Interview with Minister Redwan on Recent Xenophobic Violence Against Ethiopians in South Africa


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13 Responses

  1. amare says:

    Brilliant Redwan, thank you so much for serving our nation.

  2. Kassaye says:

    this is exactly what we demand from our leaders. Long live Redwan

  3. Mekdes says:

    Thanks Mr. Redwan, for sharing your concern on the media. This is actually, the responsibility of caring government about it’s citizens. Don’t give ear for the looser diaspora dogs like ESAT

  4. ash says:

    Dear, H.E , Redwan,

    Sorry to tell u this but Ethiopian government r not responsible for “So called Ethiopian refugee” in South Africa…when u become refugee that means u give up being Ethiopian citizen ….once u give up ur citizen right u fail under UN protection…therefore Ethiopian government make sure there citizen value respected by own citizen first.. those so called refuge where not the one who where protesting against Ethiopia, they where joining Gim7 and supportting EAST…do u think we forget u where wishing Arab revolution, red yellow and green revolution…on mama Ethiopian do u forget were instigating war between Egypt and Ethiopia u were wishing evil on Ethiopia…when Ethiopian official went to south Africa u were insulting them refusing to help with Nile dam bond and even preventing other from buying bond….no no Ethiopian government is not. Responsible for u r in ur own…let alone help u. They the government can percent u or deny u return back home if u don’t have proper document…. even if u return to Ethiopia u should reapply just like any refugee to get back Ethiopian citizenship just like Eritrean refugee…and should have to take u ten years in refugee campus outside Addis ……now u might wonder how about innocent Ethiopian refugee …I have no problem with them…all they have to day is register with Ethiopian embassy and get green card if possible take part with Ethiopian economy by buying Nile dam etc….show u r respecting Ethiopian law while u r south Africa ….u have a right to demonstrations but u have no right for hate speech …u do that u pay for it…for example burning Tplf flagor any other flag is not allowed if u burn then u cant ask the next day Ethiopian government to help u…u cant join GIMP they r terrorist…u do That at ur own risk.

  5. hashim says:

    this done to creat division among africans and some are behaving such a way
    cos of misinformed ignorant we as ethiopian stay away from this conflict

    let the zembabewian deal with them they are close family endebles ethnics group.

    south african if they can not live with europeans in that land they can not live with africans thats full stop..

    the world getting closer and closer!!!

  6. Kebena says:

    ANC, one of the oldest political party in Africa Showed its immaturity after all these Years, what a shame.

  7. Sam says:

    It is a difficult problem to resolve. African refugees who opens small businesses or get employed usually do so in South Africa black neighborhoods. The black South Africans are mostly economically marginalized. As a result when they assume newcomer blacks are taking away their jobs, or doing business, while employing none of the natives, but brothers and friends from their own country, they might have a resentment. Some blame the Zulu king speech might have triggered the whole episode. I disagree. The resentment of African immigrants are there whether he spoke against immigrants or not. As long as native black Africans remain economically marginalized, the problem will not go away. The government might try to suppress it now. But it will resurface a gain. The more South African blacks assume, not necessarily true, they become third class citizens in their own country, they revolt in their own way. No power could stop that. To change their hostility towards African immigrants, their economic status has to improve. Does that happen? I do not bet on it.

  8. shems says:

    while we are building ye hedase gedeb bezu elkit eyametaben mehonun bemigeba megenzeb aleben.

    le south africa yaltemare hezeb endih aderge belo berain wash madrege betam kelale new.

    ke saoudi arabia be atekalai ethiopia betam besera be alem lay eyetega new yehe
    lehageritu edget telek degafe new.

    ende gebst yalech hager be abay yalat huneta ye fit lefit torenet alchalechim
    ahun yete yayazut ethiopia ke lelawe alem mabalat maleyayet new.

    south africa is more coperative with ethiopia in many wayes
    but yehe yemakarenu zede sere eyesede yale new ena ghebeze sanehone.

    be rega menfese mayete new ye hedasew gedeb engenebawalen eyedemanem

    today in many part of the world ethiopians paying the prise malet new .

    eyakatelachew yalew ethiopia melewetua new.

    ye teyet torenet kere .hizben mashemakeke new yeteyayazut.

    lelaw journalist nen eyalu officialoch sayezegaju weyem teyakew
    tenebo lemelsu sayzegaju zem belew interview adrgew
    wede wech yemiserachew new migermew .

    beka yehageren moral yemasanese hizbe edishemakek madrege.
    dehoch nene gin dehenet its not a natural disaster its man made

    lemnteyekew teyake ende melese zenawi afen yemiyasiz melse
    mestet kalchalen le interviw gize mestet.

    yehe sefer west eyegebu interview yemiadergut new.

  9. aseged says:

    its nothing to do with outsiders its some thing to do with the goverment
    the country is so rich the have to creat job for their citizence.

    can any one see dubai is population compare to outsiders.
    you joking.

    i have to blame the Goverment for any all this sad news.

    give the poor the opportunity to work creat jobbs dam!!!

  10. sabit says:

    Mengest alba behonu ageroch west yemisekau ethiopian ye united nation enkuan menem madreg alchalem
    mengestem eyale hegewet dergit sidereg alemakefu hebreteseb zem yilale..

    zare be alem ashebari budenoche mengest llemen zem yilale eyalu yeweksalu
    ke ashebari gar enka selamta kelet new mimeslegn.

    ethiopian bicha aydelem eyeteteku yalut beteley be libya west.

    ye japan,ye UK. ye USA, france ye jordan pilot ,alemakefe guday alemakef solution yasfelegewal..

    sanawekew 3rd world war west eyegeban new.
    ashebarin eyeteketele yemigeba hayle
    ashebarin eyasadede yemigeba hayle eyhone new.

    nekten metenkeke aleben!!!!!

  11. test says:

    This is test

  12. Blue says:

    Mr. Red One, you know how you know keep wathing your lines of politics in the country using your “Federal Police” dogs but you don’t care about your citizens any where out side the country.
    You always watching your own benefits not peoples.

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