Interview with Ato Abadula Gemeda on president El-Sisi’s presence at the Ethiopian parliament (Video)


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13 Responses

  1. Gize says:

    Is the Nile Originated from the North i.e. Egypt and heading towards the south where the upstream nations including Ethiopia are getting it for free with Egypt’s blessing? The Ethiopian officials’ behavior related to the Nile looks like these days as if the Nile is from Egypt and Ethiopia is totally dependent on it as Egypt is and the agreement thinks Egypt is allowing Ethiopia to use Egypt’s water.

    Wake up people. This is your own very valuable and all time huge natural wealth. There is nothing valuable than water especially the Nile water in the desert. Ethiopia has a natural right to use the Nile in her territory. No one can change that natural law, rule and right.

    We all know what kind damages have been made against Ethiopia for many years by Egypt including what happened one year ago against Ethiopian among the others the name calling, the disrespectful approach, accusation, suffering, humiliation, chasing, beating, raping, killing and ultimately deporting within less than a week more than 150.000 innocent and poor Ethiopians from Saudi Arabia. The Ethiopian government rescued them from the Hitler stile concentration camps in Saudi Arabia. If not, they would be history by know as killing human beings is a normal day to day life and who they are in that naturally cursed desert where the sins are living committing evilness.

    Egyptian so called journalists and media workers and others in Saudi Arabia plaid big roles that made the monster Saudis to commit the crimes against the innocent Ethiopians. Not only that there are many other issues still Egyptians are causing against Ethiopia. Those Egyptians are not always politicians but also others including those seeking industrial zone in Ethiopia to come in the country as investors and innocent individuals but we know what kind creatures they are.

    Why is Egypt looking to have industrial zone or any investment opportunity in Ethiopia while the whole world knows they are seeking lots of foreign investments and their existence is totally dependent on foreign donation/aid?

    If Egyptians want to build a good relationship with Ethiopia, they need to drop completely the idea of them investing in Ethiopia and bringing their work force with them. No industrial zone, no land ownership or whatever for Egypt in Ethiopia at this time. There is a must be needed reasons in order to build trust towards them at least for the next 10-20 years. And if things are going well from the Egyptian sides knowing they are the only reasons causing troubles in many ways so far while they are not in Ethiopia (what they would do if we allow them to come in and move freely), then the next steps could be including investment activities from both sides. But one sided so called investment and other relationship which is Egyptians coming to Ethiopia but not Ethiopians being in Egypt is like the fierce enemy is invading the nation pretending differently.

    The Ethiopian people are silently but very closely watching this dramatic story with fear the government is losing its mind but the people will not allow. The people have been the worst victims to Egypt’s hostility action against Ethiopia at least for the last 50 years. The Ethiopian people also know Ethiopia is not only doing favors to Egypt but giving the Nile for free despite it would cost Egypt at least a trillion dollar every year with 10 cent per litter for 55 billion cubic meter Nile water Egypt is getting annually.

    However, the Ethiopian government is acting as if Egypt is doing favor to Ethiopia allowing them to use their own water in their own territory. Are we dumb to this low level? Ethiopia must act and behave she is the owner of the Nile and the driving force and Egypt must be thankful she is getting the water for free and in return need to be friendly and showing her dependency on Ethiopian water. But they are acting as if Ethiopia is dependent on them and Ethiopia has to make them favors and free gifts including own industrial zone in Ethiopia and other investment opportunities in order to create jobs for Egyptians in Ethiopia.

    Have we lost our mind? Have we lost our way? Ethiopia is the owner of the Nile and she is and must be the ultimate player and driving force when it comes to Egypt including having any agreement, relation and whatever knowing they are not the people to be trusted for anything; not necessarily President El Sisi but those among the people including those so called investors and those coming to work in Ethiopia despite Ethiopia is looking foreign investment to create jobs for her own citizens and for knowledge transfer.

    What the Ethiopian government must understand is that the Ethiopian people are very closely but silently watching the move it is doing with Egypt. What the people want is keeping Egyptians away from Ethiopia and agree on the issues matter both nations while Ethiopians have to stay in Ethiopia and for sure Egyptians also must stay away from Ethiopia. This is not the time to have them in the country in any name, form or reason knowing what kind creatures they are against Ethiopia even when they were not allowed in the country.

