United States Warns Ethiopian Terrorist Groups: A Terrible Blow for Ginbot 7 (Video)


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28 Responses

  1. dan says:

    I wonder what concessions EPRDF made for her to openly disavow one of the tools her government used to pressure EPRDF.
    What we Ethiopians have to do is stop looking up to “foreigners” as our saviors. We have to start respecting each other and communicating with one another. If we can’t solve our problems ourselves, nobody can solve them for us.

    • Bruk says:

      Ethiopia has no reason to offer or give back as reward to USA or UK as favor even if they are serious stopping sheltering, financing and aiding the terrorists against Ethiopia including G 7, ONLF or ESAT. They are the one creating this kind problem and they have to stop it. They also know, they are no longer the only players in the 21-century but the very bad apples causing so many troubles all over the poor and weak nations keeping them poor and weak in order to control them in the name of aid, democracy, election, free press , human right and so on.

      Have you ever seen or heard them talking about those things with consequences in the ME where the worse human right violation is going on for millennia?

      Ethiopia is ancient, strong and in a very better position than she has been let say since the last 500 years. They also know Ethiopia is the only nation in Africa they can have something in common and they can work with not only in Africa but also in the ME where Ethiopia is like a neighboring nation to them. They also know the relationship Ethiopia has with other nations including China is getting very serious and deep rooted from both sides in a way no one can stop it anymore.

      Therefore, there is no and shouldn’t be any reward for them for doing the right thing which is at least saying publicly they are sheltering and controlling the terrorists that are against Ethiopia and they can stop them if they want. Instead they need to apologize for their action and from now on doing the right things.
      Ethiopia is no longer in a desperate position wanting them around more than they need Ethiopia. This is the time the relationship must happen based on respect, understanding, friendship, win win approach and openness, not like master and slaves as they wanted to be accepted that way in the past.
      USA itself is in a very deep trouble one day will explode. Imprisoning millions of black people in a private owned jail system and the cops are killing them on daily basis doing it as a job will not remain there but will spread all over the country among the citizens, if they don’t stop the things they are doing. About 300 million guns are in the USA citizens hands. This is telling everything what will happen there one day, where that day could be near or far from now on.

      Remember: UK and later on USA are the main reasons about the troubles Ethiopia has been through for the past 140 years since Atse Theodros. Others are just following them.
      Death to all the English and USA so called medias and criminal journalists that are coming in Ethiopia by themselves pure for negative and bad agendas and plans against the country they are having/getting from their …… The Medias and so called aid agencies from these two nations are worse than any visible foreign enemy with savage military forces.

      The Obama administration including this lady could be serious about. But they are not the players concerning the matters including this issue with the terrorists. The whole world know what kind situation is teh president facing from his own Senat and congress members, medias, Think Thanks and others that are pure imperialists living for material gains and doing anything for money. Look at them in the ME.

    • erty says:

      There is a rumor that Badme goes to Eritrea, Gnbot-7 and cohorts go to Ethiopia. This is the concession. The two countries then become friendly nation. USA is trying to stop any ISIS terrorism to horn of Africa. Either Ethiopia or Eritrea is destabilized USA fears ISIS can get its foot in the horn which USA is trying to prevent by making peace between Ethiopia and Eritrea.

    • Mekdes says:

      Dan, the Ethiopian government has no offer to give for USA. THOSE Useless and baseless groups like G7 have to know AMERICA is not harboring them. They can not make the American land for wagering a war on Ethiopian territory by collaborating with one of the terrorist regime Eritrea. They can not even talk about overthrowing the regime by using American. If you remember the failed coup organizers in Gambia. They were sentenced in jail. Birhanu will be next.

