[Must-Listen] Political Satirist Kiros Blasts Abebe Gelaw and Al Mariam Over smear Campaign Against Dr.Tedros


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20 Responses

  1. idris says:

    The chauvinists/extremists were using this kind of language (kiros’s language) with the aim of defaming Tigrigna speakers. They never succeeded. Even those expected to be defamed were just enjoying such jocks. GOOD JOB KIROS. tell them the truth in an enjoyable manner!

  2. Ermi says:

    there is no satire in this clip unless the manufactured accent is called satire. kiros should have ex plain the smear campaign before responding to it. The case in point here is that Wodi adhanom lied about receiving $20 million out of the blue.

    Peace to all but woyanes!


  3. Beza says:

    I love you KIROS. Thanks the Shabiya Ere Ermi is the second one to hear. Where is that tesfa shimagle Eprp. Tesfayelelew.

  4. Wow says:

    Good Job Kiros-

    Tell them to the nonsense camp of cowards.

    Woyane is always winner.

  5. Tigraway says:

    Hello Kiros. What a lovely brother!
    Let me give you my brotherly opinion about the issues you raised. I believe that you aren’t naive about motives of Amhara Neftagna. I wish you are simply joking for sake of make fun of the issues. Those Neftagnas will never quit to smear Tigreans and Oromos. If you go back to their history they had been campaign against Tigreans and Oromos for century long. They had been disseminating fabricating fable to brain-wash other innocent Ethiopians by saying “Tigrie Geday”. They had propagated the motto of “Tigrie Geday” for the last 100 plus years overly ever since the heroic death of the truth king of kings Yohannes IV. Before that they were saying it in their home. So, what do you expect from remnants of those regimes? Are are expecting some sort of civility from these individuals to think rationally and speak properly, I hope you aren’t? Look at to their tarnishing campaign, their first target is any Tigrean whom they know he/she is famous in his/her endeavour and well respected by other Ethiopians in return to his/her deeds. The aim is clear. Just to attack Tigreans credibility by propagating lies. Just as a reminder, watch out the a paranoid Donkeys, who knows,they may bite you if you softly touch their mouth to show your friendship. Believe me, You will never never never get a reciprocate respect from Neftegna Amhara who is our historical enemy. If you have any doubt on my advices, the simple thing you can do is that to refer back to their writings, videos, audio since Haileslassie reign to the present Neftegna organizations, Magazines, tabloids, newspaper and webs. Therefore, expect a pile of lies, allegations, accusations for the years to come till the date of their death. The good thing is the fact that other Ethiopians have been following ,by giving due attentions, about the dozens of smears campaign ,that had disseminated so far, against Tigreans. Therefore, they know who is Neftegna, and what did Neftegna do when they were in power? Since the demise of Neftegna regimes, they never refrained from attempting to regain the power once they had by any means they can, but the environment is very different ,which is quite unfavourable for Neftegna to survive. Because they know the environment is still harsh to Neftegna physiology, and thus, their number one strategy is to reverse the environment by dismantling the present federal system which most Ethiopians are very comfortable with it except Neftegna. Moreover, they will do what ever they believe, think and even betraying the country’s national interest by coupling with our historical enemies to reverse the present system. As a result they are using all kind of tactics with in the country and abroad to destabilize the peace and security of Ethiopians in order to divert them from fighting their number one enemy, poverty. This is the heart of their strategy because nowadays Ethiopians are very busy in challenging their backwardness, poverty and ignorance which most of them were inflicted by the regimes. Therefore, Ethiopians are working day and night to compensate the golden time wasted during those reign which Neftegnas were eating raw meats while other poor Ethiopians dying of famine and starvation. So, they don’t of time to lend their ears for their hatred propaganda. In short, other Ethiopians know is know and let them judge who is working for the betterment of the country and who is broadcasting lies and animosity. So, at this point in time Ethiopians don’t have sufficient time to wast in order to consume Neftegna propaganda. This is the last day to propagate their bogus fable as Ethiopians in the coming five years will overtly see their country is stepping up in all aspects of development. After that everything will be rooted to irreversible stage and therefore Neftegna will die forever or will become a scared rat in democratic nation while optimist enjoy the its fruits . In conclusion, Neftegan is still alive but very weak than ever before and is dying. The only tactic Neftegna can do today and in the future is smearing Tigreans and other potential Ethiopian to blacken their credibility. So, Neftegna is our all time enemy until we bury them forever and we should not overlook to whip their butt to the worst possible.