    How is looking like the relationship between Turkey, Syria and Iraq concerning the Euphrates? How is looking like the water agreement between USA and Canada? USA is paying to Canada for river water. How is looking like the agreement with other international rivers in Asia, Latin America, Europe and so on? Even South Africa is paying Lesotho to get the River water. Therefore, Egypt at least needs to be genuine and friendly towards Ethiopia which is they are not but they are looking to play unfair games in Ethiopia in the name of investment, relations and other agreements Ethiopians do not buy them at all but they are part of the games Egyptians are looking to play with scores badly damaging against Ethiopia including in the long term.

    We must not allow them in the country at this point but totally reject them. The Nile issue must be the only one to bring them together to agree on but not Egyptians having in Ethiopia with mass knowing what kind creatures they are/will be when that happens.
    Omanis are the best people and historically closer to the Habesha people as the Yemenis are. So, instead of Egypt or whatever, it would be Nice if the government is trying its best having good relation with Oman including allowing them having industrial zones knowing they will not bring their people to work but hiring Ethiopians and most importantly they will not be a great danger to the Ethiopian security and safety of the people. Omanis are very Rich people and they are importing their food items including wheat, meat and so on. So, instead of looking exporting meant to Egypt, it is easy and profitable to export to Oman and other nations including in Africa as far as to Angola that is importing from Brazil with 12 dollar a kilo.

  2. Gize says:

    —and the government thinks Egypt is allowing Ethiopia to use Egypt’s water.

  3. ash says:


    U r right those Egyptian should not be trusted they doubtcorssed the Eritrean, the GIMP,and OLF… and join force with Ethiopians….buy the way Ethiopians doesn’t own Nile we share it with egpty.:-)

    • Gize says:

      “buy the way Ethiopians doesn’t own Nile we share it with Egypt”

      This is the fundamental problem we are facing and suffering from the unacceptable weaknesses and backwardness in our brain with our thinking.
      Anything that is within the Ethiopian territory belongs to Ethiopia. That can be land, water, Gas, oil, Gold, Forest and so on. Is Egypt sharing the Lion share with Ethiopia for free as Ethiopia does with the Nile what she has within her territory including Gas, Suez Canal, Port and so on?
      The Nile or whatever water resources Ethiopia has within her territory belongs to Ethiopia. The Nile or whatever resources Egypt has within her territory belongs to her and she is doing that all the time.
      So, what is your justification to your silly thinking saying what you have said about the Nile in Ethiopia to be shared with Egypt but the Nile in Egypt has to be only Egypt’s private property she can do with in for whatever reason she is doing including creating huge Golf courses, Horse riding facilities, huge Stadiums, Gardens and so on in the Middle of the biggest desert on Earth? In addition; she is using the water to change the 6000s years ago dead and hostile desert to become huge farming land and best residential areas.
      These and other activities and plans Egypt is having are totally dependent on the Nile she is demanding to get it for free mostly from Ethiopia while using different languages, tactics and methods to stop Ethiopia using her own water resources for basic needs she needs them very badly including producing energy that is not consuming even a glass of water.
      So, they are using their Nile water in their own territory for the reasons and situations including that are hostile to water meaning consuming lots of water in the desert environment without asking any permission or consideration from the Ethiopians and other riparian’ side.
      Now; who gave them the right to demand or even worse than that to decide who and much water, for what reason and for how long has to get/use including Ethiopia with her own water resources in her territory? Is there any justice here? Is there any respect towards Ethiopians here? This is a human made problem and must be corrected by human. But not with the thinking and action the why you are up to that level towards this situation.

      Clean your mind, man.

      • ash says:

        Nile water shared by Egypt and Ethiopians and other countries…which part of shared ownership u don’t understand … if u think Ethiopian have a right to dam the water then don’t send one drop of water to Egypt ..u should keep all water inside Ethiopia ….I know it will cause flood….that is my point. Foot note Nile is an international river …there r 100 countries that share river there law that govern border crossing river…

  4. Hello! says:

    This new deal gives egypt power over abay water more than ever it had before.

  5. Dude says:

    The Dumb and dumber ruling Ethiopia.

