Vast natural gas reserves discovered in Ethiopia; Pipeline stretching from Ethiopia to Djibouti under construction


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71 Responses

  1. Legedadi says:

    Hmm, good news, but seems a lot hot gas. If the news was real, the Canadian company would not so dump to ask so much of share. But alas, these are wild beasts which would strip any country to the bones if they found a dump government.

    Anyways relaying on existing or not existing gas or anything similar will not guarantee a real development. Ethiopia must diversify and develop first an industrial base. With industrial base you can build a sustainable economy and also ownership of own resources. Without industrial base, only owning a natural resource could be a curse and prone to be blackmailed by anything, including the market.

    Lets focus on building real own capacity base before going for gas or anything similar.

    • me says:

      yehonk Asteway neger!!!

    • mick says:

      zat is what most people dont understand these days,bro/sis.

    • Ermi says:

      Kkkkkk. Another election scam from woyane.

      African oil Corp does not kno w the claimed discovery of huge natural gas in Ethiopia under its own exploration project. It in fact acknowledges the promising oil discovery in Kenya.

      Aye woyane, wishet aytakitew. Australian 20 million lie is now producing a bigger lie. Previously they claimed the discovery of potash in tigray worth trillions of dollars. Now natural gas.

      Africa oil Corp is distancing itself form this fake woyane news. You can reach Africa oil Corp at 604-689-7842 to find out for yourself about this fake woyane story.

      Peace to all but woyanes!


    • Thomas says:

      You nailed it, smart guy! Thank you brother

    • ታዛቢ says:

      መጠኑ በሰንደቅ ጋዜጣ እንደተዘገበው ያህል ባይሆንም በኢትዮጵያ የጋዝ ክምችት መኖሩን የአሜሪካው CIA አረጋግጧል።

  2. Ermi says:

    Nice. Now is the time to bring down the woyanes before the gas generates money. If woyane touches this wealth The will squander It like the aid money they have stolen from the people.

    Who needs fake Tekeze dam when we can generate power from natural gas?

    Now, no ethnic group will like to secced from Ethiopia especially the beggar woyanes. Even Eritrea will beg to come back rather than eat qulqual up in the north.

    Too bad the woyane cadres will not be around to enjoy the wealth as they will be tthe hunted for the crimes they are committing against Ethiopians including selling the land and waters to its enemies.

    Peac to all but woyanes!


    • Ermi says:

      I hope thos os not another lie from wedi Adhanom and woyane , like the 20 million dollars fro Australia. Woyane mechem bere woled malet siraw new

      Peace to all but woyanes!


      • Alew says:

        huh, dude this hate will kill you. Hate will change nothing. Don’t you know hate brings cancer? Please take care of yourself my Ethiopian brother! ( Assuming you are Ethiopian at all)

      • Dear Ermi, says:

        Whatever drives you to bark like a Chihuahua, you should realize that by acting so, you’re not doing anyone any favour – yourself nor your minders who own huge coastline and ports only fit for watering camels. The fact is on the ground and no amount of your venomous words can refute it.

    • Yehualashet says:

      @Ermi, this would be good news if only you were more into “bringing up” Ethiopia instead of bringing down Woyane. Ethiopia had children like you for centuries. And their target was to “bring down” that guy, to be called a “hero” etc.. And look “how developed that made us!” (I am assuming you understand satire )

      It’s not oil or other resource that will catapult Ethiopia out of poverty. It is rather having less people with a kind of “backward” militant ideology as yours. So, do your self and your country a favor, read a book, meditate and seek a cure for your hatred.

      “Darkness cannot drive out darkness; only light can do that. “- Martin Luther King.

    • yohanes IV says:

      you are Eritrean you can not comment on this go out of this site

    • idris says:

      Hate kills

    • samoa says:

      This fool burns his ‘jism’ with mere hate and dream to topple woyane. I f you feel so much you should immediately join the “Arbegnoch”. But there is no burger there. It seems you’ll die singing this boring and zero-luster composition. How long have you been waiting for this and day in day out wishing. Almost half your life. Please focus on building your humble life. We all know…..

    • Netsanet says:

      Duket neger nehe!

  3. dude says:

    The Only Way WOYANE Can Escape Is Through That pipe. Their days are numbered.

