OPDO 25th Anniversary Celebration in Finfinnee (Pictures)


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  1. Tesfalehulum says:

    It’s OPDO’s anniversary and OPDO’s master Abay Tsehaye is is at the front….kkkkkkkkk…..hahahaha

  2. Tatek says:

    Happy 25th Birth day to OPDO Heavyweights Abadula Gemeda, Muktar Kedir, Girma Birru, Aster Mamo, Sufian Ahmed, Kuma Demeksa, PM Hailemariam Desalegn and the entire Oromo public as your party celebrates its 25th founding. According to an information obtained from confidential sources so close to OPDO High Command, the party was founded in March 1989 in an undisclosed location in Tigray, with ideological narratives at an absolute parlance with the EPRDF’s Coalition Orthodoxy of nurturing and worshiping ‘Revolutionary Democracy’ in Ethiopia. Their nemesis party in the State, the OLF, says OPDO was founded with the main aim of counterbalancing and dismantling the OLF’s vision of liberating the Oromo people from the yoke of the ‘Ethiopian Empire’. The party’s logo displayed at OPDO Headquarters at Bole Road, Addis Ababa shows that the party, as its other sister parties in the unholy Coalition called EPRDF, subscribes to a Socialist ideology and the self-determination of the Oromo people. If OPDO’S mission was to ensure the self-determination of the Oromo people, why is OPDO so unpopular that it consumed almost all the energy and resources of the entire Coalition that former TPLF strongman, Colonel Meles Zenawi, had to focus his entire time in office following OPDO proceedings, meetings, workshops and retreats day in and day out? Was OPDO viewed as an army of Liberation or a bunch of traitors among the Oromo masses it claims to represent? The saying nails it all: ‘those who fail to learn from history are so damn condemned to repeat it’. We all remember that in 1961 Soviet Premier, Nikita Khruschev, under the same banner with the EPRDF Communist ideology, had ordered the construction of the Berlin Wall to stop the flood of people leaving Communist-controlled East Germany for the West, and US President John F. Kennedy was deeply disturbed by the photographs and stories he had seen of people being killed as they attempted to climb over the wall to freedom. Today, OPDO and its unholy Coalition partners are doing the same thing. The recent war mongering rant by TPLF dormant figure, Abay Tsehaye in Awassa in relation to expanding the city of Addis Ababa deep into an Oromo land at gun point is one such example. As OPDO, Govt puppet Oromo Party as the OLF loves to call it, celebrates the 25th anniversary of its founding, 9 in 10 of every prisoner in Ethiopia is an Oromo and 10 in 10 of every prisoner jailed in the nation’s Military prisons, whose existences in the country were often denied by the Govt and which could only be accessed, if at all, by the International Committee of the Red Cross are Oromos. Oromo scholars I talked to in relation to the above questions often liken the regime’s war against the OLF in particular and repression-resistant Oromos in general to Former US Federal Reserve Chairman Ben Bernanke’s war on the great recession of our generation which goes with the so called slogan: whatever it takes. The contrast though, in my view, is massive that Bernanke had the support of not just the US public but that of the entire international community to do all it takes to contain the historic recession by pumping trillions of US public dollars into the credit and liquidity starved US market. Do the EPRDF and OPDO have that kind of support to contain the OLF threat not just to their power but to the nation’s sovereignty? All this depends not so much by what happens within our borders, but very much by what happens outside our borders and I am dead certain that EPRDF heavyweights understand this. Our nation’s future, therefore, seems to be hanging by a thread, delicately balanced between the forces of Separation and the Forces of tyranny.

    Our rulers at Arat kilo seemed to have forgotten what had happened just a few decades ago—the World had faced an evil in the form of Communism that had put the entire human race at stake, and if the Soviets had not understood that their might would be confronted by that of a free world, it could have triumphed despite what was right—but ultimately it was defeated by the very strength of a sacred idea: Human Freedom. Oromos believe that it is this sacred idea that their OPDO rulers had sold for TPLF leftovers; and as Ethiopia’s future keeps hanging on a balance, the PM can’t afford to stop praying: Our Father, who art in heaven, if only for EPRDF’s sake, keep Al Bashir and Sylva Kiir safe.

  3. ashebir says:

    Wow fantastic, it is good to see Ethiopia united by the wish of the people not by force. But EPRDF needs to evaluate it self coz it made many people annoyed these days by discrimination of citizens based on their employement government versus private workers just to give simple condominium and to have simple city transports ehile the privare workers paying significant amount of taxes, now they seem to be treated as second citizens. This is realy unfair specially when it comes from the organization who fought aginst racial and class discrimination

  4. etteya says:

    long live ethiopia, long live the kind full and generous peoples of ethiopia, ormia as a grand ethnic people of this country, you are fathers of this peole and we expect even more from you, with you, ethiopia will flourish.

  5. Endale Kumilachew says:

    it was nice program I really like it!

  6. soruma says:

    Wow congratulations. it was the start date of unity.

  7. shokantawe says:

    Think 100000000 ok!!!!

  8. shokantawe says:

    Think think think thanks

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