  6. Zellalem says:

    What Ethiopia has to learn from Egypt is about the Treatment, Red Line, Rights and Obligations foreigners are having there particularly the western so called medias, journalists, right groups, NGO, aid agencies and so on.
    Is there any doubt about the English establishment doctrine Anglo Saxons and Ashkenazi Jewish Medias are the fierce and all times number one enemies to Ethiopia? More than 90% of so called Journalists from England, USA, Canada, Australia and France that are at war against Ethiopia intentionally and constantly damaging the country image and undermine the people are the Ashkenazi Jewish having citizenship in those countries.
    If you look today in Ethiopia, they are the vast majority representing the western so called journalists and medias including Bloomberg, Reuters, Guardian, BBC, CNN, Mail and so on doing the same nasty things against Ethiopia being within the country and feel free and powerful no one challenges or stops them undermining the people.
    There is no doubt they are not (only) journalists but using journalism and media to be there to do the real jobs they are having in mind and the reason being there including being spy agents, the evil multinational companies poison forces, racists working with the racists institutions, organizations, groups and the likes pretending they are open, peaceful and helping while doing their satanic jobs which is badly affecting the society in many ways.

    One of the evil Anglo Saxons-Jewish Medias is Reuters which is one of the English criminal organizations serving the establishment working together with the Anglo saxons-jewish agenda in Ethiopia spreading lies, misinformation, distorting the facts and undermining our country achievements.
    The Awrambatimes that is an Ethiopian media working for Ethiopia and no single foreign media is better than the domestic one covering the Ethiopian/own story or have the right to do so, did bring very welcome news about Ethiopia having a huge Gas reserve referring the original news coming from another Ethiopian media Channel.

    Yet, Reuters which is an evil and Jealous English Establishment media ever since is spreading lies about saying Ethiopia has only 4 trillion feet Gas or 13 million cubic meters. This is a total lie intentionally done in order to misinform the world and also Ethiopians in order to spoil their happy moment. Since a week ago, Ethiopia is started to use G4 mobile network system which is the latest network in the world. This the same so called Media did spread lots of shit about it saying Ethiopia has now catching with Uganda and Kenya instead of saying Ethiopian mobile network is the same as other nations in the world those using this technology. Even England is using only partially G4 network.

    The reason that shit evil could be an Ashkenazi Jewish mentioned Uganda and Kenya is trying to tell the people don’t make a big deal about it; other African nations have it long times ago and don’t be happy for nothing. When you check Kenya and Uganda, you don’t find G4 mobile network the way it is done the best way in Ethiopia and Ethiopia has more than 35 million subscribers that would reach 60 million within 18 months.
    That means 35 million x 10 dollar a month=350 millionx12=4.2 billion Dollar a year
    and when it reaches 60 million subscribers
    60×10=600×12=7.2 billion, And this the lowest estimate billions of Dollar will be in the Ethiopian people bank account every year. You know why they are painting saying the Government monopolized telecom? Because thinking talking bad and negative about the government ownership would hijack the people brain and take them to hell when the telecom becomes in private hands they will be the one to get it as they are doing with the nation brewery to destroy the people’s health for profit taking the money out of the country.
    The benefit the Ethiopia people getting from the government/people ownership is huge including keeping the country banks, insurances, transport, energy particularly hydro, water supply, food industry, agriculture, gas, oil and other mineral reserves and so on always must be in the government/people ownership. Any nation that is losing those very important national wealth is a doomed nation has no future at all but corruption, big gap between few rich and mass poor, crimes, drugs, prison, killing and so on as we are witnessing in USA, England, Brazil, South Africa, Colombia and other nations that are suffering in the name of neo liberalism damaging system.

    The English, USA and Jewish medias, journalists, Organizations including charities, NGO, aid agencies, Institutions including universities, colleges, Think Tanks, politicians and of course the criminal multinational companies are at war against any nation that is not following them where they are leading while taking all and the rest have to follow them with nothing but have no choice after making the huge mistakes accepting the criminal neo liberal system and there is no turning back if once is in the hell of it.