    • Aman says:


      The only way you are escaping from disappearance is because of you are becoming trash and garbage miserably failed in life. You are the biggest loss and regret to your family. You are a shame with no life at all but behave the way you worthless are doing.
      Who cares what you garbage immigrants living under the bottom of the Bottoms doing nothing but this is what they are and what they can. Stupid, continue behaving, thinking and doing the same thing for 24 years and Ethiopia is marching with development and civilization paths in all directions.

      Don’t even try to stink, here. Because no one has any sense about your existence let alone you are something and deserves any attention. This is your last breath you are stinking till you die. Because you can’t more than this. Even insects, viruses and bacteria are adapting themselves understanding the place, time and circumstances. But, you are less than all living things unable to see and understand the facts and realties on the ground.

      So, no one cares about you hopeless and worthless immigrants whatever you are painting and thinking about Ethiopia which is the only job you are having but benefiting nothing from. You are mentally bankrupted, mentally hopeless and materially empty thinking you are alive not living because of you are breathing.

      Piss off, stupid. dude. You are nothing in Ethiopia.

      • bezu says:

        Man, you are really mad! Don’t get caught up in emotions like that. It’s not good for your health. Having said that there are morons everywhere, so don’t insult all immigrants b/s one a**hole, demented individual said something dumb.

    • Wubshet says:

      Dude, min ainet dedeb neh. Ethiopia wedefit ante wedehual eyhedachihu new. Chigirih fita aleya endetenadedk timotaleh. Banda! YeShabia kitregna bada.

  4. mesfin says:

    Dear Dawit - Really this is good news. However, would you please include your reference. looking of sendek, they didn’t include any reference. I tried to Google regarding Black rhino but it is about the pipeline between Djibuti and Aswash to transport fuel.

  5. mesfin says:

    Dear Dawit, Really it is good news for our beloved country. However, would please include your source of information. citing Sendek news paper is not enough. I did look at Sendek news but they said nothing regarding source of information. Sendekoch ende ESAT kekisachew bochkew endayhone.

  6. Zellalem says:

    This is the best news. Ethiopia is rising and shining because of she is the God given and her children are started making the best choices which is the direction where the sun is rising before coming to Ethiopia. Having all round relationship and co operation with China is the biggest choice and best achievement Ethiopians have made so far with their foreign relation. Ethiopia needs to strength further this relationship with China and other sun rising nations plus must give big priority with Russia, too.

    -Ethiopia is starting constructing a 1.231 KM natural gas pipe line From Arba Minch to Djibouti.
    -The natural gas found in Arab Minch is bigger than the total gas reserve Russia has which is the biggest in the world. Russian gas reserve is 47.7 trillion cubic meter. That means the Arba Minch natural gas reserve in Ethiopia is bigger than 47.7 Trillion Cubic meter. In addition Ethiopia has other gas reserves in other places in the country, too.
    -Because of the Arba Minch gas reserve is becoming a lucrative business, international companies and lenders are competing to finance including the Pipe line.
    -This gas reserve puts Ethiopia number one in the world with gas reserve and will transform the nation economy dramatically.
    Djibouti is building a 2.6 Billion dollar terminal to store, refine and export Ethiopian gas including only to China about 10 billion cubic meters every year.
    *Down the evil and racist English who came from far away in order to commit crimes among the others blocked big and ancient Ethiopia from her millennia old sea coast ownership rights with intention to harm her economically and politically. God does hate the English and will totally eliminate them from Ethiopia; meaning Ethiopians will do it in God’s name which is against the evils in order to protect themselves.
    They are evils committed so many crimes against Ethiopia including blocking her from her sea coast right intentionally creating Eritrea as a fence between Ethiopia and the sea. Ethiopians for generations to come will never ever forgive or forget what that evil island did to them for years including the mass destruction media wars motivated by hate based on race.
    Hoping the Ethiopian sky will start destroying and cleaning them from our innocent and God given country in a way to stop them completely coming there in order to behave and do the way they are doing in the country they have nothing to do with and they badly affected for years in many ways. They are evils making Ethiopia unable to have including her own sea ports and sea coasts. They are the enemy number one and the cause of suffering our nation and people have been through. They must be treated the way they have treated us including in our own country. It is good to hate and stop them coming and interfering in our country.
    -The gas pipe line fund comes from the BRICS nations and it will be completed in 2016.

