Ethiopian Airlines Wins Airline of the Year Award in Beijing


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5 Responses

  1. Michael says:

    Shame to those toxic opponents and great news to those hard workers!!!

  2. Tsehay says:

    Ethiopian Airlines is our pride and the symbol of Ethiopia and Africa ever since it started to operate during the Time when all African nations were under brutal and devastating colonization.

    Asia particularly China, other south East Asia and Africa are going to be the only best option in the future not only for the Ethiopian airlines but also all development sectors where Human development has to be the first priority Ethiopia has to achieve in order to well developing economically, politically, culturally and spiritually building a complete nation with competent and quality citizens.

    Ethiopia must send her students to the South East Asian nations such as China, Korea and Japan. Or hire maths and Science scholars from there. The 21-century education system is nowhere but in this region.

    Only China and other far east Asian nations do have the capacity and willingness to do that for Ethiopia and they are doing as much as they could with no limitation to help us as we speak in a way one day we will be good enough in everything not only for ourselves but also to our friends and allies started from china and others that are helping and standing with us during the time when we do need help and assistances.

    China is a great nation Ethiopians will always appreciate them and put them as headlines in the Ethiopian main history book.

  3. Hailu says:

    Ethiopia Airlines is becoming bigger and bigger in terms #of passangers, profit , fleet and route expansion while toxic diaspora campaign for boycott.

  4. zeleke says:

    I agree with you. No European country let alone America is ready to make a knowledge transfer with Ethiopia so that Ethiopia can stand on her feet. Instead they have a policy of luring our best minds to server America.
    America has even persistently refused to send technical experts or professors to Ethiopia to teach students in Ethiopia for anything. Sometimes they give “grants” for 2 or 3 individuals to brain wash this people and even with an effort to retain them their if they find them useful. Never in technology or medical field but only from the field of politics or media they give “grants” and invite people by their spy NGOs. These people will be instructed then to write a paper on given topic the Americans are interested to know, so that they get a background information on Ethiopia which may be used later to adjust their policies to “protect american interest” at whatever cost for other country. Negaso Gidada was one such tool in service of American interest. He went, they sucked out what he knows about Ethiopia, then kicked him out.

    Their are good Americans which really care and help people and do a lot of good. But the American government is evil when it comes to Africa or any nation for that matter. Even they do not care to destroy the whole civilisation or country
    to protect what they call “American interest”.

  5. Tsehay says:

    Ethiopian Airlines Ranked Among World’s Most Reliable Carriers

    AprIL 15, 2015 — National flag carrier Ethiopian Airlines has been ranked the sixth most dependable airline in the world, according to the travel website WanderBat.

    With a fleet size of 76 aircraft and more than 100 destinations, 81 of them international, Ethiopian has an on-time record of 71 per cent. The airline also flies to more destinations in Africa than any other airline in the world, with 48 destinations.

    It is also Africa’s dominant airline in terms of services to Asia and the Middle East, flying to 21 cities in these regions.

    Qatar Airways was ranked the most dependable airline followed by Emirates and China Eastern, Singapore Airlines and China Southern Airlines.

    On-time performance, low cost to check in luggage, and average age of an airline fleet are the points used by the travel site WanderBat to rank the airlines.

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