    • erty says:

      The concession is, Badme to Eritrea and Ginbot-7 to Ethiopia. When I post the same comment the moderator is taking off. Let me tell you why I say this . Ethiopia is not going to do anything about Eritrea. Ethiopia would become very busy trying to hold things together soon. Eritrea set up a conflict in Somalia. Ethiopia is fighting alshabab and the fighting there would become messy if ISIS get involved. Ginbot-7 is getting ready to attack Ethiopia, Eritrea is setting up. some groups, from western Ethiopia north part, are pushed into challenging the government. There are a lot of factors coming into play why Ethiopia is not going to handle Eritrea. Eritrea will change its political and social polices in a way that fits the west polices which makes it very difficult for Ethiopia to get any political support for any action it plans to take. If Eritrea opens up to the west the economic sanctions are lifted which helps Eritrea to make economic progress that can help its military build up. Eritrea is not going to go back and support any terrorist groups because they already learned how that is going to be detrimental. For Ethiopia giving Badme to take out gonbit-7 has become the best option. Ethiopia for some strange reason has a tendency to watch on the sideline as things start to develop against its interest, they never took a leading role but react very late to anything Eritrea does. I knew complacency is in Ethiopian blood but I did not knew it would be this bad. Early on I used to push Ethiopia to take some kind of action against Eritrea before any political dynamics changes the status quo in Eritrea. The Ethiopian government believed the status quo is always going to be there on its side gainst Eritrea all the time. Wrong!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  2. Bruk says:

    We need to see quick and severe actions in order to believe and trust them. Or else it could be one of the games they are playing.
    USA and UK are the reasons why terrorism is breeding like locusts in the ME, flourishing, spreading all over and gruesome crimes against humanity particularly all none wahabbi Sunnis are happening on daily basis.

    It is also the same with other terrorists including those against Ethiopia in the name of politics. Almost all of them are residing and getting help from USA and UK. If these two nations do stop them, the rest that are in other part of Western Europe including Holland, Norway and Sweden will diminish the same times.

    However, creating, supporting and facilitating terrorism against other countries including Ethiopia is becoming the best ways the west is doing as policies with USA and UK leadership.

    As long as USA position towards the absolute Dictators in Saudi Arabia and other gulf nations is not totally changed, there is no reason to believe or trust them for anything they are saying or talking but only through their action on the ground.

    They even don’t feel shame when they are talking about democracy, election, human right, press freedom and so on in other countries that are implementing a kind of democracy working for them while they are the best friends, allies and guardians for decades to the absolute dictators in the ME where there is no human right at all and even calling the word democracy, election, equal human right including for women, free media and so on is the absolute capital punishments. These nations have not even a constitution and parliament.
    Yet, they are USA, UK and France best friends and allies guarding them from their angry citizens and keeping them on power for lucrative businesses benefits with many billions.

    The point is that believe and trust them only when you see them doing what they are saying. Or else, they are playing you in order to get you in their net that would make you powerless, defenseless and worthless.

    China, Russia and the likes are the best people doing what they are saying and will never let you down or alone when you face challenges. Just don’t be fool and stupid trusting them listening what they are saying to you. This could be part of the game they are playing with Carrot and stick approach that is always working for them. Or else, it will take them less than a day to hunt down and eliminate all these trash and backward terrorists residing in USA and UK.

    It is not about the Obama administration but others that are controlling USA and UK by controlling all financial, resources, politics, media, markets, institutions, organizations and so on. They are few but the evil part of these nations badly affecting first their own citizens and then the rest.

  3. erty says:

    It is important to understand that Ginbot-7 has been working with the Eritrean government to incite Genocide in Ethiopia. Ginbot-7 and the Eritrean government main topic and theme has been, Ethiopian people are ill-served because people from the Tigray region share some key government posts in Ethiopia political system. The Eritrean government and ginbot-7 are preaching and disseminating information how some Tigray people are disadvantages and some Amhara groups are underprivileged under the current government. To do this, they are targeting poor people and some immigrants from Ethiopia to other countries to galvanized people to commit genocide. The Eritrean government found two local heroes, Tamagne Beyene and Abebe Gelwa to be the messengers of its diabolic purpose . This choice is interesting because these people are from the region, born and raised in the vicinity who spoke the language. Most of the time people trust and believe most, their next of kin than anyone else, that is why these two guys are chosen even though they are not the sharpest knife from the drawer.
    Since Ethiopia’s population is composed of a lot poor people, it is easy to find such kind of people and tell them their cause of poverty is the governing body; a trick used by a lot of politicians who came to power in the Ethiopian political scene. It works like a charm every time. It is ease to convince these people and natural for these people to believe this kind of stories is cause by the government because most of these people are not educated enough to analyze and understand their social condition and the cause of it. It is important stopping the hate message from Eritrea and ginbot-7 targeting poor people to commit genocide in Ethiopia. Eritrea and Ginbot-7 are smuggling a lot of weapons to north- western part of the country through Amhara region trying to set a civil war to take place or to use these weapons in internal conflict since
    The Eritrean government is trying to move Ginnbot -7 to fight inside Ethiopia instead of using Eritrea territories. The Eritrean government is looking for to secure a soft spot regionally in Ethiopia where the Eritrean government can smuggle weapons to supply to ginbot-7 Aribangoch Ginbare. Now they think that soft spot is an area close to Sudanese border where some people believe the Ethiopian government passed some Amhara land to Sudan and where there is resistance for local people governance of the central government, the part that is entertaining self-rule. Eritrea is convinced Ethiopia is not going to do anything about Eritrea’s intimidation because of regional and international instability. The Eritreans are convinced Ethiopia’s hand is tied and Eritrea can do anything to destabilize Ethiopia politically since the west is stopping Ethiopia from attacking Eritrea since unstable government in Eritrea might open the door for ISIS to move in to east Africa, according the West policy makers. On the contrary, Ethiopia can be irreversible path of social unrest, if Eritrea and Ginbot-7 allowed to continue what they are doing in Eritrea as well as in Ethiopia. if Either Ethiopia and Eritrea has be destabilized for any reason, I prefer Eritrea has to be the one has to go first because of its size and population den sty anything that happens in Eritrea is easy to contain than Ethiopia
    It was also interesting to listen to an interview from East of the Ginbot-7 leader. He said he has a command post in Eritrea and training facilities, military personnel, is getting help from Eritrea for his mission that his front is so strong if attacked by Ethiopia has the strength to shake it off. He also predicted that Ethiopia is not going to attack Eritrea because the Ethiopian government understand what the risks are as well as the Eritrean army is not that weak which can be run over to march to Asmara to change the government in Eritrea. It is obvious there is no seek and hide in terms of Eritrea helping ginbot-7 to destabilize Ethiopia and it is not a secret any more that Ginbot -7 and Eritreans are working together to unseat the Ethiopian government. For Ethiopia dealing with one of the conspirator is not going to be good enough without challenging the other.

  4. dude says:

    Dawit, the woyane barking dog, you seem to be terribly happy on what this good for nothing woman said after being manipulated by woyane. When the brave ethiopian men and women rise up in revolt and distroy wayane, she will be no where to be found.that day is fast approaching and you know it, I know it, and your woyane masters know it.ethiopia will be free. Woyane will be gotten rid of. Till that time, you may continue to bark.
    Death to woyane! Long live ethiopia!

  5. Borkenawonzu says:

    Da wit you should have said it all.She also said Ethiopia is democratic in which the election gets better and better.This is a victory for us particularly the Tigreans and embarrassment for the terrorist opposition. In this election ,we will win 100 percent !We Tigreans will not surrender power by ballot unless by bullet.

    • kiyu says:

      What is this issue people are talking about, the Ethiopian government is going to give Eritrea the border town of Badme for Ginbot7- and others to leave Eritrea? That is worrisome proposition Ethiopian government refused to give Badme for such a long time just to use Ethiopian territory for an emergence when Eritrea pushes Ethiopia to take it by force. It was true when the Eritrean leader said, “the sun should not rise again than leaving Badme.” He knew the Ethiopian government at one point is going to back down at one point. If it is true it a shame to be an Ethiopian at this pint of Ethiopian history

    • dan says:

      Clearly you are not Tigrean. Tigreans like any other Ethiopians are democratic people.
      Dawit please remove his post.

  6. Ager says:

    Do you believe them? Do you trust them for anything they are saying? Never ever do that to yourself.