    There is no doubt they are there to do this kind dirty job to discredit the country achievement, denying it and spreading misinformation thinking this would stop good inventors coming in Ethiopia but the evil English and other criminal multinationals will take over the country through corruption and manipulation as they did/doing with the nation brewery. There is no doubt there are forces including foreign spies and diplomats, and merciless western companies behind them telling or advising them to do like these jobs in the name of journalism.

    The question is where are the Ethiopian embassies particularly the one in England when an English media is committing this kind crime again and again against the nation? Where are the Ethiopian Medias and journalists that have to face and eliminate from the country these kind rats coming in the country by themselves to affect as worse as possible? Where are the government and individuals that have to be in the front to expose and expel these kind criminals coming in the country for bad and negative reasons?

    Ethiopia has or has not gas reserves must be an Ethiopian issue not a trash and racist foreign criminal coming in the country in the name of journalism in order to spread lies and being against the nation interest disrespecting and undermining the people.

    He painted Ethiopia has 4 trillion feet gas or 13 million cubic meter. Even if it is true, 4 trillion feet is not 13 million cubic meter but about 114 million cubic meters. But the evil western so called journalists aim is always trying to minimize it as low as possible till it becomes not relevant at all. If it was about bad and negative things, he would multiply it million times even bringing from other county and represent repeatedly it as if it is from Ethiopia. This was/is the way they are doing for the last 30 years the Ashkenazi Jewish leadership western Medias, institutions, organizations and so on constantly tarnishing Ethiopia working with the English establishment Anglo Saxons including from USA.

    The truth is even if we keep aside the resent finding in Arba Minch, Ethiopia has a proven Gas reserve 24 trillion feet in one location plus 4? or 8 trillion not sure, in another one. But that evil foreigner jumped against Ethiopia to get the lowest number in order to tell his evil readers as if this was all the Ethiopian gas reserve and it is nothing.
    The question is what are doing the Ethiopian embassies if they are not following daily and very closely this kind crimes done against their country by foreigners including those are getting visas and permissions from them to be in the country.

    The English establishment doctrine; the Anglo Saxons- and Ashkenazi Jewish crimes against Ethiopia in the name of media and other names must be stopped long times ago. Therefore, it must stop as quickly as possible. They have zero positive leverage to Ethiopia while 100% bad and negatives. Just stop them knowing they are there by their choice for their own interest and benefit at the cost of the nation. They are worse than any invading foreign military force.

  7. Zellalem says:

    “Rock Star Bob Geldof Spearheads U.S. Private-Equity Push Into Ethiopia ”

    Really? Here we go again. Doesn’t he know we don’t want even to see his face around Ethiopia anymore?

    If Ethiopia was not there to be used like helpless and the citizens are worthless unable to defend themselves from individuals like him even after 30 years since he has started, what would look like his life he is enjoying for the last 30 years?

    This junky seems still doesn’t get enough from humiliating and badly affecting Ethiopia even after 30 years marriage he has been with CIA, MI6, Racists and other criminals to humiliate black people and creating a very bad image about them using Ethiopia as dead body or none existence but they are the Gods on everything has to do with her.
    Is he a Rock star? Where and when? Have you seen/heard any meaningful music from him ever? They just created him as a symbol praising him for nothing in order to make him famous that would be effective to use him for the interest, agenda and plan they have not only in Ethiopia but all the places where blacks are. And he is acting like that.

    He is now working with other criminals, too including with the U.S. Private-Equities to bring them to Ethiopia in the name of investment/privatization making them able to rape and loot the nation as worse as possible till nothing is left. But instead he needs to take care his own family and leave Ethiopia alone. The world knows what he was doing during that time (30 years ago) when London was dancing with happiness while watching Ethiopians were in that condition because of the civil war where UK and USA/MI6 and CIA were responsible for.
    US/UK Private-Equities are the current/new type of weapons they are using them to buy and own the nation because of they are having money printing like toilet papers. Any nation that is allowing the western Private-Equities is willingly selling his nation in to an endless slavery and lootings.
    So, Geldof needs to stop having anything to do with Ethiopia. He did the unimaginable more than enough during the time when Ethiopia was not able to defend herself from the hateful and racist force and it was in happened London and USA.
    But this time he has no what so ever reason to speak anything in Ethiopian’s name. He better shut his mouth with the things he is smoking or he needs to go to hell.
    Absolute No to the merciless western Private-Equities. We need no money but knowledge to learn and willingness to work with us as the Chinese are doing in order to become self sufficient in all development aspects including produce our own money and making it like hard currency and other products for our own benefits, not to handing over to the foreigners in the name of Private-Equity investors. We have more than enough with this .individual.
    Right now he is acting like an imperialists/neoliberals agents to bring them in order to take over the country and the society as a whole through crimes such as spreading corruption, dugs, and so on they are good at.
    Ethiopia need no what so ever any foreign Private-Equity but when she needs she has to get loans from countries like China, Russia, Algeria, India, Oman and there are many other nations that have trillions of dollars as reserve currency and looking to lend with very low interest rate with 100% guarantee.

