Group of women in Gurage zone singing in commemoration of Meles Zenawi (Video)


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25 Responses

  1. philimon says:

    how much you paid for them???

    • Beza says:

      Philmon, showing Birhanu’s birth place people singing about the hero Meles shows you that Meles did more for those people than this filthy guy. Even he is shy about mentioning his birth palce. He is saying that he was born in Addis rather. Meles didn’t feel shame about his birthplace Adwa. This is EPRDF. CHIKA YEHONK NEK

      • bb says:

        Thanks Bexar. That was exactly what I said before and Yes Berhanu is always ashamed of himself never have self confidence from day one, let me give you an example in 97 election he was going to become a Mayer of Addis but his masters told him not to take the position then he run away so what do you think of this looser diaspora who is desperate about all. Let him dream about his mayoral post until the end. No place for haters to wards any ethnicity in Ethiopia

  2. Wedi haras Nebri says:

    @Philimon, your name tells who you are. Why don’t u go to awate or asmarino websites? fyi they don’t want any payment. Thanks to the right policies of the late PM, they have got a life time benefits/payments

  3. Birabiro says:

    @wedi haras Nebri, philimon is not an Eritrean name. Rather it was taken from their European masters who enslaved them for nearly half a centuries.

  4. Arsi Negele says:

    Dear Editor,
    You should block people like philimon/phiyameta from this forum. This media belongs to Ethiopians only. The reason why they belch here is to divert our domestic issues. Why would you allow them to do so?

  5. Bruk says:

    What is your point other than making your blog dirty, unattractive and amateurish putting together the cheap and weak terrorist BirrAhum along side with the brave and smart leader Meles? Those thinking educated and can do something are worse than the innocent citizens that are 99% of the population have no what so ever reason to identify someone because of something that is not relevant but behavior and activities. Ethiopians look the same naturally and are living together in the same home which is Ethiopia.

    Meles lived short but had a very quality, productive and best time. What he achieved for his country in his short quality age is remarkable only very very few once in hundred years can achieve in their long life time.
    Stop making a kind of advertisement or propaganda jobs for weak and dirty terrorists like BirrAhun and about anything else that is not relevant let alone harming the nation directly or indirectly. No one has a stomach even to hear about that terrorist happily living in USA let alone to see his ugly face including in your blog.

    However, it is your blog.
    Did these innocent women told you that run away and never ever trusted terrorist is their representative or leader?
    Why don’t we stop identifying or associating someone because of something that is not relevant and has nothing to do with.
    This run away terrorist has nothing to do with the Gurage or Ethiopia in general but he will never ever come back again in Ethiopia no matter how the USA-UK project is trying to make that happen in order to cause divisions, hostilities, civil wars, destructions and killings among the population the same way we are witnessing in many nations in the ME where 4 years ago, no one could even imagine such things could happen there and the population would suffer they way it is with hundreds of millions of them.

    if we don’t learn from them and taking care our matters before getting out of hands as usual because of the USA-UK direct and indirect involvements, we all going to lose. Who is gaining in Afghanistan, Libya, Syria, Iraq, Yemen, Ukraine and in other nations with the same situation caused by the same nations where almost all anti Ethiopia so called Ethiopians terrorists are happily sheltering while doing their terrorism job against Ethiopia. Where is ESAT located? Where are other terrorists sheltering, freely moving and getting supports with their terrorism goals against Ethiopia?

  6. Awra says:

    I think you should not have posted out the picture of PMZ and Mr. Nega together. You are comparing the incomparable by accident. It is a disservice to what you’re trying to convey. Or to put it another way, you are promoting Mr. Nega. If I were you, I would just post the Late PMZ picture and the lovely Ethiopian moms only. I am disappointed at you for not doing that. A sensible person INCLUDING THE MOTHERS won’t be happy at your presentation. IT IS NOT TOO LATE TO CORRECT IT, my brothers.

  7. Borkenawonzu says:

    Were they singing in tigrigna?

  8. Borkenawonzu says:

    Yellow journalism at its finest ! You turned quickly to DimiTsi Woyanne

  9. Hailu says:

    Doctor Birayinu 8 years ago sold heroic certificate for $500 per person and promised to defeat woyane within 6 years but woyane still exist.I want to know the status of my money?

    • Lema says:

      I don’t think you gave that much while you got shit. You never seen 100usd bill in your life. Broken ass

  10. Observer says:

    አባካችሁ ክማኦኢስት ኣስተሳሰብ ተላቃችሁ ኣሁን የሚይስተዳድሩት አና ወደፊት የሚመጡት ሀገሪቱዋን በነጻ ህሊና ንዲሰሩ ኣመቺ ሁኔታ አንፍጠርላቸው። ቻይናን ከሁዋላ ቀር ኢኮኖሚ ስር ነቀል በሆነ አር ምጃ ያላቀቁዋት ታላቁ መሪ ዴንግ አቅዳቸውን በተግባር ለማዋል አኛ ሀገር አንደሚደረገው” የታላቁ ሊቀ መንበር ማኦ መመሪያ፣ ህልም ”ወዘተ አየተባለ አግር ከወርች ኣስሮኣቸው አንደቆዬ ታሪካቸው ይገልጻል።
    I am not belittling what Meles did ,but he is now dead .period. Let us encourage those in power now and in the future to act in their free thinking ,responding appropriately to the exigencies of the time .
    Meles succeeded in seizing internal and mainly external opportunities in time and convert them to his advantage .
    The type of opportunities and the mechanisms to handle them to your advantage are not static but dynamic in nature .What was good yesterday may not be the same to day . So let the current leaders look for themselves opportunities in free mind and put them in use their own way .

