgrading people who have great position better than you. Shimagle EPRP. TESFA BEKELE NEGN EYALK BEYERADIO LAY DENFA.

      • Solomon says:

        Bandas Banda Tesflhulme,you sisy , fuget do not call me solomoniy .
        Go call your boss Essayass Essayasiyyyyyy.
        We ethiopia will wipe you out soon .
        No Essayass pipit in Ethiopia .

  2. Tatek says:

    The ability of citizens to be able to vote in a free and fair manner is one of the chief requirements of a healthy democracy. For this to happen, a free and Independent Electoral Authority—established by an Act of Parliament and absolutely independent of the influence of the Executive Branch is required. This not only ensures that the Electoral Authority could operate freely without the risk of getting axed out of pure political reason but it also enhances the confidence of the public in its own institutions. But in the case of Ethiopia, the Head of the Electoral Board is an appointee of the PM who serves in the capacity of a Cabinet Minister, and therefore, a member of the Ministers’ Council—which reports directly to the PM and not to Parliament. If he is appointed by the PM, he, as any other cabinet member, serves with the whims and pleasures of the PM—and the PM can dismiss him at his own discretion at any moment exercising his own exclusive authority. This makes a perfect sexy sweet heart deal between the PM’s office and the Electoral Board’s office, as nothing precludes the PM from saying,’’ fix the election in my favor and you have my back or do otherwise and you are finished’’. The same rule applies to the Courts, which in Ethiopia are under the Authority of the Minister of Justice—appointed by the PM and a member of the Executive Branch. In a democracy, Courts are headed by the Chief Justice, who usually is the Head of the Supreme Court and the authority of this office is absolutely independent from both the Executive and Legislative Branches. This is what constitutes what is called the Independence of the Judiciary. Courts in Ethiopia are rubber stamp institutions as rightly cited by the opposition for reasons that they are headed by the Executive Branch and they lack the Constitutional Authority to interpret the Law; an authority usurped by the Upper House—a calculated regime gimmick to keep both the Law Making and Law Interpreting Authorities in the hands of handpicked members of the House of Federation. This makes Ethiopia probably the only country where the Legislature had a dual Authority of making and Interpreting the Law. Minister Redwan’s doggish attack on what appears to be directed at ESAT journalists who interviewed Eritrean President Esayas Afwerki is not only something that nosedives the Minster’s personal stature as someone who was one of the few bright minds in a Govt full of dormant figures incapable of shining even in the eyes of elementary school kids, but it’s a major political gaffe that amounts to sullying the dignity of his office. Ethiopia, which boasts of having a history of 3000 years can’t compare itself with a tiny nation who is just over two decades old. Although there seems to be some truth in the State Minister’s claim that some journalists could use the media as a stepping stone to advancing a hidden political agenda against the regime, it has been a public secret for a while now that any independent Media in Ethiopia had been under a cloudy ‘siege’, —their very existence subjected to a vicious onslaught by the EPRDF political machine bereft of any slice of morality, decency and mercy. It is quite sad to hear both Minsters still insisting that the reason behind the dozens of Ethiopian journalists’ being thrown into jail was their perceived or proved ties to what the regime calls ‘’terrorist organizations’, but it is crystal clear that the regime is hell-bent in using its cloak of National Security as a license to circumvent accountability and punish a pure political dissent. It is also obvious from the two politicians’ demeanor that the Govt is determined to use all public resources at its disposal to bend all the required rules in its favor and make the upcoming election nothing more than a farce to showcase the EPRDF as a democratically elected Authority in Ethiopia entitled to Western Aid dollars—as nothing predicts its future behavior as much as its own past impunity.

    The Govt’s ferocious attempt in trying to stock every institution in the country in its own warehouse is the same old tactic it had been advancing in the name of acting in the interest of the Ethiopian public, but the public and the International Community could fully understand that the regime’s incestuous relationship with these rubber stamp institutions is not just a peculiar case study in political cronyism but a day light robbery aimed at rigging all the rules of the political game in favor of the EPRDF.

  3. Shimels says:

    Tesfalehulum besintu areh tichilewleh,lemn rational atihonm

  4. Shimels says:

    ተስፋለሁሉም በስንቱ አርረህ ትወጣዋለህ ለምን positive thinker አትሆንም
    ራስህን እንዳትገል ሰጋሁኝ

  5. kumsa says:

    Dawit, nice pic. Redwan Husain and Shimeles Kemal have lost their credibility and moral authority among the 90 million citizens when they speak on behalf of the totalitarian government of Ethiopia. There is a famous saying by an American president that fits on what is going on now. Abraham Lincoln once said “You can fool some of the people all of the time, and all of the people some of the time, but you can not fool all of the people all of the time.” Redwan, get back to playing with your smart phone… I have one question for these two clowns…Can you explain way the chairman of the Electoral board was present with ministers while your gemgema/evaluation last week? Is Prof Merga the JOKER for the upcoming election?