    Ethiopia must always keep the nation wealth under the government and people ownership, not the profit hungry and merciless imperialists that are printing money like toilet paper in order to use it buying other nations in the name of investment, privatization and development.

    • 21-century says:

      Tell to Geldof that we are far ahead of him to protect us from the plan and agenda he is having with the merciless creatures in our country in the name of trade and investment.
      Go to;
      and watch among the million stories about the true color of the Private equities he is campaigning to bring them in Ethiopia. Hahahaha.

      “Inside the Private Equity Game (2009)”
      “IMF & World Bank are weapons of war , by John Pilger”

      and there are thousands other stories based on facts and the truth out there to learn from and protect ourselves from these evils.

  8. Tatek says:

    The events of this past few weeks leading to the final agreement between Addis Ababa and Cairo in regards to sharing the benefits of the GERD might indeed be historic—at least in the eyes of die-hard regime backers, but as Ethiopians we shouldn’t allow this timely euphoria to extinguish either our proper reasoning or due prudence. While I have a boatload of reservations about how the deal itself was reached—as I feel that Ethiopians were not engaged at best or were not totally told the truth at least before the deal was finalized, I think it would be too harsh to say that Ethiopia is a complete loser in this deal. We need to admit that bilateral cooperation between Egypt and Ethiopia in all forms is in the best interest of our two nations. A very significant number of Ethiopians, who always wanted the best for their country, have been speaking loud and clear that they thought the EPRDF regime had sacrificed national interest in a desperate attempt to reach any deal with a stubborn Cairo that didn’t want a deal at all. But we need to be mindful that national interest has been the step-child of public policy for the last two decades of EPRDF rule—very much relegated to the backseat as the Govt disdained anything that got on its way in the name of national interest so long as its comfort zone (the handrails of public power) are safe. Though the regime doesn’t want to hear any of it, the reasonable concern on the part of Ethiopians is that since Cairo and Asmara have been working hand-in-glove, it remains absolutely difficult to guess, much less know, what the continued sexy symbiosis between Egypt and Eritrea meant for Addis Ababa—mainly now that Cairo has been given an unprecedented and unobstructed greenlight to maneuver within Ethiopia. When Parliament fails to hold Govt accountable to Ethiopians, as we saw here and as so easily occurs where there is no opposition or no checks and balances in place to supervise the regime, the only institution that could do so was the news media; and with the news media reduced to a bunch of ‘Developmental journalists’ who sold their journalistic ethics and media’s standing principle of just-telling-the-truth-as-it-happens for a sexy romance with an unholy regime, Ethiopians have no option but receive a curse of ending up with an unaccountable rulership, which of course is not just so dangerous, but is venomous and fatal.

    Any Ethiopian hopes that this deal be as historic as it is now being framed depends on how the Egyptians are willing to reciprocate the gestures extended by Addis Ababa, but the EPRDF regime wanted to be seen as a pragmatic and post-partisan Govt which puts results ahead of ideology and party orthodoxy—with major EPRDF lieutenants desperate to be seen to be possessing some piece of Meles Zenawi though none could be a complete package, but the nation could only avoid all ifs and regain its National Pride by making a major and far reaching political reform that addresses all the ailments that had kept our country in intensive care for so long—for at the end of the day, both Cairo and the International Community could see that in the absence of such reforms, Egypt just made a deal with an schizophrenic Ethiopia which could still be cornered for far more concessions.

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