Controversial Kenyan Businessman accuses Ethiopia of selling arms to Al-Shabab


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33 Responses

  1. idris says:

    Nowadays, the shabeya (IsayASS) is changing its tactics to media propaganda along with esat (are-tera TV). Last time also they disseminate a fake information which says that Ethiopia is selling arms to south Sudan Waring parties. Yecheneqew Erguz yagebal new negeru

    • Ermi says:

      W ikileak is the best evidence one can have against the terrorist woyanes for committing state terrorism against its own people and its fith grader generals involved in the selling of arms to al Shabab.

      In any case, defending a terrorist woyane is the most stupid deed in the universe.

      Peace to all but woyanes!


    • elias says:

      Idris Shabia does not have any link after 4 years investigation, have nt read it.Shabia..shabia….why don’t ask your government to leave the Eritrean territory, and we can live in peace,all the Ethiopian and Eritrean opposition would stop,and then we can live peacefully,never blam shabia any link with Alshebab,,,it is open crim false

  2. Teshager says:

    “Bankrupt businessman” seems the best title for Mr. Juma. When I google his profile and take a look on the media reports about him, he is truly corrupt and bankrupt

  3. erty says:

    The accusation from this Eritrean stooge is meaningless as far as credibility goes. The accusation and the reporting from the Eritrea government controlled websites was timely and the accusation is accomplishing what it is designed for. The person making the accusation is from Kenya, where alshababi just massacred hundreds of people. If a Kenyan comes out and accuses someone at the heat of the moment from Kenya, it is going to get a lot of attention. By sending a Kenyan messenger to accuse Ethiopia collaborating with alshababi, the Eritrean government avoided to be mentioned during the massacre with alshababi and redirect blame for the time being. The Eritrean government never condemn the massacre. A lot of people well know that, Eritrea is the one who put alshababi in this trajectory to become a terrorist organization in the region. Once the terrorist organization is set up and can operate by its own, Eritrea tried to be under the radar. Ethiopia on the other hand as usually is following Eritrea’s lead. Ethiopian leaders never took a leading role to protect Ethiopia’s interest when it comes to Eritrea. Ethiopia is hoping the Eritrean problem would go away as the current Eritrea leader gets old or if the going gets tough in Eritrea the regime will fall. This is as naïve as it gets for a nation to rely on a natural cause to design a policy to protect its sovereignty. The Eritrean government will never fall from its weight or natural cause, I want the Ethiopian government rest assured on this. The Eritrean government will never change its policy on Ethiopia willingly, because that makes Eritrean people to be open to Ethiopia’s influence which has a lot of similarities with Eritrean society. Ethiopia and Eritrean people can mingle each other and it is hard to differentiate which is which when they are together. The Eritrea regime will keep Eritrean people as far away as possible from Ethiopia influence to limit Eritrean not to be influenced by Ethiopian culture, keeping the animosity between the two people is a survival tool of the regime. The Ethiopian government is the appeasing party all the time when it comes to Eritrea. Instead of appeasing Ethiopian government should stand up and take risk ad political gamble to make Eritrea hit a dead end.

    Ethiopia used two polices to contain Eritrea: International sanction and no war no peace policy. these two polices are obsolete for a number of reasons . One, Eritrea is adapting to these polices, two, sanctions are going to be hard to come by because UN is not going to sanction Eritrea to protect Ethiopia’s interest, since Eritrea is going under the radar to facilitate its terrorist support. Unless the international community sees a clear evidence of terrorist support UN is going to stay away. Most westerners see things in Africa in the frame of the west well structured point of view. There are a lot of ways that a lot terrorist support can be done with out using conventional method which the west relies on to detect of such activates. Eritrea still supporting terrorism to be detrimental to Ethiopia. The method Eritrea uses, though, is traditional, crude, that can not be detected by conventional method. The international community gave Ethiopia a chance to sort out a lasting solution for its problem with Eritrea by sanctioning Eritrea to make that country lees affluent in any measure so that Ethiopia can have the upper hand in dealing with Eritrea. What Ethiopia do, sleep on the opportunity and wait for natural cause to come to Ethiopia’s rescue.
    Ethiopian leaders are way behind, all in all, on handling Eritrea. They were satisfied with the sanction and no war no peace policy and did not plan any action as a follow to take advantage of those policy results on time, now Eritrea adapted to those polices, the regime will have a chance to see another day. Not only to live another day but also will become a menace for Ethiopian survival.
    Eritrea is militarized the whole nations, Devoting a lots money to arm itself, organizing and training any one by luring to come to Eritrean that can help the regime to fight Ethiopia, Uses all of its media to attack and divide each ethnic group to fragment Ethiopia, support any opposition financial and diplomatically to change the result of the Ethiopian election. Eritrea is out in full to get what it wants, there is no any agenda that is left not to bee seen for charging Ethiopia head on. What does Ethiopia do; follow ten year old policy that Eritrea already adapt for. As time goes by Ethiopian military personnel are going to pay a lot of price to change the status that Ethiopia and Eritrea are in. A status quo that build up Eritrea’s capacity to its full potential to become a realist force to recon with due to the current Ethiopian government negligence. If any one doubts that the fact tat, Eritrea is not going to go away as time goes by, just go and study how dictators used force to stay in power, and how much live is lost to take them out.