    Believe, trust and always relay on yourself and work together with nations that are having some form of truth, honesty, genuine and responsibilities. But not with these…… Never trust them for anything if you are not controlling them with money and making them your servants and guards using the gas and oil money as the Arabs are doing against them for decades including terrorizing their population in the name of religion. KKKKK what a religion…

    Saudi Arabia and other Gulf nations are their best friends and allies serving them as guardians and working for them as slaves for decades. When it comes to USA, UK and westerns in general, it is not about the truth, responsibilities, right or wrong but always following the money including lucrative trade benefits where weapon industries are on the Top.

    The whole world knows how things are in these evil Gulf nations. There is no election in any form. There is no any democracy process. There is no elected parliament. There is no written constitution. There is no equal human right at all. There is no freedom at all including religion freedom. Women/females are not considers as normal human beings but always minors need male guardians. They are not allowed to work, drive cars, to walk alone even in their own back yard if it is exposed to the public. They are not allowed to sit with male in the class, bus, in the gathering, or any places where people are coming together. Beheading is one of the evil laws working there on daily basis. And the list is endless.

    Yet, we know USA, UK, France and other money worshipers’ behavior towards the absolute Dictators that are breeding terrorism through Wahabbism all over the world spending 100s of billion of dollar for teh last 30 years. USA and its western friends are liars and always dishonest they never talk the truth but always follow the money including allying with the devil. We know them with this kind behavior in the ME.

    “All but four of the 9/11 hijackers were citizens of the Saudi Kingdom, and that government has spent billions spreading the fundamentalist Wahabi version of Islam – the religious doctrine that inspires and motivates the terrorists – to the four corners of the earth.

    There are 28 pages of the Joint Inquiry into Intelligence Community Activities Before and After the Terrorist Attacks of September 11, 2001 detailing the involvement of foreign governments which we are not allowed to read. Those members of Congress who have read it strongly hint that the Saudi government was heavily involved in the planning and preparations for the attack.

    When are we (USA) going to stop pretending the Saudis are our allies?

    Washington has endorsed the Saudi invasion of Yemen, providing logistical support and vital intelligence. As Al Qaeda breaks out of its isolation and begins to establish a “caliphate” like its brothers in ISIS, they are doing so with military support from the United States. A crazier development would be hard to imagine.

    The Saudi invasion of Yemen, under the pretext of alleged Iranian involvement in the Houthi rebellion, is nothing but a thinly disguised helping hand extended to Al Qaeda. Saudi air strikes are directed exclusively against the Houthi militia, which the New York Times says “is considered Al Qaeda’s most determined foe.” Al Qaeda, however, is untouched.

    Assisting the heirs of Osama bin Laden, not only in Yemen but also in Syria, where the mythical “moderate” Islamists are fighting to overthrow the government – with our help. As we funnel arms to the “Free Syrian Army,” their battalions are defecting to Al Qaeda affiliates by the hundreds and thousands. And of course the Saudis and the Gulf states have been funding the Syrian Islamists all along.

    What we are faced with now is a Saudi-Gulf states-Israeli alliance intent on war with Iran – with the United States directly in the crossfire.
    We are, in short, but a few steps away from a regional conflict that has all the makings of a third world war.

    Is there a way out? Yes, but it will take a President with guts – and a willingness to break with the Washington consensus — to do it. We must cut our ties to the Saudis, make peace with Iran, stop supporting the Syrian rebels, and tell the Israelis they’re on their own. We must stop blocking the creation of a Palestinian state, stop canoodling with Egypt’s military dictatorship, and – most of all – stop appeasing the real sponsors of terror in Riyadh. Sen. Paul had the right idea when he suggested we ought to be boycotting the Saudis – not because they aren’t feminists, but because they, and not the Iranians, are the principal sponsors of terrorism in the world.

    Oh yes, and while we’re at it, let’s release those 28 pages – that will shut down the caterwauling of the foreign policy “experts” faster than you can say 9/11.”

  7. Dude says:

    Borkenawonzu, you have said it right. You tigerans will only understand bullet for you have no brain to understand anything else. That bullet will chase you all the way to you caves in mekele so you go feast on your former diet Anbeta. Why do you think an opposition party is a terrorist? Sorry, I should have known,you tigerans don’t come with brain so you can’t think.