  7. Gebez says:

    Oh really? Congratulations Ethiopia!! We certainly will join the world super powers soon if so. Weyane has brought all the best things to Ethiopia. Once again, ታላቅ ነበርን ታላቅም እንሆናለን!!We were one of the four great civilizations in the ancient times thanks to the Axumite Kingdom. And now we will join the giants club thanks to the priceless sons of Dedebit.!!!

  8. idris says:

    Viva Ethiopia.
    And Arbamich is one of the most reliable and peaceful areas in Ethiopia. I know the Americans have a kind of base around there. It must be for some reason. the US always runs after its advantages

  9. kefale mamo says:

    Very good news,
    But my father and mother ethiopians,My brother and sister ethiopians we have to make care by these stupid eritreans who used ethiopian names to disturb our success.They are always negative and angry to our development and they try to agetate negative attituds using ethiopian names.

    • me says:

      wow One Love Bro!!!

    • Gomeraw says:

      the news by itself is a good news, and the awarness that people gave to those infiltrated bad gelous people is the other very good newse, while they are eritreans but write a negative massages here and ther by the name of ethiopia. All ethiopian people wach out of them thier 24/7 duty is 1. giving a bad emage to ethiopianity
      2. Making havoc by creating a dusbute with in each other. And if posible giving a 100 years home work to our beloved country…

    • seyaw says:

      Right You’re!!! No place for racism!!!

  10. tolakebede says:

    Ayeeee ! Ermi ” ye derg reerasue” the way you think back ward be fore you worried about motherland see or stand your self .

  11. SABA says:

    I can confirm gas was spotted bursting out of every Woyane’s arse who gotten too fat after 24 years of feeding off the blood and flesh of Ethiopians. Not only that, the Global Environment Agency is mobilizing equipment and manpower to mitigate the effects of the deadly gas and protect the unique flora and fauna of the Ethiopian highlands. The Agency said, at this point, it is unconcerned about the effect of the toxic gas on the population of Ethiopia because Ethiopians have been observed enjoying the stench or they would not have endured a 24 year stint under a oppressive cloud of putrid stench. The Agency has put emergency measures in place by confiscating all Keberos and tying up every Woyane’s feet tightly together against a 25 KG weight to stop the customary afternoon dance jokingly named “luggage claim” characterized by a sudden grasshopper like jump accompanied by a huge burst of toxic gas. The Agency believes these measures would go some way to minimize harmful emissions. The Djibouti government, on the other hand, is very concerned the toxic emissions may have on its population it is building a pipeline to redirect the flow of gas to the open sea.

    • Wubshet says:

      W/ro Saba! Minew abedu ende? Gaz tegegne sibal min askotawot? Ersewo sile Bishana yagatemewot chigir kale eninegager. meftihe kale enifeligalen. Kalhone besew ager guday lay ejiwon asgebtew ayfetfitu. Wayta diro ker. Ethiopian anfeligim blachehu yewetachihu gize.

      • Beza says:

        Good point Wubshet. This lady is Shabiya. She has to worry about dirt stricken country Eritrea. We have all natural resources, anytime we can use it.

    • Wubshet says:

      Yes Mr Idiris! The mad dogs are barking against the camel for nothing. Yes, the camel has continued without a pause and the dos have been barking since the demise of the Dergue. All their futile efforts to derail Ethiopia from its correct path of development have brought nothing save for their noises of hate. They are dead meat!

    • Wubshet says:

      W/ro Saba goodfela zendiro. Min yiwatachihu yederg jelewoch!

  12. idris says:

    PM HD briefing:
    በኢትዮጵያ የጋዝ ፍለጋ ስራው የሚገኝበትን ደረጃ የተጠየቁት ጠቅላይ ሚኒስትሩ፥ በተለያዩ ኩባንያዎች ፍለጋው መቀጠሉን እና ምናልባትም ሀብቱ ተገኝቶበታል ተብሎ አሁን በሚታመንበት አከባቢ ከ2009 እስከ 2010 ባለው ጊዜ ውስጥ ወደ ማምረት እንደሚሸጋገር ነው ያመለከቱት።

  13. idris says:

    The dogs (Ermi, dude, esat, isayASS, etc) bark, the camels go
    Ethiopia will continue to move forward!

    • Wubshet says:

      Yes Mr Idiris! The mad dogs are barking against the camel for nothing. Yes, the camel has continued without a pause and the dos have been barking since the demise of the Dergue. All their futile efforts to derail Ethiopia from its correct path of development have brought nothing save for their noises of hate.