  4. dawit says:

    Yemilutun ayawkum Ena yikir belwachew.
    Yehagerachin hidasea lay enatekur Gobez!!!!

  5. fre says:

    i hard about awrambatimes it’s my 1st time to look but I’m not interesting to read fabrications But about TPLF selling arms to Al-shabab?
    so what TPLF selling Kids, Women, Land even the Country is for lease or for seal.
    It’s the east of Africa Terrorist TPLF.
    F. awrambatimes just one true.

  6. wedinakfa says:

    What a jock from MR awara lier looooooool this a laughing stock news!!!!1

  7. Michael says:

    This a nonsense accusation by a nonsense individual. Viva Ethiopia.

  8. Hayat_D says:

    Ignorant fool confusing Ethiopia for Eritrea. UN sanctions still on Eritrea for supporting terrorism.

  9. Bamlaku says:

    Oh ya! It reminds me the narrative in the movie “FORREST GUMP” staring Tom Hanks : ‘Stupid is as Stupid does.’
    I come up up with another variation for the subject in this report-Sleazebag is as Sleazebag does.

  10. Binyam says:

    I think we have to consider the reality & collect information before tweeting such shamless information. This is the result of poor security structure & corrupted officials of Kenyan national security organization.

  11. wasoo says:

    if the guy so called businessman is no body, why awramba times come out and defend et.govt? may be ato dawit known somethings? To be honest Ethiopian government get a lot of money and military aid from western allies in order to fight al shabab, if al shabab are no longer threat to world the source of aid will also dry so may be woyanne like to keep play the game by give a life support to al shabab. woyannes are evils,they do any things to get the money. I don’t mind as long as they keep it between al shabab and Kenya.dont bring it home like OLF bombing shit close to home.after all you guys had been terrorized the all Ethiopia for last 24 years by killings thousand of innocent people. I HOPE YOU POST MY COMMENTS.

  12. Ashan Gulite says:

    You better get your house in order instead of blaming others for your corrupt security, blaming others must be borrowed from Eritrea.

  13. Did you watch Aljazeera English Inside Story three days ago on April 6th, 2015, Dawit? if no, open the following link and listen what Farah Maalim of Former Deputy House Speaker spoke about the Ethiopia Military in Somalia…@8:47, 14:00 and 22:00

    • Salamawit says:

      Farah Haalim;

      He is the true example how Kenya is corrupted from the top to down and became failed time after time because of the incompetent and criminal nature of the so called politicians like this one.
      Kenya was attacked in 1998, where more than 200 people died including USA citizens and thousands injured. Westgate in 2013 and other attacks that killed more than 400 people since 2013.

      The Garissa attack is conducted by Kenyans and a Tanzanian which the father of one terrorist is a high level government official from Garissa. Garissa is 150 KM from the Somalian boarder and more than 300Km from the Ethiopian boarder.

      So, this failed so called politician is vomiting own failed mistakes on others including against Burundi and Uganda. The Kenyan terrorist problem is homemade and has some relation from Somalia, Tanzania and others, but not from Ethiopia.
      He needs to wash his dirty brain and start doing the real jobs including fighting terrorism rather than demanding others to do for him and when they don’t blaming and accusing them for his dirty ass fault.

      Ethiopia is the biggest peace keeping contributor in Africa and 4th in the world. She is in Kenya to help in the name of AU helping the Forces that are under the Kenyan leadership. So, why is not taking responsibilities as leading forces in Somalia and fight the terrorists rather than blaming Ethiopia she is fighting terrorism the best ways and it is working the best for her and region. He needs to ask the Somalian Government about the Ethiopian involvement and benefit. And he also have to know how the Somalian government and people are thinking about the Kenyan so called solders.

      It took them 7 hours to reach the Garissa university compound which is a shame and disaster where 148 people killed as a result. Yet, they are blaming and accusing others for their failure. This is how the worthlessness are behaving.

  14. Dude says:

    These woyane mafias are considered peace keeper? Give me a break. Can woyane and peace be written in the same sentence? Woyane’s aim is to kill kill kill and kill many more. How is it possible for a woyane to keep peace? Death to woyane and those who aid them. A good woyane is a dead woyane . therefore, Ethiopians must all rise up against these blood sucking thugs and destroy them all.

  15. Guzen says:

    “Jacob Juma, a man widely considered among Kenyans as an infamous and controversial business man”

    Business man? He is from a Gorrila monkey family line where his entire existence and being is totally dependent in the widespread corruption ocean crimes he is sinking in. But instead of a chimp criminal against the Kenyan people, he calls himself a business man.
    This is one of the many jokes you can see in Kenya where laying and Corruption are endemics became the way of life and making illegal money as this criminal is doing.

    Look at him.

  16. Guest says:

    Can you take a Big, Big Gorilla seriously and treating him as a normal human being?

    What kind woman can make love with this… by Choice let alone live with him? O’ God.

  17. Amsalu Hate says:

    Forget Mr. Jacom Juma because he’s hired by Eritrean Government, Shabia.