  6. etetu says:

    Dr Tedros is a world class leader who hugely contributed for preventing children and mothers death, in HIV/AIDS, malaria, and others in Ethiopia and poor countries.

  7. Zellalem says:

    A human being that is mentally dead, spiritually empty, psychologically crazy, materially destitute, financially dependent, intellectually incompetent and in general when his existence becomes hopeless and worthless, whatever you says to or against him/her nothing is matter to them. They are no more having the feeling of normal and mentally healthy human beings behavior but beasts doing anything bad and negative to cause troubles against those are normal, wise, intelligent, and hardworking the right things in the right directions. They are no longer in control and themselves but objects controlled and maneuvered by others using them for their agenda and plan.

    The above mentioned creatures are not really humans but beasts. The Jewish control education institutions, medias, NGO, Aid agencies, charities, foundations, right groups, open society, secret society, democracy and so on are using them to affect our country because of Ethiopia is not fully accepting the Neo Liberal economic colonization agenda that would lead the foreigners controlling everything in our own country while the citizens must be like herds of animals/health risky products consumers and cheap workers for the sake of foreign profit hungry multi nationals. These creatures from USA (the mother of evilness against other nations and own citizens including imprisoning millions and none stop killing blacks on daily basis and the killers are cops and becomes heroes for killing the blacks) and others in western Europe, Canada and Australia are working for the Neo cons (warmongers ) and Liberal interventionist (color revolution- violence uprising) agenda where both sides are controlled by the Jewish in those nations particularly USA and England.

    USA and English education institutions are doing their education jobs targeting other nations that are not accepting or following their Think Thanks and education (brainwashing) agendas using the creatures like these animals in USA, England and western Europe that are breading, sheltering, training and supporting the terrorists against other nations, are hunting down any terrorist in or outside the countries against them. But, they are happily and based on their agenda and plans are fully behind the terrorists and other criminals against other nations. This is what we are witnessing against Ethiopia for decades now. They are playing in well calculated game activities with stick and Carrot approach principles based on their own plan, agenda and goal at any cost of the other sides.

    They are created Mujahidin in order to fight communism in Afghanistan. Because communism was/is working for the citizens which is against the imperialists/globalists agenda and principle. But they used the Muslims telling them communism was against any religion particularly Islam. Saudi Arabia was the one contributed the mujihadines and hugely financed the USA lead Western Europe Mujahidin war against the soviet in Afghanistan from the base in Pakistan. Look Afghanistan and Pakistan since the last 35 years when they arrived there. Then mujahidin which was the USA and Western Europe creation together with Saudi where the Arab branch became al Qaida while the Afghan and Pakistan branch became Taliban. The Chechens and others went back they came from and started to cause terrorist activities including in Algeria, Kosovo and Bosnia.

    Then while fighting al Qaida and Taliban in Afghanistan claiming it is against them, they used/are using them in other nations including Libya, Syria, and Yemen and so on. The al Qaida branch they used them against Gaddafi in Libya, Syria, and so on are now became ISIS, Al Nusra and other terrorists. The leader of the Libyan al Qaida/ISIS was in England but exchanged him with Gaddafi in order to get oil contracts and Gaddafi imprisoned him. When Gaddafi was killed by them, became free and the one who was member of al Qaida became the kind of defense minister in Libya after gaddaffi because of the west what him to become. The Al Baghdad who is the leader of ISIS was in USA prison in Iraq. People are accusing him he was their agent (Mossad, CIA and MI6) before turning against them. Knowing his was a core member of al Qaida in Iraq, they left him free after they imprisoned him for sometimes. why? The answer is easy and clear.

    If USA and England (Zionists) want to do the right things, these creatures and others in their countries would never been there even for a second behaving the way they do against Ethiopia going on for years. The Ethiopian government is already handing over the entire nation brewery to be monopolized and controlled by two profit hungry foreign nations that are known with unfair trade, exploitation, under paying the workers, spreading corruption for the sake of less payment such as tax or other costs, looters, slave masters and colonizers. Yet, these two nations are hosting the number of groups that are against Ethiopia including ESAT is in Amsterdam and in London are ……