  8. Bekele Hailu says:

    In your dream! Ginbot 7 in the hearts and minds of Ethiopians. No matter what that wretched and paid undersecretary said nothings changes. Remember, Ginbot 7 sits and confers with congress when it comes to Ethiopian politics and security. It is your habit to wiggle your tails and make yourself happy whenever you hear from your paid agents.
    Trust me Change is coming real big one from the North which can sweep weyanie trashes and their stooges. Mark my word.

  9. hermi says:

    Your sarcasm tells the immensity of your ignorance and evil mindedness!

  10. Limatawi Artist says:

    She is a random prostitute with no credibility in her own country let alone in Ethiopia. Who cares about this grid old sick woman. We all know that USA is known for double standard and all what they care about is american interest. In all places america entered there is a chaos, if they continue this way their kingdom will fall soon

  11. Desperate?Me? says:

    Look around you moron.The whole horn of Africa,that includes Somalia,Kenya,S.and N.Sudan,Eritrea, and Yemen are on fire.The only peaceful place is Ethiopia.In this situations,do you expect the US to support a group, that is counting on Isayass to overthrough the govt.of Ethiopia?It is easy,to sit in DC,Seatle ,London, and make noices ,but saving the nation of Ethiopia from the danger she faces is difficult.We hold this govt.accountable for the safety of the country and its people.

  12. RasTes says:

    what are we believin in? ……USA? that’s a joke!

  13. Bruk says:

    Never believe anything comes out these people mouth. They are saying one thing while having in mind totally a different one always very damaging when they implementing it in action.

    “That there are people who still believe the United States is all about promoting democracy is just amazing to me – and apparently a fair number of people do still cling to that belief. It’s like there’s this staggering level of naiveté out there. The reality is that as recently as February 2014, the US overthrew a democratically elected government in Ukraine, and that wasn’t by any means the first time. You can go all the way back to Iran in 1953, and the government of Mohammad Mosaddegh; or Guatemala in 1954 and the government of Jacobo Arbenz; or Chile in 1973 and the government of Salvadore Allende – all democratically elected, all overthrown by the US and those aren’t by any means the only examples. But yet when US leaders today, in 2015, still go blathering on about democracy, there seems to be no shortage of people who, despite all this tragically sordid history, apparently want to accept it and take it on faith. I mean, I guess it’s just a case of people living in a fantasy land and believing what is comfortable for them to believe. There are a lot of people in the United States like that, and the same is true around the world. But if there were one truth , perhaps above all others, people would wake up to, it is that Western nations do not fight wars for humanitarian reasons but for own agenda, interest and benefit”.

    USA and west best friends and allies are Saudis and others in the ME where all of them are having the absolute Monarchs including as far as to Jordan and Morocco. This itself saying everything the truth about USA and the west talking about democracy, human right, rule of law, Election, parliament and so on in other countries. This are total lies but the reasons they are using them to dominate and affect another nations that are having their own ways of governing and living.

  14. Aba Boku says:

    Hahahahahaha…… Dr. Berhanu yalew Russia new ende..Setyowa ezih meteta yemitastenekekew?
    bicha wereyachihu betam yaskal…

  15. Getahun Dubale says:

    WE are coming to Free Ethiopia From Woyane.
    Change is Coming to Ethiopia.

  16. Black Lion says:

    My father fought to free Ethiopia from derg, now I will fight to free the country of any opposition, I will kill ginbot 7 if they touch my beautiful Ethiopian people.

  17. KEDIR SEID says:


  18. abebeharegewione says:

    I look at what ginbot 7 means .ginbot 7 and his friends all the terrorist are working to kill all ethiopians and to distract our infrastructures as well .so what is the difference between bin laden and Dr Berhanu nega ?they killed youngs and womens .they prohibit us not to celebrate our holiday of iricha and made us so many things.so what is the difference betwen ginbot 7 and alkaida? although they did,thanks to state of emergency we are fine and we are working hard our development activities.

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