  18. Hiwot says:

    “Sources close to Awramba times disclosed that Mr. Juma is a partner of a Canadian mining company, working with the Eritrean government on Gold exploration sector and it seems obvious for anyone that his mud-muddling campaign was backed by the repressive regime in Eritrea to divert attention and create doubt on Ethiopia’s global image”.

    This corrupted hypo is the biggest foreign invester in Eritrea. Hahahaha.
    There is no wonder why is this monster that looks like sub human is behaving this way after the Gold mine in Eritrea is destroyed few weeks ago.

    “Based on the findings recently documented by the US government and the United Nations, some diplomats close to the Kenyan Embassy claims Juma might have mistaken Ethiopia for Ertitrea as this accusation very well fits Eritrea. The U.S state department on December 2013 said Eritrea is supporting Somalia’s militant group, Al Shabab.”

  19. Alemgena Taye says:

    Mr Juma is not only corrupt in doing business, but also in his mental status.

  20. Amanuel says:

    This is disrespectful towards the 150 young Kenyan students savagely massacred and executed by the terrorists because of they were Christians, their families, Kenyans and Africans as a whole. Instead of facing the reality what is going on and eliminate the terrorists, this ugly is doing the ugliest things playing the animal games with very serious matters facing Kenya, Ethiopia, the region, Africa and the whole world.
    However, you can’t expect other than this from a monster looks like him nature is created the way he is. Look at him. Is he looks like closer to the human race or….? His brain is not really from a normal human being.

  21. Amanuel says:

    Are you taking him seriously? You must be fool and corrupt like he is. Lying and denying are two of the main ingredients for committing corruptions. This is who he is in his corruption and criminal existence pretending his is a business man instead of the Corrupted criminal in the highest level.

    Don’t even look at his ugly being. He so ugly looking at him makes humanity asking questions about the meaning of the human race. His brain is full of shit always stinks when he opens his ugly mouth.
    He has no even the slightest idea about the true nature of Ethiopia and Ethiopians.

  22. elias says:

    Awaraba forget about Eritrea now,the accuser monitoring group could not find any evidence that Eritrea linked with Alshebab. After years USA/CIA/ accused Eritrea and and win to put sanction on Eritrea. Ethiopia win against innocent Eritrean people to put sanction on false accusation. Exactly the same as Iraq, today it is sham on you to jump to Eritrea you criminal Awramba Times. If Juma accused you deal with it, Eritrea has been a victim Of CIA and Ethiopia Junta from 1952,no body deny it.We wanted peace in the region,USA danger policy will put us in hell.

  23. Meklit says:

    Awrambatimes, sometimes it is good to understand there are people out for making names. So, no need to propagate hallucinations. This should not have mad it to your website.

  24. Salamawit says:

    This is funny.

    It took them 7 hours to reach the University compound located in Garissa which is a city services and facilities are all there.
    although the 1998 worse African terrorist attack ever was conducted including by none Kenyans, almost all other Kenyan terrorist attacks are done by the kenyans. Recently in Garissa is done by Kenyans and one Tanzanian. The father of the master minder terrorist is a high level Kenyan official from Garissa. University guards and others are also the main suspects.

    Why is this fat from the Gorilla family line is accusing Ethiopia for his own faults and mistakes?

    What matters is what is thinking the Somalian government and people and the benefit they are getting because of Ethiopian forces and other benefits Ethiopia is doing for them. What matters is how the AU, UN and others are thinking about Ethiopians involvement in Somalia.

    Who cares about this or other corrupted Kenyan individuals with only full of dirty talks are thinking or talking about Ethiopia. What matters is the Kenya government that is doing it best fighting the chronic corruption that is eating Kenya where stinky corrupted individuals like him do not like it and becomes the first targets.

    Corruption is the main reason why Kenya is unable to stop terrorism acts on her soil. It is a homemade and executed act.

  25. seyoum777 says:

    Definitely the guy must have confused Ethiopia for Eritrea(are tera) of IsayASS. ESAT and GIM BUT 7 will be singing about this.

  26. miko says:

    This fat dude is hallucinating. Alshaba is armed by Eritrea. Even alshabab must be laighing at this foolish Kenyan.

  27. Asefa says:

    Haha. The Kenyans are upset that Ethiopia has been so successful in fighting Islamic terrorism while the Kenyan government has struggled with several attacks inside their country. The whole world knows this is a ridiculous accusation made by a failed businessman. Of course the Italian slaves and their dictator for life issaiass wished it was true but the whole world knows issaiass is the primary supporter of Al shabab.

  28. axumawit says:

    Ethiopia`s enemies come in all forms and shapes.The ruling party must make sure this buffoon regrets he pointed his gun at friendly nation.Start with hiring top notch lawyers and make him spend few millions,and boycott companies and nations who are doing business with this idiot.
    Under no circumstances,Ethiopian should sell him any ticket.Ethiopians in north America and Canada should set up an account and raise fund which covers lawyer expenses.

  29. yegebaw qes says:

    It’s always funny reading blacks refer to other blacks as “ugly gorillas”.

  30. KENAN says:


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