  14. Asefa says:

    Thank God for the EPRDF saving the Ethiopian people from poverty war and famine!

  15. Be ewnetu says:

    The week of GOOD NEWS

  16. Mehari says:

    trust me, it is absolutely false info. I don’t understand why you do so Awramba? Guys, please keep in your mind that there was similar blog but false (from Reporter) around two years ago about Tullow oil exploration. I felt shamed when one foreigner showed me the news, while I was in that field work. So, please please please, those companies are international and you would listen this from all over the world okay.
    read and transfer this before someone erase/delete it, thanks YAGERE LIJOCH.

  17. Zena Tsegamariam says:

    Could not find the article in Sendeq newspaper. Hope you were right in the reference.

    • Gize says:

      You must be an internet illiterate. Below the Awramba article in English is also written saying “Read More”. Click “Read More” and you will get the Sendeq article in Amharic.

  18. Santi says:

    Sewu bageru yimekegnal ? Andandochachun afer yasbelachu ! Enante ager yelachum koshasha gorebet

  19. Ashan Gulite says:

    “አምላካችን ያበረከተላትን ይህን ሃብቷን (አባይን) ለሐዝቦቻቸው ሕይወትና ደህንነት በማዋል እዲጠቀሙበት ከጎረቤት ወዳጅ አገሮች ጋር በለጋስነት በጋራ ለመካፈል ዝግጁ ብትሆንም ይህን የውሃ ንብረቷን በቁጥር እየጨመረ ለሚሄደው ህዝቧና በማደግ ላይ ላለው ኢኮኖሚ ጥቅም እንዲውል ማድረግ የኢትዮጵያ ተቀዳሚና የተቀድሰ ግዴታዋ ነው”

    The above was said by the king in 1957 E.C. well talk is cheap Woyane Anbesaw put it into reality, I feel sorry for those haters they will die talking and dreaming in the dark age. Shame on them

  20. Paulos says:

    Great News #Dawit. I appreciate that the Ethiopian government rejected the bloodsucker American company to take a bigger share from the Gas production. I wonder how much the Canadian company has agreed. The government should not allow to have a permanent share for foreign companies. It is better to take a bank loan from BRICS or any body and develop and have a total ownership of our resources.

  21. Yemane says:

    The prime minster report doesn’t mention Arbamamench at all. Rather it is all about Ogaden.

    “Officials from the mines ministry say the Calub and Hilala fields in the Ogaden Basin have deposits of 4.7 trillion cubic feet of gas and 13.6 million barrels of associated liquids, both discovered in the 1970s but not yet exploited’

  22. Osman Yimer says:

    Our people had sufferd alot pain, we need sustainanle growth…….. I feel the time is coming to be great, the first, like our grand fatehrs!!!

  23. Osman Yimer says:

    Our people had sufferd alot pain, we need sustainable growth…….. I feel the time is coming to be great, the first, like our grand fathers!!!

  24. maak says:

    Any one from conc

  25. maak says:

    Any one from concerned organs of th

  26. maak says:

    Any one from concerned organs of the gov’t, would have comm

  27. maak says:

    Any one from concerned organs of the gov’t, would have commented on this issue.

  28. Yawkal says:

    “እግዚአብሔር ትዕቢተኞችን ይቃወማል፤ ከፍ ያለውን ያዋርዳል፤ አትታበዩ” የሚባለው ለዚህ ነው፡፡ እግዚአብሔር ለዚህ ስላበቃን የተመሰገነ ይሁን፡፡ ሌላው ሁሉ ትርፍ ንግግር ይቅርብን፡፡ ደማችን ከሆኑት ከኤርትራዊያን ጋር ቀርቶ በቀለም ከማይመሳሰሉን ጋር በአንድነት መስራት መቻላችን የስልጣኔ መገለጫያችን ነው፡፡ ለሁሉም ጊዜውን ይጠብቅለታል፡፡

  29. Kefyalew says:

    Wawu! God has been willing to bless our country by destroying that cruel regime “Derg”. now we are on the right track. This is additional energy for our development. Natural resource only is not solution for any nations problems. some times it could be dangers. since we are in the right way of development its not that much worry’s me.
    Viva EPRDF and Viva Ethiopian nations and nationalities!
    Now the History will changed. we will be at our previous position in the world. let us cooperate an make our nation’s dream true.