  6. Birru says:

    Is it really Shemeles Kemal or his twin brother who gave this press conference? I.e one who claims so called TPLF’s insider,Arya, posted gossip styled articled on the diaspora websites reported as if Shemeles deserted from EPRDF and joined the diaspora in America ….hmmmmm

  7. There are some negative thinker individuals those who are an ethiopian and life abroads or life inside country&hide themselfs while they insaults to the respect full minister/state minister ato redwan&shemeles orderly when the officials of FDRE.G.C.A.Office held an important press conference about the next ginbote national election campaign of political parties stability & many other related important current this media ajenda that mentioned above is not either H.m. redwan nor ato shemeles thought but its for public&citizens ajenda either oppositions or ruling part. All in all please,don’t write fucking,dull & ideas like above article of At page news,don’t life like ur neighbour style but like your own day capacity.why we follow westerns aren’t we ethiopians?why you look like as foriegns?

  8. Zemenu Zemene says:

    Ato Reduwan is not great but the Greatest. He is brilliant. He is genius. He is very well aware about what is going on in and around his country, why and by whom. He is just the best. Even if you bring all the bunch of the talkative weak, ignorant, failed and lazy diasporas together and crush them like garbage in order to get a result look like one Reduwan, you will find nothing but dust and stinky.

    No nation in Africa, Asia or beyond Europe ever has got freedom, unity, peace, development and sustainability by the western European assistance or they call it aid. They are the cause of the countless and long suffering Africa including Ethiopia has been through at least the last 150 years. Western NGO, Charities, Aid agencies, Journalists and so on are like the 19 and 20 century colonial solders, missionaries, mercenaries and so on.

    Democracy in the 21 century is also like the 19 and 20 century slogan of civilization that was the tools they used to colonize, looting, enslavement, exploitation, killing and all the crimes happened during that time. The Ashkenazi Jews together with the English were the master minders and leading responsible about the 300 years of slave trade. The idea of the scramble of Africa is also came from these people and the most part conducted by them. There is no wonder why the decision about the scramble of Africa was made in Germany. Because Germany was run by the Ashkenazi Jews during that time, too that took till the 1930s.

    In 1936, there were 4.000 lawyers in Berlin. 3600 were the Ashkenazi Jewish. The German people were feeling during those times as second class citizens watching their own country destroyed by those not regarded as Germans. Berlin was destroyed by human behavior looks like Sodom and Gomorra in the ancient time including Albert A. was part of it. Just read about. There are lots of materials in the internet. It was the even worse in the sectors such as banks, arts, industries, and other financial sectors and sources.

    If you see today who is behind so called Right groups including HR, HRW, open democracy, medias including Fox, CNN, BBC, Sky, IT, NY, LA times and so on, you will find the same people i.e. the Ashkenazi Jews and English. Who is controlling the banks, Insurances, stock exchanges, Trade, Gun industries and so on? The same people. Who is causing wars, sufferings and evilness all over the world? The same people from USA, England and other English speaking occupied nations such as Australia, Canada and so on. , .

    A nation that is not totally free from these evils will be soon or latter a troubled and failed nation. So, don’t give a shi3t about these evils and their embassies which are like foreign enemy military and spying bases in the middle of the capital citify.

    A nation like Ethiopia which is water rich; fertile, nice weather and best location, always independent, confident and hard working people and with lots of important natural and human made gifts doesn’t need the English type of western so called aid they are using for their own agenda. Let’s, continue relaying totally on us and our God gifted Ethiopia working together with other best, honest and useful nations including China, Russia, Japan, Korea, India, Germany, Italy, Iran, Turkey, Africa and the likes.

    Don’t trust them for anything but yourself and those can be trusted including China and Russia.

    Remember: Their best friends and allies are the ME and Gulf nation family affair absolute Dictators including Saudi Arabia, UAE, Kuwait, Qatar, Jordan, Bahrain and the likes. What about election, democracy, human right, rule of law and so on there? Even this one by itself shows what kind creatures these westerns are and why they are talking about those things in other countries including Ethiopia but not in the ME and gulf nations that are allowing none of it.

  9. IBRAHIM AFA says:

    As long us weyane continues its divide and rule policy of the country, the future of ethiopia is in danger. Natually, weyane fought for the creation of tigray republic and now its policy of ethnic federalism is simply designed to give the weyane the possibility of using article 39 of the constitution. I think ethiopians from all walks of life must reject the constitution which will finally disintegrate the nation.

  10. alula says:

    your videos are good but the yellow awrambatimes brand at the bottom of the screen is disturbing your videos. You have put up the awrambatimes nmae in atleast 4 places in the screen and that is too much. makes your video clean and neat.

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