  11. ethoash says:

    I always think Dr.Birr might be undercover otherwise why he call his personal party GIM 7 OR SEBAT BET..

    IN Gurage tongue, Sebat Bet is divided into several dialects. The latter are spoken in the western Gurage Zone:
    Chaha (Cheha) is spoken in Cheha woreda, and is the best studied of these dialects;
    Ezha (Eza, Izha) is spoken in Ezhana Wolene woreda,
    Muher is spoken in the mountains north of Cheha and Ezhaha Wolene,
    Gura is spoken in Goro woreda,
    Gumer language (Gwemarra, Gʷəmarə), spoken in Gumer woreda
    Inor (Enemor), spoken in Enemorina Eaner woreda
    Gyeto, Endegegn and the extinct Mesmes language are sometimes considered sub-dialects of Inor

  12. tabor says:

    It is unimaginable to believe a gurage would choose Meles Zenawi over Dr Berhanu nega. It is illogical. Very poor propaganda video. What are the chances that these poor peasants refuse singing praises to Meles Zenawi and go home for life as usual. Very very little.

    • Beza says:

      That’s why you are G7? Because you are Gurage, you don’t have to support some Chemlaka Gurage.

      • Observer says:

        Dawit ,
        You should stop entertaining articles such as this , consciously or not you are playing little by little the role ‘ Kangura’ news paper and ‘RTLMC’ radio of Rwanda . Those who act unknowingly or paid should be told that they are playing with fires . We have had enough and are sick and tired of hate politics for the last couple of decades .The time of division is fading out paving the way for unity and integration.Let us have open mind and evolve to higher thinking.

  13. Yilef Kenu says:

    I haven’t checked it in a while but I thought Awramba times was a balanced news outlet. What happened to you guys ? It is very painful to watch these poor women in their neighborhood trying to do something that just doesn’t seem to be real or heartfelt. What is there to be proud of in the video that they indeed make them praise the late Prime Minister Mr Meles Zenawi ? I am not saying he didn’t do good things overall ,but I just don’t see what he had done to these poor women. All what we see is poor peasants. Whose idea was this ? Why do you want to brand the Ethiopian government and its supporters, who are doing as much as can be done to get the people out of poverty, with such rubbish propaganda instead of nudging them towards more accountability and less bravado ? Grow up kids or you lose audiences and hence your relevance.

    • Beza says:

      Yilef Kenu, is it wrong to praise a person who led them to prosperity. We know those peasant women what they were and what they are now. Meles was the first who empower women in Ethiopia so don’t blame Dawit for putting it. If you have problem with the mention of his birth place you can live with your fiction his birth place Addis.

  14. Moke says:

    He is born in Debrezeit, not in gurage zone

    • John says:

      Moke, he was born in E zia and his father took him to Debrezeit. His father was working at Airforce as Means in the cafeteria preparing food before he got fortune. As you know Gurage are hard working people he succeed and he brought him to Debrezeit and after that they came to Addis his dad success was Ekub. It is needless to talk about somebody back ground. But he doesn’t have to be shamed about his history.

  15. Agaz Borga says:

    you stop putting your nose where it doesn’t belong. You know the meaning G7. that is the day of May 15 , 2005 election day. The architect of the mass mobilization of Ethiopian on that election was DR BIRHANU NEGA. . you know well. that’s why woyane scared of him.

    Any you stop copy and paste from Wikipedia. there is such thing as GURA language spoken in GURO. You guys why you think only through your tribal and racist mentality. try to use your HUMAN side brain pls..

    • Ethoash says:

      @Agaz Borga

      If u say May 15, why didn’t use may 15 for there name but dr. Birr choice his secrete name G7, G stand for his ethnic group and 7 stand for 7 house..I know dr.birr try yo hide this fact… Like u do, otherwise why r u mad

  16. Osayres says:

    They are singing out of fear , you can see on their eyes from miles, they are starbing people if you tell me the bless the weyane for their staring!!!!
    Weyane is begging every where and no where for food for support for every thing , it is like born begge, I think it is a culture thing

  17. Osayres says:

    They are singing out of fear , you can see on their eyes from miles, they are starving people if you tell me they bless weyanne for their starving !!!!
    Weyane is begging every where and no where for food for support for every thing , it is like born begge, I think it is a culture thing

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