  30. Few days ago said, Ethiopia has 2 drone and one person scream, how can this be true, it is unbeveled able and so on. Some people have a real problem when Ethiopia get something, they think in Ethiopia nothing can be done or can developed. We know this kinds of problems are the results of our poverty.

  31. rewina says:

    ታላቅ ነበርን ታላቅ እንሆናለን የሚለብውን የክቡር ጠ/ሚ መለስ ዜናዊ አባባል እውን ሊሆን ጢቂት ዓመታት ቀርቶናል ያኔ ሻእብያና ግንቦት 7 ተውጠው ይቀራሉ.
    የመለስ ራኢ ያብባል::

  32. ሚኪ says:

    እባካችሁ እናንት ኤርትራዊያን እኛ ስናድግ ስንመነደግ እናንተም ደስ ሊላችሁ ይገባል ምክንያቱም its mutual benefit ለልመናውም ቢሆን ወደ ሌላ ከምትሄዱ እኛ እንቀርባቹሃለን እኛ ከፋ አይደለንም።but for ur information ethiopia is catagorized under top ten richeast country inafrica,bt erithera catagorized under top ten poorest country in africa,dont worrey bro we are here for u guys

  33. ANWAR Omo Valley. says:





    May Alah bless my people, free people . Ameeeen

  34. next call says:

    This news was backed up by Addis Fortune, a major business publication, with close ties to the Ethiopian govt. Add to that what the newly appointed Chinese Ambassador’s specific statement regarding the building of a pipe line from Arbaminch town to Djibouti, there is credence to the story. An acquaintance of mine, who just returned from a trip to Addis, all but confirmed the ‘ buzz’ in the capital.

    My question to the ‘ editors’ of this site is why aren’t they doing a ‘ follow up’ given serious doubts raised by so many on this site!
    As for the ruling party, I am guessing, come election time , it will lambast it all over the media, along with inaugarating the tram line, assuring its win in the ballot boxes.

  35. EYOHAS says:

    p/s before we explore the gas we should do political settlements b/n all tribe other wise it will wake problem on our unitt

  36. lidetu says:

    I believe that Ethiopians revolution is now .
    this is why Ethiopia rises her hands to the beloved God.

  37. We know in the near futher Ethio becomes the choosen country for all human being to wish to work in ethiopia at same time Gov. has to done the resourse utilization wizely and equtiably through welfair management.God blees Ethiopia and the world at large.

  38. abinat says:

    I am sure ”GOD” have with ethiopian b/c of new sun has to be started to give light
    for ethiopia that can not from skey or from earth, from unknowm direction so be glory for our GOD giving of this free gift for ethiopian .this gift is base for our development so every ethiopian citizen must have accountablity to keep this our property of welfair. WE ETHIOPIA ARE LUCK!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!.

  39. ESHETU says:

    First of all, I would like to thanks GOD almighty a lot, Because all natural resources as well as man/woman itself are the creature of the God, therefore, we not be quarrel in the availability of N. gas, but we should have do our best to be richest by our own effort, which will bring Greatness!!! The Bible says<>

  40. Sami says:

    I wish the news are true but i dont think the Blackrhino company discovered Natural gas in Arbaminch area..if so, they would have said on their own home page which i didnt found plus the bloger didnt mention any reference for the news beside mentioning Sendek news agent. What i found on their website is this company agreed to buid pipeline project from djibuti to Ethiopia in order to minimize the transportation cost that is been carried out currently using trucks from djibuti port. I hope they will use the same pipeline to transport our natural gas resource to world if the news proved to be true. Wishing success for my beloved country
    Check for news for pipeline project

  41. Tariku says:

    For ever i will pray our almighty God for his support to radical change of Ethiopia for…..

  42. Metema says:

    Eritrea is a small country, but has a great people. Wayane strategically has done a great mistake to invade Eritrea/ Shabia, the real back bone of Ethiopia. all the difficulties Eritrean are facing is because of you people, particularly Tigry. Pls care about your country and lie about us to your lords( West). We hope as Eritreans to give you a petrol & gas as much as Tana Hieg, but you people never never change your bad habits and savagery act all is useless. think beyond Eritrea & Eritreans. Leave us alone

  43. abenezer says:

    haha lol if there is oil in ethiopia us and europe would send billionas of dollors to take contorll
    there is no oil in ethiopia
    it is the country in africa with no natural resource but it is the best country

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