    The point is that the Ethiopian government and people must not listen what the enemies are shouting from hiding in abroad but doing against the nation and they must not allowed causing any trouble. The Ethiopian government needs to wake up and look at itself about its activities towards privatization the country development sectors, markets and consumers to bad foreigners including the nation brewery that is already quietly handed over to the profit hungry and merciless globalist foreign nations.
    If I was a government, I would never ever allow the nations brewery in foreign hands. Because it is an easy thing to do by Ethiopians that have thousands years of history and experiences making own alcoholic drinks in healthy and profitable ways. I would create a mechanism that facilitates the nation able to produce own drinks in the industrial levels such as Thella (Ethiopian drink much healthier than bier), Tej made of Honey where Ethiopia is producing the biggest amount of honey in Africa -fourth in the world and Areqe that has to be better than any foreign alcohol bought with foreign currency including whisky where only its name is saleable and worth lots of money.
    Producing the Ethiopian Thella and Tej in the industrial levels where Ethiopians including rural citizens learning how to make and tap it in healthy, industrial levels and with quality ways would create directly and indirectly millions of jobs. Graduates and citizens together can produce the Ethiopian drinks by themselves using all raw materials and substances needed are easily and cheap available in the country including water and barely instead of handing over the nation’s best economic sector and huge consumers to profit hungry and disrespectful foreigners in order to affect the society with addiction through none stop advertisement and joblessness because of many reasons including they even don’t buy Barely from Ethiopian farmers. Beer consumes lots of water and energy. How much are they paying for that? What about the wages and who is working there?

    Ethiopians must own Ethiopia in the name of State capitalism and privatization particularly the sectors that are easy and known by them including the brewery sectors. The Barely, maize, corn, Malet, gesho and other farmers are also benefiting hugely indirectly when/if the Ethiopian government is giving priorities producing alcoholic drinks in Ethiopia by Ethiopians started from tella and tej. If we are not doing and owning under our ownership these kind simple but very very important sectors in terms of job creation, citizens’ economic ownership and profitable sectors, what is our place and duty in Ethiopia as citizens?

    The Ethiopian government must top losing its valuable time, energy and resources thinking who says what as long as they are in abroad, but concentrate doing the right and essential things including taking lots of cares before privatizing the nation sectors and consumers to bad foreigners instead of keeping under the Ethiopians ownership doing lots of efforts and taking time knowing you cannot build a nation within few years or decades and particularly if you what to do it under the globalization principles handing over the nation to evil foreigners that are buying the nation economy and controlling the consumers because of they are coming with toilet paper look like mass printed cheap paper money. Coca cola and Mc Donald are among the globalists’ agenda causing mass health, environment and resource destructions if they are allowed to operate in the country. So, no need having them around to cause those things in our country. We are making our foods and drinks in healthy ways for thousands years. This time we can do it by ourselves using modern knowledge and methods by ourselves for our benefits.

    You need to have continue looking towards where the sun is rising and other right and bright places where the benefit is there in many forms and shapes including for long term guarantees. Having with us and working closer and being together with countries like China, Russia, Japan, Iran, Turkey, India, Germany, Africa and so on is million times important than having anything to do with others that are the cause of everything what is going on including in Ethiopia for decades. Those creatures are also living in those nations including those monopolizing the Ethiopian brewery and looking to do the same thing in other sectors too using evil methods and weapons including corruption. The next targets are the food and the none alcoholic drink sectors to occupy them with gal attacking the citizens through chemical infected and health risky products.

    We must not forget how an Israeli business man caused a huge fraud against the Ethiopian government with more than 42 million Birr after corrupting 3 accountants and editors with 600.000 birr each. This is what you get from some foreign so called companies and investors when you are allowing them to own the nation economy and millions of consumers in the name of privatization and foreign investors coming with huge number of toilet paper look like cheap money which is worthless. Ethiopia needs no foreign money but knowledge, skills and experiences and you need those types of people not the bad foreign multinationals and investors that are causing huge troubles all over the world including affecting the citizens health and spreading corruption acting as if they are the colonizers and masters.

    Just ignore the worthless including a British Jewish so acting as a scholar dreaming day and night while doing none stop his dirty job to see Ethiopia in violence, chaos and destruction as he is happy to see the situation in Libya, Syria, Ukraine, Yemen and so on This crazy and evil man was in Ethiopia in 2011/2012 having a fake charity name called “Close Trust “like BBC Trust by the name Graham Peebeels and reached as far as to Bahir Dar while his real job as some says was working for Jorge Soros(a Jewish) agenda in Ethiopia as it was the case few weeks ago in D. Congo violence by Soros representatives from Senegal and Burkina Faso. The Jorge Soros representatives against Ethiopian are most of them located in Kenya. The question is what is the Ethiopian embassies job towards these kinds activities? Are they tourists under the nation huge costs or doing their jobs as others are doing theirs as embassies and consulates including keeping bad foreign individuals out of the country meaning not issuing them visas and following all the activities going on there against their own country.

