Overview of Public Health Achievements in Ethiopia’s SNNP Region (+Video)


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3 Responses

  1. OBJ says:

    Dawit!!!!! Amazing report, and above all amazing sound and picture! I was so frustrated by your last poor audio postings. Your picture qualities have been always superb. Good job. You are a leader in quality reporting now!

  2. ethoash says:

    I can’t believe only one comment.

    Here is my take public health can be improved a lot if we make it business like.
    For starter the health centre help around 100,000 people now imagine if u ask those 100,000 people to pay just one birr…that means the hospital get regular money and look what improvement they could have done for that kind of money..

    2nd use computer if u use computer then u can store their family history …if there health improved or not we can know besides what medication we give them all can be traced

    3. The hospital must look for money saving project…such as using biogas for cooking instead of using wood for cooking…hear vesting rain water..

    4. The hospital must have their own milk cow and vegetable farm and fruit farm where they can get vegetable and fruit from their own land to feed the sick

    5. Using modern technology to leapfrog the skill limitation for example digital blood pressure kit can be taken by any one who might not be a nares but trained with in few day to work digital blood pressure kit..

    6, for all this we need money if the people support this project last longer ..

    Have many idea but this much what I think now

  3. John says:

    thank you awramba times. Keep up the excellent job

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