  8. shashu says:

    I didn’t wondering about Kiros fruit less talk talk. i’m amazing about Dawit;s advertizment “must leasten’ what to leasten?. useless and propaganda discution

  9. Zek says:

    Why did you remove my comment? Your action indicates that you are no impartial hosting luies and belong among the big liars

  10. Hana Abraha says:

    Dawit, I can understand your pain, confusion and sense of despondency. You were once a beloved journalist. I loved reading your Awraba Times during its heyday. You reported the truth fearlessly eve after you were jailed and threatened. For me, that is what real journalism about. It is not about your ethnic origin but the truth you shine in this dark country of ours suffering under monstrous criminals. It matters little whether I am a Tigrean, an Oromo, Asian or black. What matters is the way people are treated in their own country. So trying to campaign again anyone that dares to take risks to bring out the truth is pathetic. And this Kiros, I can tell you that he is one ignorant man talking about issues he understands little. Changing course is a better option than making effort to help out the criminals in power that have made us all ashamed!

  11. komche says:

    ከተራራ ሞኝ ያደክማል ማለት እንደ ኪሮስን ያለውን ነወ ለካ!!!

    • Delila Reta says:

      Aye Yilikal Getnet ante neh bezih Gojame accentih alkutignina minamin eyalk yadekemken. Kiros yeAradam Arada new.

      • Komche says:

        አይ ደሊላ ይልቃልን ከዚህ ምን አመጣው ደግሞ??? ኢ/ር ይልቃል አንቺንም እንደዘመዶችሽ የእግር እሳት ሆኖብሻል ማለት ነው፡፡ ውይ ምስኪን…..አባ ግርማ ፊት የቀረበ ሰይጣን ይመስል ሰውየው በሌለበት መቃዠት ጀመርሽ እኮ፡፡ የምታውሪውን አታቂም እና አግዜር ይቅር ይበለሽ!!!!!!

  12. doro says:

    kiros , I love the way you discribe and explanation of some issues. Unfortunately i only speak Amharic language. Keep going you need to open your own talk show with recpect.

  13. gemechu says:

    One thing that I noticed is that if you are not amhara, then they will never recognize you whatever achievement you made, but if you are an amhara, then even if you do not do nothing, but talk a little bit, then they call you”jegna these people are the most hypocrite people on the earth.These people are working fay and night to tell us how they are a civilized people for so many years in fact ,there were war, poverty, illiteracy and also all source and root of the world in any development, but even now they are denying the fast pace growth Ethiopia has achieved so far, because it is not made by them.Trust me God has made the time to revealed there true identity. Anyway , I would like to advise you do not wast your time on what they say b/c these people do not know the difference between true and false.For them, the big problem of Meles Zenawi is that he was not born of “Amhara”ethinic group. If Meles was an amhara, then they would have worshipped him 24 hours a day.Look what hailu shawel has done on them, he took all diaspora money and build his own villa and they don’t dare to say anything or he remain hero b/c he is an amhara.

  14. Admasu Geremew says:

    These Neftegna Amaras are acting like mad dog. What fascinated me most is that Neftegna websites never uttered a word when some media outlets brought up the news of the bombardment of Bisha gold mine in Eritrea by the gallant Ethiopian air force. I am sure this news has sent shock waves to the confused and die hard diaspora neftegnas. Yes this is the kind of fait that awaits you if you dare to go Eritrea with the motive of enlisting with Gibot 7. Amazing also is that I heard making a call by one of Pseudo economist in the diaspora that if war broke between Ethiopia and Isayas Afework Amaras should not enlist in the Ethiopian national forces. But we know who fought the last wars with Eritrea.

  15. Benyam says:

    Keros ewaye Great point , every time , to expose those toxic, who said every day , one country, one Language and one religion , not anymore thanks to our Hero’s, now all Ethiopian are Equal, people are elected by their own people , Ethiopia is changing everyday, while the dog’s are barking, wendeme keros keep up the good, smart talk

  16. Dawit Gebre Medhin says:

    I really do not understand what the narrow minded Kiros lovers talk about , do they know that they are insulting them selves by saying we love Adhano even if he is laying . so how can we talk to people like these who are completely detached from the reality …they are simply shits who do not have moral or ethical standards they simply live for the sake of living…I really wish you to get back to your sense

  17. razza says:

    abebe geleba the gay look like he is ready to get